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  1. All Alberta Independence groups need to unite under one banner. UDI. Demand a Binding Referendum on a UDI. No More Rigged Elections. 50% plus 1 and gone Fish or Cut Bait.

      1. Easier than 60% under Ottawa’s Clarity Act and recognized in International Law. No more enforced French, No UN Treaty’s. No more Canadian Court Jurisdiction etc. SCOC would have no say.

  2. Anything Trudeau does, will be window dressing only, to try to placate ALBERTA and the West.

    Too little too late. Time to go.

    Liberals and their followers have nothing but contempt for the West. That will never change.

    1. You believe that a UN convention will grant access? This same UN which is engaged in a fulltime policy war against Alberta oil? That this worthless convention has any power to override sovereign environmental barriers which the Trudeau government will insist on enforcing rigorously?

      If you believe all that then you really are a complete twit.

      1. No one believes the UN. But if we shut off all rail east and west and all truck transport east and west. I real Political time I think we will win and very quick. Who needs the UN. Balkanize BC. And when Ontario can not export to the far east or China goods pile up in Vancouver guess what then we shut down Transmountain Pipeline and no oil/gas/diesel to BC I think they will listen very closely. Hey it works for Indians why not Albertans.

        1. Watcher, I agree about not wasting time with UN crapola. BCer is quite right on this score. In the end, if Alberta wants to be a nation state it will have to do it the hard way. The hard way means an army. Right now, Alberta doesn’t even have its own provincial police force. So, shut off east and west links HOW?

          There are reasons why when the Canadian Forces closed the officer training school in Quebec, Jacques Parizeau offered to the Canadian government that Quebec provide funding to it. Parizeau was not an idiot. He understood that any place which intends to establish itself as a country needs to have an army.

          1. Why would we need an army? We do have our own Parliament, We have an elected Premier, We have a Supreme Court. We have lower courts. We have Banks that are Albertan, we have everything every other Province has. We have Alberta Provincial Sheriffs which are much like Provincial Police, except we would have to hire more when the RCMP are asked to leave. With UDI it becomes an International Matter. If 4 Million citizens of Alberta Democratically Declare UDI Ottawa Jurisdiction ends as soon as UDI is Declared. Army? Why? Canadians would use VIOLENCE against us? Now you threaten Guerilla War? I do not think so.

          2. Watcher, have you learned nothing from history? What do you plan to do when, under supposed orders from a not-so-friendly Government of Canada, the RCMP obeys orders and remains? An international matter? Whom do you expect to intervene and how will this benefit the new nation of Athabasca (or whatever it’s called)? How well do you suppose this method has worked in, say, Catalonia? Or just about anywhere else there’s been a domestic separation movement?

          3. CGH re post about RCMP and Army. If Albertans Democratically decide to go UDI and create our own Nation. And the RCMP and the Canadian Military refused to leave. I think we all have read a bit of history and know what would happen. It is called civil war. A war that Canada would lose and very fast. So let’s instead of fear mongering and inciting violence act like adults. If we have the determination to create a new Nation, we would have the determination to evict those who we deem no longer welcome.


        Use THEIR standards against them!

        The left loves to quote the UN IPCC report, and the UN Native Rights declaration to justify the destruction of this country.

        Yes, shove a UN document at them and see how they react!

    2. Please!! Whether I believe you or not, the basic fact of this entire matter with pipelines, equalization, Alberta and the overbearing and arrogant Government of Canada is part and parcel national infighting and the situation need not be muddied with the UN bullshit at you suggest.

    3. BC or the rest of Canada blocking an independent Alberta’s exports is more than a two edged sword.
      If they do that the only option is to go south and make even more economic and nation ties with the USA.
      Does the rest of Canada really want that?
      An independent Alberta is one thing, an independent Alberta as a US territory would scare the bejesus out of them.
      The CBC has been urging Canadians to hate Americans for decades.

      And of course if the rest of Canada wants to block Alberta’s exports then we block traffic between BC and the east.

      I think our new temporary flag should be the Maple Leaf but with the maple leaf in the middle painted black to honour the founder of the new nation, Blackie McBlackface.
      Maybe we should start flying them right away.

    4. My sister sent me a link about 3-4 months ago, how a group were building a pipeline across northern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Churchill to link up with international shipping. Grant you, the port of Churchill is good for maybe 6-9 months of the year, but that is certainly better than what we now have. I wish I had bookmarked the on-line article. Does anyone else know/remember this article? If so, could it be re-posted? Thank you.

      1. I doubt they are building any pipeline to Churchill. It would have to go through the same processes as TMX.

        Then the Liberal cabinet would then have to approve it. What is the likelihood of that?

        I also think Trudeau would extend the tanker ban to cover all of Canada except for Quebec and the Atlantic provinces.

        They might have floated the pipeline to Churchill idea, but I don’t think it will get very far.

