44 Replies to ““You are the Dances with Dependency People””

    1. We need guys like this and his buddies to show up at the blockades and persuade the protesters to go home.

  1. A couple of years ago the native gas station in Winnipeg advertised 1 cent/litre cheaper than the regular gas station, same brand of gas, just a couple of blocks away from each other.

    Back at the hotel reviewing my receipt, the 2 cents/litre “administration fee” made it actually 1 cent/litre more than the same brand, non native owned, gas station a few blocks away.

    Ironically, both are probably “Indian” owned, just different sides of the world “Indian”.

  2. Think he will be interviewed and that interview played relentlessly on the CeeBeeCee, CeeTee-(Pee)..Vee, Glo-Sitting-Bull, or any other grafting MSM tonight at 6 and 11???

    Me neither!

  3. I would venture 90% of the Cree fuelling up at that station are not joining, or sympathetic of, any blockades.

  4. This guy is talking like 1) All Indigenous people are the same. 2) All Indigenous people support this boycott of pipelines.

    Both suppositions are 100% WRONG!

    It’s not helpful to make generalizations like this. if you removed the white outside money going to a few agitators there likely would be no protests.

  5. I blame Kevin Costner … and his Hollywoodie elites who fantasize and romanticize some awful “back to nature” (without disease, pestilence, starvation, or freezing) lifestyle.

    1. Costner’s character was just lucky that the indigenous folks were watching that day, not the next day, or his character would have the name “fxxks with chickens” instead of “dances with wolves”.

  6. The anti-industrial revolution capitalizes on the well nurtured white guilt industry to further their agenda of spreading poverty and authoritarian socialism under the cover of green theology. Canada is a world leader in creating an industry based on the enshrined apartheid of the Indian act and making it into a continuous grievance, shakedown and appeasement project resulting in an ever increasing challenge to the sovereignty and legitimacy of the Canadian nation. This is all fueled on the institutional left’s agenda of siding with and or being hostage to the Indian shakedown leaders in mining “white guilt” for all the injustices, real or imagined imposed or negotiated with Indians. Interestingly, the increasing portion of the Canadian population that is “non white” doesn’t share in this “white guilt” pathology. The Spawn and his ilk are not only responsible for the theatre we now enjoy but are acting as powerless eunuchs in allowing the shutting down of all commerce while they allow themselves to be drawn into the shakedown and appeasement game, which in the deranged dominion, never ends.

    1. That’s been going on for at least 40 years. I heard that caterwauling when I attended UBC 40 years ago and I’m pretty sure it started around the time of the incident at Wounded Knee in the early 1970s.

      White liberals/socialists have been committing cultural suicide ever since, but they were making sure they took the rest of us with them.

  7. In Canada: one has to wonder if the incredible destructive attitude of the ‘First Nation’s Collusion’ to destroy the Nation of Canada ‘s Transportation System is; — at least partly, both a One-World foreign money funded unlawful action, and joined by the Liberal Party Government of Canada Nation & Nation du Quebec using as a tool, for misdirection by Central Canada Meida propa-git effort.
    The well recognized, held long beyond its -‘Best Before Date’ -, using Billions of Tax-Payer funding for Subsidiizing the also well recognized, focusing away from Liberal Party of Government of Ottawa/Hull Government inept governance. This inept governance is particularly evident for the English Language Cuture of Canadians. The inept governance of the ‘ Unilingual ‘French Language Culture of Canadiens of the Nation du Quebec only revealed in English by the Resistance of the Attorney General of the Liberal Party Government to continue the apparent collusion continuation practice of the Privy Council Office’s control of the Hull/Ottawa Bureaucracy with the Nation du Quebec’s largest donor to the Liberal Party. Both the largest Donor and Recipient of Government Contracts.
    The Hull/Ottawa Governance agenda for the English Language Culture of the Nation of Canada is and remains a deliberate impediment for the English Language Culture to participate in the World Market Place. The Region of the Nation du Quebec and the Conferderation Remnant Atlantic Provinces Region have been unrealistic expetent of continuing as the most significant benificienary of the Regions Wealth Redistribution Agenda. The apparent effort to continue the domination of the French Language Culture of the Nation du Quebec has steadily eroded the long standing major Tax-payer component to the now irrevelant concept.
    International Recognition of the Nation of Canada as a Geographically and excellent Country for Investment has been drastically. reduced.
    Within less than a ___-Half Dozen Years – ___ The Nation of Canadians have failed to be the Most Reputable Country in the World or the Second Most Reputable in the World for Five (5) to being in a common recognition with the Nation du Quebec has well below the Top Ten and somewhere between the Fifteenth to Twenty Fifth– (15-25) in Reputaion Integrity.
    There continues to be a biased interpretation in favour of the French Language Nation du Quebec with disfavour for the English Language Culture of the redundancy of the Confederation of Nine Provinces. The finagled BNA 0f 1867 to be the replaced by the collusion of the Privy Council Office; Supreme Court of Canada (&Quebec) and the Liberal Party cannot be accepted as a Viable Social Contract with the English Language Cuture.

