Showing Up To Riot

Paris Discord;

French President Emmanuel Macron has scrapped a fuel tax rise amid fears of new violence, after weeks of nationwide protests and the worst rioting in Paris in decades.
An official with the Elysee palace told The Associated Press on Wednesday that the president decided to get rid of the tax.
Philippe told lawmakers that “the tax is now abandoned” in the 2019 budget, and the government is “ready for dialogue.” The budget can be adjusted or renegotiated through the course of the year.
Three weeks of protests have left four people dead and were a massive challenge to Macron.


Macron is hardly alone in his frustration. Leaders in the United States, Canada, Australia and elsewhere have found their carbon pricing efforts running into fierce opposition. But the French reversal was particularly disheartening for climate-policy experts, because it came just as delegates from around the world were gathering in Katowice, Poland, for a major conference designed to advance climate measures.

Be disheartened. It’s better than disheaded.

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  1. Macaroni will take a couple pages from Turdeau’s book:
    1. and the government is “ready for dialogue.” – the turdeau approach, we have an open dialogue with the progressive members of society.
    2. The budget can be adjusted or renegotiated through the course of the year. – in a few months he’ll pull a turdeau and say we will return the tax and more to 70% of you in tax rebates. Knowing full well that the amount of the rebate and the percentage of people getting it can be adjusted downwards.

    During his winter vacation at his villa in France, Moroneau will fill in Macaroni on the details of number 2.

  2. So that likely means That France will default on it commitments to meet the Paris accord. Is there any chance a journo will ask trudeau to comment?

    After all he was plenty quick to condemn president trump for doing the same…

  3. Macron has vowed to face down the French and bring about other changes… The people of France now know, the break point in the President’s spine is 3 weeks.

  4. The French do understand AGW Bull crap is just an UN Global Tax Strategy…..The Communist economist’s have zero answers in the near term to fund their Global civil Service…..Suck it up,
    the Peons refuse to be divided into the final solution camps… The F&cking Europeans have tried this before in Germany, didn’t work then, won’t work now…..

    Time to readjust the time line out 200 years when better Science will become KNOWN….


    1. It’s not really about carbon taxes. It’s about a host of things that have been going wrong in France for most of the past two decades. It’s about the relentless increase in taxes, illegal immigration, decline in living standards and loss of wage purchasing power, and a lot of other things. It’s a coalescing of a lot of things, of which the carbon tax, like Marie Antoinette’s “let them eat cake” is just the last straw.

      1. What he said. The Fwench have been told for decades that everything they do, praise or cherish is wrong, bad and evil. That they have to change and make room and adjust to please their masters. That they were to make do with less and less while the increasingly detached elites were growing fatter and fatter. That any abuse was to be endured for the good of the collective. At one point the battered wife will pick up the steak knife, and then events will unfold very quickly one way or another, … and there will be no going back. This may well be that moment.

        1. Maybe, Colonialista, maybe. Too early to tell yet. The real giveaway is if and when the French riot police refuse to put on the heavy gear. But indeed the French people have been asked to accept a society in which the future is always less smaller and dingier than the past. No society can permanently survive a perpetual diminishing of hopes of the future. That crushing of hope was a large part of what did in the former Soviet Union. It’s what marched Ceaucescu before a judicial firing squad.

          If it goes that far, it also hamstrings Brussels and the EU in a very large way.

          1. I agree. The French riot police standing back would be a major factor and indicate their sympathy with the plight of the people. The the firemen and ambulance staff, in the Paris area seem to be in sympathy with the people.

            Your comments, “relentless increase in taxes, illegal immigration, decline in living standards and loss of wage purchasing power, and a lot of other things.” and, “…people have been asked to accept a society in which the future is always less smaller and dingier than the past. No society can permanently survive a perpetual diminishing of hopes of the future.”, describe, in my opinion, what Canadians are increasingly having to endure.

            We also have a prime minister that has the attitude of “let them eat cake” toward Canadians, especially western Canadians. He deliberately lied to the Canadian middle class before the last election. He pledged support and has instead steadily increased taxes on the middle class.

        2. “the battered wife will pick up the steak knife”

          I say screw the women. I am not fighting for any of them. They want to throw off the chains, let them spill their blood for me. Women have voted for everything that is now wrong with society in large numbers and without a break. Women have benefitted from what they voted for.

          Now they can suffer.

  5. Trade Truce Over? Canada Arrests Huawei CFO At US Request

    My two cents….

    Trudeau with the US Cabal planned the arrests Huawei CFO At OBAMA request the judge in New York let me guess a liberal right? President Trump just got served another curve ball the first the complete shut down of the US government for corrupt serial killer Bush the architect of the New World Order also where was Bush when Kennedy was murdered anyways???

  6. “The key, said Hulot, is not to impose action on climate change in a technocratic way, in a way that ordinary people do not understand.”

    Oh, but we do understand it.

    Our masters are insisting we pay crushing taxes on primary energy so the Chinese can use it to bring forward the day they defeat us in war and enslave or exterminate us. Everybody knows what treason is.

  7. The effort to impose these types of reducing the standard of living taxes seems to going ahead in many western jurisdictions regardless of the objections of the citizenry and maybe it is time for some “disheading”. Hopefully the French will lead the way and have a 1848 redo, except to have a return to freedom rather than some sort of commune support. The British common people are trying.

