31 Replies to “What’s The Matter? Is That Vegan Margarine Starting To Taste Like Oil and Gas?”

    1. It is even worse, you missed that a petroleum product called hexane is used as a solvent to extract the oil or even protein from the oil seed

      1. That all sounds so … so … unnatural! I’ll stick to my butter, thank you. It appears as though margarine is made by Satan … in the bowels of hell. And my fresh sweet cream butter comes in … paper … wrappings.

        Because I eat butter, I am going to give myself 5-tons of carbon credits per day … just for NOT using all that equipment and awful fossil fuels. My “butter cows” roam the verdant fields gently mooing at the passing children. So natural.

        And my Swedish Great grandmother taught me to NEVER make Spritz cookies with margarine. Otherwise, they’d be as hard as an Extinction Rebellion protesters head.

        1. butter? butter you say?
          I buy like, 6 pounds of it at a time and freeze what Im not using.
          that qty will go about 2 months depending on how much popcorn I scarf down.

          gawdalmighty, once in a while I cut off a slice and gulp it just for the texture and taste.

          a tub of margarine otoh can last upwards of 6 months. depending if I can find it
          shoved to the back of the bottom drawer of the fridge.

          furhtermore, the retard’s fan club are permanently and everywhere FORBIDDEN to wear *anything* containing synthetics or mfged by the use of hydrocarbon fuels including via electric power from burning fossil fuel.
          ever again.

  1. Amazing capital investment.

    The skill, effort, and money it takes to get food to the supermarket or restaurant is under appreciated.

  2. That can’t be possible. Anti-fossil fuel activists have convinced the world that wind towers anchored with tons of concrete, solar panels built with rare earth metals, electric cars, vegan food and all other green products magically burst forth from Gaia’s breast fully formed without the need for dirty fossil fuel based mining or farming, manufacturing and transport.

    1. Which leads to a thought experiment. If politicians, mass media and activists wishes were magically granted and energy was 100% wind and solar…could solar panels and wind towers even be built?

      Solar power and wind tower production: Mining of iron, copper, rare earth and metals without oil, diesel or gas. Transport from mining site to smelting plants. Manufacturing of steel , concrete and copper wire with plants that are required to have massive amounts of reliable energy and electricity from 9am-5pm, five days a week minimum. Add up all of the MWs require for mining, transport and manufacturing. Can variable wind and solar that, at best, provides 30% of its rated capacity provide those MWs on demand every work day on its own without coal, nuclear or oil or natgas backup power. Only True Believers and the extremely gullible think it is possible

      Then there’s asphalt for roads, more wire for maintenance of electrical transmission lines. Energy and electricity needs to be available for all types of agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, construction and maintenance every work day for at least 8 hours, Monday to Friday, 52 weeks per year. Plus power private homes, businesses, schools, hospitals, public and private e-vehicles, and provide electrical storage for the 70% of time its not producing its rated capacity.

      The green energy dream is a nightmare reality.

      1. It is worse than that. I laugh whenever they refer to wind and sun derived energy as renewable. The very people who build the windmill towers don’t believe they are renewable.

        They claim that windmills have an average usable life of 20 to 30 years. That’s when the motors, the only part that really requires engineering, break down. Well, simple problem, you say. Just replace it with another motor. The problem is,they are not standardized, no one seems to make replacement motors that fit the old windmills. So they just stand there, dead to the world, if they don’t burn up first on their own. They are no more “renewable” than oil wells who go dry. Less, but that’s another story.

        And where are solar farms best located? Why in the desert of course, plenty of sun and space. The problem is, the desert also has plenty of sand storms and tumble weeds, which means at least daily maintenance is required to keep the surface of the panels clean. Even so, eventually they will suffer the wear and tear of all that wind and sand and debris. So they too, have a usable life, just like oil wells and windmills.

        Not to mention when the Exxon Valdez oil spill killed maybe a hundred thousand sea birds, Exxon was fined millions of dollars for the deed. No one is fined for the thousands of birds and bats daily being fried or diced. No one talks about THAT environmental disaster.

      2. It’s one big fat lie. The greenies have made things worse not better… would be ‘greener’ if they had never gone there. They should stop making all this inefficient ugly junk.

