31 Replies to “This is why the Democrats are Frightened of Tulsi Gabbard”

  1. The democrats are not scared of her. They know that she won’t be a Democrat for much longer, because she doesn’t belong in the modern Democratic party.

    stupid captcha, a motorhome is not a bus.

      1. Kenji: I wish we had Trump for our PM. He is doing everything for his country not like our LYING SOCK PUPPET…destroying Canada. Trudeau running scared bringing in the BIG GUNS Obama & Butts out canvassing. Peter Mansbridge doing his part to make sure this country we call Canada is destroyed!! JUST THINK ABOUT IT!! VOTE OUT TRUDEAU AND THE LIE-BRAL PARTY!!

  2. It kills me how Dems switch sides so swiftly. Suddenly they’re all super trusting of the intelligent agencies. What happened to WMDs and “Bush lied, people died”? Now they’re all for the Forever War.

  3. Attractive, yes
    Intelligent, yes
    Smooth talking socialist, YES and good at it, but socialist she is!
    Which is anti-everything to being American.

  4. She is very dangerous. She is wrapped in a persona of reason. And, she is still a socialist. Everyone else on that stage is way past their “use by” date. I think she has no chance in 2020, but the future of the dims will have to include her unless they seek the same death spiral that the repubs are rushing to embrace. She could fly in by the backdoor as a vp candidate. The media has found a new candidate to push. Stand by, be prepared for mountains of bullshit. Don’t buy into another “nice guy, jimmy carter”. We are closer to the precipice than ever.

  5. Honestly, as a Democrat, she is a horrible person. As such, I do not care if the Inquisitors of the Woke Inquisition hound her into suicide. I will raise no finger to defend a socialist under any circumstance; especially while her Democrat allies are attacking her.

    If she makes a walk away video now, my opinion changes.

    We all know, she will not. She is committed to evil (as all socialists are). If a walk away video was ever going to come from her, it would have happened already. All I can derive is amusement watching the Holy Inquisitors of the Church of Woke come after her.

  6. Representative Gabbard generates more sane soundbites than the rest of the field. For example, she nailed the Pelosi/Nadler/Schiff impeachment circus. That said, I did have one Kate moment, screaming at my computer. Will the representative please me WTF is a “safe” abortion?

  7. It’s too bad, she won’t win the nomination. Tulsi appears far more centre-left than the rest.

    Hillary will come off the bench one more time.

    Trump will win 400+ electoral college seats.

    1. What makes the Demarxists think that SHE will do better this time?

      Not sure that she will be welcomed back, the party has turned FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR left since 2016s’s embarassment, she’s more to the right than Biden. Once again, the murmurs are there for Bloomberg. Soon, the echos of Mike and Harpo will be heard. The DIms know they are in trouble with the current roster of misfits and miscreants.

  8. No. She won’t do. She approves of the murder of babies. We know very well what God teaches about infanticide.

  9. Our youngest brother who was ex-Canadian Armed Forces, nailed the situation in Syria. It was/is a civil war. It is “too bad” that the “bad guy” Assad and his forces won, but civil wars are unpredictable (actually all wars are!). The country must start to heal itself and outside forces must get out now. I applaud President Trump and his decision to withdraw forces. Russia is now becoming involved and it will turn into another 20 year Afghanistan debacle for them. The Middle East is a series of tribes fighting constantly. The only good thing out of this is that no one is fighting Israel or lobbing bombs over their wall.

  10. She is the least scary and most likable communist America-hating ignoramus ingrate on the stage!

  11. She’s a hard core socialist that worked in a right wing world, the military.
    She’s sane about the stuff that she was exposed to in the military but when she gets away from that she spins off into the usual socialist madness of guaranteed incomes and such.

    1. Socialism and guaranteed incomes are kinda like being in the forces. You get paid to not think for yourself and do what your GD told.

      1. MACK a lot of conservatives, me included support the right to choice as to abortion and death with dignity. Now take yer religious based bullshit and shove it were the sun don’t shine.

        1. Easy my friend, go easy on my fellow believers. You might be surprised to learn that I am stridently Anti-abortion, yet support keeping Roe-v-Wade as “settled law”. Why? It would be unnecessarily disruptive, divisive, and distracting to start a political abortion WAR. However, notice I said I am in favor of maintaining Roe-v-Wade. What the leftist States like New York have been doing is illegally E-X-P-A-N-D-I-N-G the provisions of Roe-v-Wade by giving license to women and their Doctors to slaughter babies up to and after birth. Roe-v-Wade LIMITS abortions to the first trimester. The ghouls in our society need to be STOPPED. And ALL abortions should be rare … as in infrequent.

          As far as assisted suicide? I have no problem with it as a humane END of life to relieve suffering. However, again … when ghouls want to expand suicide as legally acceptable whenever and wherever an individual chooses it … that’s a bridge too far. When my own healthy 74yo next door neighbor sealed his garage, started his 1972 VW Bug and took a long nap … it wasn’t just suicide. It was an act of hostility aimed at his own two daughters. He left notes all around the house telling the girls of his disappointment in their life decisions. This is the kind of suicide that should NEVER be assisted or sanctioned by law.

          At the end of the day, God’s Laws are the most humanitarian and rational, instructions for life. Rebellion, against God and Gods laws is a fools enterprise. I am a natural skeptic, and iconoclast … a bit like you, I’d suspect, NME … but I learned long ago to seek the TRUTH through my skepticism … not simply bash every traditional value … not simply rebel for rebellions sake.

      2. yah buddy and that’s why I lasted 10 months in our much vaunted military, I threatened to hospitalize the idiot barking orders at me, for no other reason than he was in a position to do so

  12. Good off-prompter speaking skills, attractive, political divide bridge builder, politically astute, and necessarily progressive, – the best of a bad lot. She just might hang in there a bit longer. If the Democratic machine doesn’t destroy her, she might have a chance.

  13. She’s the only Democrat candidate who isn’t radical, similar to what Democrats used to be, which makes her a rarity these days.

    The rest of the Democrat candidates, being radicals, hate her as a result, so her chances are slim to none.

    I like a lot of what she says, but she’s still a leftist and therefore not fit for the job.

  14. Lieawatha spoke for 22 minutes, Tulsi spoke for 8. That isn’t a “debate” … it’s a filibuster.

  15. Gabbard has the gift of the gab.
    She wasn’t a soldier. She was IN the army due to affirmative action.
    A welfare job like her current one as a congress-critter.

    Trump also ran on an end-all-these-stupid-wars platform.
    Trump is not a slaughterer of Kurds. That smear doesn’t align well with her all god’s children schtick.

    Guaranteed Annual Income is justified in some circles on the premise that it’s a more efficient way of delivering benefits vs. the current patch work quilt approach. Problem is: government efficiency is a quantity not found in the universe.

    GAI is immoral. Period. As the old timers used to say, The world doesn’t owe you a living.

    1. As soon as every American is given a “FREE” $1,000/mo. … the basic cost of living will increase by $10,001.00.

      If I need to explain this to you … I’ll just send you on a one way flight to Zimbabwe.

  16. every one in here goes negative on Tulsi, but many will still vote for an incompetent idiot like andy 2%

  17. Hey Donald – ask Tulsi to be your VP – seriously. I’m an American and a veteran. I would vote for a ticket with you and her in a heartbeat. I have never voted for a Democrat but she’s good person. Name Pence to a cabinet position.

    The Democrats would burn her at the stake if they could.

    She would annoy no Republican and bring in other Democrats. Win Win, Donald