12 Replies to “Our Unhappy Betters”

  1. Washington University’s Master of Fine Arts programme in Creative Nonfiction

    Is that a programme in the fine art of lying

    1. That was my first thought, “creative non fiction” should be an oxymoron. Just drop the oxy part for the prof and all the students and grads of the class.

    2. With this degree as proof positive, there are now “way too many” schools of higher education. I am with Captain Capitalism on this – more than half could be eliminated, and there would still be “way too many”.

      1. This and other such degrees are for people who belong intellectually in institutes of higher earning in the same way I belong athletically in the NBA.
        “Creative nonfiction” indeed!

  2. Insanity requires some serious medical treatment and I think most Canadians need a real heavy dose of treatment right now. There is nothing sane or rational about destroying your country over a virus that will eventually run it’s course. By the way 3,177,204, give or take died from the flu last year. That people are dying is just not adequate for all this shit. 8,727,670 died from heart disease.

  3. Tell me about fragile! There was a co-worker in the office, who fancied Che-Guevara t-shirts and hated capitalism but never hesitated to cash the paycheck.
    He screamed and moaned, like a beotch, every time he was frustrated by a challenging piece of work. He was a piece of work himself and eventually quit right, before I had enough of his antics to throw him out of the window.

    1. I think we should all be more assertive with such fools and tell them to F#@K off as soon as they start their antics. But, I don’t hang with such dinks.

  4. It is obvious that this is the sort of woman who has never, in her whole life, worried about where her next meal was coming from.

    Out in the real world, millions of people are three months away at most from losing their homes, their children going hungry and their parents being tossed into a mass grave for want of consecrated ground.

    And this pampered princess’ biggest concern is her potted plants?!

  5. The creative nonfiction graduate sez :
    “…. scrolling through news outlets and social media on my iPhone, even though I know that this probably bad for my mental health.”
    You gotta give it to him, creative nonfiction it is, something to do with nonsense.
    Its amazing what courses the Eastern Washington University uses to scam money off unsuspecting flakes.

    Here is a suggestion, with him being down to the bottom, it could only help.

  6. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2491532994446413&set=picfp.100007692099623&type=3&eid=ARDyxdfSH2L1CkV1pH0wnPb8GPpwkLMDhKbV3GH7Qbm5On36aY1sR81i1Lphwp_MH8_m_3oy9N82-sf3

    Michael McCallion
    Reducing Time of Canada’s Border Change Plan by Privy Council

    Is this 1963 Chart when the Privy Council made the
    Border Change Plan?

    The Nation of Canada is expected to have Internal and/or Internal &
    External [boundaries]changed by the end of 2099. Probably the one of the best example of a bureaucracy being ready with ‘ kick-the-can ‘ way down the road to protect Privy Council Office control and employment .

    However the reality of Political Party brokerage policy of using tax-payer funding and eventually anything to protect the existing situation of employment for the Ottawa/Hull Federal Employment.

    Although this extremely exaggerated response of delaying action has led to the fateful, ignorantly or deliberately hidden effect of creating a Separation through recognizing the Nation of Quebec as not a party of the Confederation of Canada as the First Colony to be devolved from the British Empire with the British North America Act in 1867.

    As is the wont*of all collections of Political Entities; Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, Theocracy, Democracy, Republics, the move of Political Policy toward a dictatorship is increasingly moved along by the entrenched Bureaucracy.

    Such is the situation in remnant 1867 Confederation put into place as the agglomeration of Provinces and Territories. Establishing a wholly separate entity outside of the Confederation within an established boundary and as an Unilingual Nation creates the reclassification of Culture(s) into Preferred Classes, through expansion of a hierarchical role of language** and custom within the established Government.

    Such is the result of the established Bureaucracy construct of the Privy Council Office and the removal of the Elected Representatives to the House of Commons acting as Department Ministers with Direct Responsibilities to the Ordinary, Average, Persons exercising Their Right and Responsibility to vote and elect Their Representative as Member of Parliament.

    The evolving entrenchment of the Federal Government as the — Final Arbiter in concert with the Appointed Members of the Supreme Court of Canada has disenfranchise the Ordinary, Average, Person from Their Lawful authority as a Citizen of the remnant Confederation; effectively establishing the bilingual defined English Language Culture as ___ Second Class Citizens.

    ___ Tyranny of the Federal Government of denying the Human Rights & Responsibilities — of the Individual — is Contrary to International Laws and Customary expectation._____ If anyone is able to locate and print the Photo at the Address please do so — It is something the Ottawa/Hull Cabal does not want shared.

  7. I think to take the mind off her angst, she should perhaps get an actual job. One where you get up early and after you have breakfast, don’t have time to stew in your own farts. Maybe even a green job. One where you get up at 0430h, and wield a chainsaw for a minimum of 8 hours in the great, great outdoors. It does wonders for your perspective of the world. I’m glad I don’t do it anymore.