26 Replies to “Diversité Is Their Strength”

  1. Islam 1 West 0. Or is it Islam 10 West 0? Hard to keep track.

    We are either walling in our monuments or handing over $10 million paydays to terrorists, and so forth.

    The left is evil.

  2. Im beginning to think the long wait until la tour eiffel is turned into scrap metal is near the end.
    I finally have reason to faire visite a Paris with a rented pickup truck.
    not because it will be blown apart by muzzies, but rather the dhimmis will take it down as a ‘preventive measure’.
    anybody got a google map of scrap metal dealers in Fwance?

    p.s., serves them right letting this parasitic religion of pieces into the realm.

    1. The Germans took down the Berlin Wall so the French could put up the “EIFFEL WALL”.
      The only difference is the Berlin Wall was used to keep the East Germans IN, while the “EIFFEL WALL” is used to keep the jihadis OUT!
      The French are obviously engaging in “Siege Mentality” against les autres.


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group ‘True North’

  3. Going by the way Quebec acts here, the French deserve whatever is coming their way.

    Imagine a country that votes for no borders, and never backs down.

  4. So now it will be like shooting fish in an aquarium.
    The Western world has gone mad…the jihadists…not so much.

  5. France’s gov’t. building a bullet proof fence, around the most famous internationally know icon of France, is a testament to it’s confidence in gun control laws !

    This fence to protect(?) France from the ongoing Islamist insurgency… to be honest a low level civil war, within France.

    Given, the now permanent deployment of over 10,000 soldiers internally, French intelligence identifying, at least, 40,000 would be jihadists, and a directive that the Christian community in France is on it’s own, as the French gov’t. acknowledges, being unable to protect it.

    I’m sure this bullet proof fence around the Eiffel Tower will inspire confidence in would be tourists. As in any emergency, they can just huddle behind it safely that is…until the Islamist jihadis fire RPGs.*

    *(which European jihadis have access to(Charlie Hebdo attackers), that and hand grenades)

    What would Charles “The Hammer” Martel do in such a situation?

    1. “What would Charles “The Hammer” Martel do in such a situation?” I think we know. The same as Queen Isabella of Spain.

  6. Nice, the tower gets all the high-cost protection, but the people walking around on the streets are increasingly risking their lives. How about some 2″ plastic cages for each pedestrian walking the street?

  7. The muslim invasion hasn’t altered the French way of life at all, no, not at all.

  8. Well the tower itself was initially thought to be ugly.
    It has been rehabilitated.
    Maybe they’ll be ooooing and aaawwwing over the bullet proof plexiglass (?) wall in a few decades.

  9. So these bulletproof glass walls are supposedly installed to stop a madman or group killing the French or visitors underneath the Eiffel Tower?
    • I hope they build these walls high enough to stop terrorists from throwing weapons and ammunition over the wall to those who have already passed through security checkpoints. Good luck on their targets being able to escape the resultant massacre if there is only one entrance and exit from the walled area.
    • IEDs placed against this glass can create a claymore mine effect with the glass instead of pre-shaped steel spheres. Less effective, sure, but embedded glass fragments can be difficult to locate and remove.
    • If the bulletproof glass walls are meant to stop attacks on crowds, the necessary security checkpoints themselves create crowds that are themselves attractive targets as they wait to be cleared. The difference between ‘killed underneath the Eiffel Tower’ and ‘killed in line to see the Eiffel Tower’ isn’t so great.

    1. They are getting what they voted for; good and hard. Let France enjoy being hoist by the EU petard.

      If they are too stupid to correct and start acting rationally…. then nature is simply taking its course. Who are we to argue with natural selection.

  10. Just like people who elect Bob Rae to replace Mike Harris.

    Stop giving to charity; who did you think the food bank feeds?