Well, that’s refreshing.

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  1. Notice she doesn’t say climate change AGW is a fraud. Man is not causing the climate to change, but we are helping to make the earth more lush and green.

    1. Lisa doesn’t “say” anything. she pulled a line out of Ross McKitrick’s article.

      1. Yes I understand and read the article. So what is her point of tweeting the quote?

        She is saying something by tweeting it.

        What do you think she is saying?

  2. Weather events of all kinds are reported and known thanks to modern technology. There were just as many events in the past as there are now. In the old days a storm would pass through and only the locals would know about it. Not so today. Unfortunately, the leftist climate disciples go into chant mode the moment you point that out.

    The comments from the leftists in the FP article are in full attack of the facts they hate. They would point to a dog urinating on a tree and proclaim it proof of man-made climate change and a call for urgent (I.e. tax us into oblivion) action.

    Good thing they just want to rob us blind. In the past they would cut our beating hearts out and sacrifice us to some sun god.

    Climate change is nothing new. Using it as people control has been going on since there were those who figured they were in charge.

    1. Funny how BOTH sides have a bias they observe in the other yet ignore in themselves.

      King James Bible
      And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

      Oh well, if you are fool enough to fall for anyone’s narrative you deserve what you get.

      1. Really? BOTH sides are using lies, rhetoric, exaggeration and fearmongering of an impending doomsday?

      2. Here is reality.

        The peoples of the west built and invented everything. It is our right to enjoy the fruits of our labour to the fullest.

        Our masters consider us to be beasts of burden, increasingly more trouble than we are worth to them as tax- and debt-peons, and whom they are encouraging by all means available to stop reproducing so they can replace us with workers less likely to organize successful slave revolts—robots and Third Worlders. Laughable, really, because their wealth and idleness would not be possible without the civilized people who make industrial civilization possible. But their “bias” against the workers they look down on knows no bounds

        “Both sides?” “Bias?” To call a worker better than a parasite is not bias. It is a simple statement of fact.

        1. “They” arent our masters – they think they are. All humans are born free, they only wind up in slavery if they accept it.

          Our world has a spritual sickness, our world has been convinced by the Devil it doesnt need God, or the Bible, and the Devil has talked most of the world into accepting many forms of sick behaviour and many perversions as ” normal”, we slaughter the unborn by thier millions, we celebrate sin. When the ancient Israelites rejected God, thier society collapsed and they rightly wound up in bondage.

          How are we now any better? We have jackals as ” our betters” who are no better than hungry wolves with zero morals. We have reaped what weve sown. The only cure is to turn back to God and repent of our stupidity.

    1. PM Twinkletoes proved that a long time ago, this just continues to confirm his idiocy. Its a shame that he was at the D-Day ceremonies, anything he read was disingenous, no matter how much he emoted the prepared speech. Sadly, it was unwatchable thanks to PM Dunderhead.
      Snow in June in Camrose amongst other places, and higher elevations in coastal BC. Even Climate Change Christie, weather “babe” on Glowbull Vancouver, could hardly contain herself with the snow warnings. What a dizzy twit she is. Yeah, the warming is SO out of control. Paying MOAR taxes will surely solve the problems………………

    1. That is what I was thinking. Maybe she should talk to her dumb boss, the Dairy Queen.

      But, why did she vote for the Paris Accord fraud. Only Cheryl Gallant had the brass ones to oppose.

  3. This is a very small corner of climate change (extreme weather). The big one is the effect CO2 will have on global temperatures. The consensus is up to 5.5 degrees C by 2100 worldwide.


    Note the terms “measured and projected”. It’s almost entirely projected.

    These people are mad and are having a very negative effect on Western civilization. And they seem to travel around a lot in airplanes warning people of the dangers of CO2.

    1. What’s been “measured” is almost certainly all due to natural variation. Data cherry picking and dishonest adjustments to historical data is the basis of AGW claims. We need a real fact based debate!

