Ford Country

Just a few minutes after poll closing, and CTV News has already called the Ontario election for Doug Ford. (currently at 72 PC – 35 NDP – 6 LIBWWAAHAAA – and 1 Green.)

I’m old enough to remember when experts said it was too close to call.

I’m also old enough to remember when it was a surefire-winning strategy to tag an opponent as “just like Trump”. The beauty of this result is that they’ll learn nothing from it.

Thread open for your comments and reaction. (For #sadfaces click here).

Oh, plus this.

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    1. Guelph is a university town, so if it ends up Greentard, no surprise. Just another wasted vote, but my how virtuous they are (snicker).

      Long overdue result to kick out the arrogant, flippant, corrupt Liberals. Good riddance. And good result to keep the commies out too!

      Redemption for the FORD family too, I might add. Good on them! Congrats Doug.

      1. That’s because the uni kids are all theory, no practice. Know a new grad who is just coming off work in the “real world”. She’s loving it, but is very open that there’s a huge difference between what one learns at school and what one faces once out on the job. This gal was always very realistic; now concentrating on developing the skills and confidence to progress in her chosen career. Am willing to bet the Guelph students who voted Green have never actually worked in a job where their pay depended on enough customers coming in to cover same (or, if they had jobs, didn’t get the relationship between customers and pay cheque).

    1. Yeah, I actually realized that myself and fixed it. (From this far away, they all look alike.)

      1. I can actually see Canadian Liberal Heads exploding from my porch in Oak Island NC.

        Never forget, Hillary had 79 percent of the vote, Trump only had 21, and she received 3,000,000 more votes.


    2. don’t worry the media will be up his arse day in and day and you will never know if he is succeeding or not. if you believed the media you would think America is in the worst shape it has ever been. fortunately it is in better shape than it has been in decades. i don’t know if the conservatives will have enough time to fix anything in Ontario but i hope they give it a try.

  1. “I’m old enough to remember when experts said it was too close to call. ”

    Hilarious line. I too am that old.
    The ‘experts’ used to be perts but are now ‘xs’ limp and squishy. They were likely basing their prognostications on polls.

    1. Haha. Nothing like a good dose of socialism to remind people how crappy it is.

      Now if only Scheer would step aside for a conservative.

    2. New Brunswick later this year. We may be small, but we wanted EE. Conservative Blaine Higgs opposes federal C-tax. This would give cross-Canada opposition to the c-tax .

      1. I am from NB as well but we are hopelessly liberal here. The French factor is a big part of the reason what with the two official languages boondoggle.

  2. Still waiting on UnMedicated and Allan S to appear and tell us how we are all wrong about the results.

  3. Doug Ford is no great prize, but he’s the only one of the four party leaders who can pull Ontario back from the brink of fiscal disaster. If on top of that he can bring electricity prices down then he’ll be a roaring success.

    1. Actually, since it was basically Toronto that voted for green cult policy for 20 straight years, how about Ford just says “Toronto residents get to pay all the electricity bills in the province for a few years, since they are the only place with Liberal seats still”?

      New rules time. Obama used the office to punish enemies. Trudeau is doing the same with that jobs credit crap; force then to live up to their own standards.

    2. Many corporations have signed green manifestoes… think it is time for them to ante up? Force their bottom lines where their mouths went.

      If we got rid of the secret ballot, then everyone who voted for carbon taxes could be first in line.

  4. There is a 99% chance that the NDP will win! Oh! wait … that was HER. Nevermind.

    In a related story … the blue wave and George Soros purchasing leftist District Attorneys … was an ebb tide.

  5. Make Ontario Great Again!
    In your face Kevin :p
    Publik Sektor Unions and UnThink hardest hit.

    1. Now, now.

      Kevin feels the pessimism many do because Canadians think money grows on trees.

      Consider the orange on the electoral map.

      I mean – what the f—?

      1. Hence the tongue in cheek emoji
        Brown out.
        Ford in.
        Libranos below official party status.
        At one point it is ok to feel good.
        Battle won, another begins tomorrow, tonight we gloat and celebrate.

          1. At the time of writing it was six won and projected which IIRC was below official treas hold. now they are nine win and projected which may just put them above.

            EDIT: just checked they need 8 seats to be an official party.

          2. Seven seats, just one shy of official party status. Oh it must sting them soooo much. The sweet sweet schadenfreude.

  6. So far, so good.
    Now sit back and observe, those in ROC.
    It is up to those in Ontario to make sure that Ford does not weir of into the socialist territory.
    Remember that he is down with the global warming mythology.