        1. Despite the greenies, the Earth have gotten greener.
          First, realize that despite the lip service and draconian laws of the greenies, atmospheric carbon dioxide has very slowly but steadily been increasing. That is because while draconian laws virtue signal to the abominables like us, and make it uncomfortable for us, real source of carbon dioxide has increased, especially in China and India. (That in itself should be proof of how little humans actually affect atmospheric CO2, by several PPM, whereas several hundred PPM increase would still be insignificant.) Nevertheless, while it has not affected the climate, that slight increase has been very beneficial to vegetation. The greening of the Sahara is even visible to satellites, and almost annual bumper crops of staple cereals like rice, wheat, barley, and corn are at least partly due to the increase.
          Unfortunately, indications are the Earth is going into a cooling cycle. (DuckDuckGo search Maunder Minimum 2020.) Crop production may be seriously affected. That is why the warmists are in such a full court press now. They know this. And they want to force through whatever legislation they can. Then when the cooling is too obvious to be denied, they will take credit for doing it. We know they can’t, but people who don’t pay attention can be easily fooled. It is critical that we keep the status quo, and watch them deny the cooling.

  3. That video is really great.

    It’s not so easy to be funny and right at the same time.

  4. In countries where people have, within living memory, wondered where their next meal is coming from, there are no vegans. There are also no anorexics.

    Even in north America, anorexia is a fad only among white girls. Asian and black girls hardly ever starve themselves to get attention.

  5. Combustion is the greatest development of mankind. It is the foundation of civilization. It’s not going to be stopped by dim protestors or sullen children, nor two faced politicians or punative excise taxes.

    We’re going to be extracting and burning oil, coal and gas for a long, long time.

  6. Margarine has its uses but eating it isn’t one of them. My only complaint about butter in Canada, other than price of course, is why can’t we be like the US and have four quarter pound, individually wrapped packages in a recyclable cardboard box?

        1. From any grocery store (Loblaws, Longos etc). Might be $1 more per pound. I don’t use a lot of butter so 4 sticks would last a couple weeks.

          1. sfr
            You’re aka Steve from Rockwood!

            Right! With the vegan wife.
            You’re style is inimitable!
            Thought you abandoned SDA!

          2. Yes but I’d call that at an exorbitant cost. Why should it cost $1.00 more a pound? That’s around a 20% increase. When we lived in Wisconsin, you could always find butter on sale somewhere usually around $2.25 – 2.30 US a pound, or so. Less than $3.00 a pound Canadian.

  7. My wife is a proud vegan so I have to watch what I say. That is why I’m typing this in the closet with a flash-light.

    Strict vegans don’t eat margarine and most of them are not climate change nutters, which the (hilarious) video is suggesting. Most vegans would have a strong appreciation of the farmer. They tend not to like the super farms, the ones with 150,000 pigs stuck in 4 shoe boxes.

    My wife has gone bat-shit crazy vegan. They are the ones who grow their own food in the basement using organic seeds and chlorine-free water. The upside for me is fresh salads in the middle of winter and no attitude. Although if she notices my rib-eye is over a pound she’ll make an oinking noise.

    I think sustainable farmers and vegans have a lot in common. They are both concerned about where our food comes from. Which we all should be. I bought some bagels the other day and didn’t read the ingredients until I brought them home. Half the stuff I can’t pronounce and two ingredients were different kinds of food coloring.

    1. All the green equipment that guy showed in his video, totals to approximately a $20 million investment.

      Almost any new John Deere, costs 3/4 of a million for the biggest one. The combine, the sprayer, the tractor. That truck also would have been in the 1/2 million price range. A 100 foot seed hawk, ditto…

      I have always wondered why farmers slit their own throats by always demanding bigger. It is no longer possible to farm less than a township by yourself, if you want to use any of that big equipment. And they haven’t made anything small enough for a quarter to pay for since the 50s.

    2. Condolences for your wife. If she’s as zombified as you portray, that can’t be easy to live with.

      Kudos for your patience and indulgence. Seriously.


  8. “My wife has gone bat-shit crazy vegan.”

    All vegans are batshit crazy. The human brain requires animal fat in the diet. It’s a fact.

    1. Ditto that.

      Despite all the effort and pseudo-religious fervour exhibited by vegans, they can get still end up dying at an earlier age like everyone else.

      And they have the privilege of paying exorbitant prices for their organic foods, for marginal, if any benefit.

      It’s a free world, still, kind of…..

  9. “The organizer must become schizoid, politically, in order to slip into becoming a true believer. Before men can act an issue must be polarized. Men will act when they are convinced their cause is 100 percent on the side of the angels and that the opposition are 100 percent on the side of the devil. He knows there can be no action until issues are polarized to this degree.” ~ Saul Alinsky

    Their side has true believers.

    Your does not.

    You have lost.

  10. Have a cow, man. Butter versus the ‘edible oil product’. Meat versus fake meat ‘beyond’ meat. Cow pats are beyond meat.