We Don’t Need No Flaming Sparky Cars

Tough week for Subsidy Fraud Boy.

Shares of Tesla plunged as much as 9 percent Friday after news of a pair of C-suite executive resignations and a bizarre video showing CEO Elon Musk smoking pot on a podcast, capping a tumultuous month since Musk launched the company into controversy with a take-private tweet.


The stock opened Friday’s session at $260.10 before paring losses slightly. Shares were roughly 7 percent down after the first hour of trading, closing down 6 percent. It extends a painful week for the automaker. As of Friday’s close, the stock lost more than 11 percent on the week.

There is no Model Y, pickup truck, semi or Roadster. Or solar roof either, for that matter. These products do not exist. And is not building the capacity to make them. I have never seen a company simply make things up on such a grand scale. It’s legally breathtaking!


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  1. Mr musk knows he is hooped without the swamp sugardaddies.
    Looks to me like he is faking his own meltdown. Good way to beat securities fraud that will cost him billions.

    All of it a bit too convenient.

      1. no comparison. none. NONE.
        Hughes was a brilliant engineer who set speed and distance records by for example introducing flush rivets that meant a given fuel load increased the expected probability of reaching one’s destination more economically.
        when his designers were trying to come up with some sort of steam powered car and he found out the radiator was an enormous safety risk he kiboshed the project then and there.

        he also suffered terribly from OCD. if it wasnt for that, who knows, we may have had a research colony on the friggin moon by 1980.
        His legacy includes the Howard Hughes Medical Institute which continues to benefit mankind:

        no comparison whatsoever. NOTHING in common with sheistermusk.

  2. Funny thing is that for the last 18months, I have been pursuing the awesomest, most fantastical, magical, super high tech glass (like Apple uses for your iPhones) Tesla solar roof shingles for a client. The Tesla website is super slick with lots of glossy pictures … soooo over the top professional with videos and all kinds of kewl shit … and you can EVEN choose the TEXTURE and COLOR that you LIKE the most!!

    But ..the information stops there. How are the shingles joined together? What waterproof underlayment is required? What is the UL labs fire resistance? Where are the ICBO Building Official Certifications? How are the shingles applied? Where are the installation details? Nada. 18mos. of returning to the Most Awesomest (Obama endorsed) solar roof shingle website … nothing. No list of approved Contractors. No delivery dates. No costs.

    Elon is a high tech huckster.

    If you’re employed by Tesla … I highly recommend you get your resume’ up to date.

    1. @ 2:14 Kenji

      Hey there’s a reply comment @ a THREAD from 2 days ago in “Government Overreach California Style” on Sept 6th.
      It is the 6th one from the end @ 4:22 posted on the 7th Sept from a person who goes by the name: ” hb ” it is for you!

      Just sayin’ in case you missed it.

      1. hb is historybuff fed up with the inability of captcha to HOLD the name for subsequent postings.
        which I stated previously.
        has anyone found a patch for this annoying sit’n?

    2. It’s hard enough to get a roof of any kind after a tornado, hurricane, etc…can you imagine trying to replace on of those roofs…when you can’t even get car parts

  3. When this house of cards comes tumbling down, I can see a federal commission investigating how the public came to subsidize it and how Tesla got away with scoffing at security regulators.

  4. Hey man…it’s the ‘STONER’ economy dudes!
    I thought Cheech and Chong were so like 70s…
    Musk needs new branding, he should have relocated in Canada, which is legalizing in October,
    and rename from Tesla to the “THC-Mobile”.

    Why you ask…because stoners make ‘good’ engineers & drivers!
    What could possibly go wrong!

    Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
    1st Saint Nicolaas Army
    Army Group ‘True North’

    1. Hahaha ha … no wonder Teslas rattle like my old ‘65 Buick. Dopers aren’t known for their fit and finish skills. Heyyyy mannnnn … I’ve got a couple screws left over from this dash installation … wowwwwwww

  5. Tesla will be included with anthropogenic global warming in the future update of “Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds” first published 1841. It should be mandatory reading in secondary schools.

    1. What!!?? I keep reading that Tesla orders keep flowing in so fast that they can’t even keep up with paying their vendors! Wait. Whaaaaat?!

  6. How can anyone be surprised that the snake oil salesman Elon Musk makes crap up? The mileage estimates for the
    original Tesla was exaggerated by about 200 percent. He staged a phony video of a battery swap that took about
    90 seconds even though the battery was not modular and it took 2 men 12 hours to do the job. His stock crashed
    when he stated he would buy up all outstanding shares, and again when was puffing pot on the Joe Rogan podcast.
    High-level managers bailed after the Rogan incident.

    My personal theory is that since his company has not shown a profit since its founding, he has gone off the deep end.
    I once worked under a manager who started out a good guy, but the stress nearly killed him. At the end of two years,
    he was sporting dark bags under his eyes from the stress of running a business. Musk is in over his head. He will never
    turn a profit selling cars nobody wants to own even given the generous government subsidies it is unaffordable, and
    nobody wants to sit around for five hours to recharge the batteries for every four or five hours on the road.

    Imagine a Tesla owner in California who decides to take his wife and kids on a vacation in Florida or Washington DC.
    The drive time would take a month (more if the batteries crap out in a rural area or a desert.) There was a great
    newspaper article about a race between a Tesla and a 100+-year-old Model T from Lansing Michigan to Boston.
    The Model T is limited to 40 MPH so it had to stick with the old interstate highway system. The Model T probably
    racked up more miles than the Tesla and a Tesla engineer predicted the Model T would win the race. If not for
    a breakdown that ate up two hours, the Model T would have won! Electric cars will never be practical.

  7. The Tesla 3 hauls 30% of its 4000 lbs kerb weight in dead weight battery for the duration of its miserable inefficient existence. It is arguably the largest ideologically fuelled inefficiency scam in history.
    By comparison a 70L gas tank (@ ~ 0.734 kg/L) in your average sedan weighs 51.38kg (113lbs), just 10% of the battery weight of the Tesla and only for a brief moment when full.