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    1. As opposed to what? Anything that any US President has done for the last 60 years? Willful ignorance is pathetic.

      Congrats though … for making the FIRST comment a negative one.

      1. Not negative- realistic and cautious. Even trump admitted as much in his presser.

  1. I wonder if Kim and his handlers think they can sell the world the same load of bunk they sold Jimmy Carter and so many others previously? One more time,

    “Look! We signed this agreement! Drop all the sanctions now!”

    Who knows, maybe the EU would be stupid enough to do it? Or the leaders of the EU hating PDT so much, that they are willing to undercut Trump, by allowing KJU to keep his nukes, gas, and germs? Because it isn’t Trump alone, they are also undermining the US, South Korea, Japan, and real peace. Stabbing them in the back wouldn’t be unprecedented, the EU overthrew and killed Qadaffi after he agreed to give up his nuclear and chemical programs.

    If we allow the sanctions to be broken before denuclearization is well underway, cheating is the most likely outcome for North Korea (again). I think KJU really does want to denuclearize North Korea. Do his handlers? We need to keep up the pressure, and reward actual progress, while keeping sanctions until all the bombs and missiles are gone.

    1. The difference is that Donald Trump has made clear he’s not interested in peace at any price. Kim Jong-Un can either get rid of his nukes or be defeated in battle and killed. Simple as that.

      No, Trump doesn’t care about South Korea. If nothing else but turning the Korean peninsula into a smoking ruin and leaving China and Japan to clean up the mess will stop Kim Jong-Un from nuking the United States, that’s fine by Trump. Fewer factories in Korea means more jobs for Americans.

      Turns out that’s all it took.

      1. dear sir: pls feel free to aim the nukes seeing as your aim with this post hit the centre of the bullseye.
        “fire and fury” = “a rain of ruin” V 2.0
        looks like they both worked. at least in the right direction.

        a preacher couple weeks ago made a veiled -ve quip about trump in his sermon.
        Im going to email him and ask what’s worse, a brash fratboy POTUS or a mushroom cloud over the capital city 20 yrs hence?

    2. KJU just fired a bunch of senior generals. That is a bold move in NK given it’s a military oligarchy festooned by a dynastic dictator. What is probably happening is young and more reformed (hopefully less corrupt too) officers are coming up the ranks to supplant the old guard. That gave KJU the cover he needed to deal with his (even more than him) hardliners.

      The military economy is hurting so the new oligarchists down the line are getting much less. So apparently is the Kim economy, which can’t or won’t pay its Singapore hotel bills. All of us under the backdrop of China losing patience with Kim regime, with its juice no longer worth the squeeze of alienating trade with the US.

      IOW, there is reason to be cautiously hopeful. The best part for me will be the Orangists twist & turn in their so-called logic to put a negative spin because Trump can never be given credit for anything because that would make him less impeachable.

      Trump came to Singapore with documents ready to go if he liked how the meeting went. NK happily signed to signal they’re serious. Trump showed his appreciation by cancelling expensive SK war games.

      Then again I just checked with Bill Maher and he reiterated a world war might just have to be the price we have to pay to get rid of Trump, to save democracy from the voters.

      Did you notice btw the document didn’t say “complete and verifiable” denuclearization? Why aren’t inspectors on their way just like they were immediately after the Iran EO, I mean, agreement?

      It just sounds like the “old” agreements. Such as the old agreement Clinton made. Or Iran where we don’t but we can inspect military facilities? Like I said, it’s pure joy watching the Trump haters squirm.

  2. It will be interesting to see what happens to American forces in Korea at this time.

    It will also be interesting to see if this rates a Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe they only give those out as diversity prizes now.

    1. They wont give a Nobel prize to Trump until after Swedish elections (if Sweden wins them), until then they will insist that the Korean War was 65 years old so it just retired.

  3. Look politics these days, as practiced by Justin, is 95% games, spin and repeating the words that lie at the Liberal alter, diversity, inclusion, gender rights. Identity politics always comes first. A leader like trudeau would never have the creativity or chops to try something like Trump has here. Trudeau never thinks about how to strengthen or grow his country, he simply aims to control it. Bravo on a great first step.

  4. Trump goes to meeting = bad news, trump does not go to meeting = bad news. I note the Trump haters won”t be happy no matter what.

  5. Trump’s meeting with Kim and its “results” reminds me of Trump’s appearances on the Larry King show. All self promotion.

    Today we have an agreement to keep talking. Sometime down the road Kim will denuclearize. Really? No honestly! Kim’s a great guy, I knew in the first minute I can do business with him!

    Trump acknowledged the path to Kim giving up his nukes is long but “once you start the process its pretty much over” Really Donald?

    Donald – you will never know how many nukes Kim has or where they are.

    Sanctions still in place but now probably impossible to enforce, cause enforcement would jeopardize Trump’s Nobel prize. Which he badly wants – I mean how can you impeach a potential or actual Nobel prize winner?

    Both Russia and China can now resume trade with North Korea

    Remember when Trump held up an envelope from Kim saying “If you only knew what was in here”? I guess it was nice flowery words from Kim who was now calling Trump a great guy instead of a dotard.
    At least its better than listening to Turdeau.

    1. Trump is playing “Let’s Make A Deal” but he knows what’s behind every door.
      Of course Donald will fail, given all his haters are smarter than this failed billionaire.
      I understand crying towels sales are stronger than ever, so get in now is my advice.

  6. The Altering of the Deal
    Making North Korea Great Again through aligning policy with China

    Donald J. Trump

    I will be meeting with Henry Kissinger at 1:45pm. Will be discussing North Korea, China and the Middle East.