    So far, so good.

    1. I believe Ford said that he believes in global warming but Not “Man Made Global Warming”…..a very big difference…Steve O

      1. The proper answer is climate change is a constant.

        If he believes, he is seriously mistaken, you can believe just about anything if you put your mind to it.

  7. Don’t know if allegations against Patrick Brown are real but Ontario dodged a bullet on that one. If he became premier it would just be Wynne without the facial hair.

    1. The allegation were weapons grade bovine manure, but it all turned out for the best.

          1. And, in the days I was working for a tax preparation firm, was known to remind my younger clients about this. Was even know to designate the line on the T183 (where one affirmed that one had declared all one’s income WORLD WIDE as well as any relevant deductions) as the “Al Capone” line – with explanation. Never had a client change the information at that point, but got a fair few looks that told me the information had sunk in.

          2. “Except that Capone was guilty …”

            Think about it – he was charged by the FBI.

      1. All I know is that she is sorry people don;t like her but not sorry that f^cked up the province.

  8. Congratulations Ontario ! Conservative Majority 121 / 124 SEATS
    @ 21: 58 hours
    PC 72 NDP 41 LIB 7 GANG GREEN 1

    So far ! What a smack down!

    Premier DOUG FORD way to go!

    Source CTV TORONTO

  9. Only way Ontario can walk back from the cliff, is for the PC’s, with a strong showing. If Ford can grow and a backbone and thicken his skin when the Canadian media complex come calling with their knives and arrows, he will have to be ruthless, brutal and lead like Trump. No apologies and toy with them. The interviews and airtime short and purposeful, without them controlling the agenda.

    1. We can help out the Conservatives by screwing with the media. When they start spouting lies about the Conservatives…start out by throwing eggs and tomatoes at the local news outlet or newspapers….and reporters…and yelling LIARS!!! If enough of us start doing it…that in itself will start making news. Sitting back like docile sheep because “we don’t want to lower ourselves to their level” has NEVER worked and has brought us to where we are now.

  10. A toast to you Ontarians for throwing off the yoke that you made. Tis just a day of clarity to throw the yoke, but living freedom is a hard row to hoe. My wish for you Ontario, is that you conquer your own debt that you made without further raping and enslaving Westerners.

      1. Say, Ken, looks like about 2.4 million votes for Doug Ford — unheard of in a Provincial election in this province, and about a million more than we got last time round!

        1. Boy, the liberals really generated a big backlash against themselves. Not surprised.

  11. Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Ford…

    Not really, but the bitter salty tears of the lefties are better than the finest champagne.

  12. If Kingston doesn’t elect a Liberal, I’ll faint. I’m a neighbour and I have no hope that it will change, even if Sir. John A. McDonald’s statue is in City Park.

  13. I’m happy as hell. Brexit. Trump. Now Ford. Never thought I’d enjoy elections so much,

  14. I think Ford in this role is an unknown at this point. I know many in Toronto have strong opinions about him but he obviously also has many supporters. I just hope he does not have to contend with people in the PC party attempting to undermine him — we will be getting enough of that from the Libs and NDP. I hope Doug has the sense to take advice from the team, and that the team supports him.

  15. Green Party campaign signs make awesome .22 targets. They even have a target built in.

  16. Question: Will the NDP dump Horwath? I think it is about time they did. At the very least, they should disallow her raiding the NDP coffers for a clothing allowance.

      1. My personal opinion is that she is a bit of a dud and that the NDP gains were mostly Liberal losses and an attempt to stop Ford. I do not think NDP will go much further with her at the helm — and that is a good thing, but not for the NDP.

    1. Actually, I think someone from Ontario should complain to the CRA about this. If “scrubs” for a vet clinic can be held to be a “taxable benefit”, then so surely should her clothes. A vet assistant does not wear scrubs other than to, from, and at work. On the other hand, Ms. Horvath’s Holt & Renfrew specials no doubt saw a lot of non-business wear.

  17. I have been watching CBC coverage for about 10 mins now. Similar reaction to Trump’s win, the pundits are sputtering and at a loss. They are so obviously all Liberal fanboys, sickening to still hear their fixation on the party, even tonight, everything is liberal this and liberal that.

    This is huge. I never dreamed that so many deplorables lived in Ontario. Combine this result with Trump’s continued hovering near 50% support and I think it’s clear the media cabal is slowly losing it’s iron grip on social opinion.

