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  1. The libranos shorts are just a bit tighter tonite. They lost a quebek bi-election to the conservatives.

        1. Butts is considering what globalist-controlled nations might yet give him asylum.

          Justin doesn’t think. He would never have agreed to be Beijing’s stooge if he did.

          1. butts is trying to figure out who he can blame and squash to send a message.

      1. The CBC (the Corrupt Broadcasting Corporation) claims that the CPC winner is “very popular in the local community” and that his win had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with any dissatisfaction with Justin’s Liberals. Nothing at all.

  2. Kind of fun to watch,but such pure unadulterated fantasy it makes Harry Potter look like a documentary.

    The system is set up by it’s members so that in the extremely rare event justice is actually served,a low level minion takes the fall. The members of the club on both sides like it that way, would have it no other way.

    1. Great Read on Bob Dole…As the spawn of a Slave Labour Kamp survivor (4 yrs)…I thank him for his service…and to ALL who served.

      Truly the Greatest Generation

      1. he was a dud when running against clinton…he should have bowed out and let someone else run

    2. say what you will about senator Dole, supporting Nixon carte blanche and all that, but the guy went from being all busted up coming home on a train from the front lines in europe to the corridors of power decades later. THAT is grit.
      bravo sir, bravo and tq tq tq tq tq.

  3. And this is long overdue; the Slandering Prejudiced Lying Cucks (SPLC) coughs up millions

    Southern Poverty Law Center’s settlement with ‘extremist’ organization dings credibility.


    By Valerie Richardson – The Washington Times – Monday, June 18, 2018
    The Southern Poverty Law Center took a devastating hit to its credibility and reinforced its reputation for unfairly wielding the “hate” label Monday by agreeing to pay millions of dollars to an organization previously included on a list of “extremists.”

    In a stunning settlement, SPLC President Richard Cohen issued an apology and agreed to pay $3.375 million to the British-based Quilliam Foundation and founder Maajid Nawaz after they appeared in a since-deleted 2016 journalists’ guide to “anti-Muslim extremists.”

    The agreement, reached after Mr. Nawaz threatened to sue, prompted the center’s many critics on the right to reissue calls for media outlets and companies, which include Google and Amazon, to stop relying on the center for neutral “hate group” assessments.

    Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, one of 954 groups listed on the SPLC’s “hate map,” argued that the settlement terms “leave the media and big business with no excuse in continuing to use the SPLC as an objective, independent source.”

    “The Southern Poverty has long been the Left’s pit bull — resorting to smears and a hate map to advance its liberal political agenda,” Mr. Perkins said in a statement. “But its falsehoods and dangerous tactics have finally caught up with them — with the group doling out millions in a defamatory settlement.”

    Another group on the “hate map,” the Alliance Defending Freedom, which won a 7-2 Supreme Court decision this month on behalf of a Christian baker who refused to create a cake for a same-sex wedding, blasted the SPLC for “sloppy mistakes” that have “ruinous, real-life consequences.”

  4. That video would be a dream come true. If there was real justice it would come true.

    1. There is real justice.

      Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama will die in prison, along with thousands of their collaborators at the height of power in government and the business world, for innumerable counts of treason, murder, rape, sodomy, theft, embezzlement and fraud.

      The only questions remaining are whether the return of the globalists to their father in hell will be livestreamed, and whether the deeds will be done in DC or Jerusalem, the better for the Six Million to finally rest in peace, their deaths avenged at last.

      You know how I know that?

      Because there is a God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Who created the heavens and the earth, and the United States finally has a president who does what is right in His eyes.

      1. What is required is a judge like John Sirica, aka “Maximum John”…..
        You couldn’t build enough gallows, fast enough.

  5. Hella FUN! Kate. Loved it. Every deplorable Trump voter went to bed Nov. 8, 2016 with such visions dancing in their heads … and woke up Wednesday morning to see that Saint Trumpaclaus had come down the chimney … like a Boss.

    There’s still time for all those scenes to play out

    1. There was discussion about that on The Space Show and The John Batchelor Show.

      One issue about this is what form such a service would take. Some have suggested that it be like the U. S. Coast Guard, both in function and affiliation (the USCG becoming part of the USN during wartime).

      Another is that this might lead to an arms race in space. If the U. S. has a Space Force, then China or Russia might be next.

  6. Stupid Liberal Justine’s War on Canadians.


    “Canada can’t win a trade war, but here’s how investors can profit” (g-m)

    “Rona Ambrose expects Trump to follow through on auto tariff threat” (g-m)



    “The Dream and the Nightmare of Globalization”

    “Crazy things followed from the gospel of Americanized globalism.