    2. That’s not happening either. In fact, we are in line for another ice age. That should slow down the CO2 considerably.

      1. Actually CO2 in air concentrations lag ice ages at first. CO2 is readily adsorbed in COLD water and precipitates out to form the CaCO2 sludge at the base of oceans. Becomes LIMESTONE eventually when compressed and de-watered. Expect CO2 to still climb when ice returns, then drop off. The levels of CO2 post warming and ice melt 11000 odd years ago were approaching levels dangerous to carbon based life, about 200-250 ppm CO2. We are currently at 400-410 ppm CO2. Quite a margin of error, eh? Eco Freaks want to curb CO2 concentrations….Be careful what they wish for.
        When the dinos roamed, we were at 9,000-17,000 ppm CO2. BIG plants and BIG critters. An asteroid whacked the place to kill them off, plus the continents have moved around a bit to effect even bigger changes. Note to Eco Fruits: man cannot change what effects this planet overall, only locally. Ask the Chinese about it. Biggest polluters on the Planet. Don’t buy a damned food thing from them. It’s probably bad for your health.

    3. If it was 5.5 degrees warmer on a year wide basis in Calgary, I’d be happy. We’d then be a little warmer than Denver.

      1. We had 155 f**king days in a row of snow on the ground this winter just past in Ottawa. I like winter but not that much – 60 days of snow would be swell.

  4. To borrow a phrase from the IPCC Acolytes … I believe we’ve reached a “Tipping Point”. Yes, we now have SO MANY citizens making a very comfortable living ($£€) off CAGW … that there is NO TURNING BACK. There’s far too many $ £ € at stake to return to sanity … critical mass has been reached … too many high paid bureaucrats, corporate cronies, and snake oil purveyors have too much at stake to be defeated. Nope … only EXTREME Public DEBT (in excess of $21T US) can kill the EXTREME weather meme. The kind of EXTREME DEBT that collapses entire institutions.

    1. Maybe if the Chinese call in the US debt, it could collapse the climate bubble……?

      As much as I’d hate to see the US and europe go down, it would also decapitate the green communist UN- driven climate franken-monster in one go……..

  5. Well, that was fast. Someone got after her, and @lraitt pulled the tweet. Go see her feed for details.

  6. @Kenji

    ….and Civilizations.

    Isn’t that the REAL motive behind the BS of AGW/CC..?
    …the willfull Destruction of Western Hemisphere Capitalism.?
    Yea, I’m thinking we both know that…

    1. You and I both agree that Global Warming is an existential struggle … a struggle to save Western civilization from the FRAUD of Global Warming. Existential struggle indeed.

      1. Damned Straight it is….1 of 3 prongs of the “struggle”.

        : Mass in migration of Islamics from the ME, and Sub Sharan Africa
        : Social Upheaval / Promotion of Abject Sexual Perversion/Deviance on Steroids
        ….the other 2

        Guillotines will be needed…en masse.
        Hollyweird – Democrats – Liberals – NDP – Academia – MSM and anyone named Trudeau, Macron, Merkel, May, Sidiqi, Soros, Obama, Clinton, Butts, Suzuki, Tzeporah, Notley, NENSHI…….NAZI’s All.

        There may well be line ups…??

      1. Not quite specific-enough … because it is more like caucasicide … white-Western capitalist suicide. White-guilt-i-cide …

        What will stop it? Keep giving the white-guilt-ridden western leftists what they want. Give them the REAL “carbon neutral” future they are so EXCITED to embrace … shut their frackin power off … which isn’t generated by wind. No phone, no pool, no pets … they ain’t got no cigarettes …

        1. Roger Millar could have written his magnum opus on this shite Kenji. King of the Woke. Ok, try to say it better….pun time.

    2. According to Christina Figuerres (IPCC executive) Naomi Klien and others I have seen, that is exactly the plan. This our best opportunity to change from a capitalist society to a one world socialist society. So say the elites at the top of the plan.

