Reducing GHG emissions is abstract, reducing comfort levels is not, and don’t even think about the latter

A few decades of ever-spiralling climate warnings, trillions spent, massive renewable energy development, and we are moving further away from climate targets. It should be stunningly clear that the movement to isolate/strangle/destroy the fossil fuel industry is not working; all the war is doing is reshaping it – production is moving from regions where comfortable activists can attack it to regions of the world where people welcome it. Read more…

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  1. “Thirty years ago, 81 percent of the world’s energy mix was from fossil fuels. Last year, after over $4 trillion in renewable energy investment, fossil fuels make up…drum roll please… 81 percent of the world’s energy mix.”

    Well all those UFO sightings can’t be wrong… Only one technology on earth could explain that level of superior Energy…. Be careful what you wish for!

  2. First of all, you’d have to figure out why adaptation is a dirty word to climate alarmists. For almost every calamity, real or imagined, there is a practical adaptation to minimize the effects. It’s what has been referred to as a “no regrets” path.

    Flooding and/or drought: water reservoirs. No rebuilding in flood prone areas

    Hot summers : affordable, reliable energy and AC
    Polar vortex: affordable, reliable energy for heat.

    Crop pests and changing growing seasons : GMO and gene editing and other agricultural research.

    More hurricanes and tornadoes: better warning systems. No rebuilding in hurricane prone coastal areas.

    Increase risk of fire : better forest management, larger fire breaks, minimize building in fire prone areas.

    The list goes on and on. And…all those things make sense even without CAGW. So, no regrets. Mitigation, renewable energy and trying to make fossil fuel energy unaffordable is not only failing, but it is unnecessarily callous to energy workers and people on the lower end on the socioeconomic scale.

  3. What about the Weather Channel picture of dogsleds going through slush and ankle deep water? Is that normal? Seems they are really pushing Global Warm, err, Climate Change.

    1. That was for people who live in cities. Ooooh, Glowbull Warmening…run for the hills. Its “normal” in summer in the Arctic to have water on the ice. Ice = highway up there, any time of the year. Might want to ask how thick that ice is, while trekking across it in “summer”. I don’t think the sled driver is concerned, or he wouldn’t be there.

  4. Great article Terry. Makes a lot of sense. The various energy supplies will come from somewhere.

    From the article, “It is also irrefutable that those who are using the fear of climate change as a means to reengineer the social order are not throwing in the towel; they are simply doubling down.” This explains the sudden “climate emergency” hysteria being exhibited by the Liberal, et al, fraudsters.

  5. We’ve been subjected to this for roughly the last 50 years. The Club of Rome started with its “the earth has a cancer and that cancer is man.”

    Then came the phony-baloney oil shortage of the early 1970s. I remember very well when PET’s energy minister (Joe Green, was it?) said that Canada had a 400-year supply of oil. Then, after the Yom Kippur war, we were on the verge of running out. What changed?

    It’s been that way ever since.

  6. The glibbering Climbdown is gaining momentum .
    Payback is a real bitch.Or the pendulum swings.
    The Cult of Calamitous Climate is collapsing world wide,as reality wins.
    Except in Canada where we are always a decade behind the times.
    Here we are at peak hysteria as our trading partners laugh.
    Deciding how much colder Canada needs to be.
    Decreeing that man shall dominate weather,passing laws with that assumption being dominant.

    Only the very model of a modern educated Canadian could be so wilfully stunned.
    But what an opportunity to break free of these virtue signalling economy killers.
    Let them freeze in the dark,they have clearly stated that this is their chosen path.
    Independence for the West and soon.
    Freedom 2020.
    Has a nice ring to it.
    How do you do those on line petition things?
    Screw those wanna be leaders,they can run to catch up.

  7. Use of fossil fuels has not been reduced. Neither has pollution. It just all got moved to China and India, along with all the good manufacturing jobs that used to support working families across north America.

    1. I get a kick out of those people who think that solar panels and wind turbines can be built without fossil fuels.

      1. I read a great article about 4-5 yrs ago. By a US Navy Captain (Ike Kiefer), who was researching whether the US Navy could transition from Fossil Fules to alternative fuel source ie – Bio-Fuels.

        The bottom line was this.
        Return of Energy invested vs Energy Created as a ratio expressed in Bbls of Oil.

        Fossil Fuels. 1:8
        Bio Fuels. 1:1.3
        And with Bio Fuels – the diversion of “bio” feedstock into fuel production increases the cost of the remaining food as well. Needless to say, bio Fuels are simply a JOKE.

        It’s no different with Wind/Solar – 2 other BS so called “GREEN”initiatives. UNTIL WE all have a Micro Nuclear reactor in our homes/vehicles..? OIL and Nat Gas will be around for Centuries.

        I truly believe the end game for the enviro-nazi’s/globalists is a “sustainable world” with <1Billion souls with them on the top of course and in control of ALL the Oil.

  8. Liberal morons do not understand that reducing greenhouse gasses means less home heating, less driving, less consumer products, and less food. There are no practical options other than hydroelectricity and nuclear and environmental critics hate these as much as they hate greenhouse gas. They believe you can pass a law and make greenhouse gas go away. China, India, and Russia are relying on liberal ignorance as an opportunity.