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  1. No, I really don’t think it is.

    “replace Canada pension plan with Alberta pension plan” is the all the proof I need. The people who talk loudest about separation, don’t actually want a different country, just a different nanny in charge.

    Canada failed, one of the reasons, was because they built a byzantine bureaucratic maze of epic proportions. To simply keep the same maze, all or mostly the same pogroms, all or mostly the same departments, all or mostly the same rules, but simply staff it with different people? …

    Yeah, “but it’s different this time”….

    1. Lets try to stay POSITIVE Kevin..??

      Who said an independant West would be “the same”..?? NOBODY.
      From what I gather, most would prefer a Constitution based on the US Model – replete with Property Rights and the right to defend said property, With an elected President etc, etc.

      When the WEST decides to go, I believe it will be Saskatchewan FIRST. Kenney will obstruct and continue to kiss Globalist ASS as can be seen by the BS of a Carbon Tax on lrg emitters. Scott Moe on the othr hand has no aspirations for Federal power. My bet is on them, once 1 goes, the rest will follow.

      And yea, we DO need to have that Firewall in place…I just dont think thats a priority with Albertas govt….not even close. So far that gang has not impressed me 1 iota.

      1. Steakman, there is absolutely nothing to be positive about other than the fact that we are still alive.

      2. It is a fundamental question; is government there to take care of everyone and everything? Or is it constituted to manage a very limited set of responsibilities?

        Should an independent west publish a Saskatchewan Food Guide? Or should it simply maintain the roads and keep them free of snow..

    2. Kevin, I think you have misinterpreted the reasons behind the proposed Alberta Pension Plan.

      First off, some of the other proposed measures to express Alberta’s unhappiness with the current setup are no more than symbolic. For instance, holding a referendum on equalization is utter symbolic as the legislation is federal and Alberta’s opinion counts for very little. Even if 100% of Alberta citizens agreed that the present system works against Alberta and should be changed, it would be a gesture, nothing more.

      However, there is precedent for a province having a separate pension plan – Québec. So, while Alberta could not unilaterally withdraw from equalization, it presumably could from the CPP.

      Two other things to consider. First, people get benefits from CPP only when they get old. Second, people’s contributions into the CPP depend on their incomes. So Alberta, with a comparatively young population and with an average income rather higher than the national average, is paying a comparatively greater share into the CPP while at the same time getting comparatively less back.

      Pulling out of that would do a couple of things. First, it could allow individual Albertans to pay less towards the pension plan as they would no longer be subsidizing CPP in other provinces. Secondly, it would be something that people in the rest of Canada wouldn’t be able to ignore or dismiss; lacking the current level of Alberta subsidization, individual CPP contribution rates would have to go up.

      It’s not about ‘nanny’; it’s about being (to use the Québec example) ’maître chez nous’.

      1. In my opinion, a government has no place in the care of the elderly. Save for your own retirement, or work till you die; the government should have no say in who can work, what the salaries shall be, etc.

        There is no such thing as a free planned e onomy; you must pick one, or the other.

        1. Kevin – the Canada Pension Plan was funded by employees and employers, or by the self-employed (both sides) as a manditory retirement savings plan. Until reforms to RRSPs occurred in the early 90s – mainly being able to accrue the room earned in earlier years – the CPP was the ONLY game in town for most Canadians not covered by employer pension plans. So those funds belong to the contributors, including the elderly you seem to despise.

        2. “..In my opinion, a government has no place in the care of the elderly…”

          All fine and dandy when we could all grow our own food, when a man could earn enough to feed and house his whole Family (and ensure he had $$$ for when he retired), while his wife could stay at home.

          Them days is gone Kevin..long gone. Sadly I agree, but gone nevertheless. All thanks to feminism, the push to allow and cheer on women in the workforce which then created DayCare and was the beginning of the assault on the Nuclear Family – coming into place concurent with changing divorce laws that had zero teeth and the so called Sexual revolution.

          Nowadays its impossible to save any coin – most barely make enough to eat and heat, let alone leave ones spouse at home to care for a cpl of kids if you’ve the gumption to even think about having kids.

          Thank the LEFT (unionized public servants), for all that shit.

          1. This is a terrifying description. I have distant relatives, American citizens living Canada, who have given me this same picture. So glad that I live in the U.S., where someone like me who was born into a family in the bottom 10% of net wealth was able to work into the top 10%.

      1. Can’t see it. Below the “Take our online reader poll below:” blurb is simply a blank space. I’ve tried several browsers, with various extensions turned on and off. I’ve also clicked on everything that looks like a poll link, and they simply send me around in circles.

        Oh well, it doesn’t really matter.

        1. The one browser I didn’t check was Internet Explorer. Turns out it’s the only browser I’ve got that actually shows the poll. No idea why Brave, Firefox, etc. don’t. ???

          1. Because it’s a newspaper website. Newspaper websites are usually morked by all the spyware and crap they carry in an effort to monetize their site. I went to the link using Brave browser, and all I got was a blank page with “Penticton Herald” in the address bar.

