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  1. All heterosexuals excluded mutilated homosexuals. Also most people aren’t into amputees.

    1. Isn’t that considered mis-gendering? Remember, that’s now a criminal offence here in Buttsheadistan.

  2. Evolutionary biologists explain sexual selection of mates among humans, as a search by those with the best genes trying find others with the best genes possible to reproduce.

    Reproductive success isn’t gratuitious. This is not two organisms conscious decision but one driven by both person’s genetic coding. Nature is not administrated by phenotypes, but rather by genotypes.

    RNA rules the biosphere. Everything else is barely a temporary blip on the radar.

    1. Indeed. Sexual bi-morphism and selection were around before humans. It’s a biological, even natural, thing.

    2. Huh?! Imagine that? … your biological/evolutionary explanation sounds so much more believable than the gobbledegook of the gender panderers. Funny that those who WORSHIP evolution (leftist goons) … simply ignore it when they wish to become deviants. Sick bastards. I feel sorry for em. They’re pitiful personalities. They are worthy of my sincerest prayers for healing.

      1. You took the words right out of my mouth. This apparently comes as some kind of surprise to certain people. Oh No! Huge, bright, shiny ball in the sky! Run for your lives!

    1. I thought that was “Holy Bat, Fu(kman!”

      Because of, like, the patron saint of flying rats?

  3. Have to say, since I always approached dating less as a recreational activity and more like conducting a job interview for the future mother of my children, it only makes sense to eliminate those who clearly do not meet the minimum biological requirements.

    1. “……I always approached dating less as a recreational activity…..”

      You’re the exception rather than the rule. Looking back at my youth and at my peers of yesteryear, I find just the opposite. Chasing women, hoping for sex, was the order of the day. Can’t speak for the women but I expect that it wasn’t all that different for them.
      Since such activities on occasion led to children I can only say that human reproduction is at least somewhat random and not infrequently the result of nothing but momentary lust.

      ” Nature is not administrated by phenotypes, but rather by genotypes.”

      Really?? I think just the opposite. Purely based on appearance and opportunity ….. no magical RNA involved.

      Some are lucky in finding a compatible person in spite of themselves. I do believe that economic “class” (or more broadly, “status”) is one of the more important drivers in human mating …… much more important than RNA.

      Sexual deviancy is low status and generally low economics as well.

    2. Yes. Women, meanwhile, if given the choice, will always choose as their mates the men they dream about when abusing themselves.

      That’s a big reason so many women support uncontrolled immigration—to get an ample supply of thick black sausage, with Daddy expected to pay for the resulting bastards.

      The men whose services are required to secure the existence of the nation and a future for its children cannot find wives because the nation’s women would rather bend over for Third World thugs.

      The wonder is not that “involuntarily celibate” white men have started lashing out but that it took so long.

    3. hah…..! from 16 – 35 it was 98% Recreational and yet at the same time, seeking the ONE (the percentage changed as I aged). Things got a bit weird after 83-84 after the 4 Air Canada Gay Stewards started visiting every North American bathhouse they could (not knowing they carried the aids virus- TRUTH)…although that had a muted effect on my activities – being 100% Hetero, one could never be sure of the opposite sex having previously swung both ways or with Bisexual gay men and vise versa. Defences were enacted…

      But man that was fun…lol.
      Nowadays…put it in the wrong “spot” and it may well implode or simply wither n die.

      ON Trans – what is the fascination with .04% of the population….who Cares..?

    1. I watch a lot of History Channel and of their favourite experts “transitioned” into a rather odd looking woman. I’m not trying to make fun of the guy, he’s still knowledgeable and i guess this made him happy. Anyway, recent appearances indicate he’s got the whole grooming thing worked out a little bit better. Not much, but slightly.

      1. I saw a show about a ‘regular’ married, 50 to 60 year old couple in England who were male-female who seemed happy. He liked to dress as a woman and go shopping with his wife for clothes. He looked rather ordinary and respectable, like his wife. They weren’t flashy and she said that she was used to seeing him dressed both ways and this felt ordinary to her because they’ve been doing this for years.

        Love is blind. Whatever works for them is no one’s business. They were best friends.