    1. Great article and good old Reform common sense.

      One thing he needed to say is that AGW is a fraud. Period. As will anyone who gets behind Wexit.

      Harper played footsie with AGW, look where it got us.

      Real world data does not support the fake claims of AGW.

    2. I guess Jay you have not forgotten your roots and are still a Reformer. It is awsome to see, if only Kenny would learn what got him to where he is. It was not globalism. The movement for separatism requires someone like you. Go for it Sir and your back will be covered.

      1. As an old Reformer from Toronto, I remember the Alberta Passport that was made by some group that
        printed them up, I can’t find it now but if Alberta is serious about leaving, my money and I will be there
        pronto! Now is the time to issue new Passports! hint, hint.

  3. What a bleeping state of affairs we are in, our worst nightmare has come to pass.

    It’s sickening to listen to Trudeau with his same old lines, he’s got no new material, he needs a new script writer.
    It’s also sickening to listen to blabbermouth Climate Barbie spouting off about all the great things the Liberals have done and plan to do, none of which will change a damned thing beyond costing us more to survive.

    1. Exactly.

      PET sold his “He’s young! He’s hip!” snake oil to Canadians in 1968 and even won ridings in the Edmonton area. Then Alberta rejected him in the ’72 election and he took that as a personal affront. His war against western Canada started soon after that and never let up.

      Now Prinz Dummkopf wants to finish us off with his “they dithwethpected my daddy and now they’ll pay” tactics.

      1. 1972? Try 1935, at the latest. Bay Street never forgave Albertans for electing Social Credit.

    1. I just signed up:


      It’s all fine and dandy to talk about wanting a new country, but it’s only air pudding unless I’m willing to make a personal commitment to the cause of independence, and that I just did.

      By the way, Farcebook is restricting Wexit’s page. When asked why, there’s no response. Now isn’t that a coincidence, eh?

  4. I know that you in the West won’t want any advice from someone living in Ontario.


    …all I can say is, don’t believe one word that The Spawn says about reconciliation with you. He doesn’t mean it!

    He’s acting ever time he opens his mouth and cannot even contemplate speaking the truth.

    So get on with your new country and let me know if there is room for a person in Ontario who is sick and tired of being told how to live by the so-called GTA.

    When Toronto has 25 Red commie seats, no wonder you guys are leaving. We, outside Toronto, feel the same way.

    I’m with you.

  5. A western voice in Trudeau’s government… let’s see…does Chrystia Chomiak count? Nice girl from Peace River, I hear, raised by her mother and grandfather from Little Russia to hate the Jews (“Russian” being code in “Ukrainian” for “Yid-Bolshevik”) as much as any trust-fund Brébeuf grad ever has.

    Continued Librano domination of this Dominion is in nobody’s interest—even that of the useful idiots who thrust them into office, many of whom were imported for that very purpose. Not Alberta’s, not Ontario’s, not anybody’s who isn’t a Bay Street bloodsucker or Chinese oligarch.

    Western independence? Get back to me when Alberta has a nuclear-tipped warhead she can point at Montreal. Israel had to threaten to start a nuclear holocaust before the princes and potentates of the Gentile world would recognize Israel’s right not to be wiped off the map by Arab murderers. And Israel didn’t have more oil than Saudi Arabia. Anybody who thinks Alberta will be allowed walk off with all the oil is too good for this world.

    If you want a new nation, conceived in liberty, that would be the United States.

    Don’t bother going to the States. When President Trump decides he’s had enough of a Chinese puppet state next door, the States will come to you. I hope to be on Sussex Drive that day, giving American cavalrymen directions to Rideau Cottage.

    I can dream too, just like Rex.

    1. Does anyone else have other information about Alberta export percentages to usa and other countries? If that 88% to USA is accurate than that’s a gamechanger, imo. Having access to tidewater may not be essential to Alberta which fatally damages the “but you’re landlocked” argument.

      1. Without egress to tidewater, Oil will continue to be subject to discounts and gas will be shut-in because the US has more than enough. Besides, more CAGW insanity (implementation) is only in abeyance until Trump leaves office.

        1. It prevents new markets but it doesn’t harm existing revenues very much. Besides, BC isn’t the only port on North America’s Pacific coast. If BC ports don’t want to ship Alberta products, I’m sure other ports would love the (non fossil fuel) business. I doubt Canada will shut in existing natgas and oil pipelines, they don’t have many options either.

          The “you’re landlocked ” becomes, at best, a minor argument. And that seems to be their only coherent argument.

