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  1. Watching this, I was laughing. Then I figured out it was not supposed to be comedy; so I watched the video again.

    I was right the first time; she has no credibility. Especially not as a “supposed” rape victim…

    1. My copy and paste.

      In an interview with The Washington Post, Carroll reiterated the allegations, saying that during a chance encounter with Donald Trump the then-real estate developer at Bergdorf Goodman in late 1995 or early 1996,
      Trump attacked her in a dressing room. She said he knocked her head against a wall, pulled down her tights and briefly penetrated her before she pushed him off and ran out.
      A large Canadian man might have accomplished this feat because they are supposedly hung like a Shelton pony, but don’t forget, ‘He Penetrated her while she stood up fighting him and stomping his feet.’
      She is 6 feet tall and had on 4-inch high hills. On second thought change that Shelton pony to a large Thoroughbred Racehorse.

      She still has the uncleaned coat she wore 25 years ago, and I would imagine it smells like a Shelton pony. But she can’t remember if it was late 1995 or early 1996.

      Some other woman had that same problem with a SCOTUS judge nominee, she couldn’t remember the decade.

      I am voting for Trump and he should be re-elected because he has more sexual talent than Bill Clinton.
      Seriously though if other leftist women keeping publishing crap like this, no one will believe them if the are raped.

      1. This … is the desired end product of … “All women must be believed”. No they don’t. Many women (sorry gals) are batshit crazy. I know … I married one. She changed her name from Linda to Mahalia Rebya. Cleaned out our apartment with no prior indication of a problem. Came home from work to find all my possessions GONE. Enough said. She proceeded to call all of my friends and family and tell LIES about me. My batshit crazy wife came from a batshit crazy family. Her older brother famously committed suicide by driving off Hwy 1 after it was discovered he diddled several of his middle school pupils. Yeah … THAT kind of batshit crazy. Thank God none of my DNA ever mixed with hers … who knows what kind of offspring that would have created?

        Did Trump ever push this woman into a fancy boutique Dept. stores dressing room and grab her with his “digits”? Sorry. No. Gotta deliver quite a bit more detail for such a horrific story to be believed. Girls putting pen to paper, does not make it so.

        And I love Trump’s reaction … “she’s not my type”. What a simple, elegant way to say she is an ugly, nasty, man-hating, feminazi c()nt … who he would “grab” with a 10ft. artificial arm.

        1. I never allowed the crazy one to clean out anything but she was crazy. Loved her never the less. Still, I had to let her go.

    1. I don’t know if Canada ever had the toilet cleaner Harpic?Its slogan was banned by truth in advertising and ruined Harpic as a very descriptive nick name.

      The slogan was “Clean round the bend”

    2. I don’t know if Canada ever had the toilet cleaner Harpic? Its slogan was banned by truth in advertising and ruined Harpic as a very descriptive nick name.

      The slogan was “Clean round the bend”

    3. I finally watched the CNN video, Cooper is studdering and asking for a commercial break.

      ‘Rape causes sexual fantasies and is Sexy. I really enjoy being with you,’
      wishing you were not homosexual.

      Move over,
      Stormy Daniels, you have a 75-year-old sexual competitor.


  2. She is an Advice Columnist.

    Her job is to tell people how to live their lives.
    She has been doing that for how many years.

    Think about that for a while…

  3. another democrat, hillary supporter who has gone insane. they really have lost their tiny minds.

  4. I remember way back when in the mid-1980s or thereabouts, CNN News — sturuggling to break into the three-network news cartel– actually brought in conservative opinion makers in order to introduce variety to the what was then the practice of liberal-only thought. I would tune in to watch shows with conservative thought.

    That was 30 years ago. Now CNN is reduced to Anderson Cooper interviewing Jean Carroll, offering up this drivel. I am working on a theory that establishment elites are quite willing to sacrifice viewers — and most certainly the last vestige of journalistic integrity — in order to ensure a Democratic Party victory in 2020. I cannot possibly imagine why what passes as CNN management would allow such unintended self-parody to go on. And on and on.

    1. They don’t need viewers; they are guaranteed a revenue stream by people who are convinced that having cable is more important than feeding their own children.

  5. She appeared on CNN but little coverage elsewhere. One of CNN’s talking heads (Stelter I think), was wondering why she wasn’t on all the Sunday shows. I have a feeling she is well known among the community. Only CNN was deranged enough to toss more of their credibility out the window.

    1. Greg, I remember back in 2013 when CNN, busy stocking its shows with left-wing thingies, redid its acclaimed “Reliable Sources” show by firing political-moderate Howard Kurtz, and hiring the left-wing Brian Selter. I was a devotee of Reliable Sources, where Kurtz would even criticize reporters of his own CNN network. I tuned in to watch Setlter, and the uber-leftist had on commentators from the Nation magazine and other such propagandists. As a number of observers have pointed out, Stelter’s abject dishonesty is the only trait that outdoes his left-wingery. And this guy is the host of CNN’s media watch show.

      Howard Kurtz is not everyone’s cup of tea, but on his Media Buzz show, since the news reporting is 90% left-liberal, the political moderate Kurtz criticizes 90% liberals on his FOX Media Buzz show. Kurtz competes head-to-head against Stelter on Sunday, and Kurtz absolutely kills Stelter in the ratings. CNN News management could care less.

  6. Trump’s reply,”It never happened, she’s not my type”, is priceless. To quote a line
    from Kipling’s “IF”: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs….” fits the situation, Trump is doing just that.