    Language, as it always does in times of upheaval, changed to fit new political orthodoxies. “Free” trade now meant that Beijing could expropriate technology from American businesses in China. Under free trade, dumping was tolerable for China, but a mortal sin for America. Vast trade deficits were redefined as meaningless and the talking points of empty-headed populists. Only America believed in free and fair trade; most everyone else in mercantilism.

    “Protectionism” was a pejorative for those who believed that a retaliatory United States might emulate the trade practices of those “free” traders who piled up surpluses. For example, to copy the mercantilism of a China, Germany, or Japan would be castigated as mindless protectionism.

    “Nativism” did not refer to the highly restrictive and ethnically chauvinistic immigration policies of a Japan, China, or Mexico, but only to the United States, given that it occasionally pondered recalibrating open borders and requiring legality before entering the country

    “Isolationist” was a charge leveled at Americans who thought rich economies like those in Germany could afford to spend two percent of their annual GDP on defense, about half of what Americans routinely did. Not intervening in nihilist civil wars, or assuming that NATO nations needed to keep their promises, was the proof of the isolationist mind.

    Failed Promises

    The winners of globalization—the universities, financial powerhouses, the federal government, big tech, and the marquee media and entertainment outlets—were mostly located on the two coasts. Their dogmas became institutionalized as the gospel of higher education, the evening news, the Internet and social media.

    Unfortunately, globalization otherwise did not deliver as promised. ”


  7. Now Hillary Clinton is quoting Jesus from the bible for salvation of the illegal children at the southern borders.

    This from the same woman that worships the idea of full term babies being killed in the womb and cut into pieces like so much ham, then sold to the highest vendor bidders.

    Sheesh, Give me a Break.

    Forgot to tell you that Video is Hilarious.
    Hope it comes true.

  8. Our Enemy, the State.


    [Conservative] “Doug Ford orders public sector hiring freeze

    TORONTO — Ontario’s incoming premier has put the public service under a hiring freeze as part of a series of measures meant to limit spending as he re-examines the province’s books, raising concerns among some government workers.

    A spokesman for Doug Ford said the Progressive Conservative leader has also directed government ministries to cancel “subscription-based services” and to restrict out-of-province travel.”


  9. Leftists blubbering tears ; Mohammed melting down.

    It’s for the children, leftists wail.


    “The forced separation of families is Trump’s ‘Katrina moment'” (grauniad)

    “Italy’s war on migrants makes me fear for my country’s future
    Roberto Saviano” (grauniad)


    “Fact Check: ‘Caged’ Child Photo Is Not What Immigration Advocates Claim”

    ” … the photo is actually from a June 10 protest staged outside of Dallas City Hall, according to the fact-checking website Snopes.

    Snopes pointed out that the activists staged their demonstration outside the city hall to protest the Trump administration’s practice of taking illegal immigrant families into custody and separating the children from the adults being charged with illegally entering the United States.

    The Texas chapter of the Brown Berets de Cemanahuac — the group behind the protest — posted several photos of the event to Facebook with some images showing a portable cage with protesters holding up signs.”


  10. It looks like UKIP is back from the brink. Count Dankula (Meechan), Sargon, and Paul Joseph Watson very publicly announced they were joining, and with their followers reports are over 10k new members in one day.

    On Monday, Meechan delved into his reason for joining the party, claiming that the weekend recruitment drive had resulted in thousands of people joining the party.

    “I’d like to thank Stand Up To Racism for getting our talk cancelled. All we wanted to do was have a talk and tell some jokes to roughly 500 people, but since you deplatformed us, we needed something to do with our free time, so we instead got thousands of people to join UKIP,” he tweeted.

    Online coverage is mostly slanderous.

    1. Ken- I wasn’t aware of this – thanks for the post.

      The 60’s Scoop is a phoney non issue. It didn’t happen. I don’t care what tony merchant was capable of convincing government officials of. The truth is native children were removed with cause from abusive neglectful parents. No government wants to take children away their parents. It’s an act of last last resort.

      1. “The truth is native children were removed with cause from abusive neglectful parents. ”

        This perspective appears to be missing from most media accounts of this period of our history. Here is an account of someone who was on the ground at the time.

        “When all else failed, children were made temporary wards of the Crown with the goal of reuniting them with families as quickly as possible. If that failed, another court process was needed to make the children permanent wards of the Crown. Again, proof had to be presented asserting there were no options: no relatives; no siblings; no possible placement back with parents. Most of the time, the cause was booze.
        I never ran across a parent who said, “I hate my kids. You keep ‘em.” I recall them all saying they loved their children. They wanted their children home. But booze had become the master.”


