10 Replies to “I, Napoleon”

  1. People are finally starting to notice.

    Liberals do not put forth policy planks.

    Liberals pick an issue, weaponize it, and use it as a blunt instrument to beat conservatives. Generally based on identity politics. Media fully on board.

    Liberals do not care about the underlying issue itself. Nor do their supporters.

    Case in point Mr blackface banana in pants, who treats women as playthings.

    If the party or it’s supporters actually believed their righteous rhetoric Trudeau would not garner any support from his base.

    As such their policies are wholly destructive, with no other desired outcome than to achieve and maintain power. At any cost. Even a nation.

  2. Per Murray, about 13:30 in.

    “So my view is that a lot of people don’t like equal actually.
    They want to go to better.
    This is really painful stuff.
    But the extent to which being gay can be presented as if it’s actually a bit better than being straight.
    Being Black is not just about being equal, it’s a bit better than being White.”

    I guess I could aspire to the Gay thing.
    Being Black is a little more difficult, although our Prime Minstrel has it covered.

  3. Speaking of Napoleon; know this.

    Eventually, but also with absolute certainty, Canada is a country, where you will legally be required, to wax that lady’s balls.

    Unilateral Declaration of Independence, is the only way to save your children from this horrible fate.

    Eventually, right to choose means that the government will have to start hiring people to provide sex. If you cannot choose to not have sex, if sex is eventually declared a basic human right (like being able to call yourself a woman and hang out with naked girls at the pool)…

    Trudeau’s charter, guarantees that eventually, this will all come to pass. There is not way to stop it.

    1. Kevin: Transgender =using an identity group to do something else. What that something else is unknown but you are being bullied and it’s political. So stand by you honest thoughts and don’t be SWADE. We are being lied to and I want the truth! If you have honest thoughts don’t let anyone take that away from you. A small percentage of people want a Revolution, so don’t let them win…keep your own values and thoughts no one should take that away from you.

  4. When I hear leftists ask for justice, social or otherwise, I just laugh. They’ll get justice when the Lord returns, all right—and their screams and wails of torment wafting upwards from the pool of fire and sulphur will be music in the ears of their victims who will be privileged to live with Christ their King in the heavenly Jerusalem for all eternity.

    In the heavenly Jerusalem there will be no social justice warriors, just as there will be no bankers, globalists, communists, Jew-haters, Muslims, idolaters, renegade Jews or Christians, feminists, perverts, or journalists.

    Justice? The absolute last thing they want is justice. In a world where there were any justice, anybody preaching social justice would be publicly stoned to death, as God commanded be done to anybody daring to tempt Israel to worship a god that was not He.

  5. One can agree with Murray that little things count.
    The little word ‘gay’ was used liberally throughout, and was a chapter heading.
    These two intelligent and articulate liberal gentlemen make a fair case for forgiveness.
    They didn’t foresee where it would all lead.