  7. I wonder just how they plan on feeding the teaming masses, close to 8 billion of us now, without modern tech and fossil fuels. Oh, right they don’t they want the excess to die.

    1. We will more likely go extinct from global stupidity long before global climate change has a chance to hurt us.

    2. The same Luddite bunch want the population reduced to 1 billion. I wonder how they are planning on accomplishing that? Hitler’s or Stalin’s method, maybe a combination of both?

      1. Neither. They showed their hand with the H1N1 virus. They’re going to create a virus that is lethal, they have the cure for themselves and those they deem worthy of serving them. And then they’ll mandate compulsive inoculation for everyone else.
        You won’t be able to buy or sell or work if you don’t get the mark showing you’ve been vaccinated. People will line up.
        Except the vaccination will be the virus…

        The bodies will pile up and they’ll just be buried in mass graves. Oh, and they want the world population reduced to 100 million, not 1 billion. Watch some Bill Gates videos. Gates says 100 million.

  8. The elephant in the room on Climate Change is China. Because China signed the Paris Accord, people believe it has pledged to lower its CO2 emissions. Not exactly true. China has pledged to peak its CO2 emissions by 2030, then start reducing. This is why the world has to end in 12 years. Without China – the #1 emitter of CO2 and growing – the world cannot limit the planet to 2 degrees of warming – here let me turn that control knob for you. Also…

    “the Chinese government abruptly reduced subsidies for solar projects in 2018 and lifted a 2-year ban on new coal-fired power plant construction.”

    … and …

    “With current policies, CO2 emissions in China may level off in the next few years, but total greenhouse gas emissions are projected to rise until at least 2030.”

    … because …

    “this range [of GHG emission levels] also implies that China’s NDC [nationally determined contribution – what China is willing to agree to] and its national actions are not yet consistent with limiting warming to below 2°C, let alone 1.5°C unless other countries make much deeper reductions and comparably greater effort than China. We therefore rate the emission levels estimated for 2030 resulting from the most ambitious aspects of the NDC as “Highly insufficient.””


    The rest of the world needs to make a greater effort than China to reduce GHG emission levels so that China can grow to have the world’s largest economy by 2030. Nice plan but it seems a bit Chinacentric.

    1. All true.

      The reason the climate alarmists focus on Canada while ignoring China is (obviously) not connected to our emission levels.

      It’s because Canada is the only country in the world gullible and self-loathing enough to be duped into voluntarily destroying a critical domestic industry.

      Having a low information narcissist at the helm is also unhelpful.

    2. China was provided FREE Obama /Gore technology & political cover…..Didn’t last long. The USA Government guarantied contracts for the Solar & Wind industry flat-lined… Billions of US dollars to bribe China to sign the Paris retarded consensus of Communist want-a-bees… How would a World Government Fund itself without unlimited power to tax Carbon… World Wide…… China may take the free stuff, but they aren’t as stupid as Canadians…. Wake up.. it’s daylight in the swamp

    3. It almost appears as though the UN is attempting to completely abandon the “dream” of a worldwide EU-styled governance and go straight to FULL-on Fascist Dear Leader (for life) Chinese Communism for the globe.

      I better start getting my social credit score in order

    4. The climate change cranks who cry wolf whenever the wind changes don’t say a word about the dragon devouring the flock.

      (The dragon has promised them he’ll devour them last.)

  9. Notice that Andy 2% will soon be announcing HIS p-lan to control the weather … er … fight climate change. So just the same LiberaL POLICY … but DIFFERENT!

  10. “So just the same LiberaL POLICY … but DIFFERENT!”

    Aye. And as Ken noted earlier in this thread, with the exception of one nay and a few abstentions/absentees, the vast majority of Conservative sheep did the Dairy Queen’s bidding and supported turdo la doo on the Paris Climate Accord. So THAT commitment has to be DQ’s climate policy.

    1. Trump tells the truth on this one. I am looking forward to the report from his new committee looking into it. Likely the media won’t report their findings.

