“Kind of astonishing how disappointing” EV sales have been – so please don’t kill petroleum companies yet

EVs are most emphatically not the great leap forward that the car was over the horse, or the cell phone was over the land line. In both of those cases, people adopted the new technology in droves because it revolutionized the way they lived. EVs fit well in a few small markets, and not at all in most. Consumers know this, the media doesn’t, and auto manufacturers are between a rock and a hard place. Read on…

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  1. As noted before, there is a Tesla super charge station in Fort MacLeod Alberta. It opened just over 3 years ago in Dec 2016. I’ve driven by it dozens and dozens of times … I don’t know maybe 150 times coming and going and try to make a point of having a look as we drive by. The body count in over three years is FIVE cars seen charging there. Total. Five. Three years. It has eight stations.
    Sue Keenan, the town’s chief administrative officer said:
    The economic development impact is phenomenal
    HA HA HA! What? Telsa drivers bought three hot dogs and two Cokes so far?

    I bet the EVs were out full force across the Prairies this past week, eh? No wait.

  2. During my recent liver biopsy, my surgeon mentioned he had asked an Electrical Engineer friend (not me) how many acres of solar panels would be needed to charge fifteen million electric cars in California. He gave his very low opinion of our Prime Minister, as well as stating that it was abhorrent that a few dozen “native” protesters could interfere with a multi billion dollar project that would benefit all Canadians. Probably the first time he operated on a patient that was grinning ear to ear.

  3. The average Jack/Jill needs an affordable/reliable vehicle, that can travel 500kms without “recharging “, under $30,000. And has retained value after 8 years.
    EV’s have a long way to go. If ever.

    1. We are all supposed to submit to our new god, St Suzuki of David, and embrace dorky Prius’, Leafs, and “Smart Cars” that are “affordable” but take us three days to get from Vancouver to Kelowna, something that can be done in about 4 hours in an appropriately normal and comfortable vehicle, which is unfit for eco loons.

      The major manufacturers are proving, that they cannot produce the vehicle previously described without massive subsidization, and even then, who really wants to drive a FUGLY car that screams Eco loon dork? Yeah, old cat ladies, betas, millenials………
      Retains value
      400-500km range (still on the low end)

      Watch VW go to the edge of bankruptcy, they made a deal with the devil (German government). In order to avoid massive penalties, they agreed to go full electric. It will destroy itself, thanks to former Stasi member Markel. Stupid is as stupid does.
      VW should have told her to pound sand, move to Mexico, or the US, and continue on business as usual.
      The parasite will kill the host.

  4. Electric cars been continuously available, from multiple manufacturers, on every continent, since 1832.

    The choice has always been there. For 200 years, people have taken a pass. There has always been a niche market. Probably always will be. But that is all it will ever be. A few people want them, that is it. Most people will take the option that gets the job done.

  5. I wonder if these Tesla disciples realize that that is petroleum and natural gas that allowed the production of the steel and the plastic to build there so-called green car. Surely they do not believe that wind and solar power are used to produce these clean automobiles.

    1. Built and fueled. Where do they think the electricity comes from? I don’t think they think deeply at all – they are birthed from cabbage leaves or something

  6. What does it cost for a ‘fill up’?

    I’ve got a coupla pickups. One has a 140L tank – I know what it costs to fill the tank.

    1. It costs time… lots and lots of lost time where you can’t be using your vehicle, because the extension cord isn’t long enough.

    2. ABTrapper – Great Question.
      My Dmax has a Titan Tank of 52 Gal + a slip tank of 33 Gal. ~ 300 litres total.
      I’m painfully aware of the cost of filling them both up.

      I too would like to know what the cost of Re-Charging a Tesla Model 3 would be….

      As far as EV’s are concerned: They are a Solution seeking a Problem

    3. There are two charging bays in the parking lot at city hall. Fill ups are “free”. (taxpayer funded)
      Guess what the Mayor drives?

    1. Yes Pat … EV’s work sooooo well in the frigid climate of a Sask winter … the article let a couple things “slip” … 1. That the Tesla’s lose 40-50% of their range in winter … and … 2. Engine block heater drain. In order to maintain your Tesla functional in winter, the electric motors have to be kept warm all day in the parking lot by the batteries. Gee, that’s no additional drain is it? And then it takes 10 minutes to warm the car up ready for driving. Sounds pretty sketchy to me … but interviewing the EV Sales Manager for Sask. was a wonderful way to get an unbiased report on the suitability of these contraptions in a cold, cold, Canadian winter. Yep. Interview the Tesla Sales Manager. Sheesh

      1. Imagine being halfway to the middle of nowhere, -35 with the wind chill, and out of charge.

        In an ICE car, a can of gas will get you going again. An EV? Sayonara!

        Talking about the middle of nowhere, Why don’t the Rez dwellers buy EVs?

  7. “and auto manufacturers are between a rock and a hard place.”

