21 Replies to “#PlasticBarbie”

  1. A little off topic, but some of you may be interested in the practical impact of greenhouse gas reduction projects:

    What will be the practical impact on global temperature of the cancellation of Ontario’s $2 Billion cap-and-trade program?

    Let’s compare potential results with the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund (GCF). According to GCF’s own figures its 22 currently funded projects will cost $9 billion and will reduce global temperatures by 0.0015°C. If Ontario’s $2 Billion were spent equally efficiently, global warming could have been reduced by 0.0003°C. What does this mean in practical terms?

    We know that as we go North temperature cools down on average. The 0.0003°C cooling would be the equivalent of moving North approximately half a city block. We also know that temperature decreases with altitude by roughly 1°C per one hundred meters. Simple arithmetic tells us that the 0.0003°C reduction in temperature is equivalent to an altitude increase of 3 centimeters – the same ‘climate impact’ you can get from standing on your toes.

    If Ontario voters were made aware of these facts, would they support cap-and-trade?

    1. Probably.

      There is a reason why Ontario students score low on math tests.

      As long as there is a virtually unlimited supply of money to waste, people like Climate Barbie will waste it. People in her riding should put a cap not on the non-pollutant carbon but on the money she has at her disposal.

      1. Ottawa Centre? Most people there are part of the problem.

        Realistically only an NDP candidate (i.e. a more or less blatant Marxist or Muslim) stands any chance of unseating her. No Canadian who works for a living and insists his tax money be well spent gets to be MP for Ottawa Centre.

          1. Hang on numbnuts. I live here and I took a dump 20 years ago that’s more conservative than you’ll ever be so get a grip.

  2. Without the near-religious aura of “climate change” suffusing her every utterance and beguiling the usual credulous demographic, this minister and her “department” would soon be seen for the travelling carnival show of hucksters that they truly are.

    1. “Without the near-religious aura of “climate change” …” It is actually pure green theocracy as it is a substitute for numeracy and science, geared to the early primary school level where most of the Spawn’s electorate reside intellectually. I miss secular government.

    1. Yep. She should put on a Qi Pao … and bow her way through China … pleading for the 1 Billion Chinese people to stop tossing their plastic straws in the gutter … which leads to the river … which leads to the sea. Perhaps she can film some cartoon videos depicting the ‘journey’ of a Chinese fast food straw from its single use and into the swirling plastic patch the size of Texas …

  3. With the Tarif on US Toilet paper all the Canadian Supply from New England may have a negative Impact. The re-cycling of Plastic Straws into toilet A wipes may be challenging for Canadians…Tree leaves may do,,.green are best

    1. Got no paper? Got no towel? Wipe your a** with a spotted owl. (they are very soft, fluffy, and absorbent)

    2. Skunk Cabbage leafs work very well. Softer than Charmin!
      I feel for my Canadian friends, I hope that ya’ll can follow the example that Doug Ford seems to be setting.

  4. Someone should show her how a plastic zip tie can be used to crush her windpipe and suffocate her to death … just figuratively … nobody should ever attempt such violence against another person. Only Hollywooden mob gangster movies depict such violence … all in good clean fun!

    Even IF that person is an eco hypocrite who jets around on the public dime spewing more tonnes of Co2 into the atmosphere in a few months than my entire Family will generate in a lifetime. Even IF that person does more harm to the environment than anyone she lectures about ruining the environment.

  5. I live in her riding. It’s like being in a lifeboat and the sea is liquid shit. And yet in my neighborhood there are a lot of lower income people who may or may not vote but certainly just don’t even know she exists, but they, like I, have absolutely nothing in common with her. Wonder what her thermostat is at at during this latest hot weather and I wonder what its at in the winter. She just might be insane.

  6. So… I’m just looking through some writings regarding this individual. It immediately becomes evident that she or it or whatever is extraordinarily self important. I assumed an emotional arrogance coupled with wilful ignorance and contempt for mankind would be evident. And then I found this.
    Et voila!
    I did not however expect burning stupid with the voice of Peppermint Patty.

    1. I agree. Climate Barbie’s answer as to why the price of gas is higher in BC is most definitely burning stupid. But then she fits right in with PM Groper and the rest of the grade nine class.

  7. Climate Barbie, where to start! Let’s just say we are not being well served, not getting value for money.