10 Replies to “Honey, I Finished The Internet”

  1. Looks like Emmy material to me.

    Wired: Climate Denial is like Covid-19 Denial – Eric Worral at WUWT critiques this article by The Onion (sorry, Wired). Key take-away: “The important difference between Climate Change and Covid-19 is there is evidence that Covid-19 is a problem”.

    Also check out “British Climate Activists: “Corona is the cure. Humans are the disease” while you are there.


    1. COVID is a cure, but to the different problem: the corruption of seven billion minds.
      Let the will of the Creator prevail and bless the Creator!

  2. The interpreter must have went to the same school as the one employed for Mandela’s funeral.

  3. when I clicked on this I thought it was actually a video from the Tacoma Fire Department.

  4. That ‘Tacoma FD’ clip is the funniest thing I’ve seen this year!
    Caution > I snorked some coffee out of my nose onto the keyboard, so you’ve been warned.