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    1. I’m waiting for the Dumbocrats to claim that Trump caused the virus outbreak, maybe because Xi insulted him.

      1. Fun to watch Biden, Pelosi bitch about steps Trump took too late they didn’t want him to take at the time he took them.
        Biden wants to call out the National Guard, precisely the wrong solution, and Nancy plays Monday morning QB with pork.

    2. What did Nancy know and when did she know it?

      a) she was too busy with impeachment
      b) she and congress were on vacation
      c) she was busy shutting down a Wuhan virus relief bill until she could fill it with Pelosi pork
      d) she was saying shutting down flights from Wuhan stricken countries was racist
      e) her party, the Democrats, were telling people to go about their normal business including large gatherings
      f) she was drinking

  1. Each of these acts, on a growing list, will comprise an indictment against the C.C.P. politburo.

    Will it constitute a ‘Crime Against Humanity’ under international law, at the Court in the Hague ?

    You be the judge !

    1. Who the hell is going to judge them though? The UN? The WHO? Lets be frank, no “international body” is going to do anything to china

      1. 12 days later…Jan 14…..China told the WHO it was not contagious….and the WHO told the world it was not contagious

        World Health Organization (WHO)
        Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in #Wuhan, #China.


        1. All this is big, if true. I trust the intelligence knows the truth in the US, Britain, and Israel. However I don’t trust the EU to disseminate that information internally; the EU is pretty much nonfunctional when the policy depends on some sensitive intelligence. You can’t trust sensitive intelligence to European communists, they will just (a) leak it all (b) try to cover up.

          Agree the WHO is useless if they’d need to criticize China. They’re totally bought, forget them. Kate may expect an attack from wumaos at some point.

  2. The civilized nations of the world have stockpiles of nuclear weapons that the left has been urging us to get rid of for over a generation.

    I have a suggestion!

  3. I’m just so thankful that we live in the Country with the Best Healthcare System in the World!

    Aren’t you….?

  4. So, what are the chances that quebec is inflating their numbers in order to receive the large majority of all free money that will have to be paid for by the rest of us? That’s how canada works so why would this be any different?
    My money is on quebec getting it all and Alberta getting F#@* All.

    1. 100% chance. Just like Italy where the number of corona deaths has skyrocketed and the number of total deaths remains constant.

    2. Who wants to bet its concentrated in certain illegal immigrant ethnic communities in Queerbec as well? Is there an Iranian community there? That’s a bet I’ll take…..

    3. And so it should be. Everyone knows that Alberta squandered its Heritage Fund on————-(wait for it)——-equalization payments to Querbec.

  5. The PLA was tipped off and planned accordingly.

    If this doesn’t convince you that this was a deliberate act of bioterror, what can?

  6. There are 2 emerging camps in the corona death spiral – those who believe millions will die and those who think the whole thing is a hoax. I’m somewhere in between but leaning more toward a hoax than an apocalypse.

    “Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday that models suggest the coronavirus … could kill [up to] 200,000 [in the US]”. This estimate is down substantially from earlier predictions of millions but still it’s extremely high. So far 2,000 Americans have died (1/100th of the revised estimate).

    This disease is likely to register most of its kills early on as it attacks the most vulnerable so the modellers have a ways to go.

      1. The death rate interests me more. Even in Quebec it is under 1% (22 dead of 2,498 confirmed cases). As the nearly dead expire the death rate will decrease. And I expect the number of confirmed cases will never include those who became infected and were asymptomatic or recovered and were never tested. This combination will lead to lower revisions (of the death rate) as the infection works its way through the population. Time to buy into the stock market.

        1. “The death rate interests me more.”

          Absolutely, except that you calculate it the wrong way. That is why you get such low results right now. The global death rate (calculated your way) is around 4.7% and keeps on going up every day for the last two weeks. Your figure of 1% will similarly keep on going up once people who are ill now, die.

      2. That percentage or anywhere near it has profound implications.

        The loss of senior citizens is a personal tragedy of life and for close friends and relatives. It also reminds us. We are mortal, and the aged feel that in their bones.

        When old age pensions began at 65 life expectancy was around 68 on average. That didn’t cripple economic growth as it is driven by both the productivity/consumption of adults from 18-55+. Ensuring future productivity is having babies. Especially so when the birthrate is above replacement of 2.1. , which it hasn’t been in Canada, since 1971.