        On the other hand some of the male to female trans people who are single tend to be quite flashy and look odd. They sometimes confuse daytime wear with evening wear. Their larger than female hands, feet, and wide shoulders tend to give them away, if they are slender. Without correctional surgery, so does the Adam’s apple.

        The fatter men who sing and are in show business are the best ones to pull this off. They wear a ton of make-up and sequined gowns. They can be 2 people, if they choose and lucky for them, if they are successful and wealthy.

        The females who transition to males seem to be the most successful of all, in their appearance. They pull it off practically flawlessly. There are all sizes of men so these newly- minted males tend to blend right in. I am amazed how they can deepen their voices and grow facial hair by taking testosterone.

        Ultimately taking hormones, be it estrogen, progesterone or testosterone might not be good for one’s health over a long period of time. It is fooling around with Mother Nature too much, in my opinion. I’m wondering how long the Medical profession has studied this aspect and what the conclusions are.

        1. I think that in 20 years or so, there will be many lawsuits against parents who gave their “trans-gendered” children puberty blocking drugs, when the children realize that they were always the sex with which they were born. Either that, or murder of said parents. This whole trans-gendered thing is not going to end well.

          1. @10:08 am
            I agree totally. It’s one thing to play dress-up but it’s another thing to be taking pharmaceuticals.

            It’s big bucks for Big PHARMA, I think they will have the bucks to cover the future lawsuits, should that occur.

          2. In twenty years or so, the whole trans thing is going to be seen as this generation’s recovered memories/Satanic ritual abuse psychiatric fiasco.

        2. “I’m wondering how long the Medical profession has studied this aspect and what the conclusions are.”

          Conclusions are that its a really, really bad idea and they’ve know it for a very long time. Remember the East German women’s Olympic teams of the 1960s? Massive use of testosterone and steroids there. All that stuff is banned from international competition for a reason, and the reason is that its amazingly bad for you. Fatal, in some cases.

          The suicide rate for Trans people is 41%. That means what they did, taken together, was fatal for them in the long run. Nobody in the medical profession is saying anything about any of that, because they’ll lose their jobs if they do.

          Which should tell you something about how our society is working these days.

          1. ” The suicide rate for Trans people is 41%”…
            I get it. How sad. It fits in with the narrative.

  4. They likely mostly could have gotten laid as gay, at least once in a while. This is like the whole frontal lobotomy experiment, and it’s horrific.

  5. Evidently Kate has a policy of requiring SDA commenters of having stayed awake during high school biology. Social Justice Warriors, not so much.

  6. “Virtually all heterosexuals excluded trans folks from their dating pool…” kinda the way virtually all vegans exclude the 24 oz prime rib special from their menu choices. Funny that.

    1. DrD, exactly. “Discriminate” is yet another word that lefties have appropriated to gratuitously criticize “normal” people who disagree with them.

  7. In the recent past, we had two students in our program, one “transitioning” from male to female and one going in the other direction. There may have been other “trans” students in the program, but it seems that, even with two, that demographic was already overrepresented in our program. By Christmas, the two were dating and were already planning to “marry”. I expect that “progressive” school boards will be keen to interview them at this coming year’s job fair.

  8. Let’s see, date a girl that wants to be a guy, or date a guy that wants to be a girl? No thank you, either way.

  9. the entire ‘choose yer own sex and then some’ thing is going to screwup the ‘ancestor.ca’ and ’23andme.com’ folks rather severely. on top of same sex marriage, on and on and on.

    mebbe that is a subtle sign the whole thing is waaaaaaaay of the track.
    all sign of the times.

    1. the entire ‘choose yer own sex and then some’ thing is going to screwup the ‘ancestor.ca’ and ’23andme.com’ folks rather severely.

      Ah, but don’t you know that they’re really a xir in a xim’s body or is it a xim with a xir’s brain? I guess that’s what’s called “settled” science.

  10. This just in- there is a consensus reality which can be empirically verified by all. It operates independent of any individual’s mental states or beliefs in contradiction to it.

    This is also the foundation to modern science. Reality is independent of someone’s internal beliefs.