  11. Canada has zero chance of meeting its CO2 commitments unless we buy carbon credits.

    So if Team Turdeau is re-elected Canada will spend billions each year to buy carbon credits. You know that carbon tax rebate Justin said you’d get? Say goodbye, it’s going to China and India to purchase carbon credits.

    1. The rebate is a charade anyway. The tax will increase annually, the rebate won’t. Andy 2% won’t say so either, because he wants to do the same – but differently.

  12. Lisa back tracked hard.

    malta replied

    Lisa Raitt
    Well I’ve learned my lesson in tweeting anything about climate change. I’m going to be transparent & let you know I’m deleting the earlier tweets. I’m not the one to fight with on this because like most I believe that emissions cause climate change and we should reduce emissions

    1. So she has bought into the massive socialist fraud. I thought so. Why don’t the dummies focus on real pollution and not Maurice Strong’s dream of de-industrializing the west.

    2. I think maybe the dairy queen is dick-tating what cons can and can not say, just to appeal to a broader swath of voters. And then the a$$hole goes and invokes “god” in a speech, and pisses off those very people he’s trying to appeal to. He alienated his conservative base, and then alienates those he’s playing too. The fool is Justine stupid!!

  13. I’m confident that I’ve seen more old weather statistics than anyone in the House of Communists or most other places, and my impression is that the frequency of “extreme” weather events is on a downward trend in recent decades. Proponents of the climate change fraud like to cherry pick record breaking events, which are bound to happen on occasion, and state that these are unprecedented when in fact you can usually find something in the past that was more extreme. This was done back in 2005 with the active hurricane season and in 2011 with the severe tornado outbreaks, notable but not the worst ever in either case.

    The public (voters) have to push back hard on this stuff, otherwise we are going to be taxed to death for no good reason using this climate change fraud as the justification (but even the proponents basically say that paying the taxes won’t really change the weather).

    As to the 5.5 degree temperature increase, we have seen about 10 to 15 per cent of that since a colder period in the 1970s and early 1980s but fluctuations like that have happened before as part of natural variability, so there is no real justification for flat-line extending the trend indefinitely into the future. And even if some of the increase is due to greenhouse gases, the future trends are more likely to flatten out than to keep rising in a linear way (in fact that is what has been happening since about 2012 anyway).

    Most people here seem to have figured out that the political and scientific “consensus” is maintained mostly through peer pressure and fear of being sacked, some scientists with better credentials than myself have said the same thing but have lost their careers. In my case, it was more like being denied entry than losing anything. But since about 1990, you either sing from the AGW hymn book in the atmospheric sciences, or find a friendly TV station that needs a weatherman in Pocatello or Muncie.

    It’s a continual source of frustration for me having to listen to know-nothing politicians expound on this subject, making non-stop references to the “real climate crisis” that basically does not exist and probably never will exist. And equally frustrating is the sight of school kids brainwashed into acceptance of this fraud and out demonstrating for the so-called safety of the planet.

    The only thing that will break the spell would be an actual downturn in temperatures that could not be overlooked, but so far that too has not taken place, those who speak in terms of an impending ice age are taking the most extreme scenarios possible with the solar quiet and even there, two things come to mind, first the solar quiet has not yet reached the same proportions as the Maunder, and ironically there may be just enough truth to AGW to stall the downturn in temperatures and flat-line the outcome.

    So in truth none of the more extreme projections may be correct and we may just face a long era of rather bland weather that is slightly warmed up from what it would have been without us around. Nothing to pay extra tax for, worry about, or even spend much time discussing, what some call global blanding. Please note, it’s basically the opposite of the more extreme weather hypothesis, weather control without technology.

    1. You mean weather will be extremely normal! OMG we are all going to die. We must do somehting? Kill the whales! … ooops, did I just say that 🙂

    2. You mean weather will be extremely normal;’ OMG we are all going to die. We must do somehting? Kill thge whales! … ooops, did I just say that 🙂

  14. One complaint from the far left and she deletes ALL her climate tweets and apologizes!

    Does anyone really need any more evidence that the Scheer-cons are a wing of the Trudeau Liberals? Good Lord what a bunch of weak minded cowards. I’m starting to think Trudeau is a better leader than the Dairy Queen.