          2. Spyware. The website is full of it. Use Ghostery to find out. I’ve see 12, 4 trackers and a bunch of analytics. Then decide if you want to “play”. I don’t, usually.

        2. Can’t see the poll on Brave, can see it on Google Chrome. 13,000 saying yes so far, 82% of respondents.

          Look for a disclaimer about being DOSed and bot-voting in the near future since it’s not giving the answer they expect.

  2. I’m Albertan and I think the hate level in Canada’s left is over the top. approaching war levels, something has to be done and separation is a rational option BUT it won’t happen, Alberta urban centers are leftist enclaves, the inevitability of closer US ties from separation will repel more people who’ve been programmed to hate the USA, best I’m hoping for is Quebec-style provincial aggressiveness with a healthy separation movement as backup.

    1. That is bang on. Referendum every 10 years to keep Ottawa in line is not a terrible scenario. Think of what Alberta could achieve with $7 a day day-care, paid for by the Liberal voters in Ontario!!!!!

      1. I am sure everything will be fine once we get everyone on welfare.
        Hey, isn’t that the same as a guaranteed income for everyone?
        I am pretty sure that economic system discovered the error of its ways back in 1980 when the Berlin wall fell.
        But I guess Socialist History is the same as Socialist math – nice theory, but is a total failure in practice EVERYTIME IT IS ATTEMPTED. They must be teaching Karl Marx as brilliant scholar, not the drunken loser that he actually was. Please home-school your children, or they will be loading you onto the trains to the camps.

    1. An ‘Effective Senate’, now that’s a vision of Hell I don’t wish upon anyone. Let’s try to make the ‘Commons’ effective and superior to the PMO.

      1. And that wont happen either. Not unless we have Identical # of Seats/MP’s based on PEI’s dispersion….for EVERY Western Province

      2. Without EEE the HOC has no counterbalance and thus we get tryanny of the majority. And thus the unrest we are now experiencing.

        The US has a EEE and has managed to hang together.

    2. Yeah Gord, I think that was proposed by Preston Manning back in the old Reform days. It was roundly rejected back then, and I don’t imagine it would be any different this time around. The only way to survive is to stop sending our money to Kaybek, which means a different country. Nothing will ever change in Canaduh. Kaybek will FOREVER EXTORT MORONTONIANS to keep the money flowing east.
      Kaybek is a Mafia run outfit, and they are the masters of control.

      1. The society I’m a part of – Libertas Alberta – will be presenting what we think is a workable solution that would get the support of at least 7 provinces and well over 50% of the population in January.

        Stay tuned…

        1. Some don’t seem to grasp that a senate with equal number of seats for each province is an excellent balance enhancing body that would go a long way to check power of the PM and the HOC.
          Of course it has to have defined powers that can play against bass ackward decisions of the HOC.
          It also has to be elected so there is no hogging it with every dick and harry from the political class,

    3. Nobody in the west cares about a EEE Senate anymore Gord. The west no longer wants in we want out. The discussion here in the west has moved far beyond giving a rat’s ass anymore about a Triple EEE Senate or any of the rest of the Corrupt Fake Democracy called Canada. Just shove it. The only way forward toward Liberty and Freedom is a full UDI. No negotiations under the Clarity Act, No Brexit talks. No Ottawa jurisdiction or terms only Albertans terms up for discussion. We have no hate for Canadians, we are just worn out with the demands of the spoiled children who live in Canada. That think they have us bound and gagged and can continue to rob and steal from us and our children in our own home. So NO to Canada the Post National State. And a big Hello to the Nation of Alberta. Make no mistake. Kenney the Flak Catcher for the Globalist’s will be pushed aside, our Leader will Arise. He is coming forward. Go UDI Alberta, pick up the UDI Hammer and break our slave chains from the Oars of the SLAVE SHIP CANADA.

  3. Now that the Election won by the Central Canada Media is over and Macleans is likely, if the ‘dippers’ support the (proven} corrupt & colluding Ineffective interest of the Liberal Party to meet another brokerage promise to buy Toronto’s Votes.

    Now the year(s) long wait is about to be dropping Indictments on the Deep State Democrat Bought Off Middle Management Minions: then Macleans will be able to bring back truth about the U.S.A. political & economic recovery. When a firmly entrenched policy, based on the Post World War Two & established Seventy Years (70) ago is and needed to be changed: then the fearful Media & especially the Bureaucracy of north america minions become frightened.

    I do hope Macleans will actually return to a “back page” clarity of Dr. Foth ; Or does the cabal of Justin Trudeau’s “Uncle Jean’ Chretien’s Connections with China still rule the Macleans Editorial Board.

    1. You need to go back and read Fotheringham esp during the days of Meech.

      He was a clown and very much a part of the laurentian elite despite being from Vancouver.