  8. It really is time for ordinary people to recognize what a fraud “climate change” is. It is without doub the biggest of the “big con” efforts ever undertaken. It requires you to disbelieve the evidence of your own eyes (and your own thermometers!). We had extreme cold this year at the farm, much colder than several previous Novembers – and exactly what one would expect if one had taken even a first-year stats course, and understood the concept of mean reversion. Easy prediction: We are in for some very cold winters – probably many in a row.

    Note that those ships travelling thru the arctic passages didn’t happen this year. Anyone notice how the scare-articles on big increases in sea temperatures were walked-back quietly? Ever actually measured the adiabatic lapse rate ( say while flying your own aircraft?) The carbon-dioxide-causes-earth-to-heat models predict rising temperatures as one climbs higher – but this of course does ot happen.

    I gave up trying to talk to anyone about this Big Lie, because there is just so much money behind it, and because the gov’ts of the world are *desperate* for new sources of revenue. Look at any nations debt levels. They are not sustainable. Most OECD countries are just barely able to service existing debt costs. The Macron “Climate Change” fuel taxes were expected to bring in roughly 39 billion euros, of which 7.9 billion were to be earmarked for “climate change” initiatives.
    It just goes on and on.

    Sea levels are *not* rising ( go measure tides at any coastal city). Temperatures swing wildly where I live, from +30 C in summer, to -30 C in winter. Where I live, there are drumlins, terminal moraines and eskers. This is because just 12,000 years ago, there were glaciers here that were so thick they created landforms that remain visible today. Even if Earth is warming, it is almost certainly *not* due to human-generated CO2 levels. But around here, there is *no* statistically significant variation in the swing of temperature variations in the last 30 years. Go look up 30 year temperature series for yourselves. Temperatures swing violently with the seasons. But Spring always arrives. And so does Winter. There is zero evidence that average temperature ranges are any different from what they were 100 years ago, in any meaningful, statistically significant way. What is being asserted by “Climate experts” just does not show up in the data. They have to tweak the data to get those “hockey stick” graphs, and they know it (and brag about having done it, sometimes.)

    The entire enterprise is a giant con, designed to allow a very cold country like Canada, to engineer a tax on heat.

    The reasons are mostly because the governments are very desperate for money. Once the great scam of the “zero interest rate policy (ZIRP)” is withdrawn by central banks, the debt levels will not be servicable, without tax increases that will smash economic prosperity. And everyone knows this, once they carefully inspect the numbers .

    The whole trick of “Climate Change” is to get folks to accept *much* higher taxes (which will be coming for sure, regardless of who is in power), but accept those taxes because we are “saving the planet”.

    I would just prefer honesty. The much higher taxes are coming, and life is going to be much harder for almost everyone. There is no way out of this mess, really, except for the very wealthy.

    But the “Global Warming” nonsense is a Big Lie.

    We must all learn to think for ourselves, do our own fact-checking, and demand more honestly from those who control public funds. Scarce wealth must be spent carefully, and every effort should be made to limit and control government costs. We can still avoid an economic meltdown, but we will need to develop a culture of careful prudence, if we are to survive the dark times ahead.

    History suggests this last 70 years of peace and prosperity are an anomally, much more extreme than any changes in average temperature at the margin.

    We would do better to focus on threats from engineered airborne virus agents that have been weaponized in a basement lab, or an augmented “dirty bomb” made from a truckload of spent reactor fuel, and dispersed from a commercial aircraft over a major city, than the drivel retailed by the UN Panel on Climate Change. Seriously.

    Our future will likely be one of nasty, cruel warfare, if history is any guide. And the modern technology will allow asymetric threats to be more effective than at any previous point in human history.
    Most of the small dead animals will be us, sorry to say.

    Why can we be sure of this? In my short lifetime, I’ve watched global population more than double, from 2.5 billion, to 7.3 billion. We are now on the very steep part of a rising curve. Next doubling looks to be maybe 20 years max. (The curve is *steep*.) The one after that (if we get to that point), maybe 7 or 8 years – and we are at 30+ billion. This is baked into the basic math of percentage growth. To get off this curve, we will need a massive die-back. It will have to happen, or else humans will have to suddenly (very suddenly) all stop making babies, and that is not likely to happen. So, sometime within the next 30 years, we will hit some kind of wall. And we will hit it hard. No one knows what exactly the event will be. But there will be an event – or a series of events – and somehow, we will climb down from that exponential curve, as the alternative leaves us choking on our own exhalations, and fighting fiercely over the remaining available food. Planetary average temperature will be the least of our worries.

    Lets at least be honest about the future risks we are going to need to address. If we are going to have to live in Tokyo-style urban density, then lets at least try to have the place look like Tokyo, and not Kinshasa.

    Check out Kinshasa – African city of 17 million people, which produces 9,000 tons of garbage a day, and has no co-ordinated urban garbage collection. See this article by Kossivi Tiassou from March 12 of this year:

    Seriously, at least just look at the pictures. What the world needs are good toilets, sewage-disposal, toxin-free food, and houses that don’t fall down in bad weather. And birth-control. Lots and lots of birth-control. Otherwise massive de-population events are certain to occur, and these will require bulldozers and large dump-trucks to deal with. If we are to address the current and growing problems, then we have to look to the developing world and try at least to do something useful, necessary and effective, We should just dismiss this “Climate Change” tax-trick for the fraud it is.

    – Russel F.

    1. That is a good looking city – coming to a municipality near you very soon. Thank you for the UN Compact on Migration. Thank you, Justin. sarc off

  9. The Greens are going to accuse Macron of backing down to a group of Frenchmen who dont want to pay through the nose for some dumb tax after all when they taxed our tea we went and dumped it all into the harbor at Boston