          1. BC Ports don’t have a problem shipping non fossil fuels now. Oil and Gas is Alberta’s main industry and the new guaranteed leftist politics in Canada is: “how soon can we kill it”. It isn’t that different in the US. Given that every legal challenge to new pipelines (for Canadian oil) has been funded by US interests, tying your wagon to the US is not a good strategy given it is another bankrupt welfare state mired in green theocracy somewhat in abeyance until Trump’s departure which, assuming he gets another term, would coincide with Western separation at the earliest. Does Keystone XL ring a bell? US protectionism is on the rise and thanks to the shale revolution, Canadian oil and certainly gas is no longer of strategic importance. The only way to negotiate with the US over trade is to have alternate markets unless you want to be a marginal supplier and guaranteed price taker.

            The US left coast greens would not allow any additional coal handling ports to the benefit of Vancouver. You think they wouldn’t do the same for Oil Sands crude in any form?

        2. Missed a part. Crude oil isn’t all the same. Not all crudes work with all refineries. The USA refineries (Texas, midwest) taking heavy Alberta crude and bitumen will continue to do so. The Canadian heavy crude replaces the other heavy crude like Venezuela and California crude , not necessarily oil from fracking.

          Bitcrude, a semi solid product, is also an interesting no pipeline required option for overseas. All that’s needed is a seacan.

        3. Sure, oil from the prairies will have to be sold to the U.S.A. at a discount under world price if we are landlocked. But none of discounted price will have to be shared with Ottawa when we aren’t part of Canada.

      2. Sigh. You can’t see the forest for the trees. There is a reason Alberta oil goes to the US. It’s by design. The US funds every anti pipeline org it can find to landlock Albertan oil, so they can get it at discount prices. I hope those facts are a gamechanger for you.

  6. Many of us in BC, even in the lower mainland city central core, are also with you, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and we have family there. I know that I have a lot of strange-thinking neighbours here (I agree that you may not want the pot heads and greenie wierdies on Vancouver Island), but I was born in Alberta and so were my parents and two grandparents. I voted for Max’s policies, not himself.

    Please take us with you. It is well beyond a new Reform party this time. The west wants out, not in. The CPC stole my vote and threw out the ballots. We need a new country called North Western Canada or maybe Rupertsland with a real Constitution that includes property rights and we must never again be bound by the British BNA Act or its inappropriate Trudeau version, never even ratified by a province who thinks they are entitled to equalization! 1870, 1871 and 1905 were sell-outs. All central Canada, and Britain before, ever wanted were our resources and treasure. France gave up any interest in 1793! Self-determination is a valid principle, so let us exercise this and leave.

  7. And we thought that Liberals supporting Prinz Dummkopf were dumb:


    With that sort of support for Scheer, the Conservatives should call themselves the “natural opposition party”. Popular votes don’t mean seats in the House of Commons.

    Sorry, Andy, but you had your chance and you blew it. G’bye.

    1. “Andy – you blew it. G’bye.”

      The guy was handed multiple can’t lose gifts and he lost. Unbelievable – he was outsmarted by Trudeau. Think about that one. Scheer is simply too stupid to ever be prime minister. Get a new leader in place that can win. Next election will be in 4 years. Why would the Marxist NDP force an election when they are running the show?

      1. The plan was always for Scheer to lose for they have always rigged the game against us.

        The #1 priority is to disarm us now.

        Scheer and the CPC are in cahoots with the Liberal.

        Welcome to the one world government Canada.

        Time to move to the states I have offers of a job.

        Problem is my family would stay behind.

        I hate this world.

  8. And, Liz J nobody in the MSM ever says anything about the fact that absolutely none of these things were occurring, to this extent, during the Harper years.

    It was a relatively peaceful time in our country.

  9. As a 4th generation Albertan, exiled in MB, (for the moment) I would love to see a big beautiful wall on the MB/ON border. Independence for AB/SK/MB and build the pipeline from AB to the port of Churchill to get it to International markets. Unfortunately, Pallister in MB loves any UN initiative, carbon tax, and is already sucking up to Trudeau hoping for a few leftover crumbs from Ottawa after the East ravages the taxpayer funded buffet.

  10. The people in power believe western Canadians are just angry and will get over it. They are bind to the depth of the discourse. It is just not anger , it is the realization that from here things just get worse. Expect to hear a plethora of reasons why it won’t work reinforced by the media cheerleaders. I have three suggestions that will begin our journey to control of our affairs.
    1. Join the provincial party in power. Your influence can be much greater than any vote you can cast or petition you sign.
    2. From now on our provincial legislatures will be referred to as “National Assemblies”.
    3. After the last election it is clear we are a distinct society. We should do everything in our power to force this to be recognised in our National Assembly.
    The precedents for these actions are well founded, easily and cheaply done and send a clear message. It will be a long hard fight and all the entrenched stakeholders will fight it . In Alberta and Saskatchewan we never asked to be bailed out , we only asked to not be hamstrung by regulation based on unfounded theories while our pockets were being picked. We the people must fight this battle.

