27 Replies to “Celebrity Apprentice”

  1. I will NEVER object or cry at any instance of Trump crushing sockboys balls. Give me more!

  2. Ha ha ha ha ! I wonder what Justine said to the cameraman on his ride down the elevator after being humiliated in “The Board Room”?

    I must say, I really enjoy working for MY Boss, MY President … Trump! He’s been exceedingly loyal to me … for which he receives an equal share of MY loyalty! KAGA 2020

    1. Very clever. You’ve put Trudeau in the elevator like in the NBC show “The Apprentice” after being ‘fired’ by Trump.

      In that clip Trump was in fact acting like he was still in the show. His life experience has put him in a good place to be POTUS and the Leader of the free World. Of course Trudeau earned his dressing down — see his frightened tight body language. His unprepared reply did him in. He screwed up. Things would have been different had Trudeau replied “Well Don, the situaton is fluid, I’ll have my people get back to your people.” Don would’ve had to fire someone else!

      Seriously though, this modern world with the supposed best people around in power, with the best educations provided by their wealthy parents… ‘these people’ have taken to, what else, name calling!

      From world leaders, our Prime Minister is known as a small “Potato,” and now, known as “Two Faced”. Now not only is his name mud for mocking Trump because he and others feel entitled to, but he is the laughing stock of the entire World. Trudeau doesn’t care, he wants to matter, like Joe Biden, and because he’s smart, like Fredo Corleone. He’s like the last kid to get a date, “it doesn’t matter what you call me, as long as you call me. Please. Please call me!”

      Unlike Trump, Justin Trudeau was not and never will be ready to lead anything, especially a Country.

      We have a disease in this country. Its called Liberalism.
      America forgive us.

      1. Nancy, one thing you can be 100% sure of is Canada never has the best people in power anywhere. We are not capable of finding people who are our intellectual superiors, all tend to be less than average and want to be at the socialist trough.

        1. Consider Joe Biden’s lifetime government career. And then George Bush. And ask yourself if America is governed by the best and the brightest. Nope. Not even close. Same problem here … until … Trump.

      2. here here !!!
        very observant Nanc, to compare and equate the TURDoo 2.0’s situation with one of those ghastly ‘high school’ type dynamics where the gossip IS the truth regardless of the details.
        TURDoo 2.0 is getting a huge dose of his own medicine is some aspects. his ummm, ‘style’ (which is doomed to fail, give it time) is just[in] sooooooo out of place in the venue where WORLD LEADERS are at arm’s length. and to talk like the bubble head rich kid in the class.
        pathetic pathetic pathetic. and STILL he gets sent back to the PMO.

    1. Gutfeld is an unscripted comedian! His FNC Saturday night show at 10 pm Eastern after Judge Jeanine’s is always good for a few laughs. I watch it LIVE and always DVR it just in case I miss it. Watters & The Judge are terrific too.

    2. Yup, full kudos to Kate.

      It would have been even funnier if the (white) horse had its face covered in (black) shoe polish, but I don’t think that would be obvious enough to see on that small of a model.

    3. no.. he always has the unicorn there.. drink container I believe.. love the Five.. good/funny commentary.

  3. President Trump doing what the Canadian Government Media refuse to do, ask the the Blackface Turdhole a question and try to get a straight answer. First time didn’t work so the Pres. tries a second time… “so what is the number? He’s met by a blank stare …” duuuuhhh I don’t know, where’s the booze?” says the Sock. Then Turdhole’s handler gives a wrong answer which the dumb prick relays. This at a NATO meeting no less, a meeting where the primary subject is defense spending. Of course Turdhole doesn’t have a clue what the defense spending numbers are and is probably wondering where to put the “decibel point”, the stupid ass. Like an adult interacting with a toddler, a drunken toddler jones’in for his next hit on the crack pipe.

  4. Poor stupid Juan, like all liberals, they have no memory, Juans too stupid to remember what Canada’s moron did last year to Trump at these meetings, when he thought Donald was in the air in AF1 with no way of finding out Justys snarky stupidity, and Justy did it again this year. So why would Trump not, call Justy two faced, or 3 faced or just effin stupid like intelligent Canadians do. What an embarASSment this dullard Justy is, but Juan, you could be his long lost brother on certain days.

  5. That was absolutely classic. It could almost rank right up there with the immortal “Day of Infamy” speech. Trudeau asked a question by the leader of the free world at a conference where the uppermost question was “How much do you spend on National Defence?” and the dumb-cluck tries to pawn off an answer that the media in Canada would salivate over, except he’s talking to Trump. Fat chance that Trump would let him off the hook, like Canadians do. So what is the number? Simple question that should have been covered in the briefings, except the briefings don’t take into account the doofus that thinks budgets balance themselves. Thank you Liberal voters!

    1. Other simple questions Trump might ask that Trudeau will never answer:

      “You ever see your dad naked, Justin?”

      “Seen pictures of Sophie’s kids. Super sweet. You sure they’re yours?”

      “What’s Chrystia’s favourite Holocaust joke?”

      “You got lotsa buddies with Chinese wives, Justin. Are China girls that good a lay or are your buddies just not into tits?”

  6. Well, we’re stuck with this jackass. Thanks to Scheer’s incompetence and the arrogance of Toronto and Quebec. After America dumps us, the Chinese will just step in.

    1. Canada is just one of the many things HRC sold to the globalist /Chinese while she was Secretary of State and presumed, soon to be leader of the once free world. I’m sure she received a substantial down payment and now finds herself unable to deliver. I wonder if the Chinese are more forgiving of such failures than Uncle Vito.
      IF team Trump wins, and that is far from certain, if Trump wins and all the globalists in the house, senate, FBI, CIA, NSA etc, all the unelected, bureaucratic, swamp dwelling globalists are exposed for the traitors that they are and justice has been done… perhaps… just maybe then… Loyal American patriots will decide that it would be foolish of them to allow Canadien resources to fall into enemy hands. Given our abject failures to govern ourselves responsibly I don’t see how we can expect, or even hope, for anything better.