35 Replies to “The Tolerant Left”

  1. Not a big fan of taking livelihood away from people for stunts like this (unlike leftists and statists btw), there are obvious consequences to this type of public misbehavior.

    It seems the backlash is against TDS idiots now, unable to pin their intolerance, and upcoming violence on Trump.

    “Employee Who Allegedly Attacked Teen Over MAGA Hat Fired From San Antonio Bar”


    1. Why? Afraid to make other people live by the rules they enforce on others?

          1. Coming from a moron like you I consider that a compliment.

            Hey bigot, people actually have different opinions than you.

        1. “Afraid to out yourself as a idiot and a coward?”

          Your way gives one a smug feeling of superiority.

          Hitting back accomplishes something in the world.

          We’ve been trying the smug feeling of superiority for decades and it has gotten us nowhere. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

          If you were truly the virtuous person you’re trying to sound like on the internet, you’d never have responded with your “idiot and a coward” retort. All hat, no cattle.

          1. Pardon me, I couldn’t read past your smugness. Democrat party much?

            It amazes me people like you actually think I give a shit what you think.

            No cattle, just the BS eh?

          2. I read virtually everything that Shamrock posts … and find him exceptionally intelligent, well reasoned, and spot on correct. I agree with him, that FIRING everyone who has a bad moment of indiscretion is stupid. However, if this (hat jacking) behaviour fits a pattern or personality defect in this leftist-heespannick-bouncer … then he should be summarily fired.

            Consider the difference between Google FIRING James Damore for issuing a logical, science-based article about the differences between men and women … and some burly 30yo bouncer who physically assaulted and threatened a 16yo kid. Hmmmmm? Which one deserves to FIRED? If the answer is difficult for you … then you’re a MOron.

            Shamrock is right.

    2. The guy assaulted a minor because he was wearing a hat he didn’t like. I’d fire him in a second. what would he do to a customer wearing the same hat? Who knows. Best to fire and forget. Thus guy’s a piece of trash.

      1. hay shammy, I may be a moron, but am still on the “winning” side. An a$$hole like you has probably never had to cut a pay check for an employee. I would fire the A-hole just as he was.

        As to being a bigot, I’v never seen you, or most in here take strapon (strad) to account for his bigotry, so your double standards are hangin out BOY.

  2. That jerk was big, and i suspect did a little bouncing while bar tending. As for his job, being seen assaulting somebody is just cause for firing, politics aside.

    1. rudy has the right answer.
      There need be no debate about this: assaulting a customer is a just cause firing offense. I don’t think even a hard up lawyer would represent the fired employee in a court of law.
      Some things are very simple in this complicated world.
      The employee will have done well to have been merely fired (and not sued).

  3. Thank God for cellphones … the ‘body cam’ for the common man. This VIOLENCE is on Maxine Waters hands … and every other unhinged leftist TDSer.

    Hey leftists! We’re watching you.
    The whole world’s watching

  4. So a 30-year-old man commits an assault with the intention of committing a theft on a 16-year-old. If this man doesn’t have the book thrown at him we know that San Antonio too has become a Marxist hell hole.

    It will be interesting to see if San Antonio has turned into another San Francisco. Eagerly awaiting to see how the criminal justice system is applied to this violent leftist.

  5. The jerk aggressor should be subject to legal action, namely assault and theft charges, and he may very well be. He’s already lost his job and been kicked out of the Green Party of Texas. Maybe that’s as it should be, IDK. I certainly don’t feel sorry for him. But he’s also been doxxed and his address and other personal info disseminated online. That is scary when it is done by TwitterNazis on the left, and it’s just as scary when it’s done by those on the right. Yeah, I understand the whole “lefties aren’t gonna like the new rules” thing, especially since the self-righteous lefty online mobs began the whole doxxing phenomenon, but it’s only getting worse.

    1. Why? Swift exposure, public humiliation and blacklisting from the labour force is the height of mercy compared to what the left has in store for us.

      They don’t actually have a conscience, but it’s still possible to injure their vanity.