    It will be both entertaining and depressing to watch the leftist media machine now ramp up the Ford Derangement Syndrome. They will see it their renewed mission to destroy the evil Conservatives and to reinstate leftism in Ontario. Be prepared, it will get personal and ugly.

    With a majority this big, I hope Ford seriously shakes shit up in Ontario. Starting with their perverted school system.

    1. ” I never dreamed that so many deplorables lived in Ontario. ” Yes, it seems that many people finally woke up.

      “Starting with their perverted school system.” Exactly, and moving swiftly to scrap the carbon tax fraud.

    2. When I skiied at Blue Mountain, when some of the people realized I was an American, they would hesitatingly ask me what I thought of Trump. I’d say, “I like him.” Their eyes would light up and they’d get a big grin and say, “Me too!”

  18. Get ready for MSM to announce tomorrow that 41% popular vote is not a mandate.

    1. “Get ready for MSM to announce tomorrow that 41% popular vote is not a mandate.”

      Except that it is. Those who had the opportunity to vote but did not, made the choice to accept the result from those who did vote. The PC mandate in Ontario is the 41% of people who did vote plus 100% of those who did not.

    2. “Get ready for MSM to announce tomorrow that 41% popular vote is not a mandate”…. Yep… PM Harper 38% of the vote, the majority voted against him, no real mandate…. Justurd Tardo 38% of the vote, “Trudeaumania”.

  19. The first Conservative that we have run in Ontario since Mike Harris and look what happens. Mr. Sheer, call your office and time to grow a pair.

  20. My most sincere congratulations to the people of Ontario. This is just a small start. Your economy is in tatters and your constituency is overtaxed, overpaid, over regulated and over unionized. There are far too many statutory holidays and Ontarions need to work much harder than they do now. Give it time and you can become par with your American counterparts. First order of business would be to outlaw OHIP and then make Ontario a “Right to Work” Province that outlaws mandatory union membership.

  21. Now watch the unions go nuts, just like they did after the Mike Harris victory.

      1. PWU was silent because the NDP were going to close our Pickering nuclear plant.

  22. How is this for delicous irony? 8 seats make official party status. It looks the Liberals might get 8. If Wynne resigns, the Liberals lose official party status. So she either stays on to preserve her Party’s official party status, or walks away and kicks the Liberals in the nuts again LOL

  23. I predict a big day on the TSX tomorrow. Congrats to Ontario for re-affirming Canada’s confederation. Heck of a way to mark month 12 of our 150th year!

  24. It’s quite obvious the pollsters have as much integrity as the msm that shrieks their phony results when it suits them.

    This is no accident and I don’t believe they are wrong,just lying to help their agenda along.

  25. MSM headline tomorrow: “Green party’s historical first victory in Ontario”

    1. There better be, if your shadenboner lasts more than 4 hours you are supposed to seek professional help.

  26. Hilarious that Ford ignored the tradition of the victor giving his speech after the loser’s concession speech. She started her speech and a minute later he started and then networks instantly pre-empted Wynne for Ford. Oh, how delicious is that? Wynne would constantly refuse to meet with Rob, and now she is replaced by Doug.


    1. Thank you for small miracles…!
      Yes, and I never believed all those damn push polls either…go get ’em FORD NATION!


      Hans Rupprecht, Commander in Chief
      1st Saint Nicolaas Army
      Army Group ‘True North’

  27. With regard to the beginning of the end of the carbon tax.
    This is reminiscent of the end of the Meech Lake Accord.
    The voters had had enough and just wanted it to end.
    The politicians and the bureacrats never figured out then either.
    Hopefully this time the stars have aligned.
    Juthtin is curled up in the fetal position and Butts is frantically trying to find positions for the refugees at Parliament hill.

  28. What’s the estimate for the time it takes for the MSM to start the old complaint about such a large majority and not winning the majority of the vote. You know like they did over and over again against PM Harper and never showed any concern about Trudeau having less.
    The next part of the devilish argument is that Ford won’t have the legitimacy to “ram” through changes.

    1. Hopefully Ford has been paying attention and knows that he only needs to reach voters. Who cares what the left/media say. Focus on reaching voters.

  29. Obviously the pollsters were trying to influence the election results just like they tried to in the US election, where they were convinced that the Hildabeast would be the winner in a landslide. The NDP ran a good campaign but their success was based primarialy on the unpopularity of the Liberals and their politicaly toxic leader. Otherwise Ford would have won 4 or 5 more seats.

