29 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. They should shut down all windmills until we can be sure they are 100% safe.

    Fatigue failures. Blade tips reaching what 600 mph? Imagine if a blade breaks off. Clearly a threat to anyone nearby.

    We should insist that all the trial lawyers in the US certify that these things are safe. 🙂 Until they do certify, none are allowed to operate.

    And once certified as safe, the trial lawyers are thus responsible for reimbursement of any and all damages.

    Prior to building any new windmills, the proponents must do a full gender analysis of the manufacturing plant, the construction crews, and the maintenance crews.

    Almost forgot. The proponents must also do full and complete First Nations consultation for each windmill. This to include effects of windmill noise on all animals, birds, insects, and traditional herbs.

    1. As opposed to “non-traditional herbs,” only recently legalized in several states?

    2. It was the all-Native-female crew who failed to adequately torque the bolts between the FIRST and SECOND sections of this collapsed Wind tower. The photo clearly reveals a connection failure, not a metallurgical failure.

      1. Kenji, they were torqueing NUTS not bolts. They like nuts, so they got side tracked :-)))

  2. How about we insist that they build them without using any fossil fuels.

    1. There is no real fossil fuel benefit for the construction of EVs over CEVs. It is only once they are on the road there could be a difference because the EV is 0% fossil fuel and the CEV is 100% fossil fuel.

      But the second part of your comment is erroneous, at least throughout most of Canada. Country-wide, 81% of our electricity is already non fossil fuel. So there would be a huge benefit moving to EVs in Canada (if they had the range, worked in the winter and didn’t blow up in your garage).

      Imagine if we mandated that everyone living in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary (etc) HAD TO SWITCH to an electric car as their first vehicle. It would be a lot of fun watching the virtue signalers trying to flag down a combustion engine vehicle to keep warm at -25 deg C when their battery fails. And it would be great for the environment.

      This is one of the (many) reasons I don’t believe in global warming. If the government wanted to, it could have most of Canada’s commuters driving electric vehicles in a few short years through legislation. If you live in a major center you must own an EV as your first vehicle.

      BTW five of our provinces have roughly 90% hydro-electricity or greater.


      1. Well Steve not buying that 81% number just yet. As far as the Nuclear Power Industry goes, all the ore is mined with fossil fuel and processed and shipped with fossil fuel. As to the Hydro option, yes it is not fossil fuel, but hydro dams pollute as much as coal plants according to the UN scientists. So who is fooling who. If anything all fossil fuel for heat and transport should not be allowed in any city. Because cities pollute and produce way more co2 than the fossil fuel industry. Never mind all their garbage that is shipped somewhere else to pollute. Let them burrow into their garbage heaps to keep warm.

        1. 81% of electricity generation is non fossil fuel.

          74% of total energy supply is fossil fuel.

          Non fossil fuels account for only 26% of Canada’s total energy needs but 81% of our electricity needs.

          The biggest issues in transitioning away from fossil fuels will be:

          1. transportation. Yes we can drive little EV crap-boxes but how do you transport goods.

          2. heating. Over 50% of our heating (commercial + residential) comes from natural gas. We would need a lot of garbage to keep warm.

        2. watcher, there is a reason that there is a “warm” bubble down stream from the Niagara gen plants, it’s the schitt that the turbines knock out of the water:-)))

      2. Once again … another Luddite HATER spreading LIES about electric vehicles. Your electric car will NOT … “blow-up in your garage”. Rather, it will spontaneously and slowly combust from an unquenchable chemical fire, consuming everything inside your garage … including your garage.


        1. I swear everyone is stupid. ,Even the discussion is stupid. You can’t build squat without fossil fuels, other than a mud hut. Now everyone should go live in one.

      3. Sorry Steve, but you forget that every kWh NOT used by an EV will be available to be exported, either to Alberta or US. Since these jurisdictions produce a lot of electricity using coal, the true GHG value of EVs in BC is not zero.

        STILL, I like your posts.

    2. Watcher, are the 50% of electric vehicles made sans oil and natural gas made of hardwood or softwood?

      1. Without oil and gas and the byproducts of oil and gas, various types of plastics, the weight of the EV would be too great for them to actually operate. They would probably get half the range. And what steel is used in their construction is created with fossil fuel. Have not heard of any foundries operating on solar or wind yet. Never mind the environmental devastation created mining for rare earth minerals. EV is a huge fraud as far as not using fossil fuel. And they really do last very long, their life cycle is short. Cities should have to use rickshaws or have 4 man Litters, were Indoctrinated Environmentalists pack the elite around in sedans. In the Hot weather they could employ Punkawallah’s to fan them.

  3. ‘Enel’ Green Power? Heh. When it comes to wind power the public knows all about the ‘enel’ part.

    1. When it comes to these wind projects that photo is a pretty good metaphor for all the participation that is required from the public;
      ‘bent over and wide open’.

  4. Korean engineering at it’s finest (aren’t most of these things Samsung ?)

  5. Tax Payer Subsidized Green Fraud turns into Tax Payer funded art. Cut a ribbon at the Okalahoma energy arch and call it a day!

  6. It looks like the chinese sub-contractor substituted a few sub-standard nuts and bolts in the kit they sent. In chinee: “Dumbass whities will never know the difference!” And yes, I do know Jack Shit. He’s my second cousin.

  7. Let’s just cut short this “investigation” into why: Because it’s a piece of government subsidized shit

  8. Steve — Thanks for the link. It does not state whether the 81% is Capacity, or Generation. By checking Alberta figures it looks like it is capacity. Solar, and wind generation usually only create 1/3 of Capacity. I am not sure about Hydro. Currently in Alberta Coal is operating at 57% capacity, Gas is operating at 59%, Hydro is operating at 40%, Wind is operating at 5%, and this morning in sunny Brooks, Brooks Solar is operating at 66%.
    Info from http://ets.aeso.ca/ets_web/ip/Market/Reports/CSDReportServlet