    I’m actually embarrassed for them.

    1. It looks like the same Liberals that ran the last Conservative Party election campaign are the same Liberals that are in charge of the Conservative Party losing the next election as well… weird… who knew that the Quueerbek Dairy Mafia was so influential. Peeairs desire for a one party State has come true.

  15. “The data doesn’t matter. We’re not basing our recommendations on the data. We’re basing them on the climate models.” – Prof. Chris Folland, Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research

    “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony… climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world.” – Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment.

    “The only way to get our society to truly change is to frighten people with the possibility of a catastrophe.” – emeritus professor Daniel Botkin.

    “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” – Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace.

    “I believe it is appropriate to have an ‘over-representation’ of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience.” – Al Gore.

    “The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.” – Dr David Frame, climate modeler, Oxford University.

    “This is the first time in the history of mankind that we are setting ourselves the task of intentionally, within a defined period of time, to change the economic development model that has been reigning for at least 150 years, since the Industrial Revolution”. – Christiana Figueres, Executive secretary of U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change.

  16. H.L. Mencken on politics and ridiculousness, and why the merge in tragic ways:

    “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out… without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.”

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

    “The urge to save humanity is almost always a false-front for the urge to rule it.”

    “When a new source of taxation is found it never means, in practice, that the old source is abandoned. It merely means that the politicians have two ways of milking the taxpayer where they had one before.”

    “The most costly of all follies is to believe passionately in the palpably not true. It is the chief occupation of mankind.”

    (Statism, progressivism neo-liberalism and “communism, like any other revealed religion, is largely made up of prophecies.”

    1. I’m sure glad that crazy french language supremacist and permanent ruler of Turdholeland Peeair the Turdhole “saved us” from his nasty french language supremacist comrades, the FLQ, by giving them everything they demanded socially and politically while he manufactured a safe escape for the “terrorists” to Peeairs mass murdering buddy Fidel the Castro’s prison Island and then made sure that the ‘terrorists” of the FLQ had clear and safe passage back into Turdholeland when they got tired of Fidels prison. Burning down the Riechstag, Peeair style. To the winners go the spoils.

  17. Well that was rather beautiful.
    So none of the so called conservatives have the ability to read and reason for themselves.
    The UniParty rocks on,rabid and retarded to the last vote.
    Where are the 40 something percent of Canadians who refuse to vote?
    Has anyone considered they might not vote cause no one running for office represents them,in any way?
    Just maybe a true conserver of individual rights might gainfully solicit their votes.
    Anyone who falls for the Emperors New Science is gullible beyond all reason.
    Those who doubt but toe the line and permit this mass hysteria are too cowardly for words.
    Leaders indeed.
    So my hard and fast rule,you identify as a kool aid drinker from the Cult of Calamitous Climate, I do not support for you.

    1. Yes, sad isn’t it. A government that wants to destroy the economy of the nation and an opposition that is less than limp wristed and shuts down their own people. Cooper gone the other day, someone got to Raitt today.

      We are truly hooped.

      1. The climate sc*m couldnt have got this far unless the UN, govts, and Big Biz hadnt all been collaborating…..

  18. UPDATE to:
    “Bottom line is there’s no solid connection between climate change and the major indicators …..” https://t.co/egJuIYiGYI
    — Lisa Raitt https://twitter.com/lraitt/status/1137181834461290501?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw June 8, 2019

    Lisa Raitt is the best of a mediocre bunch, so I clicked on her link.
    And then checking her account, I found this:
    Well I’ve learned my lesson in tweeting anything about climate change. I’m going to be transparent & let you know I’m deleting the earlier tweets. I’m not the one to fight with on this because like most I believe that emissions cause climate change and we should reduce emissions

  19. And buying a Lotto ticket can cause million dollar winnings and so we should buy Lotto tickets.

  20. Just ask these cretins what level of CO2 they think is optimum and why? We’re at 400 ppm CO2 right now. To the anti humans, that’s “too high” apparently. Just WOW!

