Now Is The Time At SDA When We e-Juxtapose!

March, 2018: This $118 Million Electric Scooter Company Created a Phenomenon in Los Angeles and Now Wants to Take Over the World

December, 2018: In places like Oakland, Los Angeles, and Portland, people have become so fed up with the plastic scooters–distributed liberally on sidewalks by companies like Bird and Lime–that they’ve taken to throwing them into lakes and rivers, and in the case of Los Angeles, the ocean.

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  1. The same thing happened with Bike Shares. Chinese bike share companies literally litter the streets of every major Chinese city to the point where there are heaps and heaps of bikes piled everywhere.

    In Paris most of the bike shares ended up in the Canals and riot fodder. Etc etc etc.

    The great sharing economy leftists love to tout has always been a total fraud because NOTHING actually replaces genuine ownership.

      1. That’s so weird. On my last visit to China, my wife and I used shared bikes on her mom’s account for a pleasant tour around her home city. It seemed like a good idea at the time, and especially for places like China, because it’s hard to hold personal property when you live in a high-rise rabbit warren. Among the downsides–cabs and transit are dirt-cheap, especially compared to here. Fifty cents for a bus ride with great routes and timing (no transfers, tho), $5 (I think) to take the Metro completely across Shanghai (about a 90-minute ride, with transfers–they use fare zones, but most trips people take are quite a lot shorter, so maybe $1 per ride), similar rates for taxis (I think the most I paid was about 50RMB for 20 minutes or so, about $18). But I suppose the economical nature of their transit system owes a lot to being built under a command economy, so there’s that. The taxis and ubers are largely independent businessmen though.

        1. Another Calgary Marc,
          Very interesting. They have to keep the transportation cheap with such large populations over there.

          Over here, it is a different story. When I saw that Calgary Transit finally put in some new Light Rail cars I figured that it was about time. The population of our city grew rapidly as did the price of the fares. It has more than doubled in 20 years. The new train cars are a big improvement, glad I use the system only infrequently though.

          Great at Calgary Stampede time in the month of July!
          ( …have to moooove all that cattle…just kidding )

      2. Thanks Nancy.I had no idea of this situation,the msm sure doesn’t report it.I guess everything allegedly “green” is a scared cow and can’t be criticized or questioned.
        I wonder what happens to those cubed bikes,are they recycled or simply more garbage to be placed into rapidly filling dumps.

        1. might I suggest don, your typo ‘scared’, ie not ‘sacred’ as the usual term with that saying, is in fact the *correct* spelling.

          we’re turning into SCARED cattle. aaaaand what makes the cattle scared? they know what’s up.
          holocaust #2 on the horizon, all dem SCARED cattle jammed into the CATTLE cars. next stop . . . .

        2. Hey Don Morris,

          That guy ▪@ 11:23 am, hb – likes to joke, we’ll have to check for his typos in future, Ha! Ha!

          We knew what you meant though.

  2. The green ones littering Calgary have signs saying ‘$1 to activate’, the fine print says $0.30/minute thereafter, so $18/hour, but they seem to get lots of use and I haven’t seen any in the river yet.

    1. I noticed them popping up everywhere downtown a few weeks ago, including in front of my home. Just in time for winter. Not my cuppa tea, but I’m not fundamentally opposed to them, any more than I am to Car2Go. So far, at least.

  3. I have seen them near the river. Just noticed them downtown near bridge to Princes Island for the first time about 10 days ago.

    Lime E bikes

    At $18/hr, I will stick to my own bike

    1. The bikes are a Potemkin village. They’re interactive public art exhibits painted in pretty colors. The bikes are meant to adorn the gentrified areas of the neo-leftist realms and sooth the denizens with colorful virtual signaling tones that eco-friendly transportation is anywhere you are and that the sharing is caring economy is an actual thing. However the bikes really aren’t meant to actually be used.

  4. People do not respect things they do not own. People feel no need to fix or maintain things they do not own. It is why with collective “ownership”, no one ever changes the oil, or fixes the flat.

  5. I see more garbage thrown everywhere than ever. Is it population density or a population that is increasingly dense? I haven’t lent a book in decades because people are turds who will either lose it or “lend” it to someone else. “He’s got a truck, we’ll ask him to help.” Not anymore I don’t because its the only reason they call. That’s why the sticker on my hardhat says: “Keep Your Dickbeaters Off My Tools.”

    1. it is the result of various municipal governments refusing to take action to pick up garbage. people are sick of segregating garbage in so called recycle schemes which do not remove enough of anything from the system to reduce any level of pollution. they think that sending three trucks to pick up that which one truck could do is ecologically effect, it is not. incinerators with scrubbers would be far more effective at getting rid of garbage and we could generate power with the heat.

      1. Old White G……I have been saying that for years, people tell me it can’t be done…just mention that it is being done in Germany and the excuse is that’s fine but it can’t be done here…..Steve O

      2. Hey, you don’t want to pay tithes to the church of Environmentology? Then change the way you vote.

        Blue bins, green bins, sorting your garbage… this is the price of the church of Environmentology. Formerly known as the People’s Temple.

    2. “…Is it population density or a population that is increasingly dense? …”
      And, not or.

    3. Lack of the pride of ownership under socialism is a big part of this problem. It is a feature, not a bug. Look around areas of your city where there are mostly tenants as compared to areas where people own their own place.

      Another aspect is a deterioration in society in general in regards to respect to other people and their property. Respect is no longer taught in our educational systems.

    4. been there done that Buddy.
      I lend tools to about 3 people now, about once a year. no duff. NOT to whoever asks because far too many of them got ‘loaned out to da guy on da zhob’ despite repeated reminders it was NOT the borrowers tool to lend.

    1. kakistrocracy

      Now there’s a word I haven’t heard too often. Appropriate, though.

  6. Heck they are everywhere. I just got back from San Diego (beach area) they are all over the place and you really have to look out for them because of their speed.
    Yet when I say they are everywhere. I mean just that. In the middle of the streets, left in alleys, sidewalls. Heck we saw some throw in the bay.

  7. “…they’ve taken to throwing them into lakes and rivers, and in the case of Los Angeles, the ocean.”

    That’s gonna happen when you take away the people’s plastic straws.

  8. Every time I visit Oakland … the city streets are clogged with homeless people and raggedy millennials riding scooters … weaving through traffic … onto and off the sidewalks. The city is looking more and more like the filthy streets of Communist China

  9. the article is very short of *what* it is the scooter tossers are frustrated about.
    typical msm reportage eh?