I Want A New Country

Just as planned: B.C.’s top court orders review of Trans Mountain Pipeline’s environmental assessment

After the National Energy Board reviewed the project for a second time, the federal government approved the pipeline expansion again.
The Appeal Court says in its decision released today that in light of changes to the original report of the energy board when it reconsidered the project, provincial approval also needs to be reconsidered.

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  1. Meanwhile whiny indians are complaining the parties during the election campaign are not promising them more money.

    1. John …. I got banned from commenting on the Globe & Mail for calling them “First Welfare Nations”.
      This was back in the days of Chief Theresa Spends 😉 oops meant Thief Spends!!

      The good ol’ times.

      1. Maybe because they aren’t nations. They resemble nations the way a wet roll of toilet paper resembles an orange.
        I call them ” First Welfare Recipients”.

    1. Win or lose, Alberta should leave Canada the way a beaten abused wife should leave a marriage whether he goes to prison or not.
      What has Canada ever done for Alberta?

  2. The watermelon alliance that currently rules BC is happily exploiting every avenue that their US funded shyster comrades can come up with in attempting to delay the pipeline expansion to death. Sixty percent of British Columbians are in favour of the pipeline expansion but the sleazy NDP needs the slimy Greens to hold power. I suspect that if we had a PM that didn’t speak for Gerald Butts, and actually wanted it built, this nonsense could be over-ruled by the federal government.

  3. After Alberta / Saskatchewan separate from Old Canada, approval for new pipelines without asterisks in the legalese in exchange for railways traversing these provinces, will take approximately 24 hours.

    Unless of course Old Canada is planning on shipping their Chinese made junk / widgets / trinkets / garbage via the Panama Canal to the Port of Montreal. What that’ll do to the Port of Vancouver is anyone’s guess, lol… Maybe the sightseers will stop there on their way to viewing the glaciers melt before their eyes on the way to Alaska.

  4. And after the provincial re-review, the Aboriginal community will need to be re-consulted, and the Feds will have to do another review because of those changes . . .

    1. as ed has said round and round. People at the trough should have no say in how the trough is filled. Just enjoy the fact that the white man has generated enough wealth for you to do nothing all your miserable lives. wtf, where did Ed’s round and round go?

  5. Let’s all run around in circles now and prove nothing and continue to allow the stupid people to screw up our country and lives. Man Canadians are dumb. The courts are not elected and do not give a shit about Canada or Canadians, they are fools and they need to be eliminated the SCOC is a useless bunch of socialists who are at the government trough and in spite of their education are quite stupid.

    1. Canadians are stupid, and you are Canadian. Separation leaves the same people at a redecorated trough. Ms. McMillan will do the art work for a small fee.

      France in the 1780s reached the same situation. They solved their problem with some inexpensive hardware and a handful of skilled artificers. The same will work here and now.

      1. “France in the 1780s reached the same situation. They solved their problem with some inexpensive hardware and a handful of skilled artificers. ..”

        The froggies did indeed have a cure for all this.


        Just one or two at first….you know, “Pour encouragez les autres.” 🙂

  6. We will not be taken seriously until we get serious. The United we roll caravan was ignored and was basically slandered. Scott Moe came out today with a basically status quo work within the federation stand Ex prime Mulroney says the number one issue is the environment. Our leaders are failing us. It will be up to the people to Lead and force a seperation referendum. This means joining the provincial governing parties. In large enough numbers to force it. Trudeau’s message is going to resonate better than Sheer’s.Max is a non-starter. The NDP & Green are likely likely to be in a position to force things even more insanely. IT is time to think about how we can achieve a new country. Do not be paralyzed by fear.

    1. “The United we roll caravan was ignored and was basically slandered. ”

      True. But it was also a useless idea from conception as far as changing things were concerned. Would have been far better to have taken those rigs and plugged up the Trans-Canada, the CN mainline, and every entrance into the Legislature. It’s called civil disobedience, and it generates the kind of press that makes politicians shit themselves. And unless you’re prepared to do it and accept the consequences, (arrest, charges) , stay the hell at home and type away.

