9 Replies to “We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars”

  1. A timely posting considering that today Tesla announced that their Q3 was profitable, using of course every accounting trick in the book, plus zero emission vehicle credits paid for by taxpayers, plus buyers of Teslas enjoying rebates paid for by taxpayers.

    The entire thing is one giant fraud from start to finish.

  2. If a safe, practical, clean electric car is ever built, it will not be by a pothead draft-dodger who by rights should have been deported to communist South Africa long since.

    It will be by an IDF veteran with the foreskins of at least seven hajjis under his belt, along with experience in finding ways to solve problems that don’t involve running away like a coward, because that’s a luxury only enjoyed by rich Gentiles.

    Silicon Valley makes toys for teenagers and man-children. Startup Nation innovates—and its next innovation will be a way to break the West’s dependence on Arab oil.

    Of course, nobody will thank the Jewish people for this. The elites will never see the Jews as anything but a problem to be solved, no matter how much the Jews shower them with presents.

  3. I’ll simply say it again … My daily driver is a small (but powerful and nimble) 1991 BMW 325i (e30) manual trans. – of course. I lovingly maintain the car, and have personally swapped-out all the shocks for bilstein sport shocks (yes, I can turn 90deg. @ 45mph with ease). Replaced the steering rack, all the suspension bearings, water pump, radiator, timing belt, etc. The car runs smooth and strong. Hey! it’s a 30yo car … parts need replacing.

    This makes me about 1,000x “greener” than all my neighbors in their shiny new $130k Tesla Model S’s and $75k Model 3’s. I am a TRUE conservationist. My 6-cyl 2.5 L M20 engine churns out 168 hp with the Bosch Motronic fuel injection. Coupled with the Getrag 260 5-speed gearbox makes this modeL the IRONMAN of automotive excellence. And despite the horsepower I average about 25mpg city/30 mpg freeway (when I keep it below 85mph). I easily pass CA’s most rigorous emission testing every two years.

    Do I have a “connected” car … wired to the internet taking hands free voice commands allowing me to make Amazon purchases in stop and go Bay Area traffic? Nope. But I have a power antenna, power windows, and power sunroof (none of which cut my automobile’s range in half when operated).

    Take your eco-EV and shove it up your filthy eco-exploitative twat!

  4. producing an electric car or a gas or diesel vehicle you incur the same costs and require similar inputs. there is nothing “green’ about an electric car, unless of course you paint it that color.

  5. Looking at the solar ponds. They produce many other compounds other than Lithium. Lithium is just one of the many by product compounds produced from these ponds.. Substances like Potash (KCl) which is the main product , Sulphate of Potash or SOP or Chemically K2SO4 which is a fertilizer that is used on plants that tolerate the Cl ion. Also Potassium Nitrate which is also used as a fertilizer or an explosive in Nitro Glycerin.

    You can achieve the same process by using Thermal Evaporators and Crystallisers like we do in Saskatchewan mines, but solar energy doesn’t produce CO2 and is a lot cheaper.

    Just Google SQM in Chile they are one of the main competitors of the former PCS in Sask or Nutrien if you like now a days.

    Biased reporting when you try to show the solar ponds as all Lithium production. Lithium is a minor by product. Just do the Phase Chemistry.

  6. By the way environmentalists alway refer to water in their propaganda. The so called water used for evaporation is actually Brine. Way more briny than sea water,,, undrinkable.. Laden with salts like Potassium Chloride, Sodium Chloride, Lithium Chloride etc….

    Great Salt Lake and the Dead Sea are surface brine sources which is used to extract Potash and all sorts of mineral salts by solar evaporation. The underground aquifers of Chile and Argentina are the same except they are underground brine sources.

    Saskatchewan Potash use the same process except we burn Natural Gas that produces CO2 to achieve the same thing.

    The ponds are on large desert expanses that have no visible animal life.

  7. In the link to “An anonymous 4chan post” was a side article entitled “More solar panels mean more waste and there’s no easy solution”. So I’ve gone all solar to solve that problem, now I’ve got to worry about what I’m going to do about this new problem. Dear dear me.