8 Replies to “Wuhan Flu”

  1. Good Summary.
    Considering many other analyses reported by the media, I have doubts about the origins being the Wuhan Wet Market.

  2. So all the country kids are out of school and singing,

    ♫Chiner is a liar,
    Chiner is a liar…♫

  3. An excellent piece of work.

    Totalitarianism can’t work without censorship.

    Democracies can only work with an uncensored news media.

  4. Yep…and here at home its WIDE open – business as usual for any ChiComm scumbag to come here and do their shit. Flights continue to arrive. Border wide open – ZERO SCREENING anywhere.
    Trudeau in Hiding. “RAUS you vill listen to your WHO rep Ja.??”

    It’s almost like its on PURPOSE…no.?
    “lets kill off all those old Euro Centrics past 60 yrs old shall we….hmm.??
    That many less to pay CPP/OAS out to.
    That many Less to need Health care.
    That many Less to vote Conservative.”

    Don’t even think about telling me that kinda talk among the FILTH in the PMO has not occured.
    The pHuquers want us all dead.
    I am convinced of it.