Finally! Peer-reviewed climate change research gets to the heart of the problem

The cacophony that defines climate change discourse has gone from a three out of ten to a seven out of ten to a fourteen out of ten. Every conceivable negative repercussion from climate change has been documented and megaphoned in the media, which has catalogued impending catastrophes ranging from rising sea levels to depressed dogs to increased satellite collisions. Correspondingly and incredibly, the most fingered culprit for climate change, the burning of fossil fuels, continues not just unabated but at in increasing pace.

In other words, climate science hysteria is not just useless but starting to crack…


17 Replies to “Finally! Peer-reviewed climate change research gets to the heart of the problem”

  1. We have lots of climate change models and numerous activists and politicians want us to take drastic action to prevent catastrophe.

    But have you noticed that you never see any of these models matched against the history of the last 100 years.

    In other words go back 100 years, input the base temperature and CO2 levels. Now input the actual CO2 levels over the last 100 years and show how the model temperature prediction compares with the actual temperature.

    Once you get that right, go back 1000 years and run the model again. You never seem to see this done.

  2. When you get your science from an ice-cream company then you are well and truly fu&êd.

    Is this now the best they have to offer? I mean, their ice-cream was OK, if you don’t mind the awful aftertaste of smug lunatic.

    Love the one about less drag on satellites due to the earth heating. Completely ignoring the sun’s huge influence once again on the earth and just plain old making sh&t up.

    1. There is less drag on satellites because the Earth’s atmosphere has “contracted” due to a quiet Sun.

      Surely “global warming” would expand the atmosphere, indeed there should be a high-altitude “hot-spot”. But it ain’t so.

    2. I never tried their ice cream. After reading that bit about atmospheric drag, I resolve to keep it that way.

    1. He’s probably expecting a big Liberal Stupid Tax Rebate.
      I hear one Ontario Family, its richest in fact, the Westons, hit the $12 million Carbon Stupid Tax Rebate jackpot.
      And that’s at todays $50 ton.
      Imagine how much they’ll get when The Liberal Carbon Stupid Tax hits $546 ton in 3 years! $946 in Saskatchewan. Still nothing in Quebec.
      Beats New Brunswick’s paltry, Canadian low $96.
      Except for Quebec, which of course does not have a carbon tax.

      I just can’t wait to see the picture of my local Liberal MP in the Irving owned Brunswick News(owners of all the Media in NB, even the CBC only visits from Nova Scotia.) , as he presents NB’s very own richest family with their share of the $650 Million State Media Sponsorship Liberal Party Pravda Award.

      Let’s face it. If you can convince any number of Canadians that a Liberal tax is going to put money in your pockets, you deserve an award and lots of the Stupid People’s money.

      And that’s pretty much the True History of Canada.

      Only in Canada. Where the Beaver should sue for misrepresentation.
      And the people are born on their knees.

  3. Whenever I meet a Climate Change Fanatic or anyone spouting the Climate Change Religion. I ask them if they still use any of the products of fossil fuel. Home heating, plastics, fertilizer, cell phones computers etc. If they say yes, and they will have to say yes. Unless they live like a cave man. I say when you have give up all the benefits of all fossil fuels, then I will listen to your opinion. Otherwise I have 2 words for you concerning Sex and Travel. These Cultists are all Piss and Wind.

    1. Hmmm ? Your advice is for them to … “Go, and masterbate themselves” ? Other than the travel part of it … I believe they’re already fully engaged in that auto-sexual bit.

      1. No doubt. They will just have to decide which gender will do the… Well, you get my drift.

  4. Just like the pets of Britain … I’ve become quite bored. Bored with repetitive drumbeat of obsessive Global Warming hysteria.

  5. I have heard or read of the 26 or 27 climate studies only one predicts what has actually happened. The Russian one we don’t see reported on.

  6. According the planet has a fever rent seeking climate zealots, we’re already dead. We’re on the 4th 12 year death watch now.

    If the climate cools markedly some of them might find themselves at the wrong end of an outrage mob or behind bars.

    1. The real death is coming from the Liberalism/Globalism/Communism crowd behind the Liberal Party’s Maurice Strong One World Climate Scam.

      Who is going to save Canada and Canadians?

      The Liberals?
      More chance of Joe Clark starting a Nazi White Supremacist Party.

      The Conservatives?
      Andrew Scheer is taking Bhangra dancing lessons as we speak.

      The Greens?
      Hahahahahaha…… be ready to freeze in the dark all you Canadians!

      The Legal System that becomes a Justice System once you pony up the Cash?
      Get those Liberal donations in!

      And lastly and most hilariously……The Canadian Media?
      Two words. And no, not putrid and treasonous, apt as they may be.
      Julian Assange.
      The Canadian Media are an embarrassment.
      Full stop.

      This of course assumes you believe that Canada and/or Canadians are worth saving.
      Seems most are ambivalent at best, and wracked with guilt at least.
      Never could understand why Canadians hated their progeny so much.
      Couldn’t have made worse decisions than the ones that will be bringing Canada’s most definite dystopian future.

      You’ve left your children and grandchildren in a helluva mess. Shame.

  7. I would say we have reached peak deception and may see a slight decrease in hysteria as we reach peak carbon tax and fewer people want to save the earth on their own dime. Like most socialist fantasies, it’s better when others pay for the program.

    I have a climate model too, it says same old same old.

  8. I must admit my problems with Andrew Scheer or anybody else having a “climate change policy.”
    Want to take care of pollution, real pollution, and plastic? Count me in.
    Want to develop hydroelectric and quickly scaled 4th generation nuclear. Count me in.
    I hope Lawrence Solomon is right and we’re nearing mass public outrage at faked climate they already didn’t believe.
    Anyway, Scheer, according to Leger is at 40%, with Grits plummeting to 27%, despite Dippers at 12% and Greenies at 11%.

    “Lawrence Solomon: Finally it’s safe for the whistleblowers of corrupted climate science to speak out.”