  11. If Alberta and Sask. withdraw from the Federal Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act. Which is not a part of the Failed Constitution it ends Equalization and all Tax Transfers from Sask. and Alberta to Ottawa. They can withdraw legally without anyones consent. That way we pay no more Equalization, and Atlantic Canada and Quebec can write each other checks and trade seal meat and rum etc.

    1. “That way we pay no more Equalization”

      At present we do not pay equalization. We pay Federal Income Taxes. Try withholding that and Trudeau’s fluffers, the RCMP, would have your ass in jail.

      1. OK I will rephrase that, for you. Under Federal Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act Ottawa collects all Alberta Taxes withholds funding for Equalization and hands back a few bucks to Edmonton. With out the Federal Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act Alberta gets all the money back except Federal Income tax on Business and personal. It no longer gets thrown in a pot and Ottawa no longer gets to with hold for all its programs. Go read the Act. After WW2 Provinces began giving up Provincial Jurisdiction to Ottawa. That is what would end. And if Albertans voted for UDI there would no longer be Federal Income Tax or any other funds sent to Ottawa.

        1. Watcher, you might be correct re the fiscal arrangements act, but Trudeau would ignore the pull out.

          Furthermore Trudeau might keep all the federal tax money Albertans send.

          But maybe it’s worth trying. When Trudeau pulls a fast one, and he will, it will help set up winning conditions for a referendum on leaving Canada.

  12. We have an Eastern province threatening secession that currently receives top priority in Canada, an extra 20 Billion in perks every year, celebrates their heritage and contributions, plus an obvious disposition of the government bending to their will.

    Then we have a Western movement growing that is ignored, is forced to pay 20 billion a year, and the government repeatedly tells them to go pound sand. Is denigrated, chastised, and is under the government’s whip all the time.

    Whom do you think would be the first to really leave? Rex is right.

    This comment got my account banned on it’s very first day. The NP has gone Zuckerberg.

  13. People complain about the US system and the Electoral College but it prevents things like this from happening. California and New York do not elect the president. Ontario and Quebec elect the P.M.

    1. I dunno know. There would be a lot of people in Calgary and Edmonton pooping their diapers. Over half the province.

  14. Maybe I’m in the minority but the only thing I disagree with is this: the anger part. I’m not angry. Not at all. I don’t think most of the people I talk to are angry. Our interests out here are just diametrically opposed to the interests of many Ontario and Quebec voters. Those interests are no longer reconcilable and no compromise can be reached. That’s fine. I’m not angry, I’m simply being pragmatic about it: Alberta/SK can’t succeed in Canada and Canada doesn’t want us. That’s fine. Let’s set a timetable, let’s set clear goals and let’s follow through.

    We don’t need 7 separate meaningless referendums on equalization or what have you. We need one, clear, fair, honest question to be put to Albertans early next year: Should Alberta separate from Canada? Either way, the Alberta firewall needs to happen and work on that should also begin. If SK and/or MB wants to come along that’s fine, too. Doing what we have always done isn’t working. Time to do something else.

    1. Albertans are resigned to the fact we have to go. No anger no shouting. Just we need to leave. Nothing in Canada works for us anymore. And we refuse to be held down and continually robbed. Robbed Democratically and monetarily.

  15. What’s the point? None of the people I hear talking, want a smaller or more limited government. They just want all the same programs Ottawa currently runs, except run by local bureaucrats instead of Ottawa ones.

    If you’re just after different nannies to run your nanny state, nothing is going to change.

  16. You want to hear molten: I can tell you.

    I have heard from a long-time friend, from Brantford ON (where the Tories won, of course, with Phil McColeman, M.P.).

    The level of bad language and derision of Trudeau (this person voted for PET in 1968) — and the yelling — was really quite something. I had to put the phone down.

    I’m trying to get the local Conservatives to agree that another election is going to happen within 6 months.

    Tell me, again, how Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and Elizabeth May are going to cobble together a government that will last more than 5 minutes, given that the Tories won the national popular vote?

    Call me crazy, but please add two percent to the alleged Tory vote in any public opinion poll, to get to a real number.

    I’m personally more upset about the Max Bernier stuff, which was nothing more than a side show, and not a particularly good one.

    Folks in Western Canada gotta understand that there are millions — literally, millions — of folks round here who are on your team.

    1. Yes David Millions complicit in the RAPE of Sask. and Alberta. Go read the comments sections on any news article to do with Alberta or Sask. Very bad indeed. No Sir it is time to go. Go UDI Alberta, 50% plus 1 and gone

      1. I’m okay with what you are proposing; don’t get me wrong.

        There will be several issues, which I’m certain we will be able to get through

    2. B.C. and Alberta would make a great country. Ship all that oil and gas to Asia from the coast. And take Saskatchewan in. Great province. Manitoba is going First Nations communist. I would let them rot on the vine.