    2. He’s been arrested before. Who knows if he’s a felon or not but Texas has three strike laws. Am I the only one hoping this was his third?

  6. Instant Karma the scumball was fired and is now Unemployed He just learn being stupid by acting stupid means

  7. Not condoning this behaviour at all, this guy is a prick.

    But please be aware that this news station is owned by Sinclair, which is more or less a propaganda arm for the Trump administration.

    Notice how we only see the last 5 seconds of the altercation? We’re led to believe that the MAGA teen was just sitting peacefully at his booth, but obviously that’s not the case.

    1. “obviously”. Just like “the b&*^$ was asking for it” as a defense in a rape case?

      I’m not sure if this is a case of foot-in-mouth disease, or a cranial-rectal impaction.

      1. Fair enough, I shouldn’t have assumed like that. But the video is clearly edited, at the very least they’re intentionally concealing part of the story. That’s the difference between journalism and propaganda. It’s not ok when the left does it, it’s not ok here.

    2. A simple Google search Andrew, shows that various news sites reported on this story including Yahoo which is NOT a “propaganda arm for the Trump administration.” But if you want to see a conspiracy behind the reporting of this story check the media outlets that AREN’T reporting on this. You know, the usual suspects. Nothing from CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS. Nothing of course from our hapless Big Media here in Canada. Why is that Andrew??
      BTW. What more do you know when you state, “We’re led to believe that the MAGA teen was just sitting peacefully at his booth, but obviously that’s not the case.”

      1. Well first of all, a guy getting a drink thrown in his face isn’t really earth-shattering international news, regardless of how nicely it confirms our biases.

        And maybe the MLM is just waiting to get both sides of the story before reporting, like proper journalism is supposed to be done? (Haha just kidding, of course they’re not. But they should.)

        1. “Isn’t really earth-shattering international news, regardless of how nicely it confirms our biases.” Was Maxine Waters’ declaration that Trump supporters deserve to not be served in restaurants international news? Probably not. It is an episode in an escalating culture war in the US. Breitbart probably isn’t a source you would trust (I find them wickedly funny), but they’ve noted a pattern in recent days in the US. Whether something is local, national, or international depends upon how the story is seen in different jurisdictions, and whether it is thought to have a local impact (even if reported from across the world). The free-fall and anti-freedom acts of the leftists in the US is an international story because the US is the world’s superpower right now, and Trump’s efforts will keep them there. The actions being taken in the name of intolerance/the Democrats risk dethroning the US from their prominence. What would happen in that case? China would be dominant, and Lord help us if that happens.


          Both sides of the story before reporting? You’re making us laugh. There’s a reason that Fake News has resonated, and it’s not because of balanced coverage.

        2. Come on Andrew. This is a little more than a “drink thrown in the face” story.
          If this was the other way around… A MAGA hat wearing white guy ripping the “I’m With Her” hat off someone in a restaurant and then throwing a drink, you KNOW it’d be on CNN 24/7. The networks would begin their newscast with the story and CBC would have a panel discussion on it. You know it and we all know you know it.

          1. “This is a little more than a “drink thrown in the face” story.”

            Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. We can’t possibly know, because we’re only allowed to see a fraction of the story.

            And damn right CNN would be parroting that shit for days. Does that make it ok? No it doesn’t. I’m just doing my very best not to be a hypocrite here.

            I’m not saying this story is completely bunk, but you have to admit it’s at least a little fishy on a few points. I’m just trying to maintain some healthy skepticism.

    3. Maybe the news station is owned by Sinclair, but Newsweek is a liberal publication.

  8. Ok. Fair enough. We all agree healthy skepticism is certainly required in today’s Media. But I’m not sure what could of taken place that would make this assault OK.

  9. I would like to see the drink-throwing phucker try that with the dude who knocked the antifa douche bag the phuck out. Yeah. I doubt it. Pure coward. Smile on his bully face says it all.

  10. It is good that this employee got fired. And, it is high time that Maxine Waters paid for fomenting civil war in the US.