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    1. Ignorance is a word that is synonymous with stupid. Holy moley we are going down the rabbit hole. Monsters need slaying. Freedom is needed to slay them. I have no empathy for fools and morons, or their children.

  1. I saw a headline the other day that asked ‘why are children so leftist’?

    The answer is simple, and it applies to adults as well. We are what we ‘eat’ and the intellectual diet the west is force-fed provides only ‘leftist’ – more accurately read as totalitarian – viewpoints.

    It is evil and it has worked wonders, just not for freedom and liberty

  2. My “feelings thermometer” is broken.
    My “give-a-f**k meter” isn’t operational either.
    And if I was a parent in New Zealand I’d be a lot more worried about fault lines, earth quakes,Tsunamis and volcanoes. But hey WTF does a monster of ignorance know?

  3. The first thing the “climate scientists” should make the students do is walk to school every day.
    Rain, shine, sleet, storm.
    Off you go little darlings.
    Don’t make bad air driving.

    See how that will work out.

    1. I know it is a cliche’ but I actually DID walk a mile to and from elementary school when I was a kid. Rain or shine. In my semi-rural, beautiful, suburban neighborhood. Because of ALL those carbon-free trips … I claim to be “carbon neutral” for the rest of my life. That’s how it’s done … eh Al Gore?

      1. Being of 1945 vintage in a socialist country run by communists, that was the only mode of transport.
        Don’t know the distance in the city, though for a kid it seemed to be long, not so much for a grown up.
        Anyway, it probably did a lot of good. Still walk a lot.

    2. I did the same thing, walking to and from high school more than a kilometre each way even when it was -40 C. And, yes, it was uphill for the first half each way. The local topography, courtesy of the Ice Ages, has much of the town sitting on top of a hill. Our house was on one side of the slope, my school on the other.

      1. I did a paper route in pointe Saint Charles in Montreal first thing in the morning. The delivery truck would dump the papers in the front door and I would have to separate the adds from the newspaper in a blizzard and then do the route then go to school.

  4. A likely outcome is that many of these children, in the near future, intellectually and emotionally stunted by having been indoctrinated to resent, indeed hate their predecessors, and despairing at their inability to find realistic solutions, will resort to violence in one form or another; destruction of property, assault/murder, suicides et al. We see these behaviors in our societies today and in the coming decades these will be amplified beyond containment.
    Public education systems must be reformed; school boards and teachers unions banned, curricula vetted and teachers qualifications and competencies reviewed on a frequent basis.

    1. “Public education systems must be reformed;…”

      So, you think there was ever a different end game in mind? Just send me your money now, because I can see by your statements that it is very easy to con you, so save me the time, because you know it’s going to work…

      “It’s for the children, I have the best intentions”. PAY UP.

    2. Well, that’s the point, isn’t it? To raise of cadre of revolutionary wanna-be Red Shirts, to do the dirty work their elders were too scared to do. Ask the Chinese how well that worked out for them.

      1. And the little f**kers won’t ever get guns in NZ so I guess they’ll have to beat their hated elders to death with organic clubs.

  5. Indoctrination is child abuse. Anyone who sends their kids to public school in this country of Canaduh, is by definition a child abuser. They occupy a spot on the shitlist only slightly higher than a unionized teacher slug, who are reaching lawyer level contempt.

  6. Maybe it is like the old women’s day in the fed civil service. They received a day off work to listen to talks and get a free lunch. They figured the men would be all worked up but we thought it was nice. It was quiet and there were fewer speed bumps. Later they went in the morning if they went at all and disappeared after lunch.

  7. Our culture, politics and education system has created the least resilient generation in history…then tells them that we’re all going to die in a climate change apocalypse. As one might expect, there’s been unintended consequences.

    On one end of the bell curve there are kids and young adults who self harm – depression, cutting, eating disorders, etc. On the other end of the spectrum are the young people who turn to extremism – rage, violence, eco-terrorism – in response. Luckily most are too lazy to do anything beyond being keyboard warriors so only a few join Green Squads like XR.

    Most kids are mentally stable enough and/or have stable families which makes them resistant. These kids give the climate indoctrination education no more weight than Shakespeare or quadratic equations. And, they generally don’t worship their teachers by taking their words as the gospel truth. How much did most of us like or defer to our teachers? The rest of the students are of the I don’t give a shit variety, so also resistant to indoctrination.

    This mania and hysteria will pass, probably due to a real political or economic crisis.

      1. I went to country and small city schools on the prairies so very few crazy progressives. Left leaning teachers but not extreme.

        One more thing to remember is that the young people most susceptible to the climate change hysteria message will also be the most susceptible to the overpopulation/don’t have babies message. So, they’re the people most likely to not have any children or only one child. This problem solves itself.

        In the longer term, the overpopulation/don’t have babies hysteria, which pops up in every generation, results in a reduction of gullibility and conformity on the left in the gene pool while simultaneously increasing the number of conservatives and libertarians with strong parental inclination in the gene pool. The revolutionaries eat their own in a new and novel manner.

