10 Replies to “Google search manipulations show power and skill of climate activists at silencing dialogue and creating division”

  1. Once the idiots crash the power system,Google is also out of business.
    Without reliable,stable frequency power,google has no customers.
    But slime has to slime so more power to them.
    As alternatives develop google will go the way of the current MSM.
    Funny how customers just won’t buy the gatekeeper BS.

  2. Why on earth are you still using Goggle? There are very good, and far safer and private alternatives. Pick one.


    or a handful of others.

  3. There’s a large element of our society who are incapable of being truthful. Manipulating Google or Wikipedia doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve been following the retard mariner’s progress. The relentless message from La Vagabonde is how well the journey is going, how fast they’re traveling, how wonderful it all is. Today Nikki was again claiming 10 to 20 knot sustained speeds. So I punched in their rough location on Google Earth and measured the actual distance they’ve traveled. For the record they were about 2100 km from where they left North America in Virginia. 2100 km in 9 days is barely 6 MPH which in turn is barely 5 knots. The only explanation I can make is that they are simply incapable of being truthful about anything.

    1. God has been “destroyed” and our natural inborn moral sensibilities have been mocked and suppressed. They’ve been replaced with Gaia worship and situational ethics. Therefore morality is now “relative”. Relative to whatever goal or belief “the majority” espouses at the moment. Nope. There is NO more black … no more right… and absolutely no wrong (except important things like using a plastic drinking straw). And certainly no more male or female.

      Modern Man has elevated themselves to gods. And all morality has been turned on its head. Our inborn yearning for freedom and liberty has been declared “immoral” as men are forced to serve the gods constructed by leftist scolds.

  4. Consumers warned against eating romaine lettuce from Salinas, Calif.


    The readers at CBC think increases in romain lettuce contamination is caused by Trump deregulation: in California! Organic food uses manure for fertilizer. Of course incidents of Ecoli contamination are on the rise. Separating the cows from the veggies isn’t going to help if you dump the cow manure on the ground the veggies are planted in. Stop eating organic and incidents will fall.

    1. That’s amazing, from Canada I have to type out the entire statement, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, and there are no words autofilled.

      And the results are, for the majority of page one, that it’s just a mime.
      Good work Google!! “all the news that’s fit”

      1. Please folks, stop complaining about something that your support has allowed. Google just didn’t spring out of the ground full grown. It is much like our electoral system and government, WE are responsible for every disaster that we allow to occur. Saying you did not, does not alter the fact that you did.

  5. I’m sure there are smart tech people out there who can explain how it’s done;

    Oh, FFS. Look: Google’s PageRank is based on the number of other sites that mention the search term that link back to the page. Those pages come up tops in the search rankings because lots and lots of other pages talking about Dr. Pielke link back to them. This is how Google has always worked and they’ve never made a secret of it.

    can anyone explain why it’s allowed to go on?

    Allowed to go on? What rule or law, exactly, is being broken here?

    Bing and DuckDuckGo throw up the same set of sites when you search for “Roger Pielke”; are they in on the conspiracy too? (Protip: there’s no conspiracy; they just use a similar algorithm).

    Conservatives really, really, really need to stop acting like neo-Luddites and learn how these services work, because you can’t catch FANG in a lie about their services unless you actually understand how their services work.