        Having large numbers of the most productive hospitalized and even for survivors, possibly lung compromised later. That overwhelm all institutions and compromises the economic recovery, possibly forever.

        A viable Nation-state or failed state…one ripe for the predators.

        1. “When old age pensions began at 65 life expectancy was around 68 on average.”
          When American Social Security was implemented the life expectancy at birth of an American white male was 59.

          1. Life expectancy at birth isn’t a key factor. It’s life expectancy after 65 that matters when calculating pension obligations.

      3. So? How many of those had pre-existing health conditions?

        BTW that number is somewhat meaningless, assuming it’s even accurate. A better number would be what percentage of individuals under 40 need to hospitalized for Covid-19.

      4. Doesn’t mean they die. Numbers across the world state vast majority of deaths are over 60 with co-morbidities. Can’t argue with those facts.

    1. The models are working with incomplete data so can’t properly quantify mitigation with social distancing and treatments.
      Final numbers will be nowhere near that imo, I doubt as high as the H1N1 swine flue for which Obama/Biden dropped the ball.

      1. The Models of a dynamic virus should/Must be producing dynamic results… The NY Governor has been using the same numbers for 2 weeks now… You know he pulled those numbers out of his butt….. Why?

  7. I particularly enjoy the resistance of the Hong Kong and Taiwanese Chinese to the CCP and Emperor Xi of the Red Dynasty.

  8. Someone ask China where the 21 Million cell phone users went that all of sudden disappeared from the listings in the last 3 months. Removing the elderly dependents from your liabilities is a tricky business. Sometimes it has unintended consequences.

    1. If you think those are all Wuhan flu victims I have a PT Barnum quote at the ready.
      Surely the CCP wouldn’t let a good crisis go to waste and had a spring cleaning….
      Everytime I saw a clip of someone getting hauled into a flu van fighting for their life I wondered “what is their social credit score”

  9. We will be China. I was out and about today and saw two real estate signs with not a word of English on them. They were completely in Chinese. My city doesn’t even have a Chinatown. This is a city that was 95 percent white before Trudeau dropped all his pet Syrians on us.

    1. Trudeau—and Harper, Martin and Chrétien—were standing back and letting the Overseas Chinese take over the economy long before that.

      Tell me the name of someone you can’t criticize and I’ll tell you the name of your master. Hint: it’s not the “Zionists.”

    2. In Edmonton, Chinese is the third, or maybe the second, official language. They’ve effectively taken over the U of A and about half of the tenants in my apartment complex are now from the PRC. The latter increased since Prinz Dummkopf ascended the throne.

  10. Communist regimes can be hard to depose until the nation they rule starts to see they have nothing to lose if they start agitating for change.

  11. The ChiComs lied, people died. I’m making it my mission in life to never again buy anything marked “Made in China” I damn well know western governments won’t punish China, and the companies that outsourced their supply lines to China so their executives could pay themselves bigger bonuses will be back sucking ChiCom d*ck the moment this is over.

    If the Chinese intelligence snoops are ready this: f*ck you, f*ck your d*ckless leader Xi the Pooh and f*ck your filthy, worthless country.

    1. I feel sorry for the people having to bear both the brunt of the disease and their malignant leadership, but I’m with you.
      Cell phones and laptops are at the top of that list, including some made outside China but with significant Sino content.
      I find their trying to cover ups their cover ups is their most egregious conduct.

      1. Tanker, Shamrock, I suspect you are both right. There are going to be a number of policy casualties out of all this. At least one of them I suspect will be the WTO (World Trade Organization) and the whole notion of “free trade” with many, many places. As we have seen, delegating much of the world’s manufacturing to China via cheap fossil fuels indeed has a stiff hidden sticker price. This kind of economics of “always buying the cheapest” was the business model for Wallmart and Amazon among others. In so doing, these two behemoths have been carrying out the economic colonization project of Red Emperor Xi.

        In the process, the industrial base of Canada, the US, Europe, has been to a considerable degree hollowed out by China’s economic model. None of this should be surprising, as Xi has simply been following a well established political theory of Lenin’s.

        “When it comes time to hang the capitalists, they will vie with each other for the rope contract.” (Lenin 1924).

    2. Tanker I agree 100% ,no mo re Chinese junk for me either I ll pay double for something made in Canada or the USA if I have to. All done buying stuff that gets thrown out 3 months later cause it won t work any more.