    At 250 ppm most fruit bearing plants (fruit, nut and seed bearing) are stressed and not only people, but animals life are stressed too. Current earth population will essentially die off. Think the Chinks will go along with that kind of thinking? Are you? Our brain dead politicos are OK with mass die offs then, including their own kids, it seems.

    At 200 ppm CO2, only the most rudimentary CO2 users will survive on this planet. Humans (all of them, including these Luddites) will become extinct along with all their pet animals before too long. With this kind of thinking in our political elites, it might be time to drag their sorry, inept, trough feeding carcasses out of the HoC right now and run them out of town on a rail. Tarred and feathered.

    1. I agree PO’ed. The level of idiocy surrounding CO2, the truth about which anyone with even a tiny brain is aware, is required to keep life on the planet living and more would be beneficial not detrimental.

  21. The NRTEE was an instrument for brainwashing the Canadian voting public by the globalist plantation owners.

    “””The National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy was a Canadian advisory agency founded in response to the 1987 United Nations document Our Common Future by the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.”””

    “”On January 7, 2008, the National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy released a report, which recommended, among other things, that the federal government “implement a strong, clear, consistent and certain GHG emission price signal across the entire Canadian economy as soon as possible”””

    “”iIn response to coverage of that report, John Baird, the environment minister at the time, wrote letters to the Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal, Cape Breton Post, Kingston Whig-Standard and St. Albert Gazette.

    Here are those letters…”””

  22. Here is a factual global warming story. Heat never seen before. Wildfires rampant through California. The Midwestern states and Canadian prairies saw numerous fires burning croplands. It seemed the entire Midwest was on fire. Chicago was terrified that the city would burn down from the drought, heat, and fires burning across the country. The most lives lost from fires in American history. The year was 1871.

  23. And Raitt will be kicked out of caucus at the demands of the Liberal party in 3 …, 2 …, 1 …

    Topics Conservatives under the leadership of Scheer are not allowed to talk about:
    principles of any kind
    Green party
    Liberal corruption
    policy of any sort

    1. Looks like they let her stay. All she had to do is kiss the ring of the Dairy Queen and proclaim her allegiance to the UN.

      Hope everyone is paying attention and will act accordingly come October.

      1. “Hope everyone is paying attention and will act accordingly come October”… yep… Globalist Scheer is going to make sure that his globalist comrade Turdhole gets another 4 years as lead actor of the Post National State.

      2. Well, to quote someone famous…” at this point, what difference does it make?”

  24. The National Post website reports that Great Leader Kim Sum Trudeau is going to announce Monday that he is banning single use plastics. This will stop Canadians from throwing their plastic straws off the coast of China and India. Praise Justin! Four more years!

    1. Just caught globalist Bell Media’s corrupt CTV “news”… they were dutifully regurgitating the Liberal Party script on banning straws like its already a done deal, debate is not necessary… of course in Trudopiastan we don’t have ‘debate” on anything, just whatever the Liberal Party decides to impose is imposed, for our own good. Peeairs one party State strikes again… for our own good… what a shit show.

      1. Just ordered enough plastic straws to last my entire family and friends for the next century.

        An associate was boasting of her enviro credentials for not using plastic straws. I asked her what the hell she was doing with them after she used them…shipping them to Vancouver so they could toss them into the ocean with their raw sewage? Or recycling them so they can be packed into a sea container, hauled to a port and then shipped half way around the world so they can then be shipped back to Canada? I just throw them in the garbage so they can be buried in a landfill and turned into a golf course or park in the future. Sheesh. WTH is wrong with people?…has thinking become an optional activity these days?

        Has the CBC reported on the Dairy Queen and his jesters clapping like trained seals for the great Trudeau’s heroic actions??