  4. Until the public lying is cleaned up separation will not do any good. I know it’s a pipe dream but it must start with the politicians. There is a reason why the quip of how to tell if a pol is lying ” his lips are moving “. There is a reason why it has endured the test of time. Its not just turd jr but ALL the other pols. Until they are held accountable the free lunch for all will prevail. The same is necessary for the media. freedom of the press can only remain as long as there is honesty of the press and it is enforced. This also needs to be inshrined in the education industry.
    I have often noted that the left ie; progressive green scammers/tree huggers etc are quick to complain but never produce a workable solution and I must include myself in that criticism as I can see one of the problems is the creeping Communism ghettos of the largest population centres and I have no solution to put forward.

  5. Sorry the west was lost when we lost the ability of a Regional based Senate to oppose the over populated Eastern central regions of this country elected parliament.
    The idea was that the voters voted Parliament, and the Regions had a equally as powerful Senate to counter Regions from being taken advantage of by the more populated regions of the country.
    But no, everyone hates the Senate. Well for Sure, it can’t do anything for our regions now. The far easy is screwed and the west is screwed now.
    And the lord saviour’s papa made it all happen.

  6. I checked “Yes” but it ain’t going to happen…for the reasons Kevin (10:31) and yop (10:39) outlined.

    Also, there is no fight in the oil industry itself. Despite being pissed on by Notley and turdo la doo for four years the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers has been pretty well silent and the grassroots have made no effective protests.

    The greatest tool in the Champagne Socialist toolkit is the certainty that there is zero fight in Canada’s Right.

  7. I voted yes because of course its a possibility. Is it a probability? Unfortunately for westerners, no. There are too many naysayers, backstabbers, socialists and fifth columns within your mix.
    Think the Canadian Security Establishment doesn’t have tentacles within the actual movement? Think Butts, Telford, PM ShitForBrains and the Laurentian Elite are going to let the Gravy Train leave the station? What about Bay Street mofos? The Laurentian Elite?
    You better get your percentages of the willing up wayyy above 75% at the very least. And the willing better be committed.

    1. We have noticeable numbers of new Canadians (don’t jump on me about my choice of language, it’s one euphemism among many) in Calgary.

      I’ve got to assume that these folks came to Canada, not a carved-off subset. I just can’t see the population in the cities voting over 60% in favour of Alberta separation.

      Let’s hope the Feds fall soon and a conservative victory emerges.

    2. Suppose Alberta and Saskatchewan to separate. What guarantee do we have that the rest of Canada won’t claim our natural resources as its property? (“Feel free to leave, you hillbillies, but make sure you give us your oil. Better yet, pay us to take it from you.”)

      1. We will call on the support of the #12 Eagle Scout Troop from Great Falls Montana and the Cutbank flying club who will easily be able to handle our “armed forces”

  8. Like any poll it’s never about gauging opinion it’s about manipulating one.
    Ask yourselves what result would cause heartburn for those that have a hate on for the west’s access to foreign markets?
    The answer is in the seat allocation in the House of Commons.
    There won’t be an issue until Canadian territory becomes a US protectorate.
    So whatever happens to create that possibility is the opinion that will cause heartburn inside the Ottawa bubble.

  9. Since our Constitution guarantees Quebec an inordinate representation in the House of Commons, now wedded to Canada as Fortress Grit, they can rule and milk us at will, so Ralph Goodale has earned his retirement; and since that same Constitution and now the Supreme Court of Canada have deigned separation requires a Constitutional amendment v.v 7/10 provinces 50% of population, which clearly is impossible, the only way to vote yes is through a unilateral declaration of independence (UDI).

    In the meantime, much mischief can be done. Btw, AB just got bitch slapped on behalf of the Grit parasites’ paralysis by analysis:


    Luckily no jobs lost, but c’mon. Of course many will argue that’s what the business models say, pretending to be capitalists.

    Lke their climate change models. Parizeau was ready to take QC out with 50%+1. Will the feds made AB,SK that desperate?

    It’s still early days but what’s next?

    If they go, BC will not be far behind provided we elect a free enterprise party instead of our current watermelons.

    1. On an earlier post/thread I posited the measures that AB and SK (and hopefully MB) will take time both insulate their populations from damage and intimidation from the feds and make a move towards independence far easier than it would be if it happened right now.

      IMO if it comes to a referendum the result will be a fait accompli. More importantly what the choices will be will be extremely important:

      As a NLer born and raised I am acutely aware of the issue.

      It needs to be a ranked ballot.

      1. Remain in Canada

      2.become an independent country

      3. Become an independent country with a formal economic union with the United States. (I think the reaction in the US to this being an option would be overwhelmingly positive.)

  10. I think the big thing in favour of separation is the Eastern voter. Socks McBlackface actively campaigned on attacking the west out east, and Easterners voted for it. It is not just the politicians, it is the abusive nature of the Eastern citizens. A bad government the country could hold together for and hope for better things in the future, but such hostility from the citizens…

    The west had people thinking about separation during Pierre’s reign of error, but being reasonable people we were restrained and tried to find another solution. Reform was that attempt, and the Eastern response was to try to subvert it. We also see attempts to dilute all Canadians votes with a massive rush to grant voting rights to people who have never even seen an election, and the electoral process for fixing Canada is just not an option. The only question is how long it takes for us to get around to acting on our original thought and leaving.