      1. There’s also quite a markup on that stuff.

        A number of years ago, I watched a documentary on PBS about a young Chinese farm girl who went to work in a large city to earn money for the family. She was in a jeans factory and there was constant pressure to reduce costs.

        There was a scene in which a buyer met with the factory boss. The buyer flat out told the boss that if he couldn’t start turning out product for, what, $4.00 a piece or something like that, instead of the current $4.50, the company the buyer represented would take the business elsewhere.

        All this for a pair of jeans that someone in North America would pay, say, $250 for.

    3. Yup. Have done well not to buy Chicom shit most of my life, but haven’t been at 100%. No more. And I’m going to tell everyone I know that if they buy made in China shit I will consider them an enemy.
      The promise of hate with a hint of violence backed by righteousness is very powerful.

  12. Ed Yong hyperbolates in the Atlantic …

    “By the end of the summer, the pandemic will have directly killed 2.2 million Americans, notwithstanding those who will indirectly die as hospitals are unable to care for the usual slew of heart attacks, strokes, and car accidents.”


    In 2017, 2.8 million Americans died. If Yong’s numbers are correct we can expect over 5 million Americans dead in 2020.

  13. If only our glorious leaders had a set of human balls.

    We are at about 500 days of the Michaels in prison, ours and America’s economy trashed, (as opposed to the Canadian west’s economy ’cause who really gives a sh1t?).

    But why isn’t Huwei CFO in Kinston? Why take (probably defective) medical supplies and ship them to Ft. Mac. and not TO or Montreal? (Oh right fck the oilsands).

    The Canadian leadership must be accountable and the Chinese fascists must pay.

    1. Kingston is no longer an active prison, you moron. It’s been closed since 2013. Where have you been?

      1. There are many prisons in the Kingston area, maybe that’s what he meant? Alecincgy didn’t specifically say Kingston Pen.

      2. Not in prison? I’m not following “The Daily Prison Life” publication and most Kanadjians aren’t either. Raptors, hockey, the usual distractions from daily life. COVID-19. Have a drink of Chillabit.

        1. I lived in Kingston for nine years and nobody I know ever referred to Kingston Pen as “Kingston.”
          I frequented the Lakeview manor right beside Kingston Pen and the yacht club; no mention there either.
          WTF are you talking about ya git?

      3. Out of the criminal justice system would be my first guess.
        It used to said that people in Kingston either worked for or were a “guest” of the government.

        1. We have one out here called Drumheller Penitentiary. The town used to mine coal, now they mine the Public with the D-Pen.

    2. To be clear, I might well be a moron… it’s might one of those “everyone thinks they’re funny and everyone thinks they’re smart and common sense isn’t common” sort of distinctions that I would miss if I was living inside the rule.

      Having said that, why don’t we hold the CFO amongst a population similar to that in which Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are being held? Geographically well away from a PRC special forces rescue. Perhaps somewhere not luxurious on or near the great lakes, not near the Pacific.

      1. I know a place….out there, fly in, good fishing. Too far to hike out and live to tell of it. bears, wolves will make short work of you if you succumb to the usual hysteria. And it’s quiet, so quiet you can hear a Sparrow’s fart. Pick a breezy location, to keep the bugs to a dull roar.

    3. Looking at the comments, I noticed that Svend Robinson making an ass of himself, as always. Never let a crisis go to waste–use it as an opportunity to play cheap politics.

  14. Global Affairs in Ottawa / Gatineau is filled with Chinese citizens.
    CSIS in Ottawa / Gatineau is filled with Chinese citizens.

    1. It seems most newly-hired university faculty just happen to be from the PRC as well.

    1. Remember he’s “isolating” himself … from the people of Canada. Oh, wait! He’s always been isolated from the people of Canada.

      1. Remember when the terrorist hit Parliament Hill.

        CBC’s Peter Mans bridge asked PM Harper “why was he hiding in a back room?”.

        When are the going to ask Trudeau why is he hiding?

        1. When are the going to ask Trudeau why is he hiding?

          Didn’t Superman have his Fortress of Solitude to which he retreated once in a while? After all, being the saviour of a post-national state can be exhausting.

  15. During the press conference that is just wrapping up, a journalist stated to Trump that Russia, China, and Cuba are doing great things for European countries struggling with the virus. Why is the USA not helping out. These are the same journalists that think Trump is a Russian puppet and ignore talking about the virus coming from China.