16 Replies to “Tropical Storm Corruption”

  1. This is a perfect example of the swamp being drained.

    How often has money been sent to aid with clean up and re-building, but never makes it to those who need it most?

    I can only imagine how much of our money sent elsewhere has had ‘some’ skimmed off the top. Think about how much of our money Trudeau has given. I hope that someday each and every one of those dollars will be scrutinized and audited.

    1. The Democrats protect their own; this will quickly be shoved down the memory hole by the mainstream press. No matter how much of the money appropriated for any cause ends up as graft the Democrats get away with calling it humanitarian aid because the press is in their pocket. And they never are curious about coincidences such as the large number of contracts in Haiti that were given to donors of the Clinton global initiative. Nothing to see here, move along!

  2. It took catching a bean counter with two sets of books to take Al Capone down. Like Lady MacBeth’s bloody hands the stain of money leads right to the guilty.

  3. Beware Presidents tossing rolls of paper towels …

    Now. Where did all the Haitian eq relief money collected by the Clinton foundation go to? Oh yeah … it stocked-up Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean hideaway with really young … “maids”

    1. yes remember haiti? so far that makes two of us. i’m’ just eternally hoping that president trump has more of these actions at the ready. what a shame that sessions was a lame duck for the first two years

      1. But … Sessions gave some really impassioned (read: monotone) speeches about the dangers of the opioid epidemic. Arrrrrgh!!!!!

    2. I read he was luring in “under-aged women”. Gotta love the spin.

  4. FBI? FBI?
    this FBI?
    from the link:
    “as a secret FBI informant”
    but, BUT, cops are tops !!! tops tops tops !!!!
    hint: it aint 1950 any more. its the new millennium, and cops WILL throw YOUR freedom, finances, rights, reputation, EVERYTHING
    you have worked for into the ‘rabbit hole’ to advance THEIR career to the point of KNOWINGLY lying, planting evidence, wtfever it takes to blame somebody.
    the Farce C em PEE are identical twins.

  5. Another example of why the very first time one Puerto Rican said “we want independence” the US should have said “see you later”

  6. Puerto Rico?
    I thought they were describing Indian and Northern Affairs.
    See in some ways,Liberals are “More advanced” than their Democrat Comrades.

  7. A bit of context.

    What little support the Republican Party has in Puerto Rico goes to the New Progressive Party of current governor Ricardo Rossello.

    Rossello himself is a Democrat, but he is being publicly shamed by the mainland Deep State for too enthusiastically praising President Trump’s assistance after Hurricane Maria.

    The Deep State want Rossello out and replaced with Carmen Yulin Cruz, the mayor of San Juan best known on the mainland for standing around after Maria in tacky T-shirts libelling and insulting Trump to the delight of the mainstream press.

    Corruption is a way of life in Puerto Rico’s government, as in government the world over. The nation’s finest have only taken notice now because it has potential for making Trump and supposed Trump cronies look bad. Compare their sudden revived interest in the Epstein affair.

    1. Political Corruption is a way of life everywhere countries took their political traditions from Spain and the rest of Southern Europe.

  8. Why is Puerto Rico still in the USA? Give them independence and let the progs turn it into a socialist utopia.

    AOC can apply her green new deal as a pilot project. Where would the money come from? a) borrow it. b) let China pay for the infrastructure.