Put down the pitchforks – CO2-removing tech will succeed before the world even formulates a plan to stop using petroleum products

Human ingenuity is rising to the perceived challenge of climate change. if governments can scrape together enough wisdom (a tall order, I know) to put their full weight behind these efforts, we may be spared from whatever type of war that we are headed for as Luddites keep trying to smash energy machines with no realistic alternative to replace them. Read on…

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    1. Exactly. BS Propaganda – nothing more and nothing less.

      CO2 is AN ABSOLutE MUST if…..and this is a big if, they acually want to see the planet sustain 10 Billion + Humans..??

      But that is not the plan is it…Oh no.

      “They” want a “sustainable” planet…you know, the one with less than 1 Billion humans – All COMPLIANT humans no less. The FASCISTS have never left the planet folks. They live among us, planning as they have for Centuries and working real hard with their buddies in the Islamic states to bring about the great culling of who exactly..? Why its us, the Euro Centrics who built this Civilization…why.? Cause we are the inventors, the creators of the industrial revolution, modern science, technology & Capitalism that gave freedom & liberty to Billions.

      They simply cannot afford to have us around.
      They want us all dead.

      This..? just more Eco-Puke & Pushed by your usual suspects.

    2. That is the fundamental flaw in this article…well, one of many.

      It proposes a “Problem” that is not a problem – one that has been debunked as a scam – a continuation of the Marxist treatise to pagan-worship as a method of seizing power to remake society – called “Global Cooling”, then “Global Warming”, now called “Climate Change”.

      True to form, the only way this article’s “Carbon capture” scam makes money is the same old-fashioned way: government sanction, carrots and sticks. His historic tone might seem amenable to traditional Americans regarding the Cold War, but his thrust is treacherous (and his history isn’t quite right, albeit I’ll accept he is either incomplete due to brevity or mistaken due to ignorance).

      Even if you grant, for the sake of argument, that Carbon dioxide is a “Problem” to be solved, on first blush, the physics expose the enterprise as a ruse similar to electric cars and solar panels – where the “carbon emissions” are created further behind the manufacturing line where the customer and operator doesn’t witness it. Electric cars still require energy be created, solar panels cannot provide a consistent source and are mere supplements to the grid, economically the products are massively inefficient to manufacture and support in both cost and aggregated “carbon emissions” are actually a net-negative – you are actually creating more carbon emissions.

      I wonder how many “Carbon emissions” you’re going to create when one of these supposed 30 acre plants gets built and maintained over years. It’s more than that of course, the piping and industrial process, chemical manufacture, refinement, waste disposal, etc is far more than the single plant these con-artists want you to believe. There are a host of inputs and outputs far beyond a single location. It’s about building a new industrial ecology, just as a mega-industrial car plant is meaningless without building parking lots, gas stations, refinery, auto-repair, oil and anti-freeze manufacture, etc, etc, etc.

      It’s a load on the Economy – on the People, who will ultimately have to pay for it – but unlike cars, this boondoggle has no benefit. In fact, it seeks to DEPRIVE the People of benefits, by depriving them the use of resources.

      Even granting the ridiculous process of funneling the atmosphere into a plant for the “Carbon Capture”, any Engineering college student knows that the more conversions you make – and to separate CO2, CO, O2, N2, etc is going to take a host of chemical conversions and thermal/pressure manipulations – the more energy is released as heat/radiation, something anyone learns in their 3rd year thermodynamics class…as applied to the atmosphere of even a small town…that’s a LOT of energy being expended.

      And it all has to be generated somehow. (No, the envirowackos are not going to let us expand nuclear energy)

      Take a guess how.

      So what’s the point of this exercise when all that’s going to result is a bigger “carbon footprint” according to the laws of entropy? All you’d get would be less freedom and prosperity for the average citiz….

      ….oh, wait.

