36 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Stinking Giant Fans”

  1. The threat of global warming and the efficacy of renewable energy is directly proportional to the amount of government subsidies.

    1. As are their shrill responses, frauds and ever climbing “tipping point” temperatures, now at 14deg C.

      False prophets, wolfs in sheep’s clothing, with their flowing robes, paid for by the poor, who will known by their “fruit.”

      Jesus nailed these faithologists over two thousands years ago. Their fruit then and now is fraud.

      Ever notice how all these “experts” from misusing gun statistics, to climate hockey sticks to well, folks like Mueller.

      They refuse to show their “data,” evidence or notes to reveal their confirmation bias and paucity of ethics.

      That’s assuming they actually have data aka facts not opinions, wild speculations or hopelessly biased models/assumptions

      The end of beginning to get us to the beginning of the end may commence tomorrow, as Churchill once opined on a far more serious matter – WW2, via a fellow named Judge Sullivan, ruling in another faithologist fraud and serial abuses of power.

  2. When will some of these Liberal Leaders like Wynne be held legally accountable for bankrupting Ontario tax payers, with the fraud of green energy? Another major fraud on the tax payers is nuclear power. It is not green and can never pay its own way.
    Needing constant tax dollars. The ore is mined and refined with fossil fuels. The tax payer has to pay for their insurance because no private insurance company will touch them. And the tax payer has to pay for ever for their toxic waste disposal. The tax payer also has to pay for the decommissioning of their highly toxic plants and reactors.
    Then you have Dirty Hydro Power. According to even the IPCC, Hydro Power produces more methane and co2 than Fossil Fuels but still, Quebec and Ottawa punish the fossil fuel energy and give Quebec Hydro and all other Hydro a seal of approval. And stupid Canadians lap it up.

    1. Didn’t you know? The first thing civil “servants” do, is make laws such that, judges and prosecutors cannot be held responsible for wrongful convictions. Secret ballot prevents voters from being tied to the policies they supported. Police cannot be sued for failing to protect citizens. Politicians cannot be held responsible for what they do. That would be fascist. Or something.

      1. Economists James M. Buchanan, Nobel award for Public Choice Theory( basically the study of government beurocrats.). He said, and proved, that government agencies can only be motivated to make problems worse. It is the only way to protect their jobs.

    2. Gee whiz, it’s just not fair! ………. eh?
      According to the IPCC the world is full of frightened little mice like you. So let’s just keep that cheese coming and soon enough, all the frightened little mice will rule a world devoid of energy … and peace, and probably food.

      1. JV you should go live next to Fukishima because that is nothing to worry about. Build your home on top of a nuclear waste storage facility, because your not afraid, drink a glass of round up because your the big He Man. Smoke 4 packs of French Cigarettes and chew tobacco, because Cancer is a joke. Such a genius, to bad your head will rot one day.

        1. I thoroughly enjoy your fear and pain. Fools like you will sell your freedom for the illusion of ‘safety’.

          1. Fools like that gladly pay (taxes) to have someone take their freedom away and tell them sweet lies that they are protected and cared for.

          2. Well JV I am sad to see that you and some others here of your ilk believe the HS that Ottawa and the CBC tell you about Green Energy. Ontario has been bankrupted by useful idiots like yourselves. Do you also drive an electric car like a good little Green Commie, turn on your lights for earth day etc. ha ha ha

        2. You should go Chernobyl, or Nigeria or Venezuela, or the Asian ocean of plastic, or several other environmental shitholes before you wax hypocritically here.

          You.must.turn.in.all.your.plastic. That’s would be leadership, not ignorant, double standard Watch(er)ing.

    3. Watcher, did you not know that you cannot sue school teachers, for graduating adults that cannot read out of grade 12?

      There is not way the deep state would ever allow itself to be held responsible for its actions.

    1. Jim….That article is simply more Evidence that Climate Change has SFA to do with Climate or the environment…and EVERYthing to do with creating ENERGY POVERTY in Western Hemisphere Nations. Energy poverty being the Hammer – CO2 the weapon to de-industrialize our nations …. all part of Globalism and the Long march to Communism.

      It becomes clearer every day.
      Australia a carbon copy of Canada in as much as having absurd & damaging climate policy put forth By IMBECILES, Eco-NAZI’s and Socialists.

    2. More on the rundown of journalism in Australia


      And by the way

      “Check out the letter in today’s Australian digital version by William Kininmonth on an interesting development for COP24.

      Oz emissions now include emu flatulence (equal to half a goat).

