12 Replies to “When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal”

  1. “He has previously investigated law enforcement corruption, the destruction of CIA videotapes and the Boston FBI office’s relationship with mobsters.”

    So did he send anybody to a real prison?

    The praises sung by Connecticut’s two globalist senators don’t reassure me a bit.

    I don’t want another inquiry that the globalist press will dutifully ignore.

    I want globalist collaborators brought in by local and state police departments, whose members are loyal to the United States and to President Trump, and America’s finest given free rein to make the bastards stop insulting the intelligence of decent people. I hear blowtorches applied liberally to the genitals work wonders.

    Then, I want the collaborators brought before a judge to enter guilty pleas, read full confessions of how they gave aid and comfort to enemies of the United States, and name the people who put them up to it.

    Then I want them punished to the full extent of the law—in broad daylight and in public, with footage to be posted to social media as a warning to others.

      1. And who went to jail when the Church Committee(United States Senate) demanded to see the MKULTRA program papers and results and the CIA said, “No you cannot see the MKULTRA Program, we have SHREDDED all of the information related to MKULTRA.

        Nobody went to jail, no one was held accountable. This Senate Committee was in the 1970s.
        MKULTRA had been going on since the late ’50s through the ’60s.
        Whitey Bulger became the Irish mob boss of Boston, FBI Confidential Informant/ FBI protected serial killer, after being in Federal prison and a SUBJECT of the CIA MKULTRA Program.(Mind Control)

  2. Please, please let this be the start of something beautiful. Smug politicians and bureaucrats, who have for too long run rough shod over taxpayers across western civilizations, being perp walked in chains. Time to start locking them up.

    Trudeau et al next. 🙂

  3. I am cautiously hopeful.

    Hopeful … because the entire Mueller affair was nothing more than a political BLOCKADE erected to prevent MY President from rooting out the corrupt leftist Deep Staters. Hopeful that MY President is now FREE to go after the EVIL, ROTTEN, leftists who attempted to overthrow THE PEOPLES VOTE. But those corruptocrats have been given TWO full years to sanitize their trail, and to numb the General public to the attempted coup.

    Cautious … because we’ve been waiting a lonnnnnng time for word from Mr. Huber. I am cautiously optimistic that Mr. Huber has been VERY BUSY building cases and collecting scalps … quietly … with no leaks … for the past two years. Cautious, because this new prosecutor has been employed by the WORST leftists to ever seize political power

  4. Given there is an impending IG report on FISA abuse any day now, to which Barr is likely privy, he clearly felt there were issues beyond the scope of the IG to handle, criminal matters iow. That is why the Dems sold their souls to try to stop Barr.

    Must. Circle. Wagons. Now. Comey and Brennan’s CNN dog and pony show will not work in grand juries with direct questions.

    It’s clear the whole crew knew the dossier was garbage (hell I knew it at the time) but proceeded with it as evidence anyway.

    Comey can’t lie his way out of stating he found out the dossier was Clinton oppo research when he read it in the paper.

    No wiggle room under oath. Then again he could state he doesn’t know, as Hillary did and Comey did for his Town Hall.

    But how can he not know? A proper prosecutor would never accept that nonsense. Comey will be lucky if he’s not indicted.

    Imho, the whole thing was engineered by Hillary, enraged at Trump’s Russians have email debate comments, and she wielded her authority as the presumptive president to all who wished to have a career post Obama (who btw had at least some inkling, or just willing to look the other way?). He and the Clintons can count on being subpoenaed as DeMarxist chicanery becomes ever clearer.

    This one has too much critical mass for even CNN and their politburo allies to miss.

    They will ditch the DeMarxists at some point, just to save their ratings. Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end?

    1. Solid reasoning. I still am HOPEFUL that heads roll. And frankly, HER head should be on a pike. Displayed as a warning to any other fascist-leftists who imagine they can blow past the US Constitution.

      But I will accept seeing a frail old woman rolled into the coourtrooom in a wheelchair pushed by HER lover Huma, as a desperate appeal for mercy on a harmless dying grandmother.