  11. Is it possible?
    Can Canada spot an F-35?
    Then yes.
    If it comes to that, would it be worth it?
    Win-win. I’ll get the door.

  12. Alberta has paid over $610 billion more into Canada than received back. If that does not garner notice in the West then what will? I was part of Reform when it started and will not entertain another effort at reconciliation. People in the West have to realize that their treatment by central canada is an economic one. Western money HAS to flow east to make their economy work.

    The clock that is ticking signals the exodus of companies from the West down to Texas. Encana is the latest of a long list. Absolutely brutal. 1/3 of the office square footage in Calgary is empty. Politicians in the West have to react and if they will not have to be replaced.

  13. Since the day Canada paid £ 300,000 for us against our will, nothing has been fair. We exist to be exploited. The west suffered 2 armed invasions to force us into the fold, in 1870 and 1885. When the western territories became provinces, they did so without ownership of our public lands and natural resources until the 1930s. In the 1980s when oil was selling for $50 per barrel, the Canadian government confiscated it and paid Alberta $9 per barrel. Today the federal government has killed multiple pipelines to landlock our oil making it virtually worthless at times. Nothing will change without unilaterally declaring independence. Then we can negotiate a deal with the US, Canada, or remain independent on our terms. Without a new deal or no deal (independence), nothing will ever be fair.

    1. beware the Yankee trader. If you think the US will suddenly pony up a bunch of extra kindness to a suddenly independent Alberta your probably high. In fact if Canada starts to fragment the US will act. Not a chance in hell they will leave the northern wasteland unprotected. You will see manifest destiny like you never have before. Otherwise, I totally agree with your statement. The names in the Family Compact may have changed but the plan for the Western Franchise sure hasn’t.
      I figure for any Western Separation to have a chance it needs a beach. Access to the world not thru the US. Hudsons Bay might work but Prince Rupert would be better.

    2. Ah finally a man who grasps the kernel. UDI and get off The Slave Ship Canada. When we are Free Men, then we will talk or negotiate as we see fit. UDI Alberta no talks on Canada’s rigged stacked terms. Slaves do not negotiate with their Slave Masters. Only Free Men and Equal negotiate anything less is Bullshit. And do not eat that Elmer that be Horseshite

  14. I doubt it. Conservatives lack loyalty and self-discipline. Note that the problems have not been discussed.

  15. The poll asks whether separation is a “real possibility,” not whether it’s a good idea. There’s no real possibility. Too many people both inside and outside Alberta have bought into the “East-splainers” arguments about why it could never work, even though those same people tremble whenever Quebec rattles Canada’s cage. It really is amazing how otherwise rational people can come to opposite conclusions about the likelihood of separation working, merely based on where the territory is that might want to separate.

  16. Encana partly formed from CPs oil and gas holdings. CP was built to form a country.

    Here we see that company leaving as we struggle with our future in Canada.

  17. yop, I’m from ontario, and I support the west getting out, because that would cause a greater $$$ shortfall for ottawa, and force the stealaticians to learn how to govern , rather than just keep on over taxing us workers:-)))

    1. The rest of Canada views the inhabitants of Alberta and Saskatchewan as a conquered and defeated people. We are to not only know that but accept and believe it, but live accordingly.

  18. All Alberta has to do (for now, anyway) is withdraw from the EI scheme. Watch the domino effect of anger and frustration from the Maritimes to Quebec and then the caterwauling to Ottawa because one car of the gravy train has been derailed.

    The start derailing the entire gravy train.

    1. Yes more Alberta and Less Ottawa is a good beginning and is the right step/steps. Kick them off the porch and then kick them off the lawn.

  19. The language of Separatist movements and Secession is “De Facto” and “Uti possidetis”.

    Not Web polls, media articles, or discussions in Ottawa.

    Tell me if the “West” is spiritually, culturally, economically, militarily, and therefore politically separate/isolated/self-contained. Tell me if they can cover their basic needs in a pinch; Food, Energy, Defense, etc. Tell me if those lines of communication are contiguous or isolated in pockets. Etc.

    Tell me who the men with guns answer to.

    When I see diverging tax incentives and policies, competing licenses and certifications to do business, and the local Constabulary and Military/Police powers answering “de facto” on the one hand, and “de jure” on the other, you will have my attention.

    Focus on where the “West” is and isn’t, where and how they get their basic needs. What’s their religion? What’s their generational history and philosophy? Do they manufacture and manage their own security and firearms? On what scale is all this done? The city? The township? The nuclear family?

    From an American perspective, the Canadian talk of Separation – at least in the media – looks like a bunch of meaningless red herrings. “Unserious” – some of it deliberate, much of it unwitting. That is not contempt directed at the “West”, merely the advertisers and/or detractors of its supposed Separation/Secession/Rebellion.

    Why should you answer questions an American might have?

    Because Americans have a big influence on the viability of a separatist movement, one way or another. Most Americans are oblivious and don’t care about what happens north of the border – but they will affect events regardless. Many American agents and companies do business north of the border and vice-versa.

