18 Replies to ““Looks like @Toyota is getting him a new truck.””

      1. kinda like the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion, described by CTV s the biggest boom until hiroshima.

        bullshit. I called them up and told them of similar boom in the new mexico desert about a month prior: ‘Trinity’

    1. Kate made the post, Jack Nicas is unlikely to be reading your comment. Maybe you should track him down and tell him he is puerile.
      You know, because your comprehension of everything is so transcendent and instructive.

    1. That truck is a trophy. If I owned Toyota I would offer to switch that truck for a new one and put that bad ass truck on display. It would make a great calling card. Are you a bad ass? Well then you need a bass ass truck. Toyota. No explanation necessary. Someone will ask “looks like that truck is burnt”.

  1. The flames that his truck had on its doors were not painted on and opening those doors at the wrong time definitely would have been suicide. That truck’s a Sherman tank and I think it would be smart if the Thousand Oaks Toyota bought that truck and put it up on a pedestal in front of the dealership. They’ll sell a ton more. It amazing how much good tough courageous folk can do with the right quality tools. Badass indeed.

  2. Badass could have become friciceedass if even one of the fuel tank welds or hoses had let go under that kind of heat.

    Toyota could never buy that kind of advertising in the next 1000 years that could be more effective.

    He should get a new truck each year for life!!!

  3. Meh….other than some paint and maybe some new undercarriage wiring harness – brake & Fuel lines & Front bumper….looks in pretty good shape…!!

    Good on this guy – Bad (_i_) indeed.
    Good for another 350,000 miles….easily.

    1. Of course it’s “shot on site”. It would be hard to shoot them remotely, unless “remotely” was really close to the site.