Info Wars

Not all is going according to plan…

The Infowars app is rising in the Apple store’s rankings after a number of other major digital platforms cracked down on its content.


The app has surged in popularity in recent days from the 47th to the 4th most popular Apple store news app in the United States. That position places Inforwars over CNN, Fox News and The New York Times’s apps, according to app analytics site, App Annie.


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    1. Done! And I have never followed info wars, but in the same breath just as I would never call for CBC to be banned (just defunded), I would rather see a free flow of information, if I disagree with the message I am free to ridicule it, or ignore it, or write a sarcastic reply. Censorship is a cancer.

      1. Tried to get the app from the web site you posted, but they would not allow me to download.
        I hope the liberal democrat socialist butt holes are in a state of panic right about now.

        When they tried to shut down ‘Chick fil a’, my daughter was manager of a local bread store, ‘Chick fil a’ personnel came into the store with pickup trucks and bought every burger bun in the place, and then came back to get all the bread in the store, including taking it off the loaded trucks.
        The line at Chick was over a mile long, they had to bring in the State Patrol to reroute the traffic.

        Democrat Socialist liberal bastards tell us we cant have something and watch the results.

      1. I was about to revise my comment….lol
        Apps are for iphones & ipads…duh.

  1. It has taken some time.

    Alex Jones was a thorn, a trouble for the Bilderberg group.
    If it were his fantasies or some knowledge, he had to go.

    Sometimes you would think that he went off the deep end.

    How is it that things can be only on you tube?
    Is there any other platform?

    Yes, the rich socialist/fascicst ruling class had enough of his antics and decided it’s time for him to go.

    Freedom of speech you say?

    Now watch, Alex Jones maybe a test case for the socialists/fascists to see how it will fly with the plebeians.
    They got the academics. The academics are devising a syntax for the masses to accept that freedom of speech is an old concept.

    Newspeak is for the brave new world.

    1. “Newspeak is for the brave new world.

      They are working hard to accomplish this.

  2. So Disqus dumped Infowars as well.

    Meanwhile bitchute is growing rapidly and gaining attention.

    Since some time last week Paul Joseph Watson has nearly doubled his bitchute subscriber count.
    Other youtubers like Styxhexxenhammer666 have more than doubled their subscriber count.
    Seems those companies in favour of cultural suicide also are working on financial suicide.

    Get Woke.
    Go Broke.

  3. ‘Alex’ Jones is banned for “controversial” content?? There must have been some sort of a mistake … they must have intended to shut down ‘MOTHER’ Jones for “abusive”, FAKE news, and “controversial” content …

    Mother Jones posts the most disgusting content on the internet. A pack of LIES and deception intended to deceive.

    Alex Jones is a humorous site with wild conspiracy stories that strain credulity. Fun for the whole family.

    1. You obviously have not spent any time actually reading articles on infowars. The vast majority, and I mean upwards of 90%, are conservative, anti-socialist, anti-hillary/obama, pieces based on facts gleaned across the spectrum. A very small number of pieces are shock news, intended to attract attention – any attention, in order to get new readers. It is a tactic that has worked very well.

      It is amazing how some people are deeply offended by a few OBVIOUS shock news on infowars yet find intellectual comfort in the ramblings of maxine waters who calls people to violence, or any one of the massive democratic lies being spun daily on the MSM.

      As with anything in the news these days, don’t believe someone else’s word for it – go check it out for yourself.

      1. Admittedly, I haven’t spent much time perusing Alex Jones site. But have been there enough to know that he has both serious REAL news stories … and … the most outlandish, loopy, nutty conspiracy nonsense that may bait clicks, but seriously undermines credibility.

        This loopy stuff … like FAKE school shootings … made him a target for the SJW Tech Titans. But the central issue here is FREE SPEECH. Are the social media platforms truly OPEN and FREE as they claim? No. Fact is they HATE the First Amendment. They believe that ONLY the legacy media (and … Antifa, BLM, Colin Kaepernick, are owed protection under the First Amendment. But Alex Jones isn’t. That posting loopy stories like; dead school children were actors posed by the government … isn’t protected by the First Amendment. Sorry. It is.

        As to me … I don’t take such tripe posted on the internet, or in the checkstand racks at the supermarket, seriously. Implied in the First Amendment, is that the citizens of the USA have both; a thick skin, and a brain. Apparently, the Tech Titan SJW’s have neither.