  8. The way to the parents is thru the children.
    The Totalitarians understand this and will use the children to further their agenda.
    When the time is ripe the kids will willingly divulge incriminating info on their folks and feel justified in watching them be rounded up.

    History…we’ve been at this point in time before.

  9. For us:
    • School was never canceled for weather related reasons.
    • We had detention for 100 reasons. (in HS)
    • We were to going to hell for missing church, unless we were sick.
    • We were going to hell for 99 other reasons.

    (The loose elastic and tights that fell to my knees in -20°F in front of my house walking home the 3 blocks from grade school were the least of my problems even with bad French boys lurking around at the ready to steal my candy. Because…

    … arrrrrrgh…..going to hell was a big concern!

    They really forked us!)

    1. Nancy, I was born and raised in a small town, there were no school buses. We walked to school all the time, until we became teenagers and many of us, myself included, were fortunate enough to have cars. That marvelous invention that could be purchased when I was a kid for maybe 100 bucks, 200 bucks at the most. We fixed them ourselves and drove them without a cop pulling us over, ever. Damn I was one lucky kid. I also had two guns a 22 and a 12 gauge double barreled shot gun that needed no permit or any form of government intervention. Could buy shells at the only hardware store in town and did not need a licence to hunt birds, rabbits or deer. Damn right, I was a lucky kid.

      1. owg,
        You’re darn right you were lucky. You lived the American dream.
        Your life was like the TV show “Father’s Knows Best” and you were like the brother named Bud. An upbringing without too much worry and security bred sensible and upright citizens with good heads on their shoulders.

        Despite all the fire and brimstone taught to us I was lucky too, in a way, because I never fell in with the wrong crowd.

    2. I don’t remember school ever being cancelled due to inclement weather. The only regular school buses were the ones that picked up and dropped off farm kids out in the country.

      I was a bit impish in junior high school and I often served detentions for clowning around and hanging out with similar clowns. I often paid for my offences twice: first, what the school inflicted upon me, and, probably worse, what I would catch at home.

      Once I started showing some academic prowess, though, I showed considerably more self-discipline as I started looking ahead towards my future.

      1. School was never cancelled in Tronna. For anything in the late 50’s/early 60’s. Walked morning, lunch and home afternoons. About a mile each way for some of them. Few fat kids back then. Montreal, where I lived later on never closed for “weather”, we had “bomb scares” instead which forced periodic evacuations. My high school (Westmount) was regularly emptied due to FLQ bomb scares right up to 1969. They then morphed into drug searches later on with Master keyed locker locks. Woodstock influence. We walked about a mile to school then, or took a city bus if you were late or lazy. Never rode a yellow school bus to school…walked.

        1. We had maybe one or two evacuations in the last couple of years in HS but they would never tell us why. I guess we were too afraid of causing any havoc because we’d be condemned to you know where.

          OTOH the administration was obsessed with what we wore. Girls were not permitted to wear mini skirts. To get around that we’d just roll the skirts down or up at the waist, depending on whether we would be arriving or leaving school. It was a game of “catch us if you can.” The guys had to wear a shirt, tie, and jacket. No jeans allowed. Few exceptions were permitted.

          Today the kids are allowed to dress how they want. Most of the time they are half naked.

      2. No yellow school bus for us either. Once I finished grade school we had to take the city bus to whichever school they sent us. It was just a nightmare when the bus drivers went on strike one year. As a group, we HITCHED rides. Our parents were concerned for us. However, we never had any problems if we stuck together. There were firemen in uniform, businessmen in suits, moms and concerned dads who all pitched in to get the city moving.

        As for detention, I had it once or twice. We had to write lines for an hour! I tried to avoid it because I didn’t want to burn in you know where.

        In retrospect it was a relief to get out into the real world and away from those doomsday scenarios!

  10. Tell these children that in ten years they can look around and see that the environment has not changed, and they will then realize all these people LIED to them. These hysterics flat out lied to them.

    Yes, I lived through the Climate hysteria of the 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s, and hopefully through the new phony, ridiculous lies of the 2020’s too. Has the climate changed? Has one island been inundated by the ocean? Has one city? The Arctic Ocean Ice is still there, sometimes more, sometimes less. Britain still gets snowstorms. California still gets its seasonal rains. The Florida and the Gulf Coast have not been destroyed by mega-hurricanes.

    The only things making cities like Los Angeles unlivable are the taxes, the homeless, and the intrusive, overly officious, insane local and state governments, not some imaginary globull warmening or climate crisis.

    Remind your children that these people lie all the time, and just like the perverts offering candy, or needing help finding a lost puppy, these lying hysterical monsters want to destroy their childhoods.

    Robert and Kate are correct. These people are MONSTERS.

  11. Do you believe them when they say what their intentions are, or do you judge solely by the actions they take, the results of those actions, and the change or continuance of said action…

    This is where you end up when you start with the false premise that “all people are basically good”.