      One of the preconditions of this scam is a massive government subsidy and regulatory control – it can’t happen any other way, among them monitoring stations and sensors for compliance, a huge administrative arm, a system of carrots and sticks for every small business that will be run OUT of business (Bill Gates won’t have to worry about that), etc, etc, etc. Because whatever you do, we’ll have to re-Capture the “Carbon” which means we’ll take more prosperity and freedom away from you.

      Any “Control system” has its feedback loop.

      In so many ways, this Bu!!Sh!t is sold through Magical Thinking.

      Bill Gates needs to find something better to do with his money, something other than keeping Americans from catching up to his own massive “Carbon Footprint”.

  1. Saskatchewan already has carbon capture and the stupid a$$ Trudope doesn’t really care as long as he and the Laurentian Elites have their petroleum products to fly, drive and do whatever they do!! Oh I forgot they like to SPEND CANADIAN TAXPAYER DOLLARS!!

    1. It’s too expensive using current scales technology.

      That noted the Ohio state and others urge developed fluidized bed with iron substrate chemical looping to create to exhaust streams one almost pure CO2 and the other the rest. This tech makes CO2 sequestration very economical and it is expected to be used in commercial operations by 2025.

  2. All wrong what we need is the government to repeal the laws of thermodynamics and we can run everything on pixie dust and unicorn farts. You guys are so narrowminded.

    1. The government can’t repeal the laws of thermodynamics as they are not within federal jurisdiction. You need to take the case to the Supreme Court claiming they discriminate against disadvantaged groups, not only will the court overturn the laws of thermodynamics but we will get perpetual motion as they declare free energy a basic human right.

    2. Allan, have they not tried that already? Their very existence seems to be a repeal of those laws.

    3. The Laws of Thermodynamics – fascist laws created by Dead White Men (DWM) that will be repealed by St. Greta, first President of the World – following a tough play-off election with Obomber.

  3. Terry Etam remembers the peace dividend? So do I. More fool us for believing that we would ever see a cent of it.

    The globalists quickly found other uses for the money they saved from pulling the plug on their experiments in central planning—smashing Serbian resistance to globalism and Islam under Clinton, and removing any threat to Saudi domination of the Middle East and to China’s fuel supply under Bush.

    Loyal Americans hoped and prayed for real tax relief and a better future for their children. They got their sons sent to Afghanistan and Iraq to die, and the good manufacturing jobs their sons should have had sent to Mexico and China.

    1. I can not argue with a thing you’ve said. Not a thing.

      BTW … I received my PG&E bill, in today’s mail, which included a $100.00 “rebate” in exchange for shutting my power off twice and destroying my ice maker when the power spiked back on. So this is the new normal of the Co2 hysterical reality? A bankrupt, green-corrupted, PC-corrupted, Public Utility SHUTS OFF our power to prevent more people from being incinerated by their criminally-neglected infrastructure? So, Our POWER COMPANY shuts OFF our power and PAYS us for the inconvenience? How about getting back to the POWER business … and stop with all your “green virtue signaling” renewable energy nonsense. For Christ’s sake, Obama is NOT President anymore. We don’t need to plant vegetable gardens and live like third worlders anymore. The NEW, new normal is a muscular, vital, America. Manufacturing America. Energy PLENTY America. Get with it PG&E!!! Get on the Trump Train!!

      But my Public Utility is just months-away from being taken over by the State government? What do you think will happen to our (already) highest electric rates in North America when Gavin Newsom seizes Control of our energy? Hint: he just raised our gasoline taxes. Remember all those “smart meters” which can be remotely SHUT OFF? Now, Gavin will be at the switch.

      I gotta get OUT of here!!

    1. Funny how the Boreal forest, the biggest forest in the world (spanning two continents) doesn’t figure into the calculations. The northern half of Alberta is all forest.

      1. We have to pay ruinous carbon taxes despite being a net consumer of carbon dioxide. I guess Trudeau wants our economy sacrificed on the altar of Communist Chinese economic development.