    No, they aren’t. The auto manufacturers on Earth that could even possibly produce EVs can be counted on my fingers, no thumbs.
    They could easily form a syndicated answer to governments, -POUND SAND-, and governments would have to listen.
    These companies are not without blame, I assure you. You don’t get to play the Tyrant’s Cat’sPaw and the Victim too.

  8. Swappable batteries are the only way forward if batteries are to be the on-board energy source.

    1. swap batteries in an electric car? but they weigh over 1000 pounds, how are we supposed to do that ?

      1. visit your friendly Tesla dealer, and they will bill you appropriately. Each Tesla owner just got billed $10k for their system upgrade, by the way.

        But you don’t have to worry about the cost of oil changes………………………………

        Who cares what it costs, the EV owners are saving the world aren’t they?

        There’s no price too small for that!!!!!!!!!!! /sarc

  9. `Electric cars are sorta like communism,certain aspects might be beneficial,overall they suck.
    After 200 years of losing to the internal combustion engine..this time we will get it right.
    The problem is the battery,who ever/if ever that break through makes,will become a billionaire.
    Certain niche markets electric carts,forklifts,locomotives already are well served and work well if serviced by knowledgable staff.
    If cities want cleaner air,legalize the use of golf carts..in bicycle lanes.
    But the “powers” are not about cleaner air,they are all about signalling,virtue and power signalling.
    “Look what we can make you do”.
    Best part of the electric car fad,the simple conversion to mobile electric chairs.
    DC,particularly high voltage DC burns.
    Tesla is already halfway there,in the event of a collision it locks the humans in and roasts them.
    A little rewiring and we will never hear EV owners whine no more.

  10. “The problem is the battery”

    No. The problem is the Periodic Table. It needs a new element named Unobtanium. Prog fantasies for the future are based on Magic.

    1. Well, Adamantium is the preferred, indestructible element, preferred by Stan Lee fans everywhere…….LOL

  11. And if it needs to be said, we need this also in the periodic table…namely, a stable element named Stopthisshitium and fade away etc. Period.
    Table that, Batman.
    Batteries are bad for landfills etc.
    Stop. Full stop.

    1. “Stopthisshitium”

      You know how some people spew milk out their nose? Well, I almost passed an entire ham sandwich.

  12. Just wait until they roll out the rechargeable tractors and combines.

    Whatever happened to Elon Musk’s electric semi truck?

    1. It works great! The only problem is that the trailer is filled with batteries. There is one version that solves this problem by putting a diesel generator in the trailer.

  13. My Mother lived in a solid, old apartment building, steam heat, central water heating, window A/C. Her apartment had a 40 Amp panel, I think the big two bedroom apartments had 60 Amp panels.

    They would need to quadruple the entire apartment building service just to provide a charging station for each tenant. Multiply by how many units? What do you do if you don’t have a parking space. How many people in big cities park on the street? I did while living at College.

    If you have an electric construction and maintenance company? Time to learn and advertise this specialty.

  14. If you want a little chuckle, spin up Google Maps. (The image is for a different date on Google Earth) Look up the Madonna Inn at San Luis Obispo CA. The satellite view shows a huge line-up at the Tesla charging station. I happened upon it because of all the stories about Tesla charging delays due to the weather during American Thanksgiving weekend. I even checked the image the other day. Still shows a line-up.

  15. It’s going to be interesting to find out what the increase in electricity infrastructure is going to be, from the generation stations to the EV charging stations, as more and more EVs are sold and the demand for electricity rises.

    What kind of demand will there be on the electricity infrastructure as more EVs hit the road?

    What will happen to the cost of electricity?

    How much more of the equivalent of “oil drilling”? Of “pipelines”?

    How many more hydro dams? How many more solar panels? How many more power lines and trees cleared away – “right-of-way access” – to make way for the power lines and towers?

    How will the indigenous peoples in those areas react?

    1. “as more and more EVs are sold”

      I’m 60 years old. I’ve seen fads and trends come and go. More and more EVs are not going to be sold. EVs are unsustainable.
      The goal of the Elites is NOT to sell more and more EVs. The goal of the Elites is to separate us Peons from our individual automobiles.
      They do not want us to have this sort of Freedom. They do not want us to use up the resources of Their Earth. The Elites want to kill us.

      The batteries of EVs are based upon a rare mineral, Lithium. There is NOT enough Lithium to replace gasoline cars with EVs. NOT.
      This is NOT DOABLE even if the Elites actually wanted to, which they do NOT.

    2. Well the Indians will wait to establish their opinion til the government check clears the bank, the environazis will be joyously happy until they have to insert their credit card to recharge Elons wet dream. Then and only then reality may resurface. Unfortunately by then the politicoes who inflicted this scam on society will be celebrating their success alongside the Gore and Suzuki criminals who will also never face consequences.

  16. Like I and many others have said, you cannot build electric cars without coal, oil and gas, much like you can’t build wind turbines or solar panels or anything else that requires any metal of any sort. You also cannot build any electrical generators period.

