43 Replies to “I, Napoleon”

  1. The solution is obvious – get a transgender man. What’re they gonna’ do? Denying him the part would be sexist – or even misogynist.

  2. Not gay enough… Man, where is Norm MacDonald when you need a real comic doing a skit on this? There are degrees of gayness now? So how gay do you have to be? A 6 or a 7? Does this thing go to 11?

    1. It could go to 30 for all I care, it’s free entertainment. Hell, I ate more popcorn and laughed more while reading about this latest insanity than I ever would have in seeing the movie. The sheer entertainment value of this crap is beyond great, and so, so much more than the shitty movie would have ever been.

      I also can’t help but laugh; They are so blissfully unaware that history will not remember them at all for what they do, cause they do nothing, but rather it won’t remember them at all as they have become completely irrelevant to the future of mankind. They who espose the virtues of darwinism in attacking god have removed themselves from the gene pool, damn there’s some irony in that. Or is it justice!

      1. Ha! Definitely better than the eventual movie … judging by all the prior “sisterhood” film remakes … like Ghostbuster chicks with ghost busting sticks

      2. “They who espose the virtues of darwinism in attacking god have removed themselves from the gene pool, damn there’s some irony in that.”

        Those types are thoroughly opposed to Darwin, in fact they want to destroy all of society for the sake of preserving and promoting the unfit.

  3. The message received is seldom the message sent.

    In this case, the received message is “Don’t produce a film with prominent gay or transgenders roles because it’ll just mire the film down in controversy — and not in a good way.”

  4. Heh. That’s the problem with “progressive” ideology: the internal contradictions inevitably end up confounding its own acolytes.

    1. Indeed they do.
      While the similarity is striking, I must confess to my disappointment that the reveal wasn’t Trudeau.

      I glanced at this. In general, this act-thing is better suited as Robin IMHO.

  5. At some point Hollywood will be forced to stop making movies that have any ‘problematic’ characters. The movies will either be bland, boring and more formulatic or, on the other extreme, artsy fetish romance with fish. All novel, interesting and engaging (aka.moneymaking) entertainment will be taken over by others – internet streaming, independent filmakers, foreign productions, some entirely new entertainment venues like completely immersive, self-directed role playing games or perhaps even AI based acting (a vr actor can be whatever you program it to be and is immune to both social pressure and human flaws and failings).

    If Hollywood wanted to make a stand against the Church of Progressive Neo-Puritans then they’d redo Frankenstein with themselves and other progressives cast as Dr. Frankenstein and social justice identitarians as the Frankenstein monster.

  6. My apologies to Kate for being totally off topic, but I have question

    CBC a couple years ago had a sort of contest, they asked who was the greatest Canadian, I simply cannot remember who they said got the most vote…

    Was it Graham Bell or John A McDonald? or someone else?

  7. isnt ‘she’ supposed to be a ‘ze’ or ‘xe’ or ‘zhe’ or ‘xhe’ or . . . . . . oh shyt. now Im in trouble. send in the noun police.

  8. I read through this a bit more slowly, looking for a nod to this person’s actual defined birth sex. Not her orientation, or how she identifies now, but if she was born with an outie or an innie.

    So, I’m guessing this gal is an actual gal. But I can’t understand how Catwoman’s sexual identity might come to play in a crime fighting movie.

    Haven’t been to a theatre to see a movie since 1999, and this isn’t going to bring me back to the house anytime soon.

    1. But I can’t understand how Catwoman’s sexual identity might come to play in a crime fighting movie.

      Batwoman, not Catwoman. And they’ll handle it the same way they did in the books – by having her moon over her lesbian cop detective girlfriend from the rooftops two out of three panels.

      It’s like they’re trying to ensure no one takes these characters seriously.

  9. I’ve narrowed my movie watching down to 5. They include any John Wayne movie, Silverado, Wyatt Earp, Open Range, and Quigley Down Under.

    Good guys win. Bad guys lose. I guess that’s a spoiler alert.

    1. “The Man from Snowy River” … still one of my favorite films. Way to go Auzzies!

      However … it is now “toxic” to include “man” in the title unless accompanied by “emasculated”

      1. My favourite Aussie flick is The Road Warrior: non-stop action from the start.

    2. I’ve got a lot of movies like that in my DVD collection, which includes some by the Duke, the Dirty Harry series, and also The Maltese Falcon.

      Now that I have my inheritance, I plan on adding to what I’ve got. One of them will definitely be Master and Commander.

      1. Master and Commander, good movie. Even better, read the books, all twenty volumes. Patrick O’Brian, great writer and story teller.

  10. I knew this stuff would implode quickly but i didn’t realize the participants wouldn’t even notice.

  11. The irony is that as a fictional character it doesn’t matter who or what gets cast, what matters is the content of the story.
    If this is just another venue for virtue signaling similar to the reboots of “Ghost Buster’s ” or “Oceans Eleven” it won’t matter what perversion of humanity is given the role, it will flop.
    Once telling the story becomes secondary, this becomes another exercise in re-education of the masses.
    New tag line.
    They have learned nothing since November 2015.

  12. Comments have been made on SDA as to whether there will be a civil war or if, in fact, we’re not already in one. The assumption has always been that it would be between the right and the left.

    If this matter is any indication, that civil war might be simply between factions of the left: those who are too xxxx vs. those who aren’t, battling each other as to which are the true adherents. In other words, it’ll be the left eating its own taken to a larger scale.

    Come to think of it, didn’t that sort of thing happen shortly after the Bolshies took power in Russia?

    1. More encouraging is that the Socialists might have won the Spanish Civil War if they had spent as much time shooting “fascists” as they did shooting each other.

    2. Yup. Just this past weekend Antifa went after the cops and even the left wing media when those terrible right wingers failed to show up.

    3. It also happened like that in Germany before Hitler took over. The surviving left wing faction will still be dangerous if we don’t watch and stand up when it counts.

  13. After I spit up in my mouth a little bit, I decided they could choke on it. After the left vs. ultra left civil war, I will be around shooting the wounded in the head. Hey, I saw Dr. Zhivago. I can do this.

  14. They are eating their own. Nice.

    This is the logical and easily foreseeable destination, when your worldview depends on infinite outrage, flying at the speed of light. You have to keep manufacturing new outrage, and keep finding new targets. Forever.

    When you run out of outrage and targets? Murder suicide is pretty much it.

  15. “The main beef seemed to be that Rose is supposedly not a proper lesbian. Some were also angry that she is not Jewish.”

    Okay then. How about this gal? The perfect Bat(ty) woman.

    World renowned NYU Professor Avital Ronell, 66, who is a lesbian, was found to have made unwanted sexual advances and sent sexually charged emails to Nimrod Reitman, 34, who is a gay man.

    Straight out of New York, “…..a gay man and a queer woman, who share an Israeli heritage…..”


  16. At the risk of stating the obvious, aren’t these people supposed to be actors?

    Rock Hudson was gay/bisexual and played hyper-heterosexual men time and time again.

    Liberace was a flitting gay and everybody knew it.

    Morgan Freeman played a black POTUS before there was one.

    Whatever. Isn’t about credibility, like never casting Pauly Shore to play Rambo?

    Why is this important now?

  17. I might actually watch it if Chastity Bono driving a green Suburu Forester with a fancy roof rack that never carried stuff was given the lead…

  18. Anyone going to watch this garbage? Do we need another damn SJW film to make us feel bad about ourselves? Most people only make that mistake ONCE and bad news for SJW hollyweird rat bastards is that most people have already been taken once.