  30. I worked one of the polling stations in Guelph, one that’s two blocks away from my home. A really enlightening experience for this Election Day newbie. Practically everyone coming out of the polling station marvelled at how fast and easy the process was as this was the first Ontario election tabulated “electronically”. So the speed and efficiency we were able to get electors in and out was quite something…after folks told me how quick it was, I’d say that they would spend much longer time in the drive-thru line at Tim’s than it took them to vote.
    The Greens taking their first seat in Ontario…no surprise really. Schreiner’s signs were up as soon as the writ was dropped and many households had Green signs practically since day one. Our immediate neighbourhood isn’t a University hotbed, more skewed to young families and older retirees (like me). One neighbour who is well aware of my fanatical right-wing sensibilities, bitched at me early in the day after he voted that this damn place was going to elect the Green guy. Feeling comfortable in the knowledge that he wouldn’t be triggered by my response I replied, “Yeah, but remember, Guelph also invented the steel clothes hanger and the jockstrap…so of those three “firsts” which two are the most useful?”
    “I trust my jockstrap more than the Greens, that’s for damn sure”, he laughed.
    The Greens will be a one-trick (non shiny) pony for Guelph in the next election. If Guelph thought the previous MPP Liz San-Dulls was butt useless, wait’ll they get a load of the Elizabeth May-Lite we sent to Queen’s Park.

  31. “Fred Z
    June 7, 2018 at 10:03 pm

    Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Ford…

    Not really, but the bitter salty tears of the lefties are better than the finest champagne.
    That’s the best quote of the evening. It’s at Kate level. Someone send that man a book. 🙂

  32. My daughter and her husband are likely heading to Ottawa for rather career advancing employment with the federal government. I always said that Ottawa was one thing but, unfortunately it’s in Ontario. I am suddenly okay with that now.

  33. One of the top #Sadfaces is lamenting that Doug Ford doesn’t even have a college/university degree, as if that actually means something or is worth something [a package of Charmin is more valuable].

    I’m guessing that if Shiny Pony didn’t have a degree, no one would hold it against him.

    1. Did Justin EARN his degree or was it handed to him as the Son of Pierre, just as his part time drama teacher job was? No one has ever investigated his college career to find out.

      CBC now: PC 75, NDP 39, Lib 7,green 1

    2. How would that be different from the airhead in charge in Ottawa.

      Lemme rephrase that.

      What did the airhead in Ottawa accomplish in his life other than read stuff that his underlings wrote for him.

      Ford aside from his whatever educations he may have, have accomplished perhaps millions of dollars in working at whatever he does.

      The airhead in Ottawa has zero, nothing, nada, as they sometimes say, other than inherited a money in trust and name from his socialist father.

      One can say difference in major proportions.

      If you look at the history of some of the ministers of either party.

      There was the minister of everything in the liberal government unburdened by the university dogmas, certain Bryce Stuart Mackasey. He was one of the best ministers the senior Trudeau had and heavily dependent on.

      Another minister of everything was certain Don Mazankowski in the PC government of PM Mulroney has accomplished more in the government than most if not of all his peers.

      Both of these guys did not go to university. Were not infected with self-importance and were never told that they are going to change the world and should do things according to someone else.

      Those here that have finished university know they were told that they were superior ubermensch.

      Hell I was told that working for one of the best engineering companies in Canada, not being an engineer.

      This is not to take away anything from education. It is very seriously important, the difference is in how it is applied.
      You apply your knowledge to your job or you apply your ideology instead.

      This is an observation suggesting that things don’t always are as they appear to be.

  34. #Sadfaces be funny in how clueless they all are. Especially the young ones who are new to this whole democracy thing.

    In an election, everyone gets a say, not just the people who agree with you.

  35. I was hoping the lunatic NDP would win. Ontario has been becoming a bigger and bigger sh*t-hole over the past years but needs to continue the race to the bottom as sufficient pain to the deplorables needs to continue.
    Poor Doug Ford is faced with likely impossible task of trying to fix the stupid and immoral ideologies of past corrupt, lying, Liberal governments and their bureaucrats and their unions. The good news is that our village idiot Turdeau may get a well deserved drop kick.

  36. Lead Now the American arm of the NDP is undoubtedly planning the Hilary media approach i.e.
    a) the Russians hacked the election
    b) the “not my premier” campaign
    c) the “resistance” campaign
    d) the “save the planet campaign to raise gasoline prices” campaign
    The Turdeau Liberals will also assist.

    1. I don’t know how it could be possible to hack paper ballots, but I’m sure the “we wuz robbed of our progressive utopia” types will think of ways it could be done.

      1. you hack the automatic vote counting machines
        not saying this happened, but the left will say it happened