        1. “dead school children were actors posed by the government”

          I am not sure he said that. The anti 2nd Amendment Parkland students were all members of the drama club. He even said, at the time, that he was going to be accused of calling the students crisis actors. Get your info from the horses mouth, not his critics.

          1. Fair enough. Perhaps I will download infowars iPad/iPhone app as was recommended by someone here. Yes, I am being influenced by the MSM.

            To be fair … I DO give infowars reasonable credibility … at times … mainly because DRUDGE linked many of his articles. I read those, which all appeared legit. to my radar.

    2. To Kenji,

      Alex Jones comes across as borderline nuts to me, I am not sure exactly how much he is trying to be humorous. His nasty habit of pushing outrageous storylines for publicity seriously brings his entire integrity into question, IMO. I keep a link to his site, however, that I check in on weekly because he is politically intuitive enough to have broken some important stories over the years, too. So, I have two general comments about his often over-the-top style. Firstly, I find that I can forgive him a lot of BS when I consider all of the leftist heads he has single-handedly caused to explode. Secondly, where some of his wilder claims sometimes embarrass me as a fellow ‘conservative’, I am sure most of us are astute enough to understand that nothing he could ever do or say would appease his powerful leftist critics. Something I respect Alex himself for apparently understanding, also.

      I believe social media sites such as Facebook and YouTube may be in the early stages of eventually being classified as ‘highly addictive products’ by some in the medical community. Trump should challenge these Democrat marketing devices as a serious mental health threat to Americans. lol

      Speaking of YOUR President, Kenji, I wish that along with his frequent ‘fake news’ statements he would at the same time implore ALL Americans to search out alternative news sources and educate themselves as to where the truth really lies. Maybe just to watch how severely the MSM would contort itself to challenge sage advice like that.

      I would also love to see him repeatedly throw out this question, too…. ‘Who does America trust to honestly report on the media when the unethical behavior of the media itself IS the story?’

      1. Great comment….particularly the last sentence…

        “…Who does America trust to honestly report on the media when the unethical behaviour of the media itself IS the story…?”

      2. “Alex Jones comes across as borderline nuts to me”

        Nuts – he does a great insane act where he gets all worked up. I suspect it’s an act – looks real. Explodes leftist heads really well. He gets credit for a lot of things he never says.

      3. CO – re: MY President … I agree … he should indeed remind America to read Alt. News … and sort out the truth for themselves, by themselves. That is exactly what is driving the legacy media nutzos … that the common man DARE think for himself (zeself? nope-yecch!)

        The American 1st Amendment to the Constitution is the GREATEST thing ever authored by a government. It is FREEDOM. Not CONTROL. Nobody KNOWS the “truth” better than YOURSELF.

      4. For a little while Rush Limbaugh had an item he called “the media tweak of the day”. It was repeating the words of a leftist, verbatim, during one of Rush’s talks. Without explaining the context or who said it. It was a test of whether something was insulting on its face, or only insulting when one of us said it.

        It was remarkably good at provoking outrage. The media would often bite. The best was the follow-up when an individual would call to tell him he a ignorant/bigoted/racist/etc, and he would tell them who originally said the line and ask if the original speaker was. Most of the callers knew nothing beyond what they had seen on social media. One could make a decent base-beat from the “uh, uh, uh, uh” as their heads collapsed.

        The captcha is acting up. Is a street sign only the sign portion, or does it include the posts? Does a bus include a shadow over a long section of road? I needed 6 screens of approvals before this item could be posted. My 5th or 6th post of the night.

  4. It appears that conservatives are being funneled to Bill Hicks’ InfoWars, falsely believing that he is a conservative. He is alternative, no question, but he is controlled opposition. He will talk of “globalists” and slam Democrats and seem conservative on the surface. Then he will descend into idiotic conspiracy theories and yell and froth, and generally embarrass those who associate themselves with him.

    Interestingly, Joe Rogan also worked for Sacred Cow Productions, and used to believe in the moon landings being faked. Then he also got “Alex Jones”ed and started toeing the Jesuit line. Almost immediately his podcast profile puffed up and A-listers began frequenting his show as guests.

  5. too funny….conservatives are the new silent majority

    and the dangerous liberals made them that way

  6. Well, they seem to have fixed that little problem. I went to download the app on my iPad this morning, not because I really follow infowars, but more to make a statement, and guess what? Nowhere to be seen.

    It is actually there, you can get to it via the “app” link on the infowars web page, but search of the app store turns up nothing.