    3. And you’ve got to understand and tell your insider friends in the CPC that the Max Bernier vote is not coming back unless the CPC grows a pair and speaks in plain language the way Max was doing about issues that matter to PPC supporters.

      Not coming back to have our votes taken for granted, as we watch the party grovel to the globalists after saying one thing to voters in private and a different thing in public.

      I am steamed that more people who basically agree with that didn’t register a protest vote with the PPC to show the depth of this frustration with the CPC. Things won’t change until that 2% becomes 10 or 15 per cent, then they would be losing too many ridings to ignore the situation.

      My prediction is that if the CPC doesn’t make real changes in this next year or two, they will start to find themselves losing to PPC like the old Tories lost to Reform between 1988 and 1993, and then they will go down the Kim Campbell route to oblivion in the next election.

      The key issue is climate lunacy. The CPC did not take a strong enough stand against it. It’s not good enough to say things in private that are supposed to be coded messages. Either you oppose this lunacy, or you give in to it. We have an outbreak of mass delusion in plain sight in this country, and no major political figure is speaking out against it. This is not only shameful, it is dangerous. There can be no national unity between sane people and insane people. Boot Quebec out (they were long gone before this) and try to recover the sanity of the ROC if possible, but if not, separate and try to preserve sanity on the western side of the divide. Rescue those trapped outside the zone of sanity. The west coast has become ground zero for climate lunacy. They need to be quarantined before it spreads to the real world (and there are serious outbreaks of it in the Kootenays for sure).

    4. “I’m personally more upset about the Max Bernier stuff”

      How hard would it have been for Numbnuts Scheer to have kept Max in the fold? Note that Scheer has never had a real job for him to figure out interpersonal business relationships. Joe Clark, only stupider.

      1. This is certainly a legitimate question: I have been trying to get to grips with it myself.

        I offered to put on an event for Max, at our home. No response. Peter MacKay has been here (2005).

        Then we get this freak storm over Warren Kinsella, whom 99.5% of the Canadian people would not recognize, let alone know (it’s so inside baseball that maybe even the Blue Jays could have won that identity contest).

        It’s old news, at this point.

        The election’s over. It portends a Conservative majority, in due course (probably next June).

        Last time I checked, the Tories won the national popular vote by 240,000 on 18mm cast.

        Please tell me what I’m missing in this…

        1. The dippers and the bloc are dead broke and the NDP just got creamed. I don’t think they want to go back anytime soon so they’ll claim hollow victories until they’ve had enough. It’s probably more like 2 years or even longer. We’ll unless jagmeet can get his numbers up sooner.

  17. The obstacle to national unity is not really centered in the east so much as on the west coast.

    It’s the Liz May attitude that whatever Vancouver Island and coastal folk want is the norm for everybody trapped inland and they will just have to adapt because smarter people who drive a Prius said so.

    The answer to that is to blockade the coast from inland, no goods reaching the coast for export, no imports travelling inland, until this attitude is fixed by allowing the pipeline to reach the coast (at Kitimat, preferably). A lot of people in BC would support this, especially to the east of the lower mainland. A natural blockade point would be somewhere like Hope.

    And in the meantime, keep the western MPs home from Ottawa and meet regionally in an alternate parliament. Ignore the decrees of King Justin and Clown Prince Jaghmeet, and the increasingly insane ravings of Greta’s foster Mom.

    But lost in all this is a stronger voice against climate lunacy. Whatever mandate Scheer may or may not have, he never spoke out against climate lunacy and is not really a strong voice against it, with his party brass probably hoping to ride it out like it doesn’t exist. Within ten years our economy will be in ruins if we go down this climate lunacy road, and this is what the hidden bankrollers of the movement are hoping to see in all western countries so that they can push their socialist globalist revolution to its final stage.

    Would bet there’s Chinese and Saudi money behind a lot of it. This is their wedge to get into our homes and destroy our lives. And our Laurentian and west coast elites are only too happy to take their money and help them do it.

    1. You are right Peter. All Alberta and Sask. MP’s should be told by their supporters to stay home and work on a UDI. And shut down all rail traffic east and west and all truck traffic east and west. Then shut down all TransX and let BC buy offshore oil and gas.

    2. It benefits American strategic interests most to have good oil reserves on hand next door, rather than competing with their current fracking boom .
      The oil sands are akin to J.R Ewing’s winter resort.

  18. anybody know how to program a hot key to type out ‘TURDoo 2.0’?
    Im gonna be using that char string a lot in the next while.

    gawd help this once decent nation, to sign on with the likes of that commie ass-fcuker.

  19. From the IMF. Alberta on its own as an Independent Country would be the 9th Richest Economy in the World. Wake up and smell the coffee Alberta. Demand a Binding Referendum on a UDI and let’s roll. Let Atlantic Canada and Quebec trade Seal Meat and Rum. While we enjoy a very low tax Alberta. Alberta would be free to set up an International Banking Operation like the Swiss or Luxembourg, as well as resources.