    France didn’t support the American separatist movement until separation was a resounding reality at the Battle of Saratoga. Americans don’t need that standard of proof with modern telecommunications, but similarly, Americans won’t take any talk of separation/rebellion seriously without separation having first been achieved by the people in question.

    American Separation/Rebellion was achieved long before the Declaration – the “advertisement” in Philadelphia; when British Colonialists (“Americans”) manufactured their own firearms and rifles in Pennsylvania and owned one in each household; when British veterans (“Washington’s regulars”) of the French and Indian War realized the British crown and aristocracy were massacring/looting homesteaders and settlements (British, French, German, Dutch, etc, it didn’t matter) across the colonies using Indian proxies and confiscatory banking; when people across the colonies realized that the Anglican Church was corrupt, that King George was not Divine, that the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance were heresy, and that the British Empire and Army had nothing to offer but abolition of elected Colonial legislatures and laws, attacks on Cultural distinction and local customs, and economic depredation.

    By the time the French committed themselves to the Rebellion, “Separation” had already occurred. France’s part was to ensure the “Separation” would last.

    For Americans, it is much the same; we are capable of sustaining “De Facto” separation, recognizing it “Ex Post Facto”.

    But before that, “Ipso Facto” is something your people must first conceive, and achieve.

    Have they?

    1. Well Albertans are just getting up off the floor, after a good beating by the Slave Masters in the ROC. So I guess we shall see.
      Reflect on your history. How long did the rebellion in what was then the Provinces or Colonies the original 13 Colonies foment until the boil had ripened to the point that only 3% (a determined 3%) of the population was enough to carry the 13 Colonies/Provinces of Great Britain to Independence.

      1. “Reflect on your history. How long did the rebellion in what was then the Provinces or Colonies the original 13 Colonies foment until the boil had ripened to the point that only 3% (a determined 3%) of the population was enough to carry the 13 Colonies/Provinces of Great Britain to Independence.”

        Reflect on true history. While 3% fought for independence and 3% fought for the Crown; France, Spain, and Holland which were Great Nations and empires at that time helped the Americans by fighting England with their armies and navies abroad.
        The notion that the Americans “threw off the shackles” of the British Crown all by themselves is just another American myth.

        Which powerful nations do you think will come to Alberta’s aid today if Alberta were in conflict with Canada?

        1. Canada is not the Global Super Power that the UK was at the time of the American Revolution. To make that a comparison is delusional. Alberta in reality is quite capable of going Independent if it so chooses. Already almost 90% of Alberta’s trade is with the USA. Alberta itself already has quite a few Treaties and agreements and reciprocities with US Border states. So don’t get too puffed up. You could get a big surprise like the ROC.
          Canada is unworkable. Change is inevitable.

          1. Yeah well England was months away across the North Atlantic ocean from the American colonies while Canada surrounds Alberta on 3 sides. Canada’s forces could land or air drop anywhere in Alberta they wanted in a couple of hours notice if the PPCLI near Edmonton wasn’t enough or how’s about those CF18s at Cold Lake Alberta?
            Americans are war weary, they won’t help. If they weren’t, they’d invade Mexico because the Sinaloa Cartel owns it.
            Be reasonable.

          2. OZ, you now talk war with Canada. I am not intimidated. ROC would not want war. I do not know one Albertan who thinks like that, but I can tell you with certainty, not one so called Great Power has ever won a Guerilla War. If you honestly can name one I would be interested to know that information.
            Besides many of the CF come from the west, how many would defect with arms if Ottawa was foolish enough to attack Albertans physically.

      2. I have no idea what you “learned” in your textbooks on American History, but no country comes into existence on the backs of “3%” of its population (or whatever), be it a Democracy, Republic, Autocracy, or Monarchy – no matter how “determined”.

        Just as America today is not “defended” by just the US Military, less than “1%” of its population – indeed the US Armed Forces are an “extension” or a “consequence” of the American People, not an “enabler” of the American People.

        There was an “American” Culture and People, long before the Continental Army came into being.

        If you really want to understand what a “Separatist movement” really looks like, best you trash your conventional Canadian history, and start learning some real-world lessons.

        Back then, the power of Imperial Britain and its aristocracy was focused on “urban” centers, banking, administration, Peerage, etc. Whether by royal privilege to levy taxes, exempting their own businesses, requiring letters and titles of property ownership and tax issued only by the Crown and calling it a “Stamp Act” (Many communities and homesteaders didn’t have the currency to pay it, let alone make the journey to pay it, despite what Benjamin Franklin thinks) – thereby depriving homesteaders and country settlers of their property rights, or by hiring failed pioneers (The Crown’s version of “Rangers”) to liaison with select Indian tribes such as the Mohawks to act as their hired thugs – the more savage, the better, in the Crown’s eyes – to force settlers to abandon their claims, allowing subsidiaries of the Bank of England and the Hudson Bay Company to corner the market for cheap, etc, etc, etc.