      He concludes “Rather than reducing emu emissions to meet Australia’s Paris obligations , it would be more productive to remove the goats from Canberra. ”

      How long till they openly include the native vegetation sinks in these calculations?”


  3. Man cannot survive without fossil fuels. All the pie in sky wind or solar will never keep 7.5 billion people alive. Even reduced to a hunter gatherer state man will still be burning fossil fuels, of course there will be at least 7 billion fewer people.

    1. That’s been the objective for at least 50 years. The Club of Rome, a group of champagne-swilling leftist elitists, had a saying: “Earth has a cancer and that cancer is man.”

      1. Exactly. Even Dianne Francis of National Post financial commentary talked about that once in one of her article. I emailed to ask whose method she would like to use to reduce the earth’s population, Hitler’s or Stalin’s?

        1. Actually Mao was better at killing than either Hitler or Stalin.
          but all considered themselves to be socialists.

  4. Go to the library or bookstore, buy the Largest and Cheapest Wind, Solar, Climate Change Books you can find. Some library’s will give them to you, or only charge you pennies on the dollar.
    Fill up your truck with books, take them home and when the Climate gets down to -12 with 9 inches of snow or ice on the roof, put the wood furnace on smolder, and burn books to stay warm all winter.

    1. Heh OT but I’ve tried to burn old books and periodicals. Magazines printed on shiny paper are the worst. You have to add some wood or cardboard to the pyre and even then the fire tends to smolder and screw around requiring a lot of prodding and encouragement.

      1. You should email/print a periodical and share your book burning knowledge with all of us.


  5. We can all look to Ontario as likely the best example of the disastrous policy designed and championed by Mr. Gerald Butts. If you asked him, he would tell you that the results are PRECISELY what HE wanted to see. SkyHi Power Prices, Industry Leaving, People having to decide to EAT or HEAT. Now doing so on a National Scale. All part and parcel of the push for Globalization – One world Govt and communism for and by the current crop of Socialist Elites and their UN-MSM Enablers.

    Do some diggin into this POS’s philosophy and you will begin to understand.
    ANTI-HuMan FASCIST PIG is what you will discover. A guy who fully belives that there should only be 1 Billion or less humans in Existance.

    Well, I’m one Human who believes Gerald Butts and his protector should both be found hanging off Ottawa lamposts …. kinda like Nicolae Ceaucescu & wife…twould be a fitting end methinks.

    1. I love this line in the link “using it (wind power) is like hiring a worker who shows up for work only one day a week and nobody can say on which day and which shift.”

      This describes Turdeau to a T. His “work” is taking selfies and spewing out a few lines. Actually half the time he can’t remember his lies, er lines, and has to read them.

    2. “…Mr. Gerald Butts. … A guy who fully believes that there should only be 1 Billion or less humans in Existance. …”

      And yet, he has children. P.J O’Rourke was talking of Gerald’s ilk when he described their concern about overpopulation as ” Just enough of me, way too many of you.”

      I wish for Gerald Butts that he lives long enough to see his children suffer what he is trying to create for the rest of us.

      1. I wish for Gerald Butts that he lives long enough to see his children suffer what he is trying to create for the rest of us.

        Ha! His children, being of the elite class, will never suffer any want or deprivation. They will, quite likely, see others in that position and will look down upon them with scorn and contempt, just like their daddy does.

    3. Careful now you will upset JV and his buddies. They think Green Communist energy actually works. They just want someone else to pay for it, as they plug their electric car into a fossil fuel powered grid. Why do you think all Green Communists always wear wool suits, well its because it is just like communism. When they p*ss themselves they still feel warm and fuzzy.

  6. You’ve got some bad code somewhere in the link to this article. I get a login prompt for Notrickszone now when I visit SDA.

  7. from the link:
    “Yet wind proponents and lobbyists like to counter by telling us that the problem will be manageable by simply adding more capacity, some storage and using a smart grid.”


    *imagine* the technical complexity and severe demands on the grid flipping billions of watts hither and thither literally ‘depending on how the wind blows’.
    decade after decade.

    unlike nuke for instance where a simple click of a mouse, tap on a keyboard to fine tune things under HUMAN control.

    I just watched an episode of ‘how the world ends’ discussing the hi altitude nuke EMP that happened in ’62 or thereabouts when we learned alllll about THAT effect AND the temporary collapse of the grid in the western pacific. then the discussion went on to the prospects of a deliberate act on a huge scale.
    ummm . . . .

    green what?