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  1. Bribery is a way of life at SNC.
    Just for fun I googled SNC, bribery, and Africa. Amazing.

    I wonder if SNC gave Turdeau any speaking fees when Turdeau was in opposition? Or contributed to Turdeau’s house? Or gave him SNC stock for his investment portfolio? Enquiringly minds want to know!

    1. There should be a look at the “vast fortune” that he did nothing to contribute to. I am sure that Le Dauphin has no idea what is actually in it as all he cares about is the fat cheque he receives. However, I am sure the trustees have raised alarm bells that the “vast fortune” would lose a lot of its worth if SNC had a tumble

    2. joe,I’d bet a lot of money that SNC donated to the Trudeau Foundation. That’s how bribes are done these days.

      With 9600 SNC direct jobs at stake in Quebec and the Pension fund (111,000 members) owning 20%,there isn’t a chance in hell any politician lets SNC go down.

      If Scheer wins the election, he will have to find a way to keep these guys afloat. Right now it’s all on Justin, but it won’t be any different with anyone else.

    3. It is not possible to do business in these countries without a kickback to someone at the top. Canadians who think this is possible are not now nor ever have been in business in The Middle East or Africa. That said, changing Canadian law to accommodate one company should be problematic, of course if it works for all companies……..

  2. It is very simple, the liarberal party of Canada (LPOC or LPOS {large piece of sh!t}) is a subsidiary of SNC, Bombardier and Power Corporation, with a small interest held by the Irving Family. The LPOC will do the bidding of its Quebec Corporate masters. Morneau Sheppel has a hand in it as well if only for Old Man Morneau to give his idiot son another job away from sinking the company he founded.
    I will ask the same question that I have asked before; what if the Prime Minister was Stephen Harper and the company was Suncor (12,000 plus employees?)

    I for one don’t want to live in a country where the amoral practices of a certain segment of the population dictate how a nation is run. I don’t care if Joe Two wins the next election. It is time to stop pandering to these loathsome people. It is time for Alberta and Saskatchewan to go out on our own.


  3. I’m fairly sure I posted on this blog years ago that Liberals go to Africa for lessons on corruption. Justin seems to be similarly impressed with the Clintons south of our border and how they operate. With over 50 mysterious incidents of folks running afoul of the Clintons, our former AG and female indigenous liberal should prudently take precautions that she doesn’t surprisingly get added to the list of murdered and missing indigenous women.

  4. There’s lots of skeletons in those closets, but don’t expect SNC-Lavalin to shake them out. Crony Omerta covers all their Butts.

  5. What is now SNC Lavalin was the company that one Maurice Strong worked for when PM Pearson began Canada’s foreign aid program. Pearson tapped Strong to run this program of which all of the funds were sent through this company on Strong’s insistence. None of those monies could have ever been skimmed could they?

    1. I think I may have posted this here in the past but if not here goes.

      It has been said that Mo Strong is the illegitimate offspring of Paul Martian sr. The old man made a trip to the hinterlands (Manitoba) back in the day and had a dalliance with some gal and Mo is the apparent product. Mo Strong always had the inside track around the libranos. He was a mover and shaker. One wonders why this should be?

      1. abtrapper, thanks for this info. Nope, I’d never heard that one about Mo Strong before. Seriously? Interesting. Paul Martin Sr. was quite the fuddy-duddy, as were many of the old Liberal women back in the day…

        Back to Mo himself. If ever there was a James Bond villain deserving of his own feature presentation, it’s got to be Mo. I always thought him to be unprepossessing and without apparent talent, but as you say, abtrapper, he obviously had something going for him.

        I watched a short recap of his life years ago that mentioned a very strange and intriguing story. Young Mo was bored of prairie life, so he ran away from Manitoba while still in high school. His father went searching for the teenaged prodigal son, and eventually found him living in NYC. Apparently he was the “roommate” of a senior official within the UN bureaucracy. Something like the Financial Controller or some such. Bizarre. No wonder this weirdo got on so famously with PET. People say it was Jean Marchand who was responsible for Trudeau’s meteoric rise to stardom, but it was really Power Corp. and ol’ Mo who created the Trudeau image. Marchand was outside the ruling elite class.

        1. JMS- I was told this by a long time Ottawa guy who had some knowledge of these things.

          I cant vouch for the veracity of it.

          It is a wild tale but so is ottawa, mo strong and the rest of the players.

  6. Justin Trudeau is a false prophet for the left. His only concern is maintaining the power of Quebec over the ROC. He stated it long before he ever became PM, “we’re better”. The fact that Quebec is passing balanced budgets and now paying down debt while the ROC gets buried is pretty plain. If he can further empower the We Were Here First Nations past a tipping point this will shut down west-of-Quebec industry except for them. But he doesn’t care about them, only to use them and the courts to dismantle “English” power. He uses ecotwats to shut down mining, gas and oil. He would impoverish the world surrounding Quebec for Quebec because Quebec has never and will never accept that they were conquered. They believe they are a special people and everyone else is beneath them.