        Bottom line: The British Empire was not popular in vast swaths of the Colonies – among civilized people of all persuasions, from the German gunsmiths of Pennsylvania to the civilized tribe of the Oneidas. Only the beneficiaries of the corrupt system believed in it, and necessarily, those beneficiaries were a tiny sliver of the population in the cities, and an even tinier sliver of the Colonies as a whole. Even the “Loyalists” themselves recognized that the Crown had gone too far, and that the authority of “Great Britain” did not have leverage beyond the confines of New York City, much less Boston, far less in the rest of the expanse of the People in the rest of “New World”.

        Even today, that hasn’t changed. You will find very little love for the New York City aristocracy in the rest of the State they claim to rule, called “Upstate New York” (ie “Most of the population”).


        Don’t fool yourself.

        You were not that popular.

        And your enemies, the Revolutionaries, were nowhere near that isolated.

        Otherwise, the Crown would not have had to ally itself with the most brutal Indian tribes and import foreign mercenaries, rather than raise an Army from the domestic Colonial populace – because like most urbanites, the vast majority of “Loyalists” were unfit to serve as militia, much less “hit the ground running” as regular soldiers.

        Again, today, nothing has changed. You’ll find very few urbanites today capable of being “Citizen soldiers”. Meanwhile, I dare you to claim that the farmhands of Virginia and Iowa are generally less capable of glassing, tracking, and hunting animals who’s instincts and wiles are many times sharper than any human’s – both country Colonists and country Americans are more than capable of fielding combat units on the fly than San Fransisco or New York City.

        What you call the “3%” is far more accurate of the British Tories and Loyalists, than the Revoilution at large (of which the Continental Army was a small part of). This is why the British Crown and today’s New York councilmen are always the first to import foreign fighters to bolster their power and ranks – Hessian mercenaries and Mexican gang-members.

        It was not by chance that the American rebels were able to disappear “into the wilderness” (ie return to their communities which today are called “rural and suburban” communities) and return at will to fight, while Cornwallis’ men were restricted to succor and supply only from the big cities. It was no mistake that the “Redcoats” always had problems supplying and moving men and materiel between large urban centers, whilst being sniped at along the way by “cowardly” rebels (ie Colonists of many persuasions, not just “English” Colonists, many who did not officially join the rebellion, but who hated the British Empire). At the end of the day, “Loyalists” and “Tories” did not comprise the majority of farms and well-to-do people in the country – the people who grow your food and supply materials and soldierly men. “Loyalists” principally drew their power and privilege from the bureaucracy of King George’s Court – they lacked the skills to navigate the woods outside the cities, let alone survive their exile in Canada without major relief from the British Crown and government.

        Yes, there were those loyal to the Crown in the country, just as there were those loyal to the Rebellion in the cities.

        But whereas there was often widespread support for the Revolution in many big cities in New England, there was a distinct dearth of support in the great swaths of country in between. By-and-large, most of the countryside – farmers who grew food, carpenters who built wagons, even Quaker blacksmiths, found themselves on the Tory Death lists and Prison Ships- and for good cause.

        It wasn’t the “regulars” of the Continental Army who chased out the Loyalists during and after the Revolutionary War. The Revolutionaries didn’t go town-to-town, house-to-house rounding up Loyalists for the most part – like the British Army did, forcing people to swear the Oaths of Supremacy and Allegiance under God.

        The Continental Army didn’t have to.

        The “American People” did that themselves.

        It was the People of these communities – each a small-scale “victory” unto itself – that let the Tories know that they had no place to return to, from Chester to Clinton to York and all the other “nameless battles” and “campaigns” not called “Sullivan”, unrecorded as such by history because they are too numerous to count –

        – and yet, they count all the same or are arguably more important collectively than any Battle of Lexington or Yorktown.

        These are the “Victories” and realities of a “Separation”.

        Then, as now, you won’t get there with “3%”.

        1. Well a quick google gets you various answers. Anyway the US population at the time was approx. 2M, from the records of the US Continental Army it shows 231,000 served. Yet some sources say 3% others say 30% and others say the war was won by African Americans. All a crap shoot.
          So maybe you give us a number. Perhaps the 3% refers to the dedicated cadre of the core agitators or revolutionaries. That was what I always thought the 3% referred too. You tell me.

  20. I vote possible.
    Do the math.
    Then consider the concept of building a better future/country to pass onto the next generation,an alien concept in the Canadien Kleptocracy.
    The observation,there are no conservatives in Canada, is incorrect.
    Conservatives have no “permitted platform” in Can Ah Duh.
    We are forbidden speech.
    This was never a free country and it has tightened its hold on the citizens throats every decade.

    What our current “elites” call civilization has no future.
    When your children are born into debt slavery,you are sure “enhancing” their future.
    Rights without responsibility are a sure recipe for social chaos.
    Corrupt institutions carry their own collapse.
    Independence is not only possible it is necessary.
    Repeating the same actions endlessly while hoping for different results is insanity.
    We are currently crazed and deranged,we destroyed the Progressive Conservative,we tried reform,we appealed to the “common sense” and self interest of our eastern comrades..
    Their response is currently being absorbed and understood.
    As I predicted ,the East voted gimmee,gimeee,gimeee and “we are entitled to our entitlements” , with some foul overtones.
    We who demand fiscal responsibility from government are labelled,”Alt Right..Nazi…Extremists and loud mouth Albertans..

