Wuhan Flu

Rachel Maddow gets schooled.

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So much for the European “Union” Germany blocks exports of medical supplies to Rome. When Italy asked for urgent medical supplies under a special European crisis mechanism no EU country responded.

Philippines: Duterte’s lockdown of Manila is ‘a mockery’, as millions of commuters to be allowed in

In the UK: The govt strategy on #Coronavirus is more refined than those used in other countries and potentially very effective. But it is also riskier and based on a number of assumptions.

Why aren’t there more cases in Africa?

MSM gonna MSM: So weird how after being obsessed by the stock market for two days @CNN is suddenly bored by the 2,000 point gain during Trump’s press conference. Maybe @brianstelter can explain it.

Agents of Influence.

And Canada.

We don’t need travel bans, but we should avoid all non-essential travel.
We can’t stop the coronavirus at the border, but the Trudeau government is now talking about limiting flights and increasing screening at airports.
To say the government is sending out mixed messages is an understatement.
Now, after a major spike in cases, the federal government is moving to deal with issues at the border.

Well, that’s not entirely fair. They have been dealing with some certain “issues”.

From the comments;

Somewhat anecdotal but I was at the local Rona buying paint earlier this evening… I got to talking with the guy behind the counter and he told me that employees of Coastal Health were in the store earlier in the day buying up paper products, wipes, towels and TP… apparently the local Hospital is being over run by the foreign born ( mainly middle eastern ) coming to Canada for the “free health care”… they get off a plane from the middle east and head straight to a Hospital… I drove by the local Hospital and the Emergency area does look overly busy… like I said this story is somewhat anecdotal but I’ve never seen the Hospital that busy ever. Are people who are already sick in another country jumping on a plane and heading to Turdholeland where there are no travel restrictions and no screening in an attempt to take advantage of the Liberals open borders policy and the “free health care” ? Most likely.

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  1. True to form this is framed by Maddow as a shortcoming of the Trump administration. What other country has taken the measures China has? The few measures Trump has taken have been met with resistance from the Dems and their Media puppets as racist, xenophobic and/or authoritarian. Europe’s response has been an unmitigated disaster. The biggest mistake of the Trump administration was not shutting down travel from Europe (including the UK) sooner.

    1. Or shutting down the Canuck border.
      The irony now, is that Twinkletoes has refused to shut down Chinese travel, but has floated, through his media puppets, shutting the US border.
      We have a dimwit crew of idiots in Ottawa and Cheranna, intent on constantly poking our best friend in the eye, the US, while snuggling up to the communist Chinese.
      Anyone catch the Canadian “expert” epidemiologist comments on Glowbull yesterday? This educated twit, had the audacity to say that social distancing works, but travel bans don’t………..well, if travel bans aren’t a macro level strategy of social distancing, I don’t know what is.
      With so-called experts like this, we are doomed!

  2. True to form this is framed by Maddow as a shortcoming of the Trump administration. What other country has taken the measures China has? The few measures Trump has taken have been met with resistance from the Dems and their Media puppets as racist, xenophobic and/or authoritarian. Europe’s response has been an unmitigated disaster. The biggest mistake of the Trump administration was not shutting down travel from Europe (including the UK) sooner.

    To do what China has done requires a dramatic shift in how we think of human rights. In many of our cities we cannot muster the will to stop the homeless from defecating on the sidewalks or stopping drug addicts from using public spaces as opium dens. How are we going to manage the will to do what China is doing?

    1. Bill, it doesn’t matter what Trump does, or doesn’t do, apparatchiks like MadCow will ALWAYS take the opposite stance, showing the incompetent, partisan, smarmy harridan that she is.
      She and her comrades on the far left are perpetually, unhappy, insecure pissants, their issues are deeper than the current president, yet portray themselves experts on everything.
      Chrissy Hayes gets dishonourable mention, along with all the cretins at CNN.
      Canadian media? The whole lot are partisan fools, save for Rex, Robson, and a small handful of non-compliant types, with the Laurentian view of the world.

      1. There is NOTHING Trump could EVER do or say that would appease his haters. NOTHING! Thankfully for American conservatives, he is crafty enough to realize this and not waste any time or energy trying. A glaring fact of modern-day western politics/media that Scheer seemed absolutely freaking oblivious to, right to his well-deserved end.

        A primo example of this Dem sleaziness is their illogical and absolutely bizarre opposition to a defensive border wall. All of the the bogus and ridiculously silly anti-wall arguments they have given to date are outright lies and ideological fantasies purely designed to deflect from their ONE REAL objective…. to undermine Trump’s presidency at ANY cost.

        Trump has joked about this, but we have all seen the underlying truth to his words. If he had campaigned for open borders in 2016, the Dems would RIGHT NOW be screeching how racist it was NOT to build a wall on the US/Mexico border. I have ZERO doubt of this.

