Sympathy for politicians? Maybe – consider their tool kit, the electoral freak show, and the stupefying demands and realities they face

Time, contemplation and experience do bring some empathy for those who, either through visions of societal benevolence or history-making vanity, find themselves in the big chair, faced with a staggering array of challenges, and armed only with the spectacularly dysfunctional skill set required to ascend in modern politics. Read on…

13 Replies to “Sympathy for politicians? Maybe – consider their tool kit, the electoral freak show, and the stupefying demands and realities they face”

  1. TheTruthIsFullOfLies, when you find the truth, you will also find a lot of lies.

    I am going to do this until you either wake up or I die a martyr. If you don’t wake up then I would rather be killed as this world will not be worth living in.

    Sounds like SDA

  2. Trump got elected. Proving that NO ONE NEEDS THAT SKILL SET.

    I don’t bother reading anything from this Etam guy anymore.

    Just the paragraph that gets posted here is enough of a waste of time.

  3. “Consider that a few decades ago the biggest superpowers stepped back from ideological war and the world for the first time in a long time, perhaps ever, was in broad strokes free to focus on improving the human condition.”

    Step back from ideological war? They did no such thing. They simply pulled the plug on their grand experiment in central planning in Russia, from which they had learned only that Europeans were more trouble than they were worth as slaves.

    Improve the human condition? No indeed. Their focus after 1991 was replacing the North American and European proletariat with something more likely to be content with being fed and kenneled worse than their mistresses’ lapdogs, and less able to organize successful slave revolts—much less resist on the day when it was finally possible to replace them with robots and exterminate them, allowing a few thousand obscenely rich parasites to inherit the earth.

  4. From the blog:

    “… a university friend and I once debated the merits of choosing the political life. He defended the career path on the grounds that working for the public interest was a noble calling; to do so was to acknowledge that massive effort was required to keep society functioning beyond the pure profit motive of individuals.”

    When the Roman Republic was a thing, serving the people was a duty and an honour. One gave a full measure of one’s self.

    Now, politicians are self-aggrandising money-grubbers who retire with few good accomplishments to their names.

    1. retire with few good accomplishments but a healthy pension!

      Thing is, this is parliamentary democracy. The best ointment for its ills is to take the cookie jars away.

  5. A former Federal Minister of Agriculture once told me to never feel sorry for a politician. Because for every one who is in office there are at least 20 more who wish they were.

  6. I think the old saw that politics is show business for ugly people comes closest to the truth. They roll in the illusion that they really are movers and shakers like a dog rolls in bear-shit, and with the same results.

  7. The most basic human instinct is self preservation yet it always amazes me that politicians like Theresa May, Merkel, Blair, Obama, Pelosi, Trudeau, Cameron think that somehow they will not be affected when they and their fellow idiots allowed millions of muslims, Africans and South Americans to pour into our countries. There is no place to run to once we are totally overwhelmed and our world collapses. All their money, connections and group hugs will mean nothing as everything they have is violently taken from them. As SDA shows this is happening faster than we can comprehend.

    This is a town in the UK where less that 1% are white English are left as the muslims take over.

  8. Term Limits would fix a lot of the problem. Imagine there were no “career politicians”.

  9. oh ya?
    show me ONE pollllllllitishun who EVER admitted the task was daunting as opposed to claiming THEY have all the answers and are about to embark on a non-stop process of ramming them down our throats for our own good.
    just one.
    anywhere, any time they have ever existed.
    just one.

    1. “…show me ONE pollllllllitishun who EVER admitted the task was daunting …”

      Only when they try to justify the exorbitant raises that they vote themselves: The hours that I work makes it just like minimum wage…I could make twice as much on private street….etc, etc.