    1. Watcher, Over at The Greater Fool Garth Turner claim this about separation:
      I would appreciate your comment.

      Here are the conditions:
      MPs have the power to decide whether a proposed referendum question is ‘clear’ and unequivocally about secession before the public vote;
      The House of Commons has the power to determine whether or not a clear majority expressed itself following any referendum vote.
      All provinces and First Nations must be part of the negotiations.
      The House of Commons can override a referendum decision if it any of the above conditions are not met.
      The secession of a province would require an amendment to the Constitution to be legal.

      1. Well, I am not an expert, but initial steps could be taken– coming up with a question and putting it to a vote. That should scare the pants off them.

      2. And Quicksliver that is exactly why you go UDI. Ottawa has no say. If Albertans vote with 50% plus 1 for a Declaration of UDI it is all over. Everyone including FN’s living inside Alberta get 1 vote only. That is Democracy. No Clarity Act No Ottawa Jurisdiction, No Canadian Court Jurisdiction. Straight to International Law in one move. UDI means no Ottawa conditions. Alberta takes control with UDI not Ottawa. No more stacked decks

        1. Watcher…

          It’s not personal, or anything, but you really ought to identify yourself.

          Just sayin’

          Dave Southam

          1. Why should I. I am nobody of importance. I am past 70 years of age and have been waging this war for Freedom and Liberty for Alberta since the late 80’s. During the boom years I kept buggering on, renting small halls and making coffee and getting only 4 or 5 people showing up.
            But no one believed that Alberta could fall so fast and so far. I had my moment in the sun, talked face to face with Ralph Klein, Danielle Smith, a few others I can scarce remember, tried to get a few Separatist groups off the ground, failed, helped get Wildrose up and running.
            Had to give up and nurse my wife for 4 plus years until she lost her battle. I am nobody just a faceless Albertan who is fired up again. My only allegiance is to my family and Albertans. I don’t want them to continue to be stripped of their rights and hard earned money. Won some lost some and having fun here. Even if I am a rough old cob.
            Definitely not a politician last good one was Ralph Klein. The rest are lower than a snakes ass in a wagon rut. My 2 cents.
            I got nothing to prove Mr. Southam. Sometimes I run my mouth to much and if I offend I will apologize. Blame it on the old age and lack of patience at times.
            This mess and how it all started is all in the history books many out of print, much I have saved. JA MacDonald was a crook and sold out Canadians to prevent America from claiming the lands that became the United Colonies of Canada. Canadians have always been sold out generation after generation. I have it all in my files. Read Walter Kuhl’s letters and essays sometimes you will find a clue there. Alberta MP from back in the 30’s and 40’s. All the very best

          2. PS David. I could have picked a name like David Southam. It is the internet. Kate knows my name, if I am a bad boy she will box my ears for me. Right now I am still up on my 20 acres In the Rocky Mountains and its snowed all day. My place is at 4000 ft elevation, and is beautiful. My kids want me to come down for the winter. Say I am getting too old. Said the same thing a couple a years back when I got bucked off a horse and broke my arm in 2 places and didn’t go to the sawbones right away for a couple of days. I really did not think it was broke. It was just aggravating me. Anyway have a good evening. Watcher because I can’t chase cars anymore, just like my old cow dog. All he could do was watch the cars go by and could not chase them anymore.

  20. When the railways are blocked, not just for a few hours, but until actual pipeline construction starts, and when pipeline construction is blocked_for_any_reason, the railways are blocked again for an equal amount of time, then, and only then, will the imbeciles in Ottawa take Alberta seriously.

    Shipping via the Panama Canal to Montreal for their Chinese made junk, is out of the question, and so is building a new railway through Yukon-NWT as they can’t approve of anything without a decade of studies.

    Someone may want to talk to the folks in Vancouver about shipping from Old Canada, and how the Port of Vancouver is built for shipping goods to +30 million folks, not 5 million in BC.

    Leave the UN out of it, and leave Western Canada out of the UN.

    +The Maple Leaf is an Ontario – Quebec symbol. It doesn’t signify anything of value in the west.

    1. I agree, but shut down all truck freight as well east and west. And ignore every threat and court order just like the Indians do. Fffem.

    2. Funny you should mention the flag. CBC featured this item as an “accomplishment” of a minority government. I gather everyone wad not happy with that move and I can see why. I am already thinking of Canada as consisting of two independent or semi-independent entities. We are indeed a post national state.

  21. If you get the chance, BNN had Beeker on this morning………for anyone else, that’s John Manley, Laurentian elitist, former Cretch Lib cabinet minister, Corporate Director, etc, to talk about, well, western alienation.

