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Temperature.Global calculates the current global temperature of the Earth. It uses unadjusted surface temperatures. The current temperature is the 12M average mean surface temperature over the last 12 months compared against the 30 year mean. New observations are entered each minute and the site is updated accordingly. This site was created by professional meteorologists and climatologists with over 25 years experience in surface weather observations.

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  1. “It uses unadjusted surface temperatures.” Ah, that must mean no special interest group is jumping in and changing the data to suit their preferred outcome. Imagine that! How much traction do you think this will get in the MSM?

  2. Temperature Global :Last 5 years are below normal!
    This has never been reported by main street media!!!!!
    Thanks Kate

    1. Just to emphasize that point:
      2015 average: 0.98 °F (0.54 °C) below normal
      2016 average: 0.48 °F (0.27 °C) below normal
      2017 average: 0.47 °F (0.26 °C) below normal
      2018 average: 1.33 °F (0.74 °C) below normal
      2019 average: 0.65 °F (0.36 °C) below normal

      Damn straight, thanks Kate!

      1. Horrors, proof of global warming! The earth has warmed 0.68 deg F in just one year from 2018-2019. That is a projected 6.8 deg F in ten years. Lock down all fossil fuel usage!

  3. I have suspected that we are experiencing global cooling for some time now … quiet sun and all ….

    I was further convinced of that when the ‘warmist’ sheep changed their bleat from ‘warming’ to ‘change’.

    The want to keep the ball rolling, even if it’s now a snowball.

    How nebulous can you get. How corrupt can you get … I’ll answer that myself … there is no limit to corruption on the left.

  4. Better call Greta.

    I’m sure there’s time to adjust these temperatures upwards before too many people read this.

    1. Yea….watch that Corruption Completely SNOWBALL here with a Declaration of Martial Law and a complete suspension of Democracy in Canada.

      I may empty my bank account…oh wait, it’s empty already, gee sorry bout that Justin. Guess you’ll have to STEAL from someone else.

      That temps have been slowly cooling comes as no surprise. No Sunspots for a number of years…usually a good sign of that.

  5. Wait! What!? This isn’t science, you STUPID DENIERS! … where is the computer model!? I won’t “believe” these thermometers (probably an old, broken kitchen thermometer) until Gavin Newsom has a SCIENTIST from the CA Air quality management district run some computer modeling on your data. All you ollllld Boomers probably don’t even know how to work a computer … let alone build a computer model to properly “project” future trends.

    Listen up you old people … computers = science. Deniers = should all die

    /sarc.like I’ve actually read before

    1. I’ve been “studying temperatures” since I could read a thermometer. It was colder in the 70’s than now, even after warming a bit since. I find it very strange a bunch “Klimatte Freaks”, who live in Sweden, would argue for colder weather. Without the Gulf Stream circulating warmer water their direction, they’d still be eating lichen and seal blubber in areas without three miles of ice piled on it.
      When I first started working out in the bush in 1978, winter temps were worse then than what they are today. They still grow grain on the Prairies. The warmest period in western Kanaduh were the Dirty Thirties, despite the Warmunists attempts to cook the data. Calgary winters were worse, until the next Chinook that is, the only saving grace to living here if you listen to all the whiners every time the temp gets below 25 C. You jerks want California weather….friggin’ move there. You can have all that warm weather you want and we wouldn’t have to listen to you control freak BS on our weather. STFU!

  6. The nice thing about the Wuhan flu is that we haven’t heard much more about climate change.

    If the Wuhan flu does for the Red Chinese economy—and the Red Chinese state and its globalist collaborators with it—we probably never will again.

  7. Sorry to pour scorn (but) …

    There is no such thing as Global Temperature, except as a meaningless average of numbers.

    Why? Because temperature is an intrinsic property of matter, not an extrinsic property. Because the system is not in a steady state: the globe rotates and only one side is exposed to the sun – one side is heating, the other cooling; latent heat in the phase changes of water; pressure changes in the atmosphere. You can add up a whole list of temperature readings but the resultant average has no meaning, except as a poor proxy for heat (Joules)

    Yes, I know, they all do it – it’s still a nonsense. But they are Climate “Scientists” and there is a “Climate Emergency” so I suppose that their Truthiness will prevail…

    1. Not to be obnoxious but I think the point is, and people accept as truth, the earth has had glacial periods where the planet was more or less frozen (over a mile thick at Montreal 25,000 yrs ago still astounds me) and it has inter-glacial periods when it warms enough to melt the ice-caps. So the Global Temperature in the Carboniferous Period was evidently much warmer for 60 million years than it was 25,000 years ago during the last ice-age. The question I want answered has always been ” If CO2 is such a formidable green-house gas why didn’t the planet boil away when it was over 2000 ppm and the planet was at its warmest, lushest, GREENEST in its perceived history? Instead, in spite of all the supposedly heat-trapping CO2 it fell into another glacial period and CO2 dropped dramatically. CO2 is driven by temperature (eventually) not the driver of temperature.

      1. But, but, but … oil! … SUVs! … the planet didn’t have those way back when.

        And … “how can mankind NOT be killing the planet?” “Look at alllllllll our pollution.” “And if we can just stop the fossil fuel industries … we can work on thinning out the population with help from the Chinese Bio warfare labs.”

  8. Good post. Lucky that Environment Canada isn’t collecting that data, they would delete it and fabricate numbers demanded by politicians.

  9. CO2 is so bad for the planet, you need to purchase CO2 generators for your greenhouse to help your plants grow ……


    Shouldn’t selling those be illegal then?

  10. Gareth is right, I was going to leave it alone,but an average global temperature accurate to 0.01 degrees C no less.
    The curse of the calculator generations.