        1. one never wins an argument with a drunk. because you are not arguing with the drunk, you are arguing with the alcohol, and alcohol always cheats and lies and never listens to reason and interrupts and changes the subject and shouts and threatens and throws a tantrum and then storms off.
          I know because the 4 oldest males in my fambly went thru a 1/4 million in booze in 2018 dollars.
          a quarter MILLION dollars on beer and hard liquor.
          speaking of drug vices, apparently pot is a ‘gateway drug’ to hard drugs. I wonder how many smack addicts drink booze and smoke tobacco. must be THOSE are ‘gateway drugs’ too, and therefore using prohibition logic must be banned with 10 year prison sentences for possession of a cigarette.
          harumph harumph.

  11. AGW FAIL.


    “Australia energy grid at ‘crisis point’

    “Cold snap” triggers power-price surge to 160 times the usual rate

    Several major electricity power stations went down on Thursday night, unprepared for a spike in demand caused by a cold snap along Australia’s east coast.

    It forced one of Australia’s largest aluminium smelters to shut down its potlines for an hour at a time to help keep the state’s lights on.”



    “Australia is in for its coldest winter on record

    Back in early March, this weather expert predicted that Australia was in for a record breaking icy winter.

    Temperatures and snowfall could reach shocking levels compared to previous years, said David Taylor, who runs the East Coast Weather Facebook page.

    “It will be slightly cooler than normal in the north but the real cold will be in the southern states and southeast Queensland,’ said Mr Taylor, who has correctly predicted major weather events in the past.

    ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if there is snow in places where it hasn’t snowed for a long time.’

    Let’s see how close Mr. Taylor’s forecast turns out to be.”


  12. Stupid Liberal Justine’s War on Canadians.

    “Trudeau: I said no to NAFTA sunset clause”


    “Experts say auto tariffs would raise prices, cost jobs”

    “The tariff threat could be a negotiating ploy to restart stalled talks on the North American Free Trade Agreement. But it also could be real, …”

    “It’s possible the next president could undo the tariffs, and the industry likely would wait for that, Dziczek said.” (ctv)


    “Trudeau: I said no to NAFTA sunset clause”


    1. Presumably, Trump has offered to negotiate the sunset clause — making it a longer time frame. Trudeau is the one screwing up the trade negotiations (deliberately?) Trudeau needs to wise up before Canada is ruined economically. If he were to go for a sunset clause, renegotiation could happen after Trump is gone. Why not negotiate for something along the lines of 15 years? Trudeau must negotiate, and Canadians must hold him accountable if he fails to do so. Conservatives must go after him for his unwillingness to negotiate.

      1. It’s like discussing a pre-nuptial and insisting divorce terms be hammered out before continuing.

  13. Riding mass transit is like….
    TORONTO — Toronto Police have charged a 57-year-old man with first-degree murder for allegedly pushing a transit rider in front of a subway at the Yonge-Bloor station.

    At this point, police believe the accused and victim did not know each other and that they had no previous contact.


  14. Stupid Liberal Justine’s War on Canadians.

    Ibbitson (g-m) cites the paradox: Why-what happened?

    “the voters in Chicoutimi dumped the Liberals for the Tories.”

    SLJustine has been goosed in its own province.


    “So even as all national party leaders rallied behind Mr. Trudeau in his confrontation with Mr. Trump over tariffs, the voters in Chicoutimi dumped the Liberals for the Tories.

    And the trade dispute matters there more than almost anywhere.

    The region has four aluminum smelters, representing a third of Canada’s aluminium production.

    The local economy could suffer severely if the Americans’ new 10 per cent tariff on aluminium imports starts to bite.”

    “Tory by-election landslide in Quebec more than a local race”


  15. Hollywood, at times, is like socialism. Just as socialists fail to learn from their past mistakes at implementing it in various countries, Hollywood insists on trying a bad idea and repeating it until it hopes to get it right.

    The latest example is (yet another) re-make/re-boot/re-hash of a movie, only to have it fizzle:


    I haven’t seen it and, after reading some of the reviews on IMDB.com, I made a wise choice.

    1. The flick is a Soderberg production, there might be some merit there. From the trailers I saw it can’t beat the other Ocean movies which featured a more sedate, quiet jazz sound. The loud R & R music and the costume design in Ocean 8 are too much of a distraction. Cate Blanchette deserves to have a starring role, nothing less.

  16. AGW FAIL.

    Stand with Conservative Doug Ford.


    “Suncor, Enbridge Seek Clarity After Ford Upends Carbon Trading

    Companies bought $2.1 billion of credits to help meet targets

    Premier-designate Ford campaigned against cap and trade” (bloomberg)


    “Australia cancels contracts for 1.7 mln carbon credits”

    “Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator has cancelled two contracts for delivery of a total 1.67 million carbon credits to its Emissions Reduction Fund.”


  17. AGW Carbon Credit Fraud.

    >>> “it will see billions of dollars sent to California or elsewhere by [Ontario & Quebec] the two provinces,”.


