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    1. hay dud, Stump should be like O’butthole, and incite things even more, right. I hope yer muther shuts down your computer and locks the basement door so you don’t get out off leash

      1. Listen, I’m assuming you’re some kind of right wing old stock type. Therefore, we are not enemies. Do you know that the head of Patriot Player was arrested preemptively before the Portland Protests? He is hardly a right wing extremist NAAAAAAZZZIIII. I’m merely pointing out that the rounding up of right wing conservatives is intensifying while right wing conservatives tepidly wring their hands and make excuses. How long before the government starts scouring the comments section of SDA? It’s time for us to start using the law and engage in identity politics.

  1. Complete anarchy in Portland. The brown shirts of Germany have been replaced by black shirts of Oregon.

    Might be long overdue to call out the National Guard to deal with th Antifa thugs.

  2. You could do that.

    Or you could simply send in the army to do what local authorities are unable or unwilling to do. In the end the British army had to go into Ulster because the government of Northern Ireland of the day could not or would not stop “republican” terrorists on their own. Sauce for the goose.

  3. Looks like a setup to me. Incite the citizens that want to oppose anarchy to overreact. Then you will see the trap sprung and the videos will be blamed for the incitement to violence, not the Antifa (Anti-first-amendment; read that someplace today).
    Those wanna be brown shirts don’t even know they are being used as bait for the propaganda trap. I’m guessing Pres. Trump does smell the skunk behind the curtain.

    1. The Antifa brownshirts are headed to the same fate, a purge. Not especially violent, but will send the post-teens running.
      And civil society will do it, not Nazis, no matter what the Demsquad tells you.
      Remember as some loon goon coward just warned Scott Adams on Twitter, just don’t say what they don’t like and you’re OK.
      The actual Sturmabteilung, those ruthless bastards, would have these Anti-twits for breakfast while retreating to basement.
      They met an even bigger Nazi. But in this case, the Dems are in their corner all the way, a silent partner, like BLM and BDS.

  4. dRumpf is such a liar!!
    I watched the 11 o’clock CTV News tonight. They reported the Proud Boys are the most EXTREME rightwing group in the country, who were battling anti-fascists (the good guys). CTV would not lie!!

  5. I was impressed at Antifa’s tactical acumen. Find a stray, beat him up… Sort of. 30 against 1 in a street fight usually works out well.

    Heros of the Resistance I tell you.

  6. Antifa is that which they protest. Being willfully blind and ignorant is not a good thing.

  7. Just how is being masked while assaulting citizens legal?
    I was under the impression committing a crime while concealing your identity was a double felony,because it clearly indicated the premeditation of the attacker.
    Ditto the obscenity of claiming “Right to nonviolent protest” While remaining anonymous and being aggressively violent.

    Sooner or later the severly normal taxpayers are going to lose it.
    This happens on a recurring basis through out US history.
    The fools and bandits holding elected office and using public institutions,such as the police,to enable the likes of Antifa, demand the public give up their guns..Yet because of their behaviour they will need armed security for the rest of their lives.
    Laws are for the little people…The pack behaviour of these orchestrated thugs is a real “tell”.
    They will lose police protection as soon as politically expedient.

    When they are stripped naked and doxed they will vanish,as cockroaches before the light.
    And the true mob will do just that.
    “When the Saxon began to hate”..The enablers will suffer the same fate as their pets.
    Remember “Tar and feathering” is a traditional method of dealing with person who hate your community.
    One of the “civil” methods of dealing with dangerous fools.
    Hanging was for when their stupidity had already caused anothers death.
    Human Nature is.

    1. Light and Truth are the BEST sanitizers. Uncover these cockroaches, and watch them scurry.

      D’ya remember when soccer Hooligans were running rampant? The EPL put an end to that nasty, destructive, activity in their futball stadiums. How? Facial recognition videos of every single patron entering the stadium. Each and every undesirable thug were denied entry. The EPL system is just as effective as Israel’s Wall. Violent confrontations have dropped almost completely inside the stadiums.

  8. Stay with me here … because there is a point I am trying to make. After watching Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, I have become re-interested in the whole sordid Manson affair. To this end I watched a Documentary Music From an Unsound Mind last night.


    The film explores, in depth, the REAL motivation behind Charles Manson’s actions, which were mostly rooted in his pursuit of a Rock and Roll career. It also explores how he hijacked the whole Free Love, antiestablishment, hippie scene of the mid-late 60’s becoming a de facto pimp running a harem of sad, disaffected young girls. His ultimate rejection by the music industry (Dennis Wilson, Terry Melcher) is what motivated muderous revenge targeting the wrong victims. He sent his muderous whores to (what used to be) Terry Melcher’s home, expecting to murder the Record Producer who had rejected him, but instead murdered 5 people who had nothing whatsoever to do with Manson.

    Both of these films cited how the Manson murders also KILLED the youthful innocence of the counterculture movement. How the unbridled excesses of Manson … enabled by the LA music scene … enabled by legitimate figures such as Dennis Wilson of The Beach Boys … turned grim, and ended abruptly. Manson’s murders ended a “movement” which had been turning dark and sordid.

    I sense we are heading toward a similar crossroads with our current culture that is “accommodating” the fringe characters of society (LGBTQq you know who) and the increasingly violent anarchists called ANTIFA. Similar to the counterculture movement of the 60’s, this current cultural shift started with a positive notion: “accept” people who are “different”. Stop “bullying” and embrace anyone and everyone. However, whatever positive messages there were to this cultural movement have been replaced with anger, hostility, and violence.

    The video posted by Andy Ng of some obviously “transitioning” FREAK complaining about a “Reporter’s” American Flag on his sleeve explains how far this “acceptance” movement has devolved. The most freakish, misfits of our society have been granted “superior” social credit over the vast majority of “normal” folk. This artificial (counter to human nature) empowerment is spinning out of control. ANTIFA, and their associated freakshow are allowed to break laws, assault people they “don’t like”, with no fear of facing justice. The mob is in charge.

    I suggest we are about to experience another “Manson moment”, when a cultural revolution is abruptly SHUT DOWN from its own excesses. The shark has been jumped. Repeatedly. The enablers (the Mayor of Portland is the contemporary Dennis Wilson) are currently breeding the next Manson. I feeeeeeel it’s coming … a shocking slaughter in the name of “acceptance of all”. Yeah, right.