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  1. Cheating, lying and omitting seem to be especially common attributes these days.

    1. Funny, when I got my degree, it wasn’t one of the option courses. Took a course in Statistics in Uni though….just for fun. Part of a “lab course” in Geochemistry. I learned how to manipulate “data” to make it do what I wanted it to do. That was fun, as it was left up to folks reading your “stuff” to figure out if it was valid, or not. I did that before the laptop computer made the scene. Fortran IV and 80 character punch cards.

      They could have just labelled it “Cheating, lying and omitting…101”, back then even.

      1. “I learned how to manipulate “data” to make it do what I wanted it to do.”

        That is exactly the first thing that our Statistics prof told us in the first class at Brock in the late 1960s. Now the various government departments, including the medical, lie to the sheeple constantly using manipulated statistics.

        1. Brock? eeehhhhh!!! me too, just 15 yrs afterward.
          some of the best faculty and WORST senior administrators in any university Ive seen.
          I *finally* learned to swim at 25 when they built that olympic size pool and the nice lifeguard told me what I was doing wrong. I was keeping my head above water all the time, instead of rolling in and out and breathing appropriately. bingo !!! I then went on the doing 10 years of scuba etc.

  2. The end is nigh!!!

    The end is f-ing nigh!!!!!!

    Only a socialist green new deal can save us!!!!!!!!!!

    You idiots surrender all your belongings and freedoms to the state or you will fry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    The Vancouver Sun
    ‘You idiots … The planet’s on f–ing fire!’: Bill Nye’s message to leaders stalling on climate change (link: https://vancouversun.com/news/world/you-idiots-the-planets-on-f-ing-fire-bill-nyes-message-to-leaders-stalling-on-climate-change/wcm/c304df63-3735-4a8f-af57-e0e4e063cf61?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1557841751) vancouversun.com/news/world/you…

    1. Yeah it’s a crisis… and Billy continues to fly?

      Pay the carbon tax and temps will stop increasing? Of course, we’ll stop adjusting the data.

      If it was a crisis would Turdeau still fly to vacation? Multiple times per year.

      It’s a scam.

  3. Kate, you should link some of those pictures of the NOAA thermometer next to the barbecue you ran years ago.

    This blog is the first place I saw any of the information being talked about here. Small Dead Animals is THE place to learn what scams are being perpetrated on Canadians.

  4. 2010-2011 there was a citizens audit done on the monitoring stations in the USA, and 89% failed to meet NASA’s own standards.

    So this is “news” now????

  5. What should really shock the public is NOAA’s FIRST and LONG RUNNING … denial … of Anthony Watts findings regarding poor weather station siting. The very FIRST reaction of NOAA was to mock Anthony and to insist that temperatures were … “adjusted” … to account for aberrantly HIGH temperature readings.

    Hmmm … you don’t think their sudden reversal of LIES has anything to do with the man in the White House? The POTUS who won’t tolerate FAKE science any more than he’ll tolerate FAKE news.

  6. So begins the glibbering climbdown.
    First under the bus?
    Providers of the manufactured evidence.
    “My science advisor “Miss-informed” me”.
    “Our experts said this was so”.
    Policy based evidence manufacturing was doomed from day one, because propaganda only works when the liars controls the media.

    Next” Mummy,what did you do to stop the mass hysteria of the cult of calamitous climate?”
    “Why did you not love us enough to question that madness?”
    Virtue signalling is another short term joy,we used to call it hypocrisy and mock the phonies.

    Now we will be needing elephant tranquillizers to bring the frightened ones down from their “high places”.
    All these fat and ugly little emperors buck naked and shivering, hideous creatures.
    Can’t we just leave then to their chosen fate?
    Maybe the polar bears will get them before all the poor brown people realize what these people have been doing.
    Civilized living for me, but not for thee.
    Who needs reliable affordable electricity anyway?
    Clean water, refridgeration,sanitation,silent power on demand?
    Too good for those “dumb dark folk”, or so our self proclaimed saviours would have us believe.
    Also us dumb servers of industrial living,so they keep demanding that we return to a new dark age?
    Powered by unreliables.

  7. The weather station in the rural community in which I grew up, has had a weather station in the same farm yard for over 100 years. The only change that could be manipulated is that it was switched to an automatic station a while back. One time I compared record highs and lows. The 1990s were insignificantly different from the 1910s and 1930s. The climate liars are extrapolating small lies over millions of square km near the poles and at sea to get the results they want. Throw in urban heat islands and we have just manufactured a climate emergency. At some point the truth has to catch up with the lies. In my part of Alberta the trees leaved out 2 weeks late last year and will be pretty close to that this year.

  8. This guy (Anthony Watts) has been talking about this for many years now. At one time he had a photo gallery of idiotic installations whereby (for example) an outdoor temperature sensor was installed less than a meter away from an air conditioning condenser that was spewing hot hair 24-7.

    Traditionally, the Stevenson Screen was the North American standard in recording outdoor temperatures. The unit was mounted 4 ft. above a grass surface, in an open area. In city or urban settings, the unit was mounted least 50 Ft. away from any building or contrivance. If the building was over 15 ft. tall, the distance from the screen was increased.

    I have an electronic outdoor sensor mounted under my 16′ X 20′ car port. Just parking the car within 10 ft. of the sensor raises the temp. on the indoor monitor by 2° C in summer moths. I still have a set of high quality mercury thermometers that tell me that the electronic unit is very convenient, however on average shows 2°C higher on most days.


    1. ?
      good grief, now I find out Im not on the same ‘page’ as the alarmists would have.
      my outdoor temp sensor is next to the back door UNDER a cedar shake cover to keep it dry and guarded from direct sunlight certain times of day.

      do I still get the carbum tax rebate?

      have a good Vic Day weekend folks !!!