    It’s both sides fault apparently, cuz Kenney had the audacity to stump for Scheer out of his own province!

    And climate change,

    Manley was clearly speaking as a connected Liberal this morning, saying what neither Trudy or any public Liberal could get away with. They will never agree with the west.

    It has to be UDI, but, I would agree with others that Kenney might not be your guy to get there. You might need to resurrect WILD ROSE to really get it done!

    1. That’s nothing new. I encountered such attitudes when I was at UBC 40 years ago, and, a bit later, when I moved to Saskatoon.

  22. I doubt he will do anything. This is Alberta’s opportunity to set a positive course for the future. The losers here will be Eastern Canada.

  23. Watcher exemplifies the idiocy of most Canadians quite well. If you say something he doesn’t like or agree with, he just goes to insult and logical fallacy immediately. He has no arguments to make, but at least he doesn’t try to hide that.

    The kind of guy that if he is on your side, you are probably losing.

  24. Maybe if any FNs don’t want to go along, let them remain overseas dependencies of Laurentia and bill them for transit services. They can be as self-governing as they want down the end of their side roads, sort of wheels within a wheel. Who cares? Some of the FNs have been playing the liberals and progressives for suckers, pretending to be all concerned about climate change when they can probably see it’s made up b.s., because they know they can twist the guilt machine one notch higher and get more back. Liz May is the prime offender with her sanctimonious Liz Warren style “I too am a native person look at me and all my settler guilt” — quarantine that whole mentality and let it rot on the coast like everything does in the constant downpours.

    So start referring to the east as Laurentia and let them know their embassy will be somewhere down a side street near the recycling depot, they will probably be the only ones using it anyway. And the west coast can be Salmonland, or West Laurentia. Funny how people in Salmonland all end up looking a bit like salmon, think about it.

    1. With UDI FN’s get 1 vote like everyone else, they can take up their claims with Ottawa or the UK who cares. No more Fwench, No more UN, No more treaties, No more Ottawa.

  25. This could all be win-win, they really want to pay big carbon taxes in Laurentia and Salmonland, so impose the tax at trans-shipment and keep the money for climate improvement programs like more fossil fuels to warm the damn place up a bit.

    1. Ha Ha Ha. Good one Peter. Impose Carbon taxes on all forms of non Alberta Traffic through Alberta. Rail, Truck and car. And use the money improve our wood stove technology. etc

  26. If you want your own country to work, start with the basics.

    A constitution, laws, they only work for a moral people. People who know what the right thing is, and do that. Do you have a majority of moral people in Edmonton Strathcona? Edmonton? Alberta? The answer to that is very important. Immoral or amoral people, will not vote for the same things a moral people will.

    The long march through the institutions; you can’t stop it. So, the only winning strategy long term, is few institutions. With limited power in those institutions. If you set up an Alberta Board of Education, eventually your universities and the rest will be back to the clown quarters they are today. Anything you setup, assume it will eventually be killed and worn like a skin suit by people demanding respect.

  27. So when does all this western separation stuff start?

    I mean, to convince lily-livered politicians that you’re serious, you have get headlines. And that means you’re going to have to do something pretty bold….I’m talking major civil disobedience – to get the attention of turdo’s bought-and-paid-for press whores.

    1. Why? No you don’t. Alberta is a jurisdiction of laws. It joined Confederation voluntarily, and it can leave Confederation voluntarily. In the mean time, what you do is the hard, hard work of building a shadow constitution, a shadow legal framework, and organising precisely so that you DON’T come across as a bunch of screaming, angry Antifa-types.

      You have to present people with the actual alternative. Remember, it is equally valid for an any Albertan to ask “why Separation? Where is the win for me?”.

      Now, if people in Alberta are as angry, and Confederation as bad, as we think, this will be easy. But, either way, hard or easy, this has to be done, and done right.

      Step 1 is definitely to review ALL legal and financial agreements with Ottawa and assess them using a cost-benefit approach.

      I think item #1 is an APP. Ontario has one. Quebec has one. BC used to have one, I believe. If the RCMP go full unionised, their pay will skyrocket, and that will render them too exoensive anyway. A great many RCMP members will be loyal to Alberta, and wish to cross over to the APP. They must be allowed to do so, as that will pin the RCMP from both sides – rank and file members as well as from government levels. This is key in allowing orderly transfers of files, benefits, pensions, etc.

      1. Agree Bdsm. First we need hard-headed feasibility studies for the economics especially, then attention to the constitutional fundamentals: government structure, policing, human rights, property rights, financial system, courts etc. (in my opinion along libertarian lines — but that’s just me) and strategy with respect to international relations esp wrt Eastern Canada, the Commonwealth, the US and the Pacific rim. Present a clear headed alternative, then push it.