  3. There’s a couple or few legitimate jobs the federal government has. (other than brown bagging cash to friends of the current government of course) One of them is securing the border. Fail.

    Can’t remember which Ivy school Maddow went to, but the evidence is mounting that sending your kid to University carries a high likelihood of lowering their IQ if they aren’t enrolled in any of the STEM fields. Proceed with caution.

    I sincerely hope that Alberta and Saskatchewan are taking careful notes on how not to run a country. One of my fears, is that we separate and follow the same path as every other idiot/craphole country that used to be part of western civilization. Yes…ruthless decisions will need to be made and not everyone will be your friend.

  4. What this NYT Science and Health Reporter fails to understand is that America is not a totalitarian Communist State. We will NOT tolerate all those “wonderful” draconian epidemiological measures taken by the RED Chinese Commies. He admires their basic dictatorship.

    Hint: closing our borders to China and the EU are far more effective than picking up the pieces AFTER mass infection.

    Amateur prediction: the Coronavirus infection rate in America is going to be Farrrrrrrrr smaller than even the lowest predictions. And the BOLD RED LETTER Drudge headline predictions!? Puhleeze!?

    1. “What this NYT Science and Health Reporter fails to understand is that America is not a totalitarian Communist State.”

      This is exactly a point they are avoiding.

      The situation in the industrialized countries is ripe for Global Socialists, the Glozis, to take over and institute totalitarian diktat.
      It would seem from the reports that the plebeians are begging for government to save them.
      It is understandable to certain extent though there is a saying, “be careful what you wish for”.

  5. lOOks like britannia bailed just in time.
    my vicinity is a friggin ghost town.

    I like it that way. I have autism and loud people bother me.
    Im not a people person.
    I lack people skills and excel at most other areas I have engaged in.
    but I lack people skills.

    tsk tsk tsk.

    1. I read your every post … and you have never struck me as “lacking people skills”. Sometimes strident and abrasive … but I LIKE that!

      I mostly FEAR the slick talking, smiley-faced backstabbers … not loud, opinionated, mensches. And that push-up thing you can do? Not only CAN’T I do that … I’d be insane to attempt it.

      1. Mensches…
        ….And he’ll be 68 or 69 this year?
        M’kay. Impressive, I remember that!
        Whoa! Wow!

  6. Maddow is right – Trump is an incompetent moron for not declaring a national emergency, imposing martial law, suspending the Constitution and declaring himself a dictator. Who knew these few simple acts would be all it would take to get Maddow to stop criticizing and get aboard the Trump train? And to think, some silly people thought calling Trump “Literal Hitler” was meant as an insult rather than the highest form of praise!

  7. How does one come to Canada from Kongo through the US? Kongo is in Africa. One needs a ship to sail or plane to fly. Does not US deny them entry? Or are they coming all the way from Mexico? Who supplies them with vehicles and gasoline?

    I really want to know. I want to know why the fuck we have an immigration ministry and minister. I want to know why we deport a Chinese mother and businesswoman. I want to know why we deny entry a retirement age Russian woman. I want to hear it from the minister of immigration, why we have stuff tasked with checking entry visas and passports. I want to understand why I had been grilled at the border for having a fucking back of sewing notions that are 1/2 price down in the State vs Canada.
    And I want to understand how it is possible that apparently a non-stop stream of illegal aliens flows like deluge into Canada at the same time.

    How about we come together, 10-20 men with rifles and ample supply of ammo, and drive away RCMP from that border crossing, to seal it off? If we shoot and impale on stakes prominently a handful of those sneaky terrorists, the rest will make themselves scarce since they are coward.

  8. and regarding Mr Bexte comments and the criticisms I got for wishing the TURDoo 2.0 dead from corona:
    HE is allowing this severely lop-sided situation.
    HIS waffling and mixed messages perpetuate the confusion and lack of decisive action in any direction.
    HE being prime minister and in Canaduh THAT carries a LOT of authority, but HE is a dumbfcuk
    out of HIS league right from the start.
    HIS waffling and hiding is going to cost lives.

    THAT is why I want HIM dead.
    I think Im gonna pray to The Almighty Creator Jahweh to make it happen.

    1. Gawd answers no prayers. Yahweh, Brahma, Allah don’t either. Your wasting your time.

      1. Yes He does. Happened so many times that He must be getting tired of me.
        Of course you don’t sit around and just wait. Not gonna happen.

