He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship

Sober Second Reeducation Camp.

With little fanfare, the Senate of Canada voted today to suspend Sen. Lynn Beyak for the remainder of this parliamentary session because she failed to complete the anti-racism training she was directed to undergo the last time she was temporarily kicked out of the Red Chamber.
The Senate agreed, on a voice vote, to adopt the ethics committee’s latest report on Beyak, which calls for her suspension from the chamber so she can complete the prescribed training and take time to think about the harm she did to Indigenous people by posting racist letters on her website.

26 Replies to “He Admires Their Basic Dictatorship”

  1. “The Senate agreed, on a voice vote, to adopt the ethics committee’s latest report on Beyak, which calls for her suspension from the chamber so she can complete the prescribed training and take time to think about the harm she did to Indigenous people by posting racist letters on her website.”
    Yes indeed. The indigenous peoples are quite capable of soiling their own public image, without others piling on.

  2. I guess she should have done blackface instead,then an apology would have been good enough. Really.

  3. “Let’s stop the guilt and blame and find a way to live together and share”. What doesn’t dink lips like?

  4. “…the harm she did to Indigenous people by posting racist letters on her website.

    So, it’s “racist” to post letters that stated that some people had positive experiences at residential boarding schools?

    1. That’s it in a nutshell. In Canada, it’s a sin to suggest that the schools were built with good intentions, even while native kids were growing up in Stone Age conditions without education or healthcare..

      As someone often outside Canada and looking in, it’s creepy how much the country has changed.

      More a cult than a country.

  5. Even the New York Times is starting to notice the limitations of the (genuinely, jaw-droppingly racist) Basic Dictatorship.

    The Grey Lady is even letting slip that Beijing lies.

  6. RED chamber!!! ETHICS!!! these things are part of the largest terrorists group in Canada. I’m to bumbed out to continue.

  7. Hey Lynn hopefully we will have an independent sane dominion west of you soon. You could come as a refugee.

  8. Well the answer is to appoint as many senators as possible (like when Mulroney did to pass the GST) and then have them vote to expel the senators from the other parties on the basis that they don’t think the same as they do.

  9. It is a most dangerous thing to speak the truth. And here is a perfect example of someone who speaks the truth and how politicians treat the truth.

    “to think about the harm she did to Indigenous people by posting racist letters on her website.” Those letters referred to here were letters from natives who had a positive experience in the residential school system.

    So the Canadian Senate clearly believes that natives are RACIST. Gotcha.

    So all you folks who supported the CPC and other Communist parties are just a bunch of racist b*st*rds.

  10. Sounds like the upper chamber acts just like your average censorious university campus in its antipathy for free speech. I once listened to a successfully employed Indian that I knew tell me (in confidence) that the residential school experience was the best thing that happened to him. Does this now mean that unless Kate eliminates this comment, that she can never be appointed to the Senate?

    WTF kind of lunatic asylum has this country become? (rhetorical question).

  11. I hope it is not to off topic, but I was banned from a “news” website because I criticized Saint Greta. After my 7 day suspension, I refused to bow down to the PC alter and made it abundantly clear that I would never submit. I’m about 30 days into my 100 day suspension, for being politically un-correct.
    Do not submit, do not kow-town to these censors, ever! Thank you Senator Beyak for standing up to these social justice freaks.

  12. So some day when those of us that recognize the agenda being promoted and condoned by so many useless idiots are asked “what happened to Canada our highly respected country” we will have an answer for them and a few names they will recognize. Anyone who doesn t believe that what is taking place in this country is not a deliberate,well organized and well orchestrated operation is kidding themselves.

  13. Pretty pathetic when The Chamber of Sober Second Thought,har har har, cannot permit free speech.
    At least the entitled parasites were careful to use a “voice vote” so they can pretend they really do believe in freedom of speech.( I did not vote like that they will lie)
    Oh well,the parallels between Can Ahh Duh and pre revolt France are uncanny.
    All the “Tools of Government” have self identified as enemies of the citizen.
    Good job.
    How soon before Madame Guillotine Sings?

    Now I would settle for consolidating on the Nation of Buffalo,kicking out the freeloader,gifting them back to Can Ah Duh.
    Then taking over the regions of value to us,as Canada collapses into bankruptcy.
    The only thing holding it up right now,is the illusion that the Children of Western Citizens are going to slave for the Eastern Bloc.
    A unilateral declaration of Independence will get the bankers real excited.

  14. Well Turdhole/Butts has been stacking the corrupt Senate with every Librano bagman and far left grifter for years now, although this stacking has been completely ignored by the Librano corrupted Media shitheads. Its only an issue for the corrupt Media when Cons appoint Senators. Librano voters and Turdholians in general really are an ignorant mob of totalitarian sympathizers, as long as that authoritarianism comes from Libranos they’re ok with it… this country is like a cult, a cult of imbeciles. I look forward to its continued and inevitable demise… sad.

  15. I was at a gathering recently. One couple that was there are Liberal, another couple NDP supporters. The rest were CPC. The statement I made was simple. I simply said that I would like to see an atmospheric test over Saskatchewan at say 1500 feet so I could compare what the CO2 levels were today as compared to what they were in 1975. Right away they (Libs) pounced on me, more or less telling me that I had no reason to question the almighty Trudeau in Ottawa. Worse yet the NDP male suggested I had no authority to know that. My threat was that if I ever hear another person tell me that I have to right to question the government, or to find out what our atmosphere is made of, that I would post their names on a social media. Then they backed off. That’s how insane the left has become.

    As for a senator questioning the validity of residential schools, I had a friend who was Sioux and was abandoned as a child. He attended the agricultural native school at Lebret, Sk. in the 50’s. He liked the place so much that when he reached his last year, he kept on working for the Oblate Fathers. I’m not sure how many years he was there, but he always told me that he loved the job. He later became a successful farmer. In any event, I know that Senator was Beyak was telling the truth.

    What’s the next step that Doofus in Ottawa will take?? Send us to a training school so we can all learn to enjoy watching protesters on the CBC as they set fires to RR tracks??

  16. There’s no place in a democracy for a contrary opinion. That’s anti-democratic. In fact thus senator is probably a Putin agent here to interfere in our election systems.

  17. Lynn has a “right” and a “freedom” to think and to believe exactly what the corrupt Liberal Party tells her to think and believe. Maybe its time for the Libranos to change the “National Anthem” again, I mean why not, this country it belongs to the Liberal party, well at least since the 1960″s. Think like the Liberal Party tells you to think, or else. What a shithole, sorry I meant,Turdhole.

  18. The Senate…Ottawa…Canada, where free speech comes to die and if you won’t help kill it you’ll be punished.

  19. Speaking of the senate.
    Vote Independence ..it will Buffalo them.
    The chattering class will react to a Western Independence yes vote, exactly as they reacted to the Election of President Trump.
    “How dare those revolting little people disagree with our wisdom..”
    Liberal tears .
    Another reason to rush to Separation.

  20. Blackface needs to be in the lowest dungeons of Canada’s reeducation camps.

    Why he wasn’t tarred and feathered by India is a mystery, how many women will suffer his groping and misogyny?