    1. Please reduce your word count by at least 42% and resubmit.

      Some examples to help guide your thought processes:
      “The Hull/Ottawa Governance agenda for the English Language Culture of the Nation of Canada is and remains a deliberate impediment for the English Language Culture to participate in the World Market Place.”
      Can easily be replaced with: “The B*ards are trying to kill us.”
      – or –
      “The Region of the Nation du Quebec and the Conferderation Remnant Atlantic Provinces Region”
      Can be shortened to: “Those eastern Azzhats!”
      (An optional Damm could be included for emphasis in at least 3 different positions without inflating count excessively.)

      Please consider the carbon footprint of each character you type.

      Thank you for your effort and have a nice day !

  8. Now, if I had posted that video saying, get off the picket lines, get off your assess, get off welfare and get a job, I’d get jumped on in a heartbeat. I’m white.

    1. That doesn’t matter. How do you identify? Use their rules against them, just like Elizabeth Warren did to get ahead as an academic.

  9. Here in SW Ontario we now have 2 Red Indian gas stations nearby. Prices are consistently
    13c a liter cheaper than the white man’s. They are located about 5 meters inside the Rez along with the traditional smoke shops. One stop shopping for the hard working blue collar folks here.

  10. He’s quite astute as to the symptoms

    1- non-natives co-opting a native protest.
    2- natives protesting against western culture while benefiting from said western culture
    3- some of the native communities under the control of the syndicate that use white guilt to facilitate questionable activities for financial gain
    4- the renegade factions within the native communities using any excuse to break the law with impunity such as the protests.

    Now what pray tell is the solution to these 4 problems?

  11. I have to laugh when it comes to gas stations and folks from Canada.
    Cross the border into Bellingham, WA. Go to the Costco gas station where you’ll find a long line of cars from Canada filling up their cars and on average 5 or 6. 5gal gas cans per car. Must be the taxes I guess. (-:

    Hope they never get in a car crash, cause all that gas in plastic cans will make a Tesla look like candle.

    1. And then they claim BC has reduced emissions because of their carbon tax. It would be interesting to have an estimate of how much gas BC residents buy in the USA annually l

      1. But, Horgan will get to the bottom of the high fuel prices in B.C. He will determine it’s those greedy Gaia killers.

      2. I lived there long before carbon taxes. In White Rock. Five minutes to the gas station. Back through Pacific.

  12. You white people are funny. We block your highways and railways and you have to lay off people, but you still leave money in our casinos and buy our smokes and booze and gas.

    Are those white man fight rules?

    1. I often buy my gas from an Ojibwa gas station on trans-canada HW. Take a note of how many illegal acts against Canada these native to Canada people have committed. Last I checked, it was zero. Compare that with Iroquois 6 nations who are foreign mercenaries.

      The king invites Iroquois, and they become terrorists.

      The king invites Sikh, and they become terrorists.

