19 Replies to “Countdown to the May 23-26 EU Election”

  1. In other good news, it appears there have been unofficial efforts at the local level to crack down on pro-Remain voter fraud in the EU elections in Britain.

    Foreigners are trying to vote in the elections by filing forms asking for UK ballots long after the deadline for doing so passed, or claiming at the polling station that they “forgot” to file or there must have been an “admin error.” Election officials are doing the right thing by telling them to go to hell or Brussels.


    1. Brussels = Hell … indeed.

      I am hoping to meet St. Peter at the gates of Heaven, wherein he unrolls the FACTS of my life and gives a simple thumbs up or thumbs down.

      I imagine the gates of HELL are guarded by Satan’s Infernal Commission of Names who suspend the candidate with hooks through their scrotum or labia whilst the Infernals debate the fate of each torture subject … but the Infernals can never agree, so the torture persists for all of eternity while the “Commission” of Evil endlessly debate your fate.

      Yep … I imagine Hell is a Lot like Brussels.

      And the Democrap Majority in the House are looking and acting like Satan’s Infernal Names too. Pure EVIL

      1. Confession: I’ve actually been to Brussels. The visit was another of my ex’s hare-brained ideas (long story).

        It reminds me of Ottawa down to the bilingual signs (French/Dutch). An okay place for a colourless civil servant to live for a few years as long as he avoids the Muslim quarter, I suppose. A normal person would run out of things to do in three days and be fit for the asylum in seven. You couldn’t pay me to return there.

        If for some reason you’re ever stuck there for a day or two and you want to have a good laugh, head to the House of European [pseudo-]History, in which the EU is presented as the final triumph of western civilization.

        1. +1

          If anyone finds themselves in that drab shithole, hop the train to Antwerp immediately, More interesting and better booze.

          Better yet, stay on the train and go straight to AMS,

        2. My daughter thought Brugge was charming … if not too picture perfectly Disneyesque

  2. I still have found why he didn’t go with UKIP & why he parted ways with Tommy Robinson. Seems like he’s stretching the conservative/right thin? Altho I know they can do a coalition there.

    1. I too was disappointed we didn’t hear much from him after helping to win Brexit.
      He’s an excellent speaker and presents a common sense point of view very well.

    2. UKIP essentially collapsed after the referendum, with most people serious about Brexit joining the Tories (and now leaving again after discovering the Tories weren’t serious about leaving the EU). It was taken over by attention seekers and trolls, many possibly working to discredit the movement on orders from the Deep State.

      Farage owes the trolls wearing the skin of UKIP nothing, and making common cause with them will cost more votes than the Brexit Party would gain.

  3. We need someone like Nigel Farage in Canada. Andrew Scheer would never be able to deliver a barn burner speech such as that one or the ones which President Trump delivers at his rallies.

    1. Farage has got it down! As far as communication skills are concerned. He makes the primary issues come to the fore, without clutter or confusion. I find him both educational, and FUN to listen to.

      Shame that Boris talked a good game … then flipped to the DARK side. Almost as if someone GOT to him. He pulled an 11th hour John McCain.

    2. Mores the Pity, Big Momma. The problem is that the Brits have a history that dwarfs every other country in Europe and the hard core Brit is not about to throw that under the bus. The rise of Farage has been a long time coming and the hard core Brit can recognize a leader when he arrives on the scene even if he has been on the scene for years, like Churchill was. Now they have a rallying point. Compare that to Canada and show me a leader besides Harper over the last century that the majority of Canadians could rally behind. King, St. Laurent, Diefenbaker, Clark, Mulroney, Chretien, Martin, Trudeau’s I & II, Campbell, show me one that had the International stature that Harper gained in his time in office. The problem is also the Canadian electorate that have been led around by the nose by our national broadcaster. Perhaps Max is the man to come out of the shadows and take a position of leadership, as it is he seems to be the only one that is not playing the politics game that we have become accustom to in Canada. Time will tell if we can survive to see it.

      1. Maxine Bernier is no Nigel Farage.
        Not even close.
        Farage is accomplished.
        For starters Bernier can’t even speak.

  4. Farage is a natural extrovert. He LOVES the limelight and the interplay with his audience fuels his enthusiasm. He is in his element onstage, and he can think on his feet.

    Harper seemed to be much more an introvert. He didn’t have the sense of fun and engagement with a crowd. He was a thoughtful adult, not a party animal.

    Harper was a decent leader, especially during the financial crisis. He was steady, but not bold and brave like Farage. Shows you how rare a man like Farage truly is. A bit similar to Trump, he LIKES the fight.

  5. Be very very cautious about Farage.
    Far to many “issues”.
    That said great orator and rabble rouser of which there have been many in the worlds history.

  6. Canada does not need a Farage, Canada needs someone who actually believes in and knows what freedom means.

  7. Farage list of accomplishments:

    UKIP Party
    BREXIT Party
    Resignation of Theresa May
    Humiliation of FAKE conservatives among the Tories.
    Humiliation of the EU
    A vital spark for -healthy- Nationalism across Europe

    Monumental achievements for several lifetimes. Perhaps we need to be “very cautious” of Farage … as with any other single political personality … but you cannot diminish a single one of his achievements. Achievements which required enormous support by others with specialized skills. However, every movement needs a spokesman. And Farage has been a crucial rallying point for The People … just as Trump has been. Both men flawed in many ways (join the club) … but have been transformative in their actions.