  17. I assume everyone does a similar checklist of pros and cons as I do and come to the conclusion that the internal combustion engine has the advantage over EVs. The checklist includes : initial cost, reliability in all weather conditions, efficiency (time) to refuel, available power for hauling and bad roads, cost of maintenance (battery replacement is expensive, for example), resale, longevity…and, of course, their aesthetic preferences. Obviously some buyers prioritize the carbon footprint above all but I suspect they do not understood the reality of the carbon footprint in the mining and manufacturing of an EV.

    The chattering class of politicians, media, academics, business moguls and celebrities telling us to ignore our checklist because EVs are inevitable and we need to be on the right side of history is a just a marketing campaign. And, it’s not an effective marketing strategy. Simply watch where people actually spend their hard earned money, particularly when government subsidies aren’t skewing the market.

    1. I bought an F-150, 4×4, crew cab last time, in 2005. Still runs fine, even after 200,000 or so klicks. Just a bit of rust showing. Wouldn’t buy one now. Not sure what I’d buy to replace it if I had to.
      Never considered an electric veehickle. Ever. Seen Calgary’s Globble Warmenting lately? Yeah, I’ll stick with old internal combustion any day over eelecktrick.

      1. We have an 11 year old Chevy truck that is still running fine with a bit of rust. Low miles because it gets used mostly for hauling, camping, hunting, fishing and for bad weather or bad roads. We use a foreign car that’s good on gas for the majority of our trips.

        EVs don’t meet our needs at all. I also suspect the price of electricity will skyrocket faster than petroleum due to green energy policies. The electricity supply will also be less reliable.

        In my opinion, you also can’t beat the internal combustion engine in an emergency situation. Can you imagine everyone trying to evacuate the Florida coast after massive hurricane and flooding or California after a big earthquake with EVs. Power lines down would alone make evacuation almost impossible, uncharged vehicles dead on the highway would shut travel down completely and forget off roading around obstacles in a Leaf or Tesla.

      2. Yea…PO’d, Am in the Same City.
        And did the same thing in Feb 07. Bought a lease back D’max..at 51k clicks. Now, 576,000 on er..same bit of rust showing on the bottom body panels…still runs great – still gets 21 mpg on the highway – still pulls my RV like its not even there.

        Wife drives a ’17 Corolla XSE..
        Both kids drive ‘Rolla and Civic. ’15-’16
        Why on earth would we even consider a fire prone – far too expensive – far too UNreliable POS Tesla or any other Virtue signalling pile of lithium..??

        LMAO…Never gonna happen.

      3. If you like working on your own vehicles you might consider restoring a sixties or seventies pickup when comes time to replace.
        The expense of constant maintenance is far less than the payments on a new or near new pick up. When insurance, fuel, license, maintenance and repairs etc. Everything is counted in, It costs me less than 1/3 of what it costs my buddy to drive his 2020 Ram, for me to drive my 1979 F 250 and he hardly ever gets a thumbs up.
        You have to enjoy working on your vehicle though. Paying a mechanic turns the equation entirely upside down.

    2. LC,you missed the in-efficiency /efficiency of the internal combustion engine.
      All that lovely heat given off as energy losses.
      Which is a bonus, not a defect when the winter winds blow.

      1. Shhhhh…or green activists will be setting up temperature gauges at Timmy’s and burger joints and then lobby governments to ban drive thrus or set up AGW-toll booths at the order menu sign.

  18. The most environmentally friendly car, is a used one. Ev cars even produce more C02, then a gasoline car in recent studies.Yet they don’t get any government rebates, or any other hand out. This is nothing more then a tax break for the rich, as they are the only ones able to buy them. Tesla is nothing more then a government parasite, they live off tax dollars, without them they could not compete. I do think that Ev will be the future for many reasons. In 50 years a hwy near me, went from 1 lane, to 16 across. What happens in another 50 years, Ev is the only one not putting out the smog into our lungs.

  19. My ideal for a vehicle is a fusion of the body styles of 50s or 60s cars and trucks with the safety, reliability and gas mileage of a modern vehicle.

    Good looking, classic styles with modern conveniences.

  20. Was a time when only the wealthy could afford automobiles – everyone else had only horses for transportation.
    Fast forward to today – only the wealthy can afford horses – the rest of us have to rely on the infernal combustion engine.

  21. Pretty clear any and all who believe in electric cars are simply religious fanatics.

    Just read the comments here, if you need any proof of that statement.

    You got these “all about science” people, worshipping at the alter of a dead end technology. Talking about “swappable batteries”, “battery breakthrough”, “just around the corner”…



    If you still believe in electric cars at this point, I wonder how you are even able to figure out how to feed yourself.

  22. Batteries may be a mature technology but some kind of battery breakthrough must be scientifically possible, the Israelis are doing a lot of work on batteries. There is the problem with confining a large amount of energy in a small package, what could go wrong?