    12:44 PM – Feb 8, 2018

    FROM CHAPTER SIX of World Order by Henry Kissinger:

    “For the Pyongyang regime, abandoning nuclear
    weapons may well involve political disintegration.

    But abandonment is precisely what the United States and China have publicly demanded in the UN resolutions that they have fostered- The two countries need to coordinate their policies or the contingency that their stated objectives are realized.



    Trump Suspends Joint “War Games” With South Korea, As China Emerges Big Summit Winner

    In other words, one could frame the summit as a victory for China which will soon see US presence in South Korea depart gradually (the same China which also carefully made its national interest clear when it brought Kim to Singapore).

    1. You say that as though the US and South Korea … need … ‘war games’ to be be war-ready. Ridiculous. ‘War games’ are pure propaganda and provocation and have little to do with actual military readiness. Trump has given-away nothing. However, the Trump-haters have given themselves away … for who they truly are.

      1. park one Nimitz class carrier off North Korea and you have covered any necessary military action. Games are not needed with the level of firepower just one carrier has.

  7. So, is the war actually over? Or is Canada still committed to sending troops if/when hostilities break out?

    Cause it is an armistice. The declaration of war still stands.

    1. We didn’t formally call it a war, it was merely considered a breach of the peace by UN Security Council Resolution 83. I believe that North Korea ceasing hostilities and withdrawing (actually being driven back) would be considered compliance with Resolution 82.

      I doubt our current government could actually send troops anywhere that did not involve significant opportunities for graft.

    1. “Doomsday clock” was just another bludgeon in the liberal arsenal to keep the sheep under control.

  8. The success of these talks depends a lot on whether Kim values ideology and dictatorial control more or less than prosperity for North Korea. The talks also depend to some unknown extent on the level of advice Kim accepts from his advisors.

    “In other news, Trudeau took the day off.” What? Shopping for new eyebrows?

    1. Naw Ken, la Trudeau is too big shot for shopping for new make up accoutrements, he’s interviewing new esthesticians as he fired the last one.

      Lesson learned: never party with the ‘help’.

    2. Kim Jong Un cares about one thing, survival. All other things are secondary. If he can get a deal that guarantee his survival, he’ll go for it.

  9. North Korea may be denuclearized, but Tsarina Bomba are going off in every little liberal empty head right now. And I love it!

  10. The framework itself is light on details, allowing Kim (who one will remember is a butcher) to skirt around it.

    This sort of thing has happened before. If Trump withdraws American troops completely from the peninsula, that will leave pro-North Korea Moon in a very tricky spot.

    China will have what it wants by the end of the decade.

    A regime change is the only way to go here.

    1. It’s not the operant document, that comes later. These are just diplomatic notes clearly prepared before the meeting.

      1. They are vague notes that Kim will not refer to ever again.

        I keep saying this: this sort of thing keeps happening. It’s like everyone is stuck on a loop. Not only will Kim chuck this “deal” as soon as he sees fit, he will continue starving his people and resume building nukes.

        Nixon went to China and now we’re witnessing its stretch across the Pacific. Trump went to Singapore just to let history repeat itself.

        A new tact is needed or the US will be dragged into something worse.

  11. NK is one brutal regime. They are objectionable on every front. Lieing is a default position.
    Trump needs to proceed with caution and I believe he will. 60+ years of mistrust and deception is not going to be wiped out in a one hour meeting.

  12. Pretty sure Kim is a very comfortable and well taken care of prisoner of the generals, who look for a leader that can continue the protection racket, at least when it comes to policy. (Too long to explain in detail, but look at how each regime change results in a lot of executions as the internal sides eliminate the losers. Very much like a mafia turf war.)

    If it is clear to the generals that the misbehave get paid to be good for a while protection racket no longer works, then a lot of things become possible that were previously unthinkable regardless of leader.

    The globalist SJW multicult is so used to thinking of everyone as interchangeable units, they can not comprehend any place where people act differently than they would. This is a big reason Trump is winning on so many fronts.

  13. Wee Juthtin might be thinking that Trump struck a deal with Kim only because he, son of the great Pierre, stood up to the American bully over milk.

  14. furthermore, look at relations now between Vietnam and the USA.
    all the violence and hate and death long gone. there is hope.
    migod, truly I am delighted to be around to see this MIRACLE that seems to be unfolding.

    *jeezuz murphy at-least-they’re-talking-in-a-civil-manner* that is the VERY FIRST step in ANY negotiations, labour, diplomacy, business contracts, family issues, whatEVER. BE POLITE. and that is what is happening *right now* in Singapore.
    first time since communist NK even existed. I told you people, THIS could very well be the predominant item in Trump’s legacy, defusing the biggest nuke threat in the world at the time.

    can anybody envision hellary ever getting to this point? ever? nah.

  15. Now that is what having a bigger nuclear button than the other guy will get you. It got the other guy to actually talk with you.

  16. It’s nothing. It’s literally nothing. Never has there been a bigger letdown that no one except me saw coming since Destiny launched in 2014.

  17. Kim says Donald has agreed to lift sanctions against North Korea

    North Korea said Wednesday that President Donald Trump had told Kim Jong Un that he intended to halt U.S.-South Korea military exercises and lift sanctions against the North.
    The report quoted Mr. Kim as saying that, if the U.S. were to take “genuine measures for building trust,” then the North could reciprocate in a “commensurate” fashion—a clear suggestion that U.S. concessions would have to come before any North Korean move.

    Mr. Trump also told reporters during his press briefing that he was planning to hold the line on sanctions against North Korea, saying the U.S. still had “tremendous pressure” to keep economic penalties in place.

    So who moves first and doing what?
    or was this just a DJT photo op?