  4. I guess this will serve to call their bluff. The problem is the goal isn’t emission reduction. The goal is socialism. Anything (nuclear for example) that gets in the way must be quashed comrade.

  5. This article speaks as though man made “climate change” exists and that removing CO2 from our atmosphere is a good thing.
    How very un SDA of you Terry.

  6. I too am guessing the point of this is to confront and comfort the :concerned ones”.
    I am way past that,Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming AKA Climate Change is as declaration of war.
    Our minions have declared war on us,the people who feed them.
    And they are very clear,they want us extinct.

    Our parasitic overlords deem us to be so ignorant and gullible that they can shove their new state religion down our throats and force us to pay indulgences every time we refuel our transport,heat our homes and eat.

    Policy based evidence manufacturing is a declaration of intent.
    Our civil society depends on trust.
    The corruption and dishonesty rampant inside our civic institutions,means civil society is over.

    This is going to be bloody,the non tool users have declared war on those who grow,build and operate everything that keeps us alive.
    There is no peaceful resolution possible with abject fools and bandits.
    Today we live as Gods,compared to just 100 years ago.
    Why would any sane human want to go back?

    Consider the obvious,a common understanding can only be reached by people with honour.
    For the heart of any agreement is trust.
    How might we come to trust people so gullible and ignorant of history that they have joined the Cult of Calamitous Climate?
    Do we even have common words? That share the same meaning?
    Sorry to be a downer but where is the “common ground”?
    Exactly the same problem underlies Western Separation.
    Where is the common ground between east and West?

  7. My response:

    “artificial leaves that mimic photosynthesis” Why not just grow plants, they enjoy increased CO2 levels. OK and another question, how much CO2 do you want to leave in the atmosphere? Is zero ppm.being proposed?

    I propose making any effort to remove CO2 from the atmosphere as a criminal undertaking that will result in panicide.

    A warm planet is a happy planet. CO2 is our friend.

  8. Expending energy to remove Carbon Dioxide is counterproductive as well as surrendering the moral turf to the hysterics, looters and thugs. If the burning of fossil fuels can return CO2 sufficiently to get us beyond an ecological optimum of say 1000 ppm then perhaps we could consider it. As a bonus, we might be able to warm enough to stave off the next glaciation while extending life on the planet by a few million years.

  9. No matter what this magic technological fix is, it is an answer to a problem that does not exist. The Earth has existed
    for what, about 4+ billion years. In that time, despite cyclical ice ages and hot periods, the planet has managed to
    do a damn fine job of regulating average global temperatures. Even the warmists agree that the average global
    temperatures have not varied more than 2 degrees C above and below the baseline in the last 1,000 years. Being
    a Yank, that translates to about 4 degrees F above the and below the baseline. Nobody should in their right mind
    would be pissing their pants over these numbers.

    The reason this “fix” is not needed is that periods of increased CO2 levels result in increased flora growth. To put
    it in terms that even Alexandria Empty Cortex and Gretta the Magic Retard can understand, it is like ringing the
    dinner bell for plant life! Photosynthesis (which I learned about in third grade,) regulates both oxygen and CO2
    levels. This balance explains the virtual rock steady global temperatures on the planet. Even the extremes are
    a part of a natural cycle, as is solar output which also affects temperature and the thickness of the O3 layer.

    If Al Gore or Micheal Mann had given a lecture in my junior high school class, they would have run out of the room
    crying at the first tough question they were asked. What is worse than the naked propaganda they are forcing on
    our kids, is the fact that we are no longer teaching basic science. Even college students in advanced sciences
    are as scientifically illiterate as Greta the Magic Retard!

  10. You all need to just shut up and believe, and just stop with all the ‘Why’ questions. ‘Because’ magic, that’s why.

  11. Global warming reasoning comes from the same crowd that tells us boys can be girls and start mutilating them at the age of 3.

  12. It is hard not to get stupider just reading as far as the name Terry Etam.