    “Low abatement, high costs to characterise future of cap-and-trade in Ontario and Quebec, study warns”

    “Achieving emissions reductions in line with Ontario and Quebec’s climate goals will not occur under forecast WCI carbon prices, though it will see billions of dollars sent to California or elsewhere by the two provinces, according to a study released Wednesday.”


  18. Canada Post appears to be on yet another slowdown. I still haven’t received my notice of assessment for my income tax return and certain publications which should have arrived by now haven’t shown up, if they ever will.

    Life in Canada is back to normal…..

  19. Herewith Stupid Liberal Justine’s Minister of War Against Canadians: Freeland.

    “Similar tariffs on automobiles could put an estimated 160,000 jobs in the auto industry in Canada at risk.”

    “A sunset clause, she said, remains out of the question – though it remains a “major sticking point.”


    “Canada preparing ‘detailed’ response to potential Trump auto tariffs: Freeland”

    “If U.S. President Donald Trump slaps auto tariffs on cars made in Canada, the government will be prepared to strike back.”


    1. There us absolutely no reason for a sunset clause go be out of the question. Fine to make it a lengthy sunset if Trump would agree, but there is no reason to refuse to negotiate this.

  20. Stupid Liberal Justine’s War Against Canadians.

    A POT PET Cemetery Report from the Rear.


    “Cedar shakes and shingles makers cut output, shut down mills over U.S. tariffs

    Canadian makers of cedar shakes and shingles say they have been forced to scale back production or even temporarily shutter mills because of new U.S. tariffs on the wood-roofing materials.

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection recently added Canadian shakes and shingles to the type of wood products subject to U.S. tariffs. The duties average 20.23 per cent against most Canadian softwood lumber sent south of the border.”

    “The newly formed Shake and Shingle Alliance is asking the U.S. Department of Commerce to review the scope of products that fall under the softwood file, arguing that cedar shakes and shingles (CSS) should be excluded.”


  21. Starsucks is closing stores….
    “The closing stores are often in “major metro areas where increases in wage and occupancy and other regulatory requirements” are making them unprofitable, Johnson said. “Now, in a lot of ways, it’s middle America and the South that presents an opportunity.”
    ….finds the leftist agenda it supports is making overpriced coffee unprofitable.
    … looking to expand in Trumpland. Good luck with that.

    1. It’s no secret.
      There is video of him reciting the Shadada in the presence of more than a couple of muslim males.
      The only question is, did he convert on purpose, or by accident. He is dumb enough to convert by mistake.

      1. And he’s devious enough to do it on purpose.

        Officially, he’s still Catholic, I think, but maintaining that image would be in keeping with taqqiyah. Besides, Islam has all the characteristics of globalism that he finds so attractive.

  22. Subject to confirmation and/or reasons for, I understand Peter Strzok has been escorted out of FBI HQ.

    Suspended? Fired? Charged? None of that confirmed yet. Strzok’s lawyer has painted his client as a victim.

    And completely “innocent” of course. Let Strzok be investigated as he conducted his own work:
    – assume his guilt and treat him as such without any presumption of innocence.
    – decide what he “meant” by any statement, with any deviation considered a “lie.”
    – threaten to destroy his life if he doesn’t turn in the bad guys, then do so, aka the Flynn caper.
    – raid his home at 6am with a SWAT team and take all his personal computers and files.
    – leak it all to the media.
    – subject him to years long investigation with his legal fees going through the roof and him unemployable.
    – decide he was “witness tampering,” jail him without trial or hearing. Not aware they’re a witness? Screw you.
    – investigate every aspect of his life and nail him for the least transgression, real or imagined.

    That outa do it!!


  23. Stupid Liberal Justine’s War Against Canadians.

    SLJ Launches Historic Butts Poison Gas Attack.


    “In historic moment, Senate passes cannabis bill”
    Bill C-45’s adoption in the Senate means that a legal, multibillion-dollar industry is set to appear in Canada” (g-m)

  24. AGW Fail.

    “… and fight any attempt by the Justin Trudeau government to replace it.”


    “Ford PCs end Green Ontario Fund rebates

    The Doug Ford Tories wasted no time in mowing down the ousted Liberal government’s Green Ontario Fund.

    The fund was paid for with cap-and-trade proceeds, and Ford has vowed to scrap the carbon pricing “slush fund” and fight any attempt by the Justin Trudeau government to replace it.”

    “… members of the public who opened up the Green Ontario Fund website Tuesday found a list of programs now closed, including rebates on windows, solar, ground source heat pumps and insulation.”




    “The following programs are closed:

    GreenON Installations
    GreenON Solar Rebates
    GreenON Modern Wood Heating Pilots

    GreenON Rebates:
    Air Source Heat Pumps
    Ground Source Heat Pumps
    $100 Smart Thermostat

    GreenON Social Housing”