      1. Someone should ask Trudeau in the debate he attends why he and his party ignored the truckers. There was no excuse for that. I thought it was showing complete indifference to the plight of Alberta and its recent job losses.

        1. LindaL: It does really show how Trudeau feels about Alberta and he doesn’t really give a sh*t about Alberta!! He wants your VOTES to continue on with the ONE WORLD GOV’T and himself as the PM forever. VOTE OUT THE LIE-BRALS VOTE OUT TRUDEAU IN OCT. 2019!!

    2. Ex PM Mulroney is right, the number one issue is the environment, but he’s wrong about why he’s right. Or number one issue is that the environment here will kill us of us if we don’t have fossil fuels in abundant supply. Without the money from the economy powered by fossil fuels, we can’t develop or buy any other technology to keep us from freezing to death in the winter, and if we could cut enough wood to burn to keep us all alive – we can’t without fossil fuels to run chainsaws and the vehicles to distribute the wood – we’d run out of wood. But that wouldn’t happen because we’d starve first without fossil fuels powering the agricultural machinery and producing fertilizer for the crops.

      1. TheTooner: EXACTLY!! That is Trudeau’s plan he hates Canadians. The deader the better as far as he is concerned. Freeze us and starve us to death we do part. VOTE OUT TRUDEAU AND THE LIE-BRALS IN OCT. 2019!

        1. Remember “Let the Eastern b*#tards freeze in the dark”? They survived, and they won’t scruple at again taking what they need/want from any of the lesser regions. And if we can’t survive on what they leave us, they’ll import new immigrants who will tough it out and put up with it for a few generations and if necessary replace them in turn.

          Personally, I’d prefer to keep Canada one country, if it can be made to work in a way that we can accept as fair to us for our contribution. I don’t see the structural and cultural change needed to achieve that as any easier than the changes needed to make a viable independent new country in the West. Neither path is guaranteed to lead to success, so I know it’s smarter to try for the option that more of the people concerned want. I’m not in it for a noble failure.

    1. Only Max and the PPC have a pro-policy pipeline. Oh, you can be sure Andy 2% talks that he will sock’em hard and cleverly until he get’s the pipeline; but he won’t. He’ll talk of the need to follow due process (as laid down by WWFer Gerald Butts!)

      Also, enough with a few UNELECTED judges deciding the economic policies and laws of Canada; a small clique of very bribable judges, I suspect.

      1. // Oh, you can be sure Andy 2% talks that he will sock’em hard //
        Won’t take “NO” for an answer?
        Doesn’t 4+ Billions count for anything around here?

  7. Pension first politicians, party first (and only) citizens. You have exactly the country and government you deserve.

    Didn’t bother reading any comments, just assuming the usual crowd of “only CPoC can stop Trudeau” people have already posted (multiple times).

  8. Just wondering, if you renew your membership every year no matter what, and donate the maximum every year no matter what; why do you think they care what you think?

    Unconditional support means you can (and should be) be ignored.

  9. How can any Albertan possibly want to stay in canada? We have shipped almost a trillion dollars (net) out of this province to canada and this is how we’re treated. Embarassing. Kenney should put a referendum question on the Oct 21 ballots whether Alberta should begin separation planning.

    At the very least he should start enacting Harper’s firewall and start turning off the taps to BC and the rest of Canada for “vital” pipeline inspections to ensure the safety of the environment.

    1. // Kenney should put a referendum question on the Oct 21 ballots //
      Eh? Those are federal ballots.
      In lieu of that though, you could spoil your ballot with a scrawl for separation.
      If enough did that, a few non-Conservatives might get in.