        1. With respect, we don’t have time for that. By the time you complete all of that the oil and gas industry will be gone and there will be nothing left to save. While all of that is important and necessary it needs to be alongside a referendum. We cannot wait 3-5 years for the panels and working groups and studies to weigh in. It will be too late.

          All of this has to happen within a year or at most two or it won’t matter.

      2. Alberta did not join Confederation. There was no Alberta to “join” in 1905. It was erected as a province by an Act of Parliament. Ditto Saskatchewan. Manitoba was erected as a province in 1870. The view that provinces “joined” Confederation is a variant of the “compact theory” of Confederation and it’s bogus. BC, PEI, and Newfoundland joined. The other provinces created the Union in 1867.

        (An aside: if the Compact Theory is true, then Vancouver Island could also secede from BC, or vice versa, because each “joined” the other.)

        On another thread someone is saying that NB and NS were “forced into Confederation by the British” which would come as a surprise to Tupper (“the closer this is to legislative union the better pleased I will be”) and Tilley, who worked tirelessly for it. Also, if the Brits were “forcing” the Maritime provinces in, how exactly did PEI and Newfoundland stay out? Both were at the Quebec conference, and PEI hosted the one in Charlottetown.

        If there are arguments to be made, they should be based on the facts.

  28. The only reason Canada exists is because the Brits didn’t think it was worth keeping a garrison here to defend it against the Americans. ALL provinces could do without a federal government. Lets dissolve the federal government and move on. The only thing of theoretical value they do is national defence, and they do such a crap job at that that there is no point even bothering.

  29. Notice the media tour the last couple days?

    You know the Liberals are completely disingenuous…….Moroneau says yesterday, the Libs will be “fiscally responsible” (!)

    Today, Trudy says how much he cares for the West and he is attentive to their concerns……..

    Good a Gawd, only the media, his extraordinary water carriers, and his knobs believe that crap. Typical Liberals, all words, no action.

    All hat, no cattle.

    1. Stop it. If you want independence, start acting like it is around the corner. It is inevitable. Stop buying into hype and stupid distractions. We have work to do.

      Rise above the caterwauling and all the bullshit from Ottawa. Hold your head up. You are Albertans. Sure Ottawa will lie, cry, try to steal, actually steal, etc, etc. All to try and intimidate you into staying.

      Don’t fall for it. Don’t discuss separation with Federalists. It wastes both your time. Just get busy. There is a country to get built. That means work to do. Let Trudeau whine. Let the CBC insult you. Who cares. You have made the decision. Get busy, and get on with it.

    2. So attentive to the West that he could not be bothered sending out a Liberal to greet the truckers convoy. If I lived in Alberta, I would not be forgetting that one.

  30. Cristina

    Canadians voted for lawlessness:
    no ethics
    no borders
    political coverups
    judicial meddling
    bribed media
    no budget
    false emergencies
    stifled economy
    excessive taxation

  31. So Blackie called Calgree Mayor Nenshi 36 hours after the election? WTF is up with that? And who the f**k could vote for that fat bastard? Nenshi pretending he’s some type of bridge between Blackie and Kenny.
    When you have momentum, use it. Get out quick fast and in a hurry.

  32. Yep… “we have to fill Otttawa with francophones”… Justine Turdhole… where do people think Justine got the bigoted notion of “filling Ottawa with francophones”… from Daddy of course… UDI is the only way out of Peeairs institutionally bigoted ethnic national socialist State.

  33. Alberta #WEXITALBERTA signed up 220,000 new Separatists. Will be having events all over Alberta. Look them up and get out there and support our future. Be sure and try to get to the Alberta Legislature on Nov. 2 they are hoping for a good turnout at their rally. Tickets are free. Alberta Proud and Free.

  34. I was around the last time we had a trudeau and Alberta separatism was contemplated. I met Doug Christie and Gordon Kessler who got elected in an Olds/Didsbury bi election (he lost in the provincial election). It was Western Canada Concept last time.

    The movement had legs for awhile and then fizzled out when the economy picked up. Next thing we knew Manning had everybody convinced that ‘The West Want’s In’ and, well, we all know how that went.

    This time I sense more vigour or urgency. Maybe I am reading this wrong (my opinions maybe clouded by the people I hang with and the internet sites I follow) but there is plenty of discontent….our ‘leaders’ are noticing.

    Things are moving quickly. Last time around we had T1 for 16 years before he was gone and Albertans heads were ready to explode. This time all it’s taken is 4 years – with a promise of maybe 4 more.

    1. Yes I remember it well. But this time it is not just the Liberals. It is all the Canadian Media Propagandists plus the BlocQ, The NDP, The Greens and a useless Sheep called Steer who can’t find his own ass with both hands. . Also probably 60% of Canadians who support these slack jawed drooling idiots. And many Provincial Premiers who see their meal ticket slipping away. Like that goat roper Brian Pallister of MB. It will be Epic. Go UDI Alberta