    The message was clear,we are not welcome.
    We are weirdo’s to question the status quo.
    So despite the mocking sneering messaging from the Media Party,Independence is possible and probable.
    Kenny will never understand this,in my opinion he is a Uniparty creature who lusts for power,the concept of statesmanship is beyond him.
    The best we can expect of the United Conservative Party is a firewall setup like Quebec.
    The Liberals have ,in retrospect,been pushing western separation for decades.
    All hail Saint Alan Roche.
    Patron saint of civil disobedience, cached guns and ammunition.
    Consistent degradation of the national military.
    Trudeau One begat Trudeau Two(Well maybe)
    And the Quebec obedience training,of Ottawa has set the stage.
    Where will we find rule of law in Can Ah Duh,when truth is NOT a defence?

  21. If BC (Vancouver & Victoria) is included in the “West” then the answer is no way..
    Least wise in the next ten years..

    1. Albertans need to and can only deal with Alberta’s issues. Albertans need to focus on Alberta. If others join the cause so be it, but they will have to slay their own dragons as we slay ours. WEXIT in Edmonton at the Alberta Parliament Buildings is sold out now for several days. Their next rallies after that are in Red Deer then Calgary. Prepare for the attacks and censorship. Ottawa is scared now and shutting down Independence/Separatist talk on FB and Twitter. This will only hasten the inevitable. Albertans are worn out with the thievery and corruption rampant in the ROC. UDI Alberta pick up the hammer.

  22. As one that lives south of the border, personally, I would be in favor of Alberta and Saskatchewan being part of the US. However, for you, it would be like the old story of leaving the frying pan for the fire. I live in Oklahoma. It would seem as though we in flyover country have been marginalized in much the same way as you. In the Great Plains are produced much of our nation’s oil, gas, wheat and rice. It means nothing. To our “betters” in DC, we are considered overhead and they are profit. In case you haven’t heard, there is a growing crowd down here that are grudgingly acknowledging the possibility or probability of Civil War II. Our Revolutionary War was fought over taxation without representation. In the first Civil War, aka The War between the States, one of the disagreements was over State’s Rights. Do those two sound familiar?

    No, your best course, in my opinion, would be as an independent nation. Good fortune. Godspeed.

    1. I agree good sir. Have much family in the USA. If the Demonrats Impeach President Trump or don’t it is shaping up to civil unrest rapidly in the USA. If he is illegally impeached, If he wins in 2020 it will happen fast.

  23. I support separation of the west. I think negotiations for separation would be mired in endless talk, after a month of negotiations they’d be arguing over which terms to use and what time is lunch break. A UDI would be best, and Old Canada can figure out what they need to do over the next 20 years without the west paying for it.

    Fencing off areas like Vancouver-Victoria that are home to many that don’t agree with their political leanings is an error, as well as splitting the separation vote with questions such as:
    1. Stay in Canada
    2. Found an independent country
    3. Found an independent country with special US status (like being a territory?)
    Gord Tulk above at 12.49 … I think the question of separation should be a simple, remain in Canada or leave Canada and found a new country. If an economic tie with the USA looks like a good idea after separation, then that remains a viable choice then.

    An EEE Senate isn’t the only impediment to staying in Canada. The bullshit province of PEI only requires 40,000 voters to elect an MP, the 3 real Atlantic provinces and Sask. have 75-85,000 voters to elect 1 MP to the House of Commons, Alberta requires +120,000 voters for the same representation. That’s not fair. Alberta is under represented by at least 15 MP’s that very likely would have been Conservative in the current House of Commons.

    Quebec is over weighted with SCOC representation by 1 if by population, and by 2 if by provincial boundaries, and the bullshit Constitution of Canada is not amendable. It is easier to break off from Canada, than for the other provinces to come to any meaningful change in the next few years. I doubt they would even agree on a date to meet in the next year. I’m not willing to say, “wait for x years while negotiations take place”.

    *thanks Kate for checking that the poll was “active” and not being run by the former Sask. NDP…

  24. I’m for Alberta separating from Canada. I’m for the Republic of Alberta. All measures, all steps from small to medium to large should be taken to move Alberta toward that goal. No more respect for the Canadian flag. Trample it, burn it, deface it. Let Ontario know that
    we understand that Canada is merely a construct for exploiting the other provinces to Ontario’s benefit. No more negotiations.
    We act. Let’s start small.