      1. Plenty of non-Conservative will get in. And they won’t be conservative non-Conservatives, they’ll be Liberals, Greens, NDP.
        And Kevin’s “…usual crowd of “only CPoC can stop Trudeau” people …” are right, in the context of this election. The only possible alternative government to a Liberal majority or minority (the latter supported by Greens and NDP at whatever conditions they demand, until the Liberals believe they can win another without them) is a CPC majority or minority. And in the best case that’s only a delaying action until the electorate’s mood swings the other way again, it always does eventually.

        So, if you want to really break things open to re-order the country into more than one country, or a new federation with much more independence for provinces, especially the West, you should be calculating whether your chances are better under a Liberal government continuing to lay waste the West’s economy and thereby inspiring more support for the project, or under a Conservative government giving us some breathing room while they inspire more support for the project. Or just vote a protest and come back on here and rant some more.

        Don’t for a moment indulge yourself with the comforting falsehood that we couldn’t make things worse. Anything is possible, including that, so it’ll take more than getting out of Canada for us to end up living in a new country that we like. Voting out Liberals is sastifying, like pulling up weeds or poisoning them, but if we aren’t doing the constant work to grow and maintain a healthy lawn, the weeds will be back.

  10. “How can any Albertan possibly want to stay in canada? ”

    Because the average Albertan is just as dependant and timid and risk adverse as his brothers and sisters across Canada.

    1. Well there is this quote that provides an explanation why a UDI didn’t happen back in the 80’s.

      “Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

      Words that make the Laurentian Elite foam at the mouth since they got run out of the US after the American Revolution.

      1. Joseph:It is the Laurentian Elite’s that want to run the world and are trying really hard in Canada…keep the up and coming young Canadians stupid and they might just be able to pull it off this time around. It’s all about the MONEY just follow the money!! Mulroney is one of them and I bet Trudeau and Butts are also..just my opinion!

    2. “Because the average Albertan …verbal diarrhea ensues…“~McMasterbator

      You’ve just recently admitted you don’t live in Alberta. You also don’t know shit about Albertans.
      Albertans are the only conservative province in Canada, and you don’t even understand conservatives let alone Albertans.

  11. did the TURDoo 2.0 expect this?
    no. he’s a bubblehead.
    was he *told* what to do and say?
    ummmmm . . . . . .

  12. I also want a new country. What kind of a country deliberately sabotages it’s economy for no gain? I expect to see Canada breaking up soon.

  13. also, the higher the court sits, they more they seek a convoluted, intricate and complex interpretation, setting precedent and showing their ‘grasp’ of the ‘nuances’ of law.
    and all go home for a poker game and LAUGH at Canaduh for giving them this seat in the audience, watching the farce play out.


  14. Trudeau can say he wants pipelines while do nothing to make them happen. This is WWF employee Gerald Butts’s scheme, far too subtle for Cotton socks.

  15. Ah, I see the real government of Canada (the courts) still hasn’t finished weighing in. The never ending law suits continue. What a farce.

  16. The first thing Turdeau should have done was taken the first license approval granted, turned it into an Act of Parliament and passed it not sublect to other laws, labelled in the National interest, necessary for peace order and good government, and notwithstanding the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. That would be anticipating court BS. Instead the Creston Groper did nothing.

    1. That was the first thing any Prime Minister of this country should have done about it, having a grasp of what is vital to the national interest and of his office’s role in pursuit of that interest, and of what the courts and other processes are like. But PM Justin Castreau isn’t loyal to Canada.


    Why was it a good idea for the new country of Canada to become independent o from Colonial Rule from London, England, but somehow it’s bad for Alberta to grow up in turn and, and become independent from Colonial Rule from Ottawa, Ontario?

    I’d love an intelligent answer to that question. I have yet to hear one.

  18. Either vote for something different, or or cast another vote for all the same parties, and all the same groups that have been there the whole time.

    Harper claimed to be a conservative. Look where that got you
    Trudeau was not Harper. Look where that has got you.
    Scheer is not Trudeau.
    The CPoC has the word “conservative” in their name.

    If all that matters is that the word “conservative” is in their name, and their leader is not Trudeau, then stop complaining.