Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors


“This, right here, is why so many left-leaning Americans think that ‘the billionaires’ can pay for everything. It’s why Elizabeth Warren was enthusiastically boosted by the media despite her ridiculous pretense that she could pay for a series of gargantuan initiatives without raising taxes on anyone but the extremely rich,” Cooke wrote. “It’s why Democrat after Democrat promises not to raise ‘middle class taxes’ while promising programs that require the raising of middle class taxes. How did this bad tweet make it onto TV to be endorsed? Why did Mara Gay agree with it? Why didn’t Brian Williams notice? Because the people involved in this clip thought it was true. This is how they see the world.”

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    1. It’s pretty simple math … really just a multiplication of two numbers.
      Correct me if I’m wrong … I am no math head, but I did do a couple of years in high school.

      350,000,000 X $1,000,000.
      350 Million people getting a million each would be $350,000,000,000,000.00 … That’s Trillions … yeah.
      I think that is more money than there is in all the world.

      1. I thought the Fed printed that much during Helicopter Ben’s QE period.

    1. “It’s an incredible way of putting it.”

      It’s true. It’s disturbing. Not in a good way.

    2. It also went past the staff, producers. The lot. We are talking 10 people dumb here. None could do the 5th grade math.
      Its not “Fake News”, the news is a lowest quality product, shit, packaged in authoritative wrapper. It is Fraud News.

      1. “Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”. However, in this case, they may know the math doesn’t add up but think their audience is so stupid they’ll believe it. Which could be true, and is disturbing…

  1. Mind boggling. After all the exposure on social media, they still didn’t see the math error?

    Oh, wait…they only listen to their own.

    Never mind.

    1. Wrt to a previous comparison of Joe Biden to the cartoon character Grandpa Simpson.
      I would like to apologize for this false and misleading statement.

      Simpson is a registered republican.

  2. This math is also used to tell us that solar power and wind power are free and going away from fossil fuel energy will create millions of high paying jobs and save the planet from a +1 degree apocalypse.

  3. And this isn’t really math, just simple arithmetic…and you don’t even have to do the division to know it doesn’t work.

    1. Yup. Just chop off the “hundred million” parts, and it’s immediately apparent. Did no one learn reduction in math?

  4. I must admit when I first saw this figure of 500M I thought okay everybody will get a million in the US until a minute later I said just a minute only 500 people would get a million. This is from a former Director of Payroll responsible for a payroll of $350M!

    1. I think there is something in how our brains process while engaging in language.

      I have a buddy who has the magical ability to do most simple math instantly In his head. At lunch we were chatting and he made the same equivalence and then instantly slapped his forehead.

      I’m a good friend I only made fun of him for the rest of the lunch hour.

  5. To explore awesome lefty math even further, if every single American man, woman and child could each magically cough up $1 million of their own cash to give to a Dem government, it would still only cover about 1/3 of the initial cost of the Green New Deal.

    Was there even a single serious Dem nominee who didn’t endorse this absurd greentarded wet-dream? I don’t think so.

  6. As bad was when she said at the end that “this is proof there is too much money in politics.” It actually proves the opposite; he spent $500 million and didn’t move the needle at all.

    1. Bloomie should have hired Russian trolls to produce his ads. The ads only work when they are done in broken english, as shown in 2016 because obviously the only reason Trump is president is because Russian trolls spent $100K on Facebook ads. Or so I’ve been told.

    2. He targeted the wrong demographic. He should have aimed his budget at the Clinton/DNC demo.

  7. If anything has become clear in The Trump era, it is not only the fact that THE SWAMP has to be drained, but the MEDIA SWAMP also has to be drained.

    It also should be noted that the UnMe gets his news from these people. LOL.

    1. So true, Sid, and I submit that emptying the DC swamp cannot be accomplished until the media swamp is drained first.

      The GOP’s continued reluctance to go to war against a completely hostile and weaponized MSM shows me that the swamp still extends well into the Republican Party, too. Four more years of Trump will not be enough.

      1. Trying to get Canadians to give up their expensive beloved CBC is not an easy task. Many are oblivious of it’s socialist bias.

  8. 500 million on nothing, is still nothing.

    500 million in say scholarships, or more Border Wall is something.

    “President Trump donates $100,000 of his salary to Surgeon General’s office”
    “Here are the other agencies Trump has donated to in the quarters since he became president:”
    Q1: National Park Service
    Q2: Department of Education
    Q3: Department of Health and Human Services
    Q4: Department of Transportation
    Q1: Veteran’s Administration
    Q2: Small Business Administration
    Q3: National Institutes of Health
    Q4: Department of Homeland Security2019
    Q1: U.S. Department of Agriculture
    Q2: HHS/Office of the Surgeon General

  9. Bloomberg’s 500 million, and Steyer’s 250 million weren’t spent on nothing,,, IT WAS SPENT ON MEDIA and MEDIA ADVERTISING.

  10. The only segment of American professional life that is even more uneducated and ill-equipped with facts like this than the news media is educators. They, and the news maker-uppers, are all simply the least-educated and most-indoctrinated segments of all the professions. Neither can be trusted.

  11. This is such a stupid case it just boggles the mind. There really isn’t even math involved, except what a ten year old kid can do. You divide 500 million by 350 million (500 million/350 million) and the first thing you do is cancel out the “million”, then cancel out the “0”, and you end up dividing 50 by 35, which is something more than 1 but less than 2. I take it back, you can teach it to a six year old kid.
    People do get overwhelmed when confronted with huge numbers. What they should do is think logarithmically . Okay that’s too hard a concept. Think in powers of 10. Okay that’s too hard a concept. Count the number of digits in the number. If you are dividing two numbers, the difference in their number of digits gives you the ballpark of where the answer should be.
    The actual numbers that are in any way physically meaningful range from the radius of an electron 10**(-15)m to the radius of the universe 10**(26)m. (Both numbers are estimates subject to a lot of conditions and/or assumptions) The range is so huge that rendering a number in words such as trillion gives less understanding than simply 10**(12).

  12. We really should not be laughing,this is the “New Maths”.
    Actually we have to choice but to laugh.
    As I said earlier Bloomy could have let the No Information Voters think he would give them a million each for their vote and would have had better results from his $500 million.
    And sadly it looks like he would not even have had to lie.
    This is like the sad people religiously buying lottery tickets, investing in their future.