    1. Yes OZ. I agree. Many small and large steps complete our journey. One major one is to elect Alberta 1st Provincial Politicians, those that are not Federalists like wee Jason and work only for Albertan’s as job one and that guard Alberta turf strongly.
      Also get out of all Ottawa entanglements, ie EI, CPP, Alberta Police Force etc. The money wasted on fighting Ottawa in stacked courts should be spent educating Albertans on how we are being screwed Democratically and Financially.
      I would gradually start kicking Ottawa out of all Provincial Jurisdiction. The image of the formal return of all Alberta Parkland to Alberta control would be a big step, and huge NOTICE to the ROC that they do not own one inch of Alberta or its resources. The Optics for this would be devastating for the Crooks of Canada.
      And even change the name Province to Nation. If 50 Natives are a Nation, then so is Alberta.
      Here is one proposal I put to Wild Rose. Under Sect 45 of the BNA. Any Province can have a Constitution, and Amend said Constitution. Create a made in Alberta Constitution that binds the hands of all elected Premiers of Alberta, in this way. Every time Ottawa encroaches on Provincial Jurisdiction. The Premier must address the issue in Alberta educating the Citizens of Alberta as to the Illegality of what Ottawa just did, and that after a set time say 3 months from giving Ottawa Notice of the Illegality of their action under the BNA and the Alberta Constitution.
      The Premier must hold a Binding Referendum vote for a UDI Mandate to take Alberta out of the Corrupt Fake Country called Canada. Thus removing all these Illegalities from Corrupt Stacked Canadian Courts Jurisdiction. A political end run around the Corruption and straight to an out right call for Independence Show Down. No Clarity Act a straight Alberta decision by Albertans. Back Off Ottawa or we are gone. We are no longer Canada’s vassal or Colony.

  25. Time to leave the ship of fools!!! “As the captain said ! “Does anyone know how to drive this thing” —- Good old Trooper Santa Maria ! Nailed the State of Canada!


    EDMONTON, NOV. 2: This event was originally booked at the Sandman for a capacity of 100 (pre-election). After the election, our RSVP’s skyrocketed beyond 1,000 and the largest venue we were able to secure on short notice was for a capacity of 700. We are notifying our guests to please come early to ensure you get in.

    There has been some confusion about those who previously RSVP’d tickets at our original venue. Please be advised that *TICKETS ARE NOT REQUIRED AT THE DOOR*. We use the RSVP style system to understand how many attendees may be showing up and we do our best to accommodate those numbers.

    We are unable to determine how many RSVP’s will not be accounted for, this being the reason we will keep the RSVP’s open but please keep in mind that our events are organized on a ‘first in line’ style entry.

    CALGARY, NOV. 16: The RSVP’s for this event are well over 1,000 now and we are trying to secure a venue for 1,200+. We are working hard to get this done so please be patient and we will update the venue details as soon as we have secured the venue. If you are a venue owner that can hold a capacity of 1,200+, please email us at venues@wexitalberta.com

    RED DEER, NOV 30: This venue has not been booked as of yet. Currently our RSVP’s are sitting over 250 with 4 weeks to go. We expect this number to climb and will be looking to secure a venue of adequate size shortly.

    Momentum is building. Bring it down.

    1. Well Kenny just killed his political future in Western Canada.

      Jason K the Globalist

      I joined Wexit I signed up for there years and bought a couple of hats and two bumper stickers.

      I want to live as free man for once in my life…

      Btw there’s a Wexit video soon to be out and I will post it when it’s ready

  27. I think what will actually happen is that the CPC will become the voice of western independence after a leadership convention and that the political stance will be, fix this problem completely within two years, or expect us to be gone. This minority parliament won’t last all that long and shortly after said convention and leadership change (or Scheer growing a pair) there will likely be an election. I would guess perhaps April-May 2021. At that point, a political solution would involve large parts of Ontario and significant parts of Quebec and eastern Canada voting in favour of the national unity program. At a bare minimum that would have to include guarantees of access to the west coast through already constitutional legislation, an end to the blockade of resource exports, and no carbon taxes (climate sanity).

    If the eastern establishment wants to go it alone and retain those concepts for their own use, so be it. The west wants no part of this leftist lunacy. If the Laurentians want to play chicken, that won’t change anything. They have no inducements other than weak appeals to symbolic aspects that mean very little west of Winnipeg anyway.

    There should be one last chance on this, but no more than one and no longer than two years from now. People can’t wait around much longer for a solution, the economic slowdown will turn into a full-on collapse if these matters are not resolved.

    I don’t know how this will end up. Those are my guesses as to the future path, but whether it leads to national unity on western terms, or separation, depends on public opinion outside of our region. Either way we get a solution and move on. I think most of BC away from the left coast would be pro-independence. The economy of the other regions of the province is fairly dependent on Alberta prosperity, even the tourist trade operates on that principle.

  28. TV Ontario — the Agenda– had this as a topic tonight. Good representation from the West (Hall-Findlay, Monte Solberg, another woman from U. Calgary). They all seemed to appreciate the tensions in Alberta right now. Paiken (the host) and some U. Toronto guy were also involved in the discussion. My impression is that Easterners do not fully appreciate the seriousness of the threat. At this point, I think Alberta has exhausted most other options (West wants in, etc.). If Alberta wants to control its own future, they must leave. Quebec and Ontario call the shots federally, and they care nothing about Alberta.

  29. Friday morning and the tally stands at:
    Yes 82.23% (15,035 votes)
    No 14.6% (2,670 votes)
    Undecided 3.16% (578 votes)