35 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

  1. Wolfee, ha ha ha. Another Obama tremblor like the idiot who said when he saw Obama he got a tingle in his leg. Old Wolfee just got his spincter tightened. You been told Wolfee. This is how CBC and assoc. Commie Mouth pieces need to be told at every opportunity. Wolfie found out he was an Omega not an Alpha worthy of the name Wolf. More like a Shizen Hound than a Wolf.

  2. What a small, teeny-tiny, little man he is. A leftist tabloid circus barker pretending to be a “serious newsman”. What a complete JOKE he is … on a JOKE Network.

  3. President Donald J. Trump appoints strong, smart women(e.i. Nikki Haley, KellyAnn Conway) to assist him in making America great again.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appoints …… women (e.i. climate Barbie, Chrystia Freeland) to help him destroy the nation state of Canada.

    Compare and Contrast, remember you need to score 8 out of 10 on this question to pass.

    1. Larry, conservative women have been out performing conservative males as of late ,Norman’s lawyer, Flynne’s lawyer, the congress woman from New York, Candice the black co lady, Kellyanne, and a few others. One has to wonder what’s with that, Kellyanne just slapped that beta down big time:-))))

      1. Rising FEMALE Conservative STAR … an extremely smart, informed, well-spoken, and beautifully composed, Elise Stefanik has been targeted for DESTRUCTION by the leftists.


        Checkout the photoshopped picture of her giving the bird during the standing ovation for the FIRED old Deep State bureaucrat Ambassador to Ukraine. A bad photoshop presented as TRUE … with no indication of humor or sarcasm. Put out to dim witted Dems as TRUE.
        Yeah … the Party of women … the Dimwitcrats. Ni&&ah Puhleeze.

        1. Stefanik did good…She has game,,,, What reason would someone not leave when the BOSS is unhappy with You (Yovanovitch) in 2018…. it’s a strange reaction in 2019… Was she protecting something, or someone… Her interaction with some NGO’s and George Soros may have caused some Ukrainians to question her mandate…..Boo Ho so sad her job ended.. maybe a problem with gender…..Don’t put her type in a temporary position… MY JOB! Mine..Mine… mine

          1. The incoming Ukrainian President told Trump he didn’t like her or trust her. So what? Is the Ukrainian Senate gonna impeach him for “quid-pro-quo’ing” MY President? Remove her, or my country won’t do anything the USA wants us to do?

            This entire charade INDEED reeks to high heaven … of a lot of corrupt people fleecing the US Taxpayer for untold $Millions. The Deep State has become EXTREMELY corrupt and powerful … like Organized Crime … or Public Sector Unions.

            All of us suckers out here who slave away … just for the pleasure of being taxed into poverty … have GOT to start over with each and every government employee. Starting with 33year career Diplomats who feel they are “owed” their job due to longevity and obedience to leftist politicians.

      2. After we saw president-wannabe Jeff Zucker ram it into the heads of his employees that CNN’s goal is the “impeachment” of Trump, if Blitzer had any principles he would retire. Thank you, James O’Keefe!

    2. You aren’t speaking fairly in comparing those women, Larry. Haley and Conway you describe, obviously accurately, as “strong, smart women” but Climate Barbie and Chrystia Freeland have their qualities that are directly counterpart. E.g. you could have said, “the stupid is strong with these ones.”

  4. Whoa, WHOA!
    How many times have I watched a clip promoted by conservatives as “destroying” so-and-so liberal schmuck only to sit mystified as to where the destruction was?! Not this time. She DESTROYED Wolfie.

    I don’t want to talk about your marriage (which has issues) but lets talk about your marriage. . How low can you go?!

    That was AWESOME. She killed that slimy little gutter snipe.

    1. ….”this time. She DESTROYED Wolfie”
      So they worked together before on CNN where she disclosed she got her start. So that’s where we’ve seen her before!

      In those days CNN was a different animal. When Ted Turner sold the network everything changed for the worst. They now slush and spew lies. They are totally the Democratic Party mouthpieces.

      He knows her style. Obviously he said what he did to get her going. He succeeded very well … then let her talk, without interruption. He may not always do that, I don’t watch that channel anymore, so I wouldn’t know that for a fact, however, he knew she could take of herself. She is to be admired because she can think on her feet. She’s quicker than most people. In my estimation he’s got a crush from the old days that remains to this day. In this case she made faces and looked away. Very clever of her. It helped to shut him up. She could do that because she was the interviewee and no longer works there.

      That said, there was no merit in this interview.
      It was a total nothing burger, IMO.

      1. Well MSM interviews esp. with conservatives are expected to be “nothing burgers” content wise and are designed as traps (see Sarah Palin). So, true to form.

        But form and format wise this is a BIG SOMETHING burger because like Trump she hit back – hard. Ridiculed him. Made dismissive gestures. Switched the roles: became the interviewer. And for once there was no need for me to scream at the screen, “say this fer god same, say this!”

        1. Yes, it was a great knock down, he deserved it. All her interviews are. She’s one tough cookie, I like her style, and her arguments are right on.

      2. The woman Ted reported to was Hanoi Jane Fonda.

        Even in its heyday CNN was never good for anything but globalist propaganda.

    1. Calling for Trump’s ouster, because he hasn’t completely stopped illegal immigration to ZERO … with strafing runs of gunship copters along the border

    2. The last time I saw Ms. Coulter was in about a September time frame on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson show. She appeared to be a little worse for the wear…not very focussed and giddy. Her appearance was cut short and I haven’t seen her on Fox, or for that matter anywhere else, since. She still writes her Wednesday night opinion pieces on Welcome to AnneCoulter.com and is as incisive, witty and cutting as ever. She may have needed a break.

    1. He Husband is one of the Elves that helped take Bill Clinton down…He just wants work in Democrat controlled SJ

  5. I usually to not watch heated debates between U.S. people, given the unwanted acrimony, but this video makes for compelling viewing. Kelly Ann is terrific, and crushed Mr. Blitzer and his CNN cronies. She stressed the downhill slide of CNN, articulating the network’s decline into the sewer. Terrific stuff here.

  6. It went in one ear and out the other. They cannot be shamed. One can only hope enough people see through their hypocrisy.

    1. Neither do I, the TDS has fatally infected everything broadcast on CNN.

      Their ratings have guttered, and, if thats possible, continue to drop. Still having a hard time understanding any logic behind their business model, other than SELL LOW!

  7. Years ago I saw Blitzer on “Jeapordy”. It was some sort of charity/public person panel of contestants.
    He finished dead last. Could not even answer the simplest history (WWII) or geography questions.

    1. I remember that jeopardy show, Wolfie should have been on “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”.

  8. Conway is owed an apology for such a reprehensible smear in public but I look at the face and eyes of Blitzer and see no shame and therefore no honour. That was a wow moment.