  7. I think we need to realize CNN is the media arm of the Deep State. They do their master’s bidding and putting clowns on air to falsely accuse the president is part of the Deep State’s need to stay in power.

  8. A tree still stands in the forest. If you are anyone on the left, you heard it fall.

  9. Another case of being hoist with your own petard.

    In the wake of the last presidential election, the US media has so discredited itself that public skepticism means no “story” about Trump can possibly be viewed with an objective eye anymore.

    In that regard, the reality is that the veracity of Carroll’s claim is essentially moot.

  10. Anyone that has ever been in Bergdorf’s….knows this is impossible…that’s makes her even more weird

    …she might as well claim it happened on the small world ride at Disney

  11. hmmm..?? A little late to the “Trump raped me” party no..??
    I mean C’mon Jean…Donald has been President for how long..? And just now when you are in the midst of promoting some FemiNazi Pce of kindling you come out with some BS story of being raped no less in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room.? As if.

    LMAO… At CNN for even having her on air (totally unsurprising), or for anyone listening to what REEKs (IMO), of self promotion. Just you wait Folks, next up she’ll be the on the CBC’s “the minds eye” (aka: a Piercing look up one’s Leftist rectum).

    1. But … she’s had a gig at ELLE mag. for decades … and has written several man-HATE books adored by the NYC ‘intelligentsia’ … she’s a ‘successful’, ‘substantial’ woman who eschewed marriage and motherhood for a ‘rewarding’ career. She is EXACTLY who the Left dreamed would bring down Trump. Same as Dr. Hazy Ford … until the onion got peeled back on that nutjob.

      She’s filthy rich by the looks of her carefully designed and constructed Walden pond cabin in the woods (the property and house have to be pricey, no matter how intentionally ramshackle it looks). I am in the profession, and I can tell you she paid a fantastic price for the design and construction of her “simple little cabin”.

      So she is looked upon as a ‘successful’ woman who has ‘successfully’ poked societal norms in the eye for her entire life and career. She is EXACTLY the type of woman who could “bring Trump down” … a ‘substantial’ leftist woman with ‘substantial’ leftist cred. Ha! Right up until she reveals her mental illnesses for the whole world to see. I cannot WAIT to hear more and more from her.

  12. I have entered her diatribe into the lib-left interpretation machine and have the following translation:

    “I got my job when I was younger due to preferential hiring for young females. Since then I have advanced sufficiently that I no longer qualify so I realised that I am about to become unemployed and I could lose the lifestyle I have become accustomed to. So I am doing what any woman in my position would do, I cry wolf and assign blame to the target de jour of the lib-left, which in this case is Donald Trump.
    Now let me repeat that again and again and remind everyone to

  13. It would appear that the person think her dreams and fantasies are real life.
    Could be wrong, though there are so many questions that one may need another life to get through it.

  14. I can hardly wait for CNN’s report about the two headed three milk glanded green alien female cyborg coming the closet and accuse Trump of unauthorized socket plugging and breaker tripping without using a surge protector. CNN’s reporting is even getting in front of the Enquirer for delivering the shock and awe-ful. It would be a cry’n shame to let all that unbiased journalistic skill displayed last year during the Kavanaugh hearing go to waste.

  15. Rape is sexy. Cut to commercial. The shot heard ’round the world. Absolutely hilarious. What did they think would happen?

  16. Certainly somebody should have figured out that this woman was a certifiable nutcase before they left Anderson Cooper with his tiny dick left hanging in the breeze.

  17. If you can stand it, check out the CBC website and how they report on this. It makes one want to throw up.

  18. The left continues unabated in its quest to nullify whatever is left of women’s credibility. After their parade of women falsely claiming sexual assault, my first instinct is now to believe the man (unless he’s a lefty). (it used to be to believe the woman).

    I would think that women would be up in arms over this (especially left wing women). Their silence says a lot.

  19. It is truly amazing how Conservatives know with certainty just how partisan and dishonest and fake the Main Stream Media is, yet never ever ever ever do the tiniest little thing about it. I call it the Washington Generals Syndrome.

    Nothing will ever change until that does. Nooooooothing!!!

    Btw, have you seen the picture of her all the media is using? Much, much younger. Surprised they didn’t use one of her as a teenager or maybe even a toddler. Such is the level of the Media today.

  20. We have seen that most devout Democrats are so far down their hate-Trump rabbit holes that they no longer give a shit about things like right and wrong, integrity, fairness, honesty and especially justice. The media’s non-stop propaganda and intense hate-mongering of anything conservative has successfully made Democrats angry, terrified and very hateful, pretty much assuring that anything now goes to keep us deplorables from power. Pffft, what’s another fake rape accusation targeted at an innocent man to people who have convinced themselves that they are fighting evil?

    GET TRUMP!!!! And if that means causing violence, slanderous lies or even more phony rape accusers against Trump or anyone associated with him, then so be it! We have seen the crazy left cross so many moral lines these past few years, that literally nothing could surprise me now. Did they indeed murder Seth Rich? I have not yet seen any conclusive proof that they did, but I no longer have any doubt that these lowlifes were both willing and capable of it.

  21. I can just visualize POTUS prowling around dressing rooms looking for victims. JHC why does this woman get any press. Whoops I forgot about CNN.

    1. Oh … but she is (was) the FEATURED story on EVERY news outlet. The DM couldn’t get enough of this loon … as a “credible” victim of the Pu$$y grabber in Chief

  22. The little chuckle from Cooper when she says at the end, “You’re fascinating to talk to..” That actually made his day.