      I see a trend.

    2. No … those are the rules of a culture that no longer respects itself, no longer has pride in itself, and has given up.

      I am ashamed of the way so many white Canadians, especially our leaders, are behaving. They behave like whipped dogs.

      We need a Donald Trump character to save us, but the Lilliputians of Ottawa would assassinate him on day one.

      Canada is not a real country. It’s a socialist quagmire drowning in it’s own political correctness.

      What a waste.

  13. Blazing Cat Fur has the story on Big Chief Gay Eagle With No Balls, meeting with the criminal Indian Boushie family yesterday. He apologized to them for their criminal Indian son’s death. Indians must be allowed to rampage and steal on “settler” farms!!

  14. Joseph ——-I like Kate’s answer —-” Mr. Prime Minister: ” You and your court injunction comrades have until dawn to pull down the barricades and pick up your garbage, or every Treaty in this country goes into the shredder”
    And by Kate’s leave —–The first person to issue a court challenge –becomes the first hanging !

    1. This is the “alternate economy” that Buttshead wants.

      We are heading back to feudalism. We have an unaccountable ruling elite, we have an oppressed, poverty-stricken underclass, and now, thanks to China, we have a devastating plague once again.

      What’s not to like about that?

  15. He is a white nationalist, wearing brownface, Greta-hating goon for Big Oil!
    Boycott his carbon producing business!

    1. a Progressive Pat…. isn’t that what our Prime Minister gives to cute local reporters? Though they may experience it differently…

  16. The concept of getting of one’s ass and going to work is becoming more and more foreign in C.A.N.A.D.A.
    I feel sorry for my kids going through schools. One is in university, another in college. Both had to work extremely hard to get in, since they have been homeschooled. Both are working very hard to get good grades. But both also observe how no one really cares and the profs mostly work against the students. No one wants them to succeed.

    University: rowdy students, talking loudly in the auditorium, but nether profs nor TAs do anything about it. Group assignments are a scam. You can be put into a lousy group where others do stupid crap, but you cannot overrule them even if you know full well that they are wrong. No matter how right you are, you are going to get 80% because of “their” lousy work.

    College: texting in class, buying assignments from tutors, derogatory remarks from teachers, and non-stop communist indoctrination. No one even says “hi” to one another. Students walk around, sunken into their smartphones, non-stop liking instagram posts.

    Fuck this country! It is destroying itself, gnawing itself from within, and no one gives a damn about anything except about screwing everyone around. And never ever any recourse!

    1. TBB, what you describe is almost exactly what I faced when I started my post-secondary teaching job more than 30 years ago.

      My efforts to do my job properly were constantly being undermined by administrators who had their own objectives and agendas. So much for academic standards and passing on what wisdom and knowledge I gained through my education and experience.

      Later, when I finished my Ph. D., and started applying for university faculty positions, I often wondered why I bothered. Many of those jobs were filled by diversity hires and foreigners from a certain country which I won’t name.

  17. Strikes me that these blockades are a testament to the success of Public Education.
    What a success,where brainwashed “graduates” clamour for the end of the productivity that enables their lazy parasitic lives.
    Our Bureaucrats and School teachers deserve a big hand.
    Instead; “We owe them for their service”.

    The level of institutional stupidity is rampant amongst the government paid media,where Democracy for our Native Indians is bad,where 5 unnamed special people trump all the rest of the special people and the democratic will of the Band.
    Where our top house of useless jerks,that Senate thing, are busy trying to boot out a member who dared to tell the truth of residential schools, while they ignore the collapse of this country.

    The second referendum (After Independence) will be to introduce the Guillotine as a tool for trimming government fat.
    Imagine,if the Independence vote is rigged,the re introduction of madame Guillotine will be a landslide.
    And thanks to the Metis and the French in central Alberta..
    “The Guillotine because it is our heritage”.
    Your Heritage Moment.
    And every Peasant secretly loved the French revolts.
    So many Experts,Natural leaders and self annoited elites…so little time. .