        Here is an illustration:
        A fellow was stuck on his rooftop in a flood. He was praying to God for help.
        Soon a man in a rowboat came by and the fellow shouted to the man on the roof, “Jump in, I can save you.”
        The stranded fellow shouted back, “No, it’s OK, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me.”
        So the rowboat went on.
        Then a motorboat came by. “The fellow in the motorboat shouted, “Jump in, I can save you.”
        To this the stranded man said, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”
        So the motorboat went on.
        Then a helicopter came by and the pilot shouted down, “Grab this rope and I will lift you to safety.”
        To this the stranded man again replied, “No thanks, I’m praying to God and he is going to save me. I have faith.”
        So the helicopter reluctantly flew away.
        Soon the water rose above the rooftop and the man drowned. He went to Heaven. He finally got his chance to discuss this whole situation with God, at which point he exclaimed, “I had faith in you but you didn’t save me, you let me drown. I don’t understand why!”
        To this God replied, “I sent you a rowboat and a motorboat and a helicopter, what more did you expect?”

        Now, have to warn you, this is a joke, a teaching story, in case you think of it actually happened.

        1. The comment above is not in support of the wishes by hb.
          His/her comment is contrary to good.
          God does not do things like that, I would think.
          I don’ pretend and don’t know what God thinks about anything.

  9. Why is no one even asking if China did this on purpose to undermine Trump’s re-elect? I am not saying they did, but I am saying it should be asked.

    I am saying the CCP is most certainly not below doing something this sinister. I am saying it is very odd how they let this go to the extent they did and then, within weeks, tamped it down to nothing. I am saying it is odd they had tens of thousands of the screening devices in place ready to monitor everyone who moved. It is odd they had tens of thousands of PCR and CT screening devices ready to go within days.

    How is it that China was able to do all this with a health system that is considered far, far below Western standards?

    Why is no one in the media asking these questions? Instead we get NY Times reporters singing the high praises of the CCPs ability to pull off an unprecedented medical miracle while marveling over of every Western country’s total incompetence.

    Just asking.

    1. I am saying the NWO/UN and the globalists are most certainly not below doing something this sinister. Two-fold, to achieve their must sought after depopulation agenda and most certainly to undermine Trump’s reelection.
      I also find it odd and question why so many rich elites and people in high places have been resigning or self quarantining and abandoning the rest of us as they hunker down in their safe spaces.
      Trudeau’s plan to confront this pandemic by hiding from it and shutting down parliament for 5 weeks is extremely unsettling. Not a question or criticism for the media or opposition parties.

    2. ?
      egad, does mao’s legacy live on????
      the indifference of chrese aut’orties to the concerns and rights of their 1,500,000,000 ??

      yep. and will continue for another thousand years.
      get it in yer HEAD o caucasians and Westerners, do NOT *EVER* trust the chirese. about anything.
      *they have a spectacularly different mindset.
      howcum the oldest civilization for 5,000 years hasnt had a single day of democracy? hmmmm ???

      the answer is provided* above in this posting.

    3. Bill, this thing is out of control, and the Chinese are smart enough to have done it in a controlled manner, and so causing the western world far more grief then so far it has. The Chinese may be malevolent, but they are not stupid

  10. China unleashed this virus onto everyone else. While some bandied about the cavalier attitude that this was not as serious as the common flu, China’s draconian actions belie that. No one shuts down major cities because of the sniffles.

    The minute Western countries were aware of this virus, every single flight from China should have been stopped. Russia has a stronger relationship with China than any other country and it has experienced no deaths as of this writing due to its closing of the border:


    There is no reason why Canada and the US should not do so. Not stopping all flights (as Canada has done) is inviting a potentially deadly virus to decimate its elderly and fragile populations while giving the government an excuse to throw money around and never make any decisions, especially not ones for which it has to publicly answer.

    1. OK – there are pictures out purporting to show Russians building a field hospital at a village southish of Moscow. Rather think they haven’t escaped either. Though they were much smarter than JT in closing the border.

  11. Great live presser by trump and admin just now.

    Leadership on display.

    Trudeau and those who run him want an epidemic here.

    Flights from hot zones still coming in unfettered

  12. This whole thing is an perfect example of the failure of the type of government liberals want.

    The testing problem was caused by the CDC. Dems blame that on some turnover at the top of the CDC when Trump took over, when the truth is the CDC like most government grew to where it can no longer perform the basic functions that caused it to exist in the first place.

    The Centers for Disease Control had “and Prevention” added several decades ago, and expanded their mission to where they expend time and resources on things like gun control and domestic violence prevention and now suck at disease control. It is similar to Dem cities led by politicians who fight for their cities to be sanctuaries for illegal aliens but they can’t keep the streets plowed or keep people from s**ting in the street.