    A person is good, if they generally do good.

    A person is not good, when they consistently do things that are not good.

  12. Why not tell the kids that they have cancer and that a madman killer is sure to kill them in their sleep?
    If we’re going to terrify the little tykes why fool around with half measures?

  13. These kids will turn on their elders. It’s easier when the entire older generation is a bunch of selfish know-nothings who wrecked the planet.

    Further, when ten/twenty years go by with nothing happening, they’ll develop a theory about how they narrowly averted planetary Armageddon in order to “explain” it.

    And finally, when these kids grow old, their younger generation will either: (a) discover the truth and hold their parents responsible for their idiocy, or more likely (b) develop their own Chicken Little narrative and run through the cycle one more time.

    Human nature.
    That’s why my best bud is my dog.

    1. Yes, revolutionaries can be dangerous but at this point in history there are revolutionaries on both sides.

      In this corner wearing red are woke environmentalists. Upper and upper middle class young people residing in gated communities and ivory towers. They are easily offended and feel threaten by everything requiring timeouts for puppies and coloring books. Their protests consists of police protected street theater, costumes, banners and chanting in unison. Their special powers are inconveniencing and annoying everyone around them.

      And in the other corner wearing blue collars and yellow vests are populists. Middle class and working class people educated in the school of hard knocks. They’ve been kicked around, overtaxed and talked down to by the chattering class for years. They are physically attacked by police and rhetorically attacked by journalists, celebrities, politicians, academics etc…. but still they persist. Their special powers is getting the chattering class to dial up the crazy policies and rhetoric, thereby increasing the number of populists.

      I know who I’d bet on in that fight.

  14. The NZ “education system” is doing these kids a favour.
    Such in your face hysteria and lying is going to produce a whole class of hard nosed small government future citizens.
    The Cult of Calamitous Climate has admitted they cannot convince adults of their Catastrophic Doom Saying,now they are going to find out how little they can convince even children.
    Within 10 years,these indoctrinated children are going to see that nothing they are being preached is true.
    Team IPCC Climate Cult has a 100% failure rate.
    This is their only achievement.
    Their projections(never predictions) are the “Average of the computer model runs”.
    And the Doom is an imaginary metric the “Average Global Temperature”.
    As real as the icons of the religion of your choice..as long as you believe.

    This attempted “shaping of young minds” has been going on for decades,pull up the 1960s You tube of Tiny Tim’The Ice Caps are Melting’ look at the faces of the poor children who had to be the audience.
    C.A.G.W.now known as Catastrophic Climate or whatever this weeks label is,is an intelligence test,more of those Kiwi Kids will pass it ,than the percentile of “educators” promoting it.

    The sad irony of “Climate Science” is almost every person who investigates the claimed science becomes a sceptic.
    Another own goal by the team.
    And the acceptance of Catastrophic Climate as a State religion, by the chattering clowns,is a certain death blow.
    State religions are always too small for growing minds..something to do with the state of mind of State Employees.

    So long story short,the Greys of the Edumuckation System are scoring a massive own goal,sit back and enjoy.
    There has been no Global Warming for two decades,so these poor kids have not seen the boogie man they are being convinced is gonna’ get them.
    The Emperor’s New Clothes should become required reading,in conjunction with each lesson on Catastrophic Climate.
    Human nature has not changes a bit.
    Children are biologically programmed to rebel.

  15. ha ha ha !!!!

    I was terrororized by teacherrrrrs 60 fcukin years ago.
    what in blazes can a 6 yr old DO to get knocked around?
    -dont be one of the ‘handsome well behaved lads’, instead
    -show up with a face like a mule in ill-fitting hand-me-down clothes, thus, clearly, an ideal target ’cause . . . . .
    NO ONE gonna stand up for YOUSE ya homely looking dummy.

    the behaviour was well entrenched by grade 7 when the school yard nazi decided it was his turn
    to beat up the kid who always lost the fight.
    for fun.
    things didnt go according to plan when I POUNDED THE FUCKING SHIT out of the nazi.
    7 YEARS of resentment poured out of me in a matter of minutes, driven by, in retrospect,
    the . . . . . very . . . . . first . . . . . adrenaline rush ever. well timed eh?

    mr hitler yout’ HUNG HIMSELF that nite having been humiliated in front of the whole school.
    the folks @ chuch tell me to forgive.
    good grief, the exact OPPOSITE; tq nazi wannabe *for showing me what to do with bullies*.
    and, AND, WINDFALL !!! I *never* had to fret about sandbox bullies after that.
    wheeeee !!!!!

  16. Well kids have parents, parents can say no, if you want it earn it. They don’t and let school softly instill thinking.
    And then it’s off to the races with the minds.
    It’s the parents that don’t see whats happening or those that say “I want to give my child every happiness”.
    Well parents die someday, and life doesnt always whisper softly in your ear.
    So………. Its not the schools so much.
    Parents can say sod off.
    And why not because public school in Ontario is crap.