10 Replies to “The Sound Of Stifled Science”

  1. Wish Canada had a Trump. CBC Chop. Tax Dollars for MSM, Chop, Tax Dollars for Magazines, chop, tax dollars for fake artists, chop, tax dollars for Multicult Chop Tax Dollars for fake human rights Tribunals. Chop. Tax Dollars for Indians to sue us with our own money Chop, Open Border and Chain Immigration Chop. etc. etc.

    1. As Trudeau bleeds popularity and electability, the CBC seem lately to be concluding they should hedge their bets.
      But, after the summer, they will take the truth safeties off once again to get their lad elected, unless he’s totally damaged.
      Then they will feel the need to toady up to CPC/Scheer, trying to resemble a news network, ditching their boy blunder.
      Will/has the CBC calculated their Grit/Trudeau love-in might be bad for business? CNN just found out the fake news hard way.
      Having said all that, the moribund NDP remains the Grit crony express’s best chance for re-election of their useful idiot.

  2. How else could they come up with Pavlov, Lysenko, Mann ……

    They tell you just shut up and carry on because they know and you don’t.

  3. Liberals know that their political ideas cannot survive scrutiny.
    They know that an hour or two of listening to common sense conservative speakers will destroy the years of liberal propaganda they fed the children.

    They cannot allow any opposing views.
    They say that a non-liberal speaker can inspire hate and violence in the students simply with their words.
    If I am speaking at a university and I tell the students in the audience to attack all the people wearing striped shirts, and they do attack them, that says more about the audience than it does about me.
    Do liberals really believe that a few words can inspire such violence in the students?
    If not, why such hysterical and violent opposition to hearing opposing views?
    Are student’s minds really that vulnerable and malleable?
    Then those same student’s minds must also be vulnerable to liberal propaganda.
    Or is that different somehow?

    What are liberals telling us here?
    Are they saying that an hour or two of any type of propaganda can have a hugely significant effect on a university student’s mind?
    Do they have that low an opinion of their student’s intelligence?
    What effect would 12 years of liberal propaganda in the school system have on the student’s minds then?

    Liberals are plenty stupid, but even they know that their Marxist ideas cannot survive a few hours of honest criticism.
    And they know that their students are intelligent enough to understand common sense when presented with it.

  4. That sector of the institutional left that masquerades as academia enjoys the habitat of the leftist sandbox that universities have become over the last 60 years or so. Being free to deride conservatives as sub-human neanderthals while enticing their receptive “student body” to act like your typical leftist thugs whenever one shows up in “their” sandbox is the closest most of these ivory tower authoritarians will get to power in the real world. When tenure allows insulation from standards of performance and accountability, it is no stretch to apply the same thinking to the larger sandbox.

    Upholding the Constitution is the sworn duty of federally elected officials, particularly the POTUS. Upholding the First Amendment is job number one. It is a disgrace to the Republic and what it has become that a POTUS should have to do so.

  5. when you gag, fire, and expel the opposition…
    ..you can claim majority and be correct

  6. If you’re following the Peter Ridd saga in Australia – was that written by someone from James Cook University?