  7. Just looked up the financial statements for the Trudeau foundation. Interesting stuff. SNC Lavalin was not a direct donor last year (PowerCorp, CNR, and BMO bank were).

    What surprised me most is that they are sitting on $147 Million bucks. That’s not chump change.

      1. Quite right.
        They slipped it into the budget bill to keep it from being reviewed at the justice committee.
        They need it to keep seats in Montreal.
        But now because its out in the open they can’t use the DPA without feeding the current narrative that depresses the liberal vote in the ROC.
        Their in a pickle now and they need a scape goat to take the blame for this bonfire before the shiny pony loses his lustre.
        The trick is the goat is the Sockmonkey’s BFF and his adult supervision.
        And they would have to find a replacement to manage him with less than 245 days to the election.
        What could possibly go wrong.
        But I digress.
        The theory is that Butts had a “talk” with JWR to stress the importance of SNC getting a DPA. Unfortunately for Gerald, JWR understood that the legislation that was stuffed into the omnibus budget bill won’t allow it.
        Judy decided to approach the Sockmonkey to confirm if he knew what Butts was doing. The Sockmonkey played ignorant assuring JWR that the decision was hers and hers alone, which convinced her the Sockmonkey either didn’t know she couldn’t do it or he was covering for his principal secretary. At that point Judy decides to hold her tongue and let due process take its course. When the PMO finds out JWR isn’t getting with the program the decision is made to move someone into the justice portfolio that is more of a team player.
        At that time who leaked the story could be anyone that knew about the plan to give SCN a DPA and had a beef with the PMO.
        When it broke JWR kept her cool, but the Sockmonkey’s BFF didn’t and the whisper campaign started, and promptly went off the rails. At this point the media focuses on the DPA legislation and it becomes a third rail and they can’t touch it even if they wanted to.
        At this point the Sockmonkey decides to deflect and use the talking point that because JWR was in cabinet there was no smoking gun, on hearing this news Judy decides its time to put some distance between her and the PMO and gets the best legal help she can get.
        Right now the PM is crapping his drawers over this because he is faced with letting the dumpster fire rage on or throwing Butts under the bus and calling into the mounties and in the process admitting there was very likely a criminal act perpetrated with or without his knowledge.
        If he knew, then his “feminist” cred is completely gone, and even his most ardent supporters cannot defend him.
        If he didn’t know its a dereliction of duty.
        There are no good outcomes for him on this. He is finished.

          1. And for all we know JWR may have already gone to the police and ratted them out.
            Its just a matter of time now till someone does a perp walk.
            The timing depends on when the political calculation determines that the seat loss is lessened if Butts is made the designated blamee and they can come up with a plausible excuse of how the Sockmonkey had no idea what was going on. The problem with that plan is JWR knowing what actually did happen.
            This is going to burn them.

      2. cgh SNC isn’t in Trudeau ‘s riding.
        SNC Lavlin located at 455 Rene Levesque Blvd in Montreal is in the riding of Ville Marie- the South West- Nun’s island, and the Liberal MP is Marc Miller. Justin Trudeau’s riding is north east of this riding.

  8. well, with Ford in ontarIowe, McTurd has to defend his “other” big supporter block. The next election is looking rather difficult for the turd

  9. Google this: “SNC Lavalin election funding’ and ‘SNC Lavalin election funding quebec’

    Lots of good stuff.
    For instance:
    “SNC-Lavalin has already admitted it made more than $1-million in illegal donations to Quebec political parties during the 2000s. Like other engineering firms in the province, managers and family members made personal donations to parties, which were then reimbursed with salary bonuses.”


  10. If one glves large companies a pass on criminal activity, how are they ever held accountable? Why have any laws?

    1. So that they may be enforced upon your enemy’s and competitors of course. Silly. Haven’t you been reading, “Restore CSA”?

  11. Catering to Quebec at all costs could be turning this country into a banana republic. If this latest scandal is not dealt with by the law we have arrived.

    1. The feature of that is that it is subject to Thatcher’s observation that it works until you run out of other people’s money.

  12. Orville12


    @EvanLSolomon Trudeau now caught in the big lie. He told China his gov’t does not interfere with judicial system – BUT for Quebec and SNC-LAVALIN @PnPCBC @CTV_PowerPlay @brianlilley @davidakin @darreljorstad

  13. on the topic of the absence of transparency with the current gubbamint, how ‘transparent’ is THIS?

    in other words, not only did pm harpoon *allow* the typical silence from the bureaucraps, he ORDERED them to shut their yap.

    the transparent thing here is the glaringly transparent bullying and demagoguery exhibited by harper.

    so quitcherbitchin if you still tink harpoon harper is the greatest thing since high level censorshit.