17 Replies to “Your Moral And Intellectual Superiors”

    1. Yep, the NYT is just as good as the national Inquirer. Just as truthful as well.

  1. And yet, they have cleaner hands than the Media Party of the Liberal Party of Canaduh. I almost curse the day Guttenburg was born.

    1. Oldtimer, that would be like cursing the internet. My voice was suppressed in print, in voice and now on line. Sure sucks to be an intelligent free thinking individual.

  2. This is one of several times when I’ve seen people accusing the Times of enabling white supremacy. Looks good on them. There is no hiding from the woke crazies.

  3. IMO that’s always been the main difference between the left and the right.
    A person on the right will seek out a contrary or opposing opinion to his own.
    A person on the left has no interest in hearing an opposing opinion.

  4. How DARE the NYT not be loyal woke leftists!

    Dems better nip that in the bud or next thing you know the failing Times will try printing a balanced article.

  5. It could be called corporate cowardice yielding to the mob, but given that the NYTs has nutured the political outlook of its customers over decades of publishing progressive pabulum, it was a gentle reminder to be more diligent in preventing accidental reporting.

  6. The Press is not the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

    It’s far worse than that. The Press simply consider the Democrat Party to be the Useful Idiots (see: Joe Biden) necessary to “transform” America into a well-heeled Socialist State. The wealthiest (initially) Socialist State in the history of mankind! Flooding our nation with uneducated 3rd world ‘takers’ is a key component to that mission. Calling everyone who opposes the functional erasure of our borders a RACIST … is part of the plan.

    1. Yes, Kenji. At times it is very difficult to see who is actually leading who.

      Where we have long blamed the media for being leftist toadies, propagandists and apologists, it often seems, especially watching this current crop of primary contenders, that progressive liberal politicians are climbing all over each other to live up to the latest woke fad promoted by their MSM and Hollywood betters.

      Almost every single Dem candidate I listen to comes across like somebody else’s lackey…. not a true leader among them. Maybe that is why I found the Russia hoax so extremely hard to take seriously right from the get-go. It is painfully clear to anyone not infected with TDS that Trump is his own man with a crystal clear understanding of who the president answers to in America.

  7. They shall reap the discord they have sown.
    All Hail Discordia.
    Our Media Party,of Canada, actually leads the USA on protecting the narrative.
    For no opposing point of view will be reported….All Nazi’s everywhere..Alt Right Haters..cause they resent having thieving hands in both pockets.?
    If you oppose the rule of our parasitic overlords..you must be ill!
    Your mental state is a threat to the State..Hater.

    The banishment of our Progressive Comrades,including all of the government paid media,cannot come about soon enough.
    As Canada will never do such a thing,our New Country will at least have somewhere to throw them.
    Send the beggars East.
    Free the West, screw the rest!

    1. Right wing hate groups, which are never identified, must be censored and demonized, using taxpayer dollars of course.

  8. What bothers me is that the U.S. establishment, including some conservatives, still call the NYT the “newspaper of record”. This terrible paper is anything but the newspaper of record. Everybody associated with the paper — working reporters, the editors, the owners, the opinion writers — are morally and intellectually corrupt.

  9. In related news NPR is laying off staff.


    NPR’s newsroom is eliminating some jobs to … “more fully lean into our role as a public service organization,” NPR’s chief news executive announced Tuesday.

    “The changes are not about saving money,” Barnes wrote in a note to NPR staff. She called the moves a “realignment,”

    “One veteran correspondent was among those informed his job was eliminated. It was not otherwise immediately clear where the cuts were happening. NPR declined to share names to protect the privacy of those affected. ”

    A layoff … because they are losing money. But don’t tell anyone.

  10. Welcome to 1984 where the truth is the truth only till the elite decide that they want something else to be the truth. We’re almost there folks, democracy is already just a faint echo of a no longer useful idea.

  11. When you line your birds cage with the NYT’s i suggest you make sure all the liberal cartoons from Horsie,,Toles,and The Boondocks,Get Fuzzy and Doonsbury are facing up so when your bird releives himself he has a worthwhile target