    1. Saunders is a liar, as has been demonstrated on this site many, many times. The principal difference in mortality rates comes down to the effectiveness of public health programs and measures to inhibit the spread of the disease in the first place and very little to available hospital beds. By the time you’re reduced to counting available bed space, the battle was already lost. How much good did available bed space do in 1920 during the height of Spanish Influenza? It always comes down to public health measures as it did in SARS, H1N1.

      Pack it in, Dizzy you dimwit, you’re done on this topic.

      1. cgh – it wasn’t the number of beds or lack thereof that caused the high mortality during the Spanish ‘flu epidemic; it was the lack of ventilators and like equipment to nurse the victims through their lung issues.

        1. Rubbish, Frances. If you are trying to control a contagious disease you’ve already lost if you are reduced to relying on trivia like “ventilators and like equipment”. You control disease by eliminating or reducing the pathways by which it spreads. It ALWAYS comes down to public health measures first and foremost.

          1. cgh – My mother used to talk of the Spanish flu. She lived on a farm in Manitoba. When the flu hit, the family self-quarantined. Granny and the kids stayed strictly home; Grandad did go to town but stayed in the barn and there was minimal contact as needed goods were exchanged. So I do understand the fundamentals.

            However, in a mining town like Anyox, such self-isolation wasn’t possible once the virus arrived. They did their best but that best couldn’t cope with the reality of this virus. Once saw a list of those who died: all young (as I remember from ages 19 – 42 or near offer) and included at least one nurse. Modern medicine and a properly equipped hospital (or even nursing station) would probably have saved a fair few of them.

    2. Agree with cgh, Saunders is an avowed far leftist, always screeching the far left view of the world. Mop and Pail writer. ALL the Mope and Wail writers are despicable liberal apparatchiks with a narrow world view. Their standard political positions there, are, Trudeau is AWESOME, Trump is a knuckledragging idiot. All stories revolve around those basic tenets. Revolting and sickening Cherronna bird cage liner

      1. Dan, agreed, The G&M has become dye-in-the-wool leftist rag. During the rail blockades, the corrupt newspaper supported the lawbreakers against everyday Canadians.

  13. It’s clear that reliance on governments will not ensure your safety and in Canada’s case, guarantee higher risks. As Kate has hinted, people should hunker down somewhere with no non-essential exposure for the next month while the virus goes exponential and easily overwhelms our rationed health care system. Sadly, illegals (the Spawn’s people) will use up precious resources while taxpaying citizens will have to die, but rather than dwell on something you can’t change and if you are not infected already, do the smart thing and take measures now to try and keep it that way.

    1. “no non-essential exposure” – guess that means an emergency run to the nearest liquor store.

  14. Yep, in the US and Canada the MSM are the enemy of the people and in Canada the gov and the cops are the enemy of the people.

  15. It is now stated that the CCP’s first case was on 17 Nov/19, and not mid december as first claimed. That would make sense, as modelling would dictate that there was to big a surge up front. But starting a month earlier would account for that fact it spread according to standard models.
    And dizzy, olde saying “an ounce of prevention , is worth a [pound of cure”

  16. Bravo Keean! Keean Bexte is known to police! Imagine that!

    In the meantime they don’t know who is coming into the silly nation of Quaybec. The people seem to be from the French (African) Nations. Perhaps they will teach the Frenchies how to speak French properly?

    One can only hope! ( / sarcasm!) THEY MUST NOW VOTE LIBERAL, FOR LIFE! They, or their descendants, will eventually work in Quaybec city, write the laws and run le ‘gouvernement’ ……la Francophonie will be s-a-v-e-d!!
    S-A-V-E-D! …’ELP… sauve-moi!! HELP! …’ELP!

  17. The virus just claimed another victim. The Metropolitan Opera announced on this afternoon’s broadcast that performances will be halted until at least the end of the month. In the meantime, it’ll present recorded performances on Saturday afternoons.

    1. Many people are postponing stuff.

      Yesterday, I heard that a Calgary Doctor, a specialist, one, so far, is postponing Appointments. ‘Tho not sure 100 % .

      Less seriously, in USA, shows that are taped with a live audience are doing the show with out the latter or cancelling the show altogether.
      ( Bill Maher, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, Survivor)

      Read some fake news: (maybe)
      • The corona tests are 83.33 % inaccurate
      • That human sperm count will be (drastically) reduced or non existent if one gets the disease. (Source: Twitter feed on Amazing Polly web)

      Someone said that the scare tactics are just starting.
      Next thing you know, they’ll say, that women’s breasts will fall off! ( / sarc)

  18. Wait until the media puppets realize that shutting down the US-Canadian border means no more fresh vegan food for them. Out West, we know “locavore” means beef, beans, barley, and beer; tomatoes and lettuce also as they’re grown in greenhouses heated by energy from oil and